Top 20 Upwork Jobs For Beginners in 2024

Upwork is a reputable platform for freelancers. It all began in 2015 when oDesk and Elance, two of the largest freelancing websites, joined forces to establish Upwork, a massive freelancing platform. With almost 18 million freelancers today, Upwork continues to be one of the top platforms for independent contractors.

Upwork is a terrific place to start if you are a beginner because you can search through millions of opportunities and pick the ideal one.

On their freelancer platform, they have thousands of gigs in various industries, including marketing, graphics, data entry, copywriting, and computing. The most significant benefit of using Upwork is that Upwork can hire people with no prior experience for their first freelancing position! This article will discuss the top 20 Upwork jobs for beginners and new freelancers looking to launch their careers. These 20 jobs are perfect for you if you are a beginner freelancer.

1. Transcriptionist

You must convert audio files into written documents as a transcriber. For those who can type quickly and accurately, it can be a laborious and time-consuming procedure, but it makes for excellent remote employment (words per minute).

The benefit of functioning as a freelance transcriptionist is that you may do it from any location as long as you have access to a computer and the Internet. Most transcription jobs involve important papers; thus, they can potentially bring in a respectable sum of money. Even though certain employers might pay you each minute, your income will probably be based on projects.

Qualification/Skills Required: Diploma from high school. There can be a need for a degree, an associate’s degree, or other training—knowledge of Express Scribe, MS Office, and other programs.

Average Pay: $0.25-0.50 audio per minute

2. Data Entry

The straightforward nature of data entry makes it ideal for newcomers. The tasks that employees perform typically differ from one organization to the next, but nearly all of them include inputting or copying data into a program or file.

Upwork offers thousands of data entry jobs, so finding a potential customer should not be too challenging. Being a data entry expert does not need years of experience, which is its best quality. If you can type accurately and precisely, you can earn well, especially compared to other low-paying occupations.

Qualification/Skills Required: High school diploma or equivalent and organizing skills will be preferred.

Average Pay: $5-$15 per hour.

3. Basic Email Copywriting

Email copywriting is one type of freelancing that might advance your digital marketing career. You are responsible for writing the content you will deliver to the inboxes of several (or perhaps millions) users.

For businesses to build brand awareness, boost referrals, or generate income, it is beneficial, in addition to being a skilled writer, to have a basic understanding of email marketing. Even for beginners, it is relatively simple to understand with practice and research, even though it appears complicated.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree, high school diploma, or equivalent. Writing skills are preferred.

Average Pay: $10-20 per project.

4. Creative Writing

If you have experience in storytelling, freelancing as a creative writer can be lucrative. Many freelance writing assignments are available on Upwork, from collaborating with a writer to ghostwriting a textbook to creating engaging articles for publications or blogs.

Even though you are more likely to get paid by the word, some customers pay an hourly rate. You can charge more in the future with more skills to create articles.

Adding some published pieces to your Upwork profile broadens your clientele because creative writing can be a challenging industry.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, writing, and communication skills; and a good command of the English language.

Average Pay: $0.3-0.8 per word

5. Blog/Article Writing

Upwork is a fantastic platform for authors who are looking for freelance employment. Although blogging and creative writing are comparable, blogging is usually more narrowly focused on a single subject.

Politics, leisure, fashion, and travel are a few potential topics. As with most writing jobs, you are paid for the article or word. While some clients have requested writing samples in the past, others could ask you to submit a sample piece so they can get a sense of your writing voice.

Therefore, even if the customer receives your work, you still have a decent possibility of landing a project, even if you are not a skilled freelancer.

Qualification/Skills Required: High school diploma or equivalent, good communication skills, and a command of English.

Average Pay: $0.4-0.8 per word

6. Virtual Assistant

You can work as a virtual assistant even if you live far from the workplace. Many organizations search for freelancers on Upwork’s freelancing marketplace because they need assistance with data entry, meeting scheduling, and email.

Tasks for a virtual assistant are occasionally challenging but can also be taxing. You will probably need to be accessible throughout the client’s regular business hours to have a set work schedule. However, there are legitimately lucrative Upwork tasks that can pay well.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree, good command of MS Office, and communication skills.

Average Pay: $8-12 hourly.

7. Voice Recordings

An Upwork customer who wants an audio clip for a TV show, movie, instructive video, or audiobook is probably searching for a freelance voiceover performer.

The most significant part about this work is that you may earn money with it without being a trained voice actress. Because they are natural speakers, many businesses are open to hiring beginners.

You only require to read and save the script; therefore, this is a relatively simple task. To make high-quality recordings, you must have a good-quality microphone, though.

Qualification/Skills Required: Good communication skills are required.

Average Pay: $10-40 per project

8. Web And App Tester

Web or app testing is a terrific freelance career for newcomers because many businesses will offer your assistance and expertise.

You could need to test an app’s functionality, visit a new website, or install new software.

You’ll need a computer or phone, a reliable internet connection, and potentially a webcam or screen-casting software to become a tester.

Some businesses want you to record your test results or provide a written report on your observations.

The best part about working as a tester is that it pays well for a minor effort. Additionally, some exams only take a few minutes to finish, allowing you to work on various tasks throughout the day.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; High school diploma or equivalent.

Average Pay: $5-15 per task

9. Product Feedback/Review Writing

Writing product reviews for people wishing to launch their own freelance service business can be a quick and straightforward method to get money.

A successful reviewer needs to have a specific set of abilities. For instance, you’ll need to conduct further research to gain the depth of information you need about the product.

For your review to be convincing and convincing enough, you must also be a skilled writer.

More seasoned reviewers can receive physical products in return for a written evaluation.

This is a significant benefit in addition to your hourly basis (since who doesn’t appreciate free stuff?).

Qualification/Skills Required: Good writing skills, including using appropriate language, spelling, and vocabulary.

Average Pay: $2-8 per review

10. Customer Services

One of the most attractive job markets on Upwork is the customer service sector.

Organizations from all over the nation engage remote customer care representatives to assist them in taking calls, responding to emails, or chatting with customers online.

You’ll need practical communication skills, a polished manner, and acute attention to detail to succeed as a freelancer on Upwork.

As many businesses recruit to fill midnight or international hours, you could also be expected to work specific hours.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree or high school diploma. Skills for Persuasive Speaking

Average Pay: $8-15 per hour.

11. Graphic Design

Graphic designers can earn a significant sum of money on Upwork.

This is because practically all businesses employ graphic design for their websites, letterheads, or social networking sites.

But bear in mind that finding high-paying freelance design work is not simple.

In addition to having robust design and photo-editing abilities, you must be able to bring the client’s concept to life.

A portfolio or freelancing website where you can display your work is also a brilliant idea.

Before submitting an Upwork proposal, most employers will want to see examples of your design abilities.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree and a Diploma in Graphic Design.

Average Pay: $15-50 per hour.

12. Native Language Jobs

Finding employment in your native language (if you know a language other than English) might help you stand out from the competition when searching for your first Upwork position, just like location-based jobs. The most used language on Upwork is English.

To discover employment for additional languages you speak, you can use the search bar to look for specific languages.

You might perform translation work or regular Upwork-style jobs in a different language.

In any event, using your competitive advantage is an excellent approach to earning money from Upwork as a newbie!

Qualification/Skills Required: Good command of the native language—no need for any degree or Diploma required.

Average Pay: $10-15 per project

13. Logo Designing Jobs

Many logo designers market their services by creating distinctive and original logos for businesses or private clients. They must assess the company’s quality, brand, market, and mission to determine the best logo design.

Typically, logo designers build a portfolio to show clients the caliber of their work. They start by assessing the client’s brand, researching the market, and making sketches in vector software. Then, after offering high-quality services on Upwork, they receive a 5-star rating and glowing reviews at a fair price.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree and a Diploma in logo designing.

Average Pay: $5-15 per logo.

14. Amazon FBA Jobs

Amazon FBA specialists weren’t all that well-known before, but now that more work is being done online, FBA specialists earn a respectable living on Upwork and other networks. Essentially, they produce and handle corporate data for paid ads and Amazon optimization.

They must monitor, assess, and report the account to demonstrate their progress. The report covers performance information, including pricing, top-ranking keywords, and competing listings. Even at the beginning, it is one of the highest-paying positions because not everyone is a specialist in Amazon FBA and has the professional skills to handle all of this. 

This one is the most excellent Upwork project for you, assuming you have the necessary training. If you don’t know where to start, many courses can teach you how to develop into an Amazon FBA specialist. Technical but simple, well-paid work for deserving people.

Qualification/Skills Required: Just Basic knowledge of MS office required 

Average Pay: $150-200 per month.

15. Seo (Search Engine Optimization) Expert Jobs

Marketing professionals known as SEO experts employ data analytics and research to raise a website’s rating on search engines like Google. They identify the most well-liked and pertinent search terms and include them in websites to aid search engines in recognizing those websites and displaying them to people. SEO experts may work for external marketing firms or inside marketing divisions.

Excellent analytical, communication, and research abilities are essential for successful SEO professionals since they help them comprehend their clients’ needs and give them the most significant overall experience.

Qualification/Skills Required: High school diploma or equivalent and basic knowledge of Google Analytics and Adobe analytics.

Average Pay: $500-800 per month.

16. Digital Marketing Specialist

The world is always online, from entertainment to commerce to, more recently, learning and employment. Offline marketing is no longer practical due to this circumstance. Making relationships is the base of marketing; nowadays, “on the Web” is the perfect setting.

Online advertising and marketing that use digital technology, platforms, devices, data, and technology are booming in digital marketing. To engage current and prospective consumers, all businesses—local and global—now employ digital channels, including email, browsers, social media, and other websites.

Digital marketing is the next stage for professional growth and development, as it is a field that is constantly changing. It has become clear that this sector offers enormous opportunities and tremendous rewards.

Qualification/Skills Required: High school diploma or equivalent and knowledge and command of social media platforms.

Average Pay: $1000-13000 per month. 

17. Web Developer

Web developers create websites. They are typically in charge of the website’s aesthetics and technical factors like site performance and traffic capacity. Technically complex material for the website can also be made by web developers.

They typically spend their time developing programming languages like HTML5, which is compatible with many contemporary mobile devices, and maintaining the website’s technical elements, like its performance and capacity to manage traffic without crashing. The advancements of the always-changing Internet significantly impact a web developer’s day-to-day tasks.

If a developer is capable of front-end and back-end programming, they may also be referred to as web designers or full-stack web developers.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or equivalent Diploma.

Average Pay: $1200-1500 per month.

18. Data Analyst

Data on sales numbers, market analysis, logistics, languages, and other behaviors are collected and stored by data analytics. They contribute technical skills to ensure that the data is accurate and high-quality. The process is present and designed to assist individuals, companies, and organizations in making wiser decisions.

A complete lifecycle analysis, encompassing requirements, applications, and design, is one of the responsibilities of a data analyst. Data analysts hone their reporting and analytical skills. They also monitor quality control and performance plans to spot advancements.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in data analysis or affiliate field.

Average Pay: $1000-1200 per month.

19. Editor

Editors are essential to the editing process since they check and recheck written texts to ensure they follow predetermined rules. They examine several things, including facts and the use of grammar, punctuation, flow, and style. The editing process is essential for creating high-quality content.

You might look into freelance possibilities in this industry if you can spot grammatical and other errors. Finding well-paying freelance employment for journalists is simple, thanks to Upwork.

Qualification/Skills Required: A high school diploma or equivalent should have an excellent command of the English language.

Average Pay: $25-45 per hour.

20. Programmer

The need for programmers’ services is rising because their work is essential to the modern digital economy.

Programmers write code for mobile applications and computer programs. They also work on updating, troubleshooting, and debugging software and systems to make sure everything runs well.

Many technological fields require programming expertise, but web and software development positions are particularly sought-after. The United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) projects that utilization in web development will increase by up to 35% between 2022 and 2032, creating 29,800 new jobs.

Qualification/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and good command of any programming language.

Average Pay: $30-50 per hour.


As you can see, earning money on Upwork doesn’t require years of expertise or a lengthy resume. Numerous areas and businesses provide thousands of entry-level positions where you can launch your career as a citizen. You may find your ideal freelancer on Upwork right now if you have the necessary skills, patience, and determination. Therefore, don’t be afraid to look for simple projects on Upwork, but don’t stop there! Making money online has never been easier, yet Upwork is only a tiny part of the puzzle. I sincerely hope that my article on the top 20 Upwork jobs for beginners has assisted you in choosing where to start your job hunt!

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