Top 22 Best-Paying Building Materials Jobs in 2023

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We all know the importance and dynamics of the construction industry. The accompanying building materials industry generally gets less attention. The growth and development of the construction industry mean more jobs are available across the entire building materials industry. This article will discuss the best-paying jobs in the building materials industry. Before jumping to the list of best-paying career paths, it is imperative to explore the concept of the building materials industry.

The Building Materials Industry

We use several materials in the construction of homes and buildings. Many of them occur naturally and can be extracted or mined. For example, lumber, stone, and copper are natural materials. Manufacturing is essential for other materials like steel, concrete, and bricks. From here, the role of building materials companies comes into play. The building materials industry contributes significantly to global revenue. This sector manufactures essential building components like roofs, insulation, glass, or internal HVAC systems, windows, doors, and inside walls. Special chemicals used in paints and building compounds like concrete fall under the category of the building materials industry.

The building materials industry has long been concerned with the bottom line and cost. Their focus is still on it, but they have prioritized their go-to-market strategies. These value propositions set them apart from the competition. They deliver products and services in a way that is transforming the economic and market conditions. Companies in the building materials industry are using digital and next-generation sales practices. They are following go-to-market models. The shift in building materials manufacturing methods reflects organizations’ new focus on meeting social, environmental, and governance standards.

Why Is The Building Materials Industry A Good Career Path?

High earning potential for skilled and experienced workers is one aspect of the building material industry, influencing people to start a career in this field. People are looking to forge their careers in the home building industry because other industries do not offer this kind of flexibility. In addition, the benefit of working in the construction and building materials industry is that you can see immediate results. A career in this field allows you to marvel at your creation, which can help you learn and hone your skills. Therefore, a career in this field is rewarding and fulfilling because you can treasure the impact you have made. Collaboration is one of the great reasons behind the career path in the building materials industry. People specialized in their field of work, while others came from varying backgrounds. They work together to accomplish predefined goals and objectives. Hence, a career in construction can help you improve your social life and satisfaction on the job. If all these reasons sound good, the list of the 22 highest-paying jobs in this field will give you an idea of which career to choose in the building materials industry.

Best-Paying Jobs In The Construction Materials Industry

The growing population and the urban housing demand have made construction the fastest-growing industry. The world of construction is evolving, and construction companies are hiring and growing their teams to meet the ever-changing needs of home and building owners. It is even more exciting to see how the construction industry will influence the building materials industry to evolve and grow continuously. The global material-building industry encompasses several career choices. The need for skilled workers and construction professionals is increasing in the building materials industry.

Many building and material companies are hiring to keep up with the changing market trends. A wide variety of skills are required to keep things running smoothly. Therefore, there is an endless stream of job opportunities in the construction industry for skilled professionals.

1. Process Engineer

Salary: $82385 per year

Process engineers are license holders. They investigate opportunities to improve existing materials, equipment and technologies. Process engineers develop different materials by using existing compounds and materials. Material process engineers document the processes involved in the creation of new materials. They provide hands-on support to the production manager to design and implement cost reduction and project improvement strategies. The process engineers also perform rigorous failure analyses. They also conduct laboratory testing of the material. 

2. Builder Merchants

Salary: $99,533 per year

The building industry is full of building material suppliers and merchants. Builder’s merchants are responsible for supplying products and materials to construction companies, tradespeople, and the general public. They sell building materials in bulk and small quantities. They hold a wide variety of stocks. The builder merchant delivers orders and advises customers on the consumption of products for specific jobs.

3. Building Material Suppliers Or Manufacturers

Salary: $43321 per year

The building material suppliers are the manufacturers. They supply high-quality products to merchants and distributors. The building materials suppliers manufacture on a large scale and involve a production line including different workers.

4. Building Material Specifiers

Salary: $43321 per year 

The material specifier is truly a resource for home-building projects. The building material specifiers are technical advisors who challenge project teams to ensure the integration of appropriate products into the project. They write specs to retain client-specific building standards and research new safety requirements and building materials. They play the role of an intermediary between product manufacturers and project stakeholders. They should manage responsibilities and communicate between teams to meet the standards and project requirements.

5. Custom Home Builder

Salary: $80000 per year

The need for custom design is rising in the construction industry. Custom home builder is the highest-paying job in the building materials industry. They handle different aspects of a new construction project. Custom home builders are skilled workers who oversee everything from design to roofing, home frames, installation of the electrical system, window installation, and estimating the need and cost of materials.

6. Material Engineer

Salary: $98,090 per year

Material engineers test new building products and refine the existing products to meet new standards and accommodate the changing needs of the construction industry. Material engineers are responsible for designing and testing new products. They also build product prototypes. They ensure that the building foundations and materials are suitable and advise clients to use the best materials. Material engineers have creative and logical skills. They demonstrate a passion for innovation in design. They also ensure that the new products meet industry standards.

7. Installer

Salary: $48,490 per year

From masonry work to window replacement, an installer can do everything required to complete the job. Installers handle the material and equipment. They position products with safety and security. Therefore, installers are well-trained to perform the job accurately and efficiently. The installers are responsible for assembling the equipment. They also fix the work. They have extensive knowledge of the materials and products that they use. They are also familiar with different tools and objects required for installation.

8. CDL Driver

Salary: $56,744 per year

The job of CDL driver in the building materials industry falls into the supply chain. The role of a CDL driver is to deliver building materials to customers on time. Their CDL drivers inspect the material/products before delivery. They safely load and unload the material at job sites. They keep a record of the deliveries, signatures, and mileage. CDL drivers frequently communicate with customers and pay attention to customers. They include complaints or concerns that come up during the job. A Class A or B CDL license and a good driving record are required to become a good CDL driver.

9. Forklift Operator

Salary: $41,847 per year

The building material suppliers need to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the customers. They require a dedicated team to ensure on-time delivery and safe loading of products. Forklift operators are the professionals who keep the process running smoothly. Forklift operators are responsible for moving goods around warehouses or industrial sites. They ensure the safe unloading of the materials or deliveries from the trucks and stack boxes.

10. Yard Associates

Salary: $50,027 per year. 

Yard Associates are professionals in the building materials industry who maintain a safe and clean working environment. They work inside warehouses or yards. They pull and prepare orders, pack materials for shipment, and work with the team to ensure branch success. They also provide excellent customer support. Yard associates help customers take products and load their trucks. Yard associates are team players. They are responsible for communicating and contributing to the team. The job of yard associates involves physical risk; they need to work with safety in mind.

11. Material Estimator

Salary: $60170 per year 

A material estimator supports the sales team with a material list. A material estimator is a client-facing job position. He helps to determine the project’s needs and recommends specific products and solutions for the job. The job of a material estimator is to analyze plans, bills of quantities, and other project documentation to estimate cost. The estimator needs experience in sales and product installation. They also have proficiency in estimating costs with tools and software like AutoCAD.

12. Payroll Administrator

Salary: $54,076 per year

The number of projects and employees is increasing in the construction industry. Which in turn increases the need for administrative positions like payroll administrator. The payroll administrator is responsible for keeping and managing the payroll of employees. They calculate wages, handle the record-keeping, file maintenance, and coordinate employee hiring and training. The payroll administrators in the building materials industry help to ensure that the employee payments are correct and on schedule.

13. Fireproofing Consultant

Salary: $96,827 per year

With an increasing need for resilient and fire-safe homes, the job opportunities for fireproofing consultants and engineers are increasingly in the building materials ecosystem. The fireproofing consultant provides fireproof designs. They provide advice on new and existing buildings to implement fire safety measures. Their job is to protect life, property, and the environment from fire. They work to create links between code jurisdiction authorities and customers on different projects. The fireproofing consultants review and test the existing fire safety systems in buildings. Fireproofing consultants or fire engineers typically work in multidisciplinary teams.

14. Building Materials Salesperson

Salary: $52,657 per year

The job of a sales representative is the most sought-after career position in the building materials industry. A building materials salesperson is a professional that helps organizations cultivate relationships with customers. The job of a salesperson is to grow the client base. The salesperson wears many hats in his position. Sale professional is responsible for communicating with a wide range of people. Sales representatives educate customers. They work with dispatch teams to ensure on-time deliveries. The sales representatives are earning high paychecks. They can have more with the commission.

15. Regional Sales Manager

Salary: $146,069 per year

The nature of sales is changing, but the need for talented and highly motivated sales managers will remain strong. Regional sales managers are collaborative because they work with other teams. They need to be an effective leader and a high performer. They motivate other sales professionals to meet their targets. The regional sales managers sell products by maintaining and expanding their customer base. They work to accomplish regional sales objectives. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in construction and building materials.

16. Operations Manager

Salary: $101,203 per year

An operations manager in the building materials industry is responsible for ensuring that the employer’s projects are moving forward according to the schedule and budget. Their job entails managing people, communicating with clients, and working with project managers to overcome challenges. The operations managers identify inefficiencies in the production process and ensure that everything is under control. The operations manager monitors the company’s resources. They oversee employees, raw materials, and company assets.

17. Production Supervisor

Salary: $57,154 per year

Production supervisors play an integral role in the manufacturing process. They oversee the production operations. They are in charge of the entire production process or a specific division in the building manufacturing industry. The core responsibility of a production supervisor is to ensure the flow of materials and supplies. They also ensure that the machines are functional and that the production facility follows safety standards. The production supervisors are competent enough to comprehend complex operations.

18. Plant Manager

Salary: $117,399 per year

The plant manager works in the manufacturing and production facility. They actively participate in daily operations. The plant managers also manage all the activities on the plants. They supervise workers at the facility. They oversee team performance and the shipment of materials. They also ensure efficient and organized storage. The plant managers streamlined all the plant activities. They are detail-oriented leaders who drive overall profitability and customer satisfaction. The plant managers define and enforce policies and procedures to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process.

19. Human Resources Generalist

Salary: $59198 per year

Building materials manufacturing companies have HR departments. Human resource managers or generalists play a critical role in ensuring the safety of employees. They ensure that the payment is as per state and federal laws. They provide proper training and certifications for the personal and professional development of workers in the construction industry. Human resource managers are human resource experts. They specialized in human resource management areas like recruitment, employee relations, employee training and development. They also ensure employee safety and well-being, and work-life balance.

20. Mechanical Engineer

Salary: $75906 per year 

Mechanical engineering is a broad field. A mechanical engineer in the building materials industry is an exciting and multifaceted career choice. They are well-rounded and creative individuals who work on different kinds of materials. Mechanical engineers use the principles of science and mathematics to design and develop new materials, processes, and systems. They analyze the problems in the production process, troubleshoot and improve the complex issues.

21. Metallurgist

Salary: $126,463 per year

A metallurgist is a high-paying career choice in construction and building materials. Metallurgist work for the extraction and processing of different metals and alloys. They investigate and examine the performance of metals like steel, aluminium, copper, and nickel. They use metals to produce a range of materials and products. Metallurgists work in design and manufacturing, production management, or quality assurance departments. Metallurgists need to be at the forefront of new technologies to develop materials for new applications in the construction industry. Metallurgists are material science engineers who work in multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists.

22. Procurement Executives

Salary: $73724 per year

A procurement manager in a building materials company is also known as a purchasing manager. He is a supply chain and logistics professional. The procurement manager purchases materials for construction projects. The procurement manager’s role is much more than managing the supply chain strategy of the building materials company. Procurement managers search for cost-effective and appropriate materials. They also ensure on-time delivery of the materials. They also ensure that the material meets acceptable quality standards. They successfully manage to maintain the stick at an optimal level. The procurement managers negotiate with suppliers and vendors for the best prices, services, and delivery deals.


The building materials industry has experienced growth over the last few years. People thinking about a career in this field need to know that there is always a demand. The sheer number of opportunities makes it different from other industries. You can easily find a job tailoring your career to your interests. The material building industry is a source of fuel for the economy. A career in this field is potentially the most fulfilling for livelihood.