Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables in 2024

We buy different things that have different life spans. The classification of consumer products depends on their use over time. Consumer non-durable is a category that encompasses several familiar products. This industry is booming, with several brands becoming household names. It is even more exciting to know that these products influence career choices. It may be the best career path for people seeking a recession-proof job.

When we seek a job, we all think about the best-paying jobs in our respective industries. Are you sure about the consumer non-durables industry? If so, read the full story to know the attractive and rewarding professions accessible in this industry.

Before we jump right into the list of highest-paying jobs, let’s look at the basics and frequently asked questions.

What Are Consumer Non-Durables?

Consumer non-durables are the products that we use for a limited time. It means they are consumed for one use or used over a short period. Specifically, if the product is used-up in three years or less, it is categorized as non-durable. Customers buy these products for personal or household consumption. Consumer non-durables are the final products because they are directly consumable. Food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, and other household products come under this category. Consumers purchase non-durables frequently. The demand for non-durables is high. Therefore, the industry size and number of job opportunities attract professionals to pursue a career in non-durables. Consider the benefits of considering a position in this field to determine if the career path is the right fit for you.

22 Best-Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables

A career in consumer non-durable offers an endless stream of opportunities to develop diverse skills, and extensive on-the-job training influences the development of leadership skills. Health insurance paid vacation, and retirement plans are some of the other perks associated with a career in consumer non-durables.

Are you looking for the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables? If so, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of the 22 best-paying jobs in the consumer non-durables industry.

1. Sales Managers

Average Salary: $245,237 per year

Sales managers are accountable for leading and supervising a group of salespeople. They develop marketing strategies and establish the target for sales. The sales manager also trained their staff members to achieve targets. The success of an organization depends on the performance of the sales manager. Sales managers ensure the sale of items and that customers are pleased with the products and services they receive. Experience is essential to being a successful sales manager. You can obtain a position in sales management even without a degree. Sales managers gain compensation with a basic salary and a commission. Your competence in selling things can help you to make a significant amount of money in this field.

2. Brand Manager

Average Salary: $119,593 per year

It is always a challenge for organizations and brands to stand out from competitors in the market. Having high-quality products is not enough to capture the buyer’s attention. A compelling brand image can help him gauge the customers’ attention. Here the role of brand managers comes into play. They define and promote the brand personality on the shelf and in the community. The brand manager’s role is to ensure that products, services, and product lines under the brand resonate with current and potential customers. They are the marketing professionals who continuously monitor marketing trends. They focus on competitive products in the market. Marketing managers handle marketing campaigns to promote the brand. Compared to marketing managers, Brand managers are responsible for creating the brand.

3. Managers Of Customer Success

Average Salary: $144,248 per year

A customer-first strategy is essential in all industries, including consumer non-durables. Therefore, customer success management is a high-paying profession. Customer success managers are responsible for checking that the organization has the tools to achieve its objectives. They guide customers through the sales process. They form direct relationships with customers and offer them value propositions. They help customers achieve their goals and strengthen their relationship with the brand.

4. Creative Director

Average Salary: $102006 per year

The role of creative director is another lucrative career path for people seeking a job in consumer non-durables. The role of a creative director is to supervise the entire team of creative workers. They oversee creative assets like advertisements, products, logos, and events. They review marketing campaigns and suggest changes based on results. They interact with the senior management and approve the campaigns. Creative directors have a command over written and verbal communication. Good project management skills help them to oversee the entire marketing campaign and meet deadlines. Creative directors also need soft skills to inspire creativity in other team members.

5. Product Manager

Average Salary: $102278 per year 

Product managers oversee the development and marketing of the product line. They identify customer needs and business objectives to design the product to fulfil those objectives. Product managers are the visionaries, and they lead cross-functional teams. They have the expert knowledge to lead and make strategic product decisions. Product managers have to juggle multiple tasks. For example, they create a product, ensure its quality, and oversee the production and marketing activities. The product managers articulate what success looks like for a product. They work with a team to turn a vision into reality. 

6. Chemical Engineer

Average Salary: $98,491 per year

Chemical engineers work in offices and laboratories. They also work in industrial plants and refineries, where they are responsible for monitoring and directing the operation and solving any onsite problems. They apply their knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology, and math to solve problems in chemical manufacturing processes. They work in the manufacturing industry that involves drugs, food, fuels, and many other products. Chemical engineers work in consumer non-durable industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetic manufacturing, and the energy industries.

7. Marketing Managers

Average Salary: $97168 per year

The job of marketing managers is a rewarding career choice because they directly contribute to the growth of the business. Marketing managers are in charge of the creation and implementation of marketing plans. They organize events and create advertising campaigns. They also manage social media accounts. Marketing managers need to be creative. A good eye for detail is also essential for them. Marketing managers can perform well under pressure because of their dedication. The job of a marketing manager is inspiring and impactful. All you need is a Master’s degree in marketing and advertising for a career in marketing.

8. Strategy Consultant

Average Salary: $95025 per year

Strategy consultants are business people. Generally, they are executives. 

Their role is to give expert opinions on challenges. Strategy consultants know the industry. They objectively assess issues in business. They follow a holistic approach to problem-solving. The strategy consultants conduct an in-depth analysis to check if there is an alignment between current practices and policies with the company’s objectives. Strategy consultants have business and consulting acumen. They make difficult decisions consistently.

9. Network Engineer

Average Salary: $83,942 per year

A network engineer is another highest-paid job in consumer non-durables. A network engineer is a person who is responsible for designing and implementing computer networks in an organization to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Network engineers are responsible for developing and implementing the network configurations. They troubleshoot performance issues and carry out network monitoring. They also configure the security systems. A background in technology and a degree in computer sciences are preferred to become a network engineer.

10. Information Security Analyst

Average Salary: $81,286 per year

The demand for Information security analysts is high in the consumer non-durables industry. They possess knowledge of cyber threats. Information security analysts monitor the networks of organizations for security breaches. They use and maintain software like data encryption programs and firewalls to protect sensitive information. Information security analysts use their ingenuity and analytical skills to check vulnerabilities in computer and network systems. A career as an information security analyst is attractive. It is interesting for those who are interested in learning how things work.

11. Manager Of Human Resources

Average Salary: $75633 per year

The review of the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables is incomplete without adding the career path of the human resource manager. Human resource managers are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing human capital. They recruit, interview, and hire new personnel. They also consult with the senior executives on strategy formulation and implementation. Human resource managers ensure that the organization has a talented workforce to meet the business objectives efficiently and effectively. HR managers bridge the gap between the administration and employees. A bachelor’s degree in HR with good communication skills, negotiation prowess, and people skills is required to start a career in consumer non-durables.

12. Digital Designer

Average Salary: $73997 per year

A career in digital design is rewarding and lucrative for creative and life-long learners. The job of a digital designer is the highest-paying career choice. Digital designers are responsible for combining technology and imagination to convert ideas into reality. Digital designers help brands to seek attention on various platforms. They develop banners, flyers, and social media graphics. In this highly digitalized world, the role of the digital designer is gaining widespread attention among job seekers. Expert-level working knowledge of design software and creativity is required to be a digital designer.

13. Media Planner

Average Salary: $70201 per year 

Media planners are marketing professionals. They work in the media department of advertising agencies. They put ads in the right place at the right time and reached the desired audience. They gather information on customer viewing and reading habits. They determine which media outlets are suitable for advertising brands or products of their clients. They employ mathematical formulae to examine the demographic data to determine the advertising style according to the marketing objectives.

14. Environmental Scientist

Average Salary: $70,389 per year

Sustainability development is an essential aspect of business in almost all industries. Being an environmental scientist in consumer non-durables is a rewarding career choice. With the knowledge of the natural sciences, they play a significant role in protecting the environment. Environmental scientists use the knowledge of Natural sciences to protect the environment and human health. They work to clean up polluted areas. They advise policymakers or work with the administration to ensure proper waste disposal. It is a rewarding, satisfying, and attractive career choice that allows people to earn a sizable income.

15. Customer Service Manager

Average Salary: $64,918 per year

Due to its diversity and variety, the customer service manager is a desirable career choice. There is a vast array of opportunities to progress in this role as a customer service manager. Customer service managers are motivated and experienced professionals who lead the customer service department. Their job is to develop procedures to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient customer service. They also introduce and implements customer loyalty programs and set standards for customer satisfaction. They also ensure that the customers of the company are satisfied. They lead and motivate the customer service team to deliver superb customer service.

16. Staff Accountant

Average Salary: $60,509 per year

Staff accountants handle the accounting procedures. They maintain a healthy financial profile and ensure compliance with accounting principles at the state, federal, and local levels. The staff accountant is an executive position. They are qualified and well-trained to perform high-level tasks. Entry-level accountants focus on balance sheets, budgeting, and expense tracking. The staff accountants complete large projects. For example, they help with budget expansion and planning for large purchases. Staff accountants also keep financial records of the company.

17. Paper Chemist

Average Salary: $60,518 per year

Paper production firms also fall under the category of consumer non-durables. We all need paper to perform daily activities like documentation or other purposes in schools, hospitals, banking or trading firms. Paper production firms are focused on industrial paper-making processes. Therefore, the job of the paper chemist is a high-paying job in the paper-making industry. They focus on improving efficiency and making the process more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. People pursuing a career as paper chemists will likely spend most of their time in the lab.

18. Account Manager

Average Salary: $54021 per year

An Account Manager is one of the most sought-after jobs in consumer non-durables. The account manager is the entry-to-mid-level career choice. They handle customers that are already engaged in business with the company. The account manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of customers. The account manager oversees customer service management processes. The account managers are interested in client satisfaction instead of generating sales. The account managers are the points of contact because they provide customer support. They develop one-on-one engagement with customers. They foster relationships and seek different ways to drive business. Account managers oversee the daily chores associated with answering the requirements and concerns of the customer. They manage their account activity.

19. Quality Control Analyst

Average Salary: $54624 per year

A quality assurance analyst identifies and corrects the defects in the production process. They ensure that the products and services meet the company’s standards before they go to market. They check the products for flaws through quality tests and review the processes. A quality assurance analyst recommends and implements the corrective actions to meet the quality assurance standard. They compile and analyze the statistical data and ensure that the customers are satisfied. A keen eye for detail with good communication skills is required to work as a quality assurance analyst.

20. Communication Coordinator

Average Salary: $52513 per year

Communication coordinators work in different fields for various organizations. A communication coordinator is responsible for communicating information to the audience on behalf of the organization. It also comes under the career zone for advertising, marketing, and public relations. The communication coordinator is an administrative role that assists the communication department in implementing communication strategies. Communication coordinators are responsible for creating the marketing materials such as press releases, newsletters, and blog articles. 2-3 years of experience in marketing and communication and a solid understanding of effective marketing techniques can help you to be a communication coordinator.

21. Sales Representatives

Average Salary: $48546 per year

A sales representative is a good career path for those having a personality that works well with humans and animals. The sales representatives convince the consumer to purchase non-durables from the company. Sales representatives interact with the customer throughout the sales process. They identify the needs, pitch relevant products, and ensure that customers have a positive experience from start to finish. The sales representative is a performance-driven career. The money you earn depends on your performance. A Masters’s or Bachelors’s degree in business is required to be a sales representative.

22. Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $39255 per year 

Research studies have demonstrated that being an administrative assistant is a high-paying career path. The administrative assistant performs a supportive role in the organization. They are responsible for various administrative and clerical tasks. They assist with daily office needs and manage general administrative activities. For example, they answer phone calls, prepare documents, fill out paperwork, and manage the calendar for the supervisor. They gather, organize, and disseminate the information to their coworkers.

The consumer non-durable industry will continue growing for job opportunities. There are incredibly well-paying jobs in this industry for those seeking a career in consumer non-durables. You can base your entire career path on this lucrative and rewarding industry. All the companies in consumer non-durables compensate their staff handsomely as they continue to see profits each year. Whether it is design and development, or marketing and sales, there is likely a job perfect for you.

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