25 Best High-Paying Jobs for 18-Year-Olds in 2023

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People still think that no one can secure a high-paying job when someone is 18 years old. The right skills and work ethic can lead to a high-paying job.

The great thing about being 18 years old is that you can prepare yourself for a lavish and lucrative life just by taking the right decision to make the career. Sometimes, candidates have to broaden their mindset a bit while choosing a job but still there are high-paying careers available for 18 years old across major industries.

The Kind Of Jobs Can 18 Years Olds Get

Eighteen years olds are eligible for different types of jobs. They can do clerical work, daily labor, and part-time work for college students. Eighteen years olds may face trouble finding jobs in their respective area or town, and in such cases, it is best to search for the job online. Reliable and reputed online job portables and boards can help the 18-years to find a suitable job.

Where To Look For The Best Jobs For 18 Years Old?

One thing is to keep in mind that eighteen-years-old don’t have any weight in the resume. They create hurdles while searching for a job in this high-competitive era. If you are still in high school, career counselors help to guide you to the right place. In such cases, you need to use your network to get the job that will suit your career. It’s always easy to get jobs from people who you know as opposed to people who don’t have any idea who you are.

Several High-Paying Jobs Over 18 Years Old

Just because you are 18 doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the minimum salary. Many high-paying jobs are available in the market, and you can secure them according to age. If you are planning to start your career as a professional, consider these jobs.

Since the internet is a reliable medium, it is a recommendation to check out the internet first before going ahead. You can find tons of job boards and websites that focus specifically on high-paying jobs for the 18-year-old. Check out this list of things you need to know.

1. Postal Worker 

The postal department offers different types of work. Postal workers earn a high amount of money per hour, and this remuneration makes it much more lucrative which is always a great way to build a career. Since this job is for the early risers and you will get the payment after delivering letters and parcels to the recipient. There are many destinations the postal worker can cover, and the earnings depend on the number of letters and parcels that have been delivered in a specific time. This is the reason, it is always a great thing to join as a postal worker to work in the postal department.

Average payment: $19 per hour 

2. Trade Worker

At present, more and more people prefer to build a career in IT and other technical fields, as a result, there are few people available for the trades. It has also created a shortage of qualified workers and an increment in the requirement for trade workers.

One can make a career by pursuing several skills at a young age. One can start as an electrician or plumber as the initial career and can lead to a potential business owner while managing a larger company. Some career counselors recommend that young people take a trade as it will be a safe long-term career choice. Mastering a skill will lead to a successful career.

Average Salary: $12-15/h

3. Web Designer

If you are computer literate and can handle tasks, the web designer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-paying career. There is no age bar if you have technical acumen. Though initially, you can’t attract more salary, later you can get one according to your demand. You can either start it independently or join any company to start your career.  After gaining a reputation, you can charge higher hourly remuneration and easily build a name for yourself as a professional and high-quality web designer. Learn web designing using the latest technology and software, and you can start doing it as a career as early as 18 years old.

Average Salary: $30/hour

4. Administrative Assistant

Becoming an administrative assistant will open several career paths. When you are eighteen, it is easy to start the initial job as an administrative assistant, and after gaining experience; you can go ahead and choose the right career path that will suit you. Administrative assistant jobs are sometimes virtual, but most people find the physical location to start their job. One thing is to keep in mind that an administrative assistant’s task can vary from day to day, and in this way, one can enjoy the responsibilities.

Average Salary: $14-20 per hour

5. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are today becoming more popular. If you have secured a clean driving license and you know the way around the town then this job is perfect to take up, most of the time, you can take extra shifts if you want to do your shopping.

 The delivery drivers mainly make tip money which will help to boost the overall pay offered with this job. Eighteen years old can handle national and international delivery jobs that entirely depend on their skill.

Average Salary: $15-17 per hour

6. Receptionist

The main task of the receptionist is to attend to incoming calls from customers. They also have to handle the customers coming to a physical location. The receptionist bears the overall impression of the company. If a receptionist deals with the customer properly, chances are the customer will be a repeat customer, and therefore companies prefer to hire intelligent and dynamic candidates as a receptionist. It is an excellent job option for an eighteen-year-old because this position can potentially grow to take on a responsibility in the company. If one remains in the job for a couple of years, it will become a solid career for that candidate. It not only attracts a salary but several perks which is why many youngsters prefer to start that career as a receptionist.

Average Salary: $13-15 per hour

7. Retail Sales Associate

The retail sales associate is one of the highest paying jobs for the eighteen years old. One can initially do management and assistant management positions that typically pay more than entry-level jobs. The associates can get more salaries in the high-end retail stores compared to the general merchandise stores. Apart from them, several retail sales associate jobs require specialized skills and knowledge to work in a jewelry store or electronic equipment store. They often pay more than general retail stores.

Average Salary

The average salary depends on the type of store in which the candidate is going to do the job. Jewelry and electronic stores offer more remuneration compared to the other retail stores.

8. Mail Carrier

Mail carriers have solid careers and they enjoy the benefits that mainly come along with their job. Depending on the neighborhood of your locality, mail carriers can either use trucks or walk along.

You get to spend most of the day alone, not bothered by coworkers or workplace drama. If you want to do something in eighteen years, this is a great job option. There are also overtime options available in the mail carrier and you will get a guarantee to get paid accordingly.

Average Salary: $17 per hour

9. Product Designer

Product design has become a very lucrative career. So, eighteen years older can start this as the initial step of their career. There are endless possibilities in product design. Most of the time, companies don’t ask for the previous history if you can perfectly show them about the product design and your artistic skill. If you have artistic quality, you can indulge yourself in product design. It’s a great way to show your talent and make some money. You can find numerous opportunities in this field. Product design is a very important aspect of any company. It can make or break a product. That’s why companies are always on the lookout for good product designers. If you think you have what it takes to be a good product designer, then don’t hesitate to pursue this career. It can be very rewarding both financially and creatively. 

Average Salary: $18 per hour

10. Tutor

If you are good in any subject in high school, then it can be your career. If you are good at math, English, science, or any foreign language, chances are, you will become a tutor in one of these subjects.

Tutors get higher hourly payments rather than any other professional. Because of this higher hourly rate, many people leave teaching careers to become tutors.

However, the only thing that could hinder the salary of the personal tutor is, it takes time to build up a reputation. Otherwise, you can collaborate with any reputed institution and grow your resume for a bit as you are tutoring. You can also find different subjects that you feel are easy to teach.

Average Salary: $20 -30 per hour

11. Call Center Associate

Call centers along with large corporations have plenty of incoming and outgoing calls. They need educated and young associates to handle the calls and review them. It is the best career choice for people who are over the age of eighteen. It will help me to pursue a great career in this field and improve my communication skill.

You will learn a great deal about sales and customer service when you review calls. It will help you to gain experience in management-type positions after several years.

Average Salary: $14-18 per hour

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are becoming much more popular now and these jobs are ready for eighteen years. Eighteen years old can get maximum job opportunities as a virtual assistant in various sectors. Virtual assistants mainly offer administrative support to clients from different remote locations and this assistant job can be done entirely online.

The flexibility and independence of virtual assistant jobs make them ideal for young adults. Moreover, virtual assistant jobs can be very well-paid. These job holders will get the payment according to their skills and experience.

Average Salary: $18-20 per hour

13. Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is all about helping the pharmacist to keep the customers happy while keeping their regulations and requirements in check. Pharmacy tech can create an interest in a career as a pharmacist. A pharmacy technician’s initial training is the first step toward becoming a professional, but sometimes it can lead to a great career.

A career as a pharmacy technician can be rewarding. It is a great way to get started in the medical field and can lead to a career as a pharmacist if that is what you are interested in. Many pharmacy technicians start their careers working in a retail setting, but there are also many opportunities to work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

Average Salary: $14-18 per hour

14. Police Dispatcher

Police dispatcher is another job option for the eighteen years old. It is equal to the government position in the long term and can be a wise choice. If you will do this job, there are several government perks you can avail of towards retirement. Sometimes, this police dispatcher job will let you enter the police force directly. Depending on your location, jobs like police officers are highly profitable.

Average Salary: $25 – 30 per hour

15. Caregiver

There is a rise in baby boomers’ starting age and they face some unfortunate health complications. In such conditions, there is a serious need for caregivers. One can start caregiving as a career at the early eighteen. The best thing about the caregiver is that you can be honest about the skill level and how you think you can help. In most cases, you can get training if you have no experience.

Average Salary: $11-13 per hour

16. Landscaping

Landscaping owners look for qualified people who can help them while performing their tasks. A person can do overtime in the landscaping job and in this way, he can earn more. There is a shortage of companies that can hire you. Once you will get appropriate experience, you can become a foreman.

Average Salary: $12-18 per hour

17. Freelance Writer

You can start freelance writing from eighteen years. It needs creativity and command over the language. Proper experience and skills are needed to write various content one can start with eighteen years of. If you have any specialized skills or knowledge, ensure that you have highlighted it while dealing with the assignments.

Average Salary: $25 per hour

18. Research Assistant

Research assistant helps to carry forward research. You can start a job as a research assistant for eighteen years. Finding a company that is working towards some things that interest you is the first choice while becoming a research assistant.

Average Salary: $20 per hour

19. Bank Teller

A Bank teller job lets you work with many financial institutions. You will earn deep insights regarding the economic transitions and other finance-related information that would meet the customers’ needs. Despite the popularity of online banking, banks still need bank tellers to assist customers.

Average Salary: $14-16 per hour

20. Camp Counselor

A camp counselor can be a great job option for people who are eighteen years old. Depending on the camp’s location and if it is a sleep-away camp, you may also get room and board as part of your job. A college student could uniquely spend the summer.

Average Salary: $11-13 per hour

21. Customer Service Representative

Many corporations have dedicated teams of customer service representatives. As a result, it’s always a challenging and rewarding job for them. One thing also to remember is that customer service representative jobs are high paying.

Average Salary: $15 per hour

22. Lifeguard

A lifeguard job is a smart choice for an eighteen-year-old college student. If you are not familiar with water sports, then you can take a few training classes and after getting trained, you can select the lifeguard job. If you perform better, you can become a full-time lifeguard.

Average Salary: $9-12 per hour

23. Search Engine Tester

Search engine testing is all about letting you know whether the results appear when you enter specific words into the search engine or not. It is one of the most lucrative jobs people love to do in their early eighteen.

Average Salary: $26 per hour

24. Transcriptionist

The main task of the transcriptionists is. They are paid for listening to audio and transcribing what they hear. Eighteen years old can do this job. It will also increase the skill.

Average Salary: $15 per hour

25. Proofreader

Usually, proofreaders and editors check manuscripts for mistakes before publishing them. Any young man can do this job in his early eighteen.

Average Salary: $18 per hour


One can choose several higher-paying jobs if he/she is eighteen years old. It needs only a little skill and determination to get high payment while doing the job.