Top 25 Commission-Based Jobs in 2024

A commission-based job is correlated with performance compensation. They earn a certain amount of money by achieving specific assigned sales targets. In some cases, there is a commission only, while in others, they pay a base salary along with a commission. However, some professionals earn commissions for particular workouts, like arranging meetings with future clients, renewing contracts, or filling job openings. It simply depends on the overall performance and motivation to generate income. Knowledge and skillsets needed for commission-based jobs are comprehensively covered in the following top 25 commission-based jobs, along with the particular position.

1. Digital Media Sales Representative

Another commissioned-based job is a Digital Media Sales representative. They sell online marketing services such as SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click) SEM (search engine marketing). Through social media, they possess a strong online company voice. They heed all customer queries, concerns, and comments on the company’s social media platforms. They Review all social media posts for precision and ensure inappropriate content is deleted. They work with product managers and the marketing team to meet and exceed customer expectations. By completing and exceeding monthly sales goals, the earning potential of commission in this market is gigantic.

Average salary: $39,245 to $49,542 per year

2. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents deal in property sales and are mostly commissioned based. They sell either commercial or residential properties or both. They receive a commission from buyers and sellers both. Real estate agents monitor market trends and conditions and advise clients accordingly. They deliver guidance and advice in buying, selling and leasing properties. They draw potential buyers by purchasing advertisements and running marketing campaigns. Further, real estate agents are responsible for making the documentation necessary to execute property sales.

Average salary: $85,398 per year

3. Sales Engineer

Sales engineers are experts in selling technical-driven and scientific products to different corporations, organizations and businesses. They deal hand in hand with both engineering and sales. They work on designing the product to ensure it is the best futuristic design for sale. To know the outcome of technological products or services, they are directly concerned with clients. They support and guidance to clients about functions through their technical knowledge. They even assist customers with issues after installation and provide fully custom solutions. At the company, they have the role of selling mechanical components or equipment, or machinery with comprehensive knowledge. They work in various fields such as manufacturing, production, and technology and earn handsomely.

Average Salary: $107,818+$20000 commission per year

4. Customer Chat Specialist

Customer chat specialist promptly answers online chat requests from customers. They have proper knowledge about specific products and services. Identification of consumer needs is part of the job card. All communication with consumers is done through social media platforms, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, emails and Facebook. Chat Specialists must have lively conversations that motivate the customer to do business. Developing relationships and responding to customers’ needs are paramount. Chat Specialists need to think fast on their feet and provide an individualized experience for each customer based on their requirements. Multi-tasking, improvisation, and typing quickly are the prerequisites.

Average Salary: $37,484 per year

5. Securities, Commodities, And Financial Services Sales Agent

Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent job comes with a ton of earnings potential. These jobs connect buyers and sellers for a variety of investments. They play a crucial role in the broader financial marketplace and ensure customers can get the necessary support. Besides those fast-paced positions like a stockbroker, lower-key options are also available; they make this option beneficial for many people. Many sales positions involve earning a license for selling and trading assets.

Average Salary: $61,024 per year

6. Wholesale And Manufacturing Sales Representative

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives cultivate business-to-business (B2B) sales. Some of their earnings are commission-based. Working as a wholesale and manufacturing sales representative could be a fantastic option. Usually, these jobs focus on engaging other companies, typically retailers, to purchase something created by the manufacturer you work for, which is pretty straightforward. In this role, you may have to travel to meet the potential buyers in person and negotiate the sales by explaining about products.

Average Salary: $49,876 per year

7. Sales Consultant

Sales consultants prepare a compelling pitch for the company’s need to sell their products or services to target customers. They meet with clients to build and maintain a relationship. They analyze market statistics, identify issues, research, and plan strategically by completing paperwork. They make recommendations to compete in the market. To enhance sales, they advise companies on how to conduct promotional campaigns. They also assist sales representatives in boosting sales within retail locations and getting their commission according to sales and percentages.

Average salary: $70,260 + $24,000 commission per year

8. Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales agents, also called account executives, sell advertising space to companies or individuals. They sell billboards, radio ads, magazine advertisements, website ads, and even television commercial timeslots. Additionally, they also assist with the creation of the advertisement copy and with designing their ad. They also work with media companies to manage news media organizations and radio networking.

Average Salary: $52,774 to $124,030 per year

9. Recruiter Agent

A recruiter works for professionals to help them to match with the best job opportunities or hard-to-fill positions. They also work independently and take a flat fee or percentage of the new hire’s Salary as a commission. They work to find the best-matched posts for professionals or specialists, company heads, or executives. They locate the candidate and persuade them that the current career is the right move. By navigating various candidates, they find the candidate for the correct position.

Average Salary: $48,666 per year

10. Insurance Sales Agent

In most cases, commission plays an integral part in determining the Salary of an insurance sales agent. Their primary responsibility is to persuade customers to opt for any insurance package such as auto, home, life and more. Commonly, an insurance sales agent specializes in a few categories of insurance programs, especially if one insurance cover is linked with the other in explicit ways. For instance, if they are selling auto insurance, there is the likelihood they may also offer homeowners or renters.

Average Salary: $57,294 per year

11. Solar Sales Consultant

Solar consultants perform sales and support functions in-store and at site locations. They comprehend customers’ needs and provide information about equipment and solar system. They are mainly involved in installing systems designed for residential or commercial use. By actively engaging the customers, they also prepare sales pitches. They facilitate them to move systematically through the sales funnel by replying to inquiries. They schedule meetings, conferences, and appointments and educate customers about the qualities and benefits of solar energy systems. There may be based, at least partly, on commissions and bonuses.

Average Salary: $114,744 per year

12. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives sell drugs and medical equipment to doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Medical representatives related to the medical field or pharmacy understand medicines and equipment. They meet with doctors face to face and discuss, convince and offer employers products after promoting them in detail. When new medications are introduced, they work on marketing those substances within reason. There is a need to learn about new products and answer queries effectively and quickly. Having detailed knowledge about medical equipment and drugs is helpful.

Average Salary: $ 63,511 per year

13. Talent Agent

Thinking about the commission work, it is more often than not, a talent agent job would not come to your mind. Nevertheless, their demands exist in the world out there. Talent agent represents people in the entertainment industry. In the capacity of the talent agent, you represent performers, artists, writers, athletes, musicians, actors, models, or people who distinguish themselves under their talent in diverse fields. By assisting multi-talented people in getting work, they get your commission as an agent. Your duties include booking tour dates or appearances, making arrangements for a recording session, and negotiating album or publication deals.

Average Salary: $43,812 per year

14. Travel Agent

The travel agents formulate the travel procedures and provide suitable transport, accommodation and facilities for individuals or groups. For this purpose, they plan, book, and offer travel or vacation packages. This commissioned-based job is lucrative as hunting is not involved. The customers contact them to visit any place. The travel agents provide local, domestic and international travel plans, including day trips, weekend trips, and vacation trip packages. They advise various options that best suit them according to their budget.

Average Salary: $49,013 to $73,360 per year

15. Body Sculpting Specialist Sales Consultant

Body sculpting consultants are responsible for consultations, customer sales, and performing body sculpting procedures. They provide awareness and confidently advise the procedural ways of body transformation. They attract customers for services such as facial rejuvenation, slimming or contouring treatments. Top-class selling skills are paramount for this position. Extensive patient follow-up and scheduled appointments, and management are also vital roles. Additionally, computer skills are also mandatory for day-to-day scheduling responsibilities. They attend periodic training to learn new service offerings to polish themselves.

Average Salary: $42200 per year

16. Financial Advisor

Professionally giving financial advice means assisting your clients in investing their money intelligently. High-earning individuals need competent persons who can give them sound financial advice. This role demands keeping track of economic trends, services and investment avenues to ensure that your clients make handsome investment returns. Having in-depth knowledge of the market is deemed necessary. If having investment experience, the commission can be multiplied many folds. Some critical areas to know about are taxes, insurance and long-term or short-term investment options. Understanding customers’ needs about their saving plans, e.g. retirement needs and education expenses, is part of your portfolio.

Average Salary: $69852+$30366 commission per year

17. Broker Sales Representative

Brokers work in multiple industries enabling large-scale transactions in the business world. Between customers and sellers, they work as mediators. Brokers become the third party in executing deals between customers and sellers. Generally, brokers represent either a buyer or a seller of a particular product or service. Brokers advise their customers about real estate, stocks, mutual funds, insurance, etc. They also perform administrative duties such as preparing financial documents and monitoring customer follow-up.

Average Salary: $73011+$42000 commission per year

18. The Tech Industry Sales Representative

Many well-heeled companies need assistance in marketing their software, applications, and programs. Their potential clients include international corporations and organizations. Companies like IBM are engaged in selling from strategic areas, including cloud, mobility, and data analytics. The Technical Support Representative is required to render technical assistance. They determine the customer’s requirements, support the related products, and demonstrate how they work.

Average Salary: $45,000 per year

19. Luxury Item Sales Representative

Luxury Item Sales representatives reach and exceed sales targets of the world of luxuries such as Private jets, yachts, and extravagant properties. With luxury customer service standards, they provide up-to-date product knowledge. They understand and anticipate each customer’s needs and delight them with the service provided. They get their commission with the uncapped potential for salespeople who can sell supercars to millionaires and yachts to boating enthusiasts to get grandeur in a single deal.

Average Salary: $114,000 to $ 20,500 per year

20. Literary Agent

Literary agents act as writers’ representatives for negotiations with publishers, magazines, and other publications. Their duties include reading author submissions, daily newspapers, and magazines. Literary agents try to find new clients, edit and make offers to refine clients’ work, and submit book drafts and proposals to publishers. They coordinate with the media persons to arrange the appearances of their clients. Literary agents can work independently or in an office with other colleagues in an agency. Literary agents concentrate primarily on the business dimension of publishing. Literary agencies hire literary agents for the identification and representation of literary talent.

Average Salary: $52,334 per year

21. Loan Officer

Loan officers are employed by banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions. Their job is to carry out the evaluation and approval of loan applications. The majority of loan officers get a cut on the loans they endorse. It encourages them to approve more loans. Many draw only a fixed salary or a salary and commission. Job cards of commercial loan officers comprise the evaluation of loan applications for businesses. Consumer loan officers and mortgage loan officers deal with individual applicants. Licensing is a prerequisite for mortgage loan officers.

Average Salary: $63,650 per year

22. Territory Sales Manager

Primarily a territory sales manager supervises teams and manages sales for a company within a given geographical area. They can assist in making sales strategies, impart training to sales teams, and forward sales reports to department management. This job typically involves tracking sales data, analyzing performance, and developing customer relationships. Territory sales managers direct the daily sales operations of sales representatives operating in a specific geographical zone. They make sure that sales quotas for any given area are met. Territory sales managers carry out analysis of their current and potential customers. Their primary role is to focus on the growth of the company’s revenue. They keep their existing customer database and initiate proactive steps to generate new business in their specified area.

Average Salary: $68,361 per year

23. Consumer Packaged Goods Sales Agents

Consumer packaged goods is a rapidly growing field requiring sales agents to place a product on a national or international level conveniently. The professionals do so by using different linkages in the consumer-based industry. Employment is generally given at the brand manager level. Employees go up the hierarchy until a person is completely involved in all facets of this wide-ranging role. Commissions are typically engaged in consumer packaged goods. Consumer packaged goods sales jobs are also known as CPG sales jobs. It includes sales representatives and managers who liaise between a brand, its products and stock, and the wholesale stores that sell them.

Average Salary: $48,598 per year

24. Sales Manager

Sales managers play leading roles among sales members. They identify sales goals and provide mentorships and training for sales agents and representatives. They create sales plans by setting goals and quotes and crafting them to meet sales targets. They regularly report to directors on progress and have the authority to steer the future of the business. They motivate the team and hone their skills to make targeted sales successful. By doing calculations, they are typically involved in finding a delicate balance between motivating sales reps and protecting profit.

Average salary: $79,991+$15,000 commission per year 

25. Revenue Collector

Revenue collector specialists assist taxpayers with account questions and payment plans, thereby resolving problems. They must be proficient in account receivables management, customer service relationship management, business process outsourcing, debt collections and loan servicing solutions. They can make a reasonable hourly pay plus commission, paid training, flexible working hours, and social security benefits. They communicate with customers through landline services and written correspondence to help them make payment plans. It is mandatory to comply with and stay updated on all applicable laws and regulations relating to job duties.

Average Salary: $39,439 per year


Ultimately, all of the above commission-based jobs are worth considering. Just make sure you’re comfortable with any sales aspects and have interpersonal skills to handle any one of the jobs. You must know the standard requirements of the work, as well as how the commissions are structured. That way, you can find these top 25 commission-based jobs playing a significant role that offers fair compensation.

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