25 Jobs That Require No Experience in 2024

It’s a bit of a contradiction! You can’t find a job because everyone wants your experience, and you can’t gain experience without a job. It becomes a challenging experience if you are searching for an entry-level job as a novice or switching jobs without background knowledge. However, many jobs require no experience, and there are many great opportunities to make headway. Please look at our picks with 25 Jobs that require no experience and be ready with your applications. The resume must state facts covering all the basic and in-depth information.

1. Administrative Assistant

Have you ever noticed yourself being an excellent administrator at home or in an institution? You managed all the activities, from grocery shopping and cupboard setting to organizing events, very well. Then, executive assistant jobs are more lucrative according to your aptitude. It covers administrative tasks ranging from planning and scheduling meetings, answering phone calls and emails, and preparing reports. They assist professionals in the best possible way. It will create significant opportunities for you to build a professional network, learn the ins and outs of an industry, and develop practical skills.

Average Salary: $49,798 per year

2. Personal Shopper

With a taste in fashion and shopping, being a personal shopper is a promising career for you. They buy goods or items on behalf of another person. Personal shoppers provide services to those who are too engaged and cannot seek time to shop for themselves. The purpose of these shoppers is to guide their clients by recommending, facilitating, and guiding. They advise the best possible food, garments, or goods according to their taste and budget. The job allows you to work independently with flexible timings. It is a fact that more wealthy the clients, the bigger the chances of profit margins.

Average Salary: $42,000 per year

3. Entry-Level Laboratory Technician

Are you passionate about observing and noticing new experiments and finding solutions? Then you are fit for this position. A lab technician assists scientists in conducting laboratory tests, setting up experiments, labeling specimens, recording results appropriately, and investigating. They organize, maintain, and keep the laboratory clean to aid routine procedures. You can avail an opportunity to learn at the entry level by assisting scientists with writing, editing, and lab report submission. This post provides a lucrative opportunity to gain experience while working with a team of scientists to support lab supervisors. It would help if you had a certified technician degree.

Average Salary: $46,358 per year

4. Human Resources (HR) Assistant

Suppose you are ready to feel fantastic about performing administrative jobs with positive and energetic vibes. That’s the right place to go and stay! Human resources (HR) assistant supports HR professionals by checking emails, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments. As a member of human resources, you may assist with performance reviews, salary payments, and teammate members. You may also be asked to sit while in the hiring process, sorting out screening applications, record keeping, organizing interviews, and contacting candidates. An organizational or business college degree related to HR is required.

Average Salary: $46,580 per year

5. Sales Representative

Excellent interpersonal skills must be your core quality to become a sales representative. A sales representative uses best practices to convert prospective customers to paying customers. A job in sales develops the ability to find networking in different fields, manage business relationships, and seeks a good reputation. They facilitate, negotiate, and informs about prices to boost sale. They also work in collaboration with marketing and advertising departments. You may like working as a sales representative because it permits you to make lasting connections with many different people.

Average Salary: $30,972 to 45,456 per year

6. Event Planner

Suppose you have inborn nature for creating exciting experiences and bringing visions to life. Then event planner job best suits you. An event planner helps to organize and coordinate all the events of weddings, meetings, or conventions. They are responsible for site selection, budgeting, transportation, and decoration. In addition, they provide necessary permits, entertainment arrangements, and catering as well. You must have an excellent aesthetic sense and administrative skills to plan assemblies, celebrations, and field trips. You don’t need a degree to become an event planner, but specific qualifications and certificates can help you get hired.

Average Salary: $49,370 per year

7. Firefighter

You can pursue this career if you are enthusiastic about performing robust and emergency-based duties to save innocent lives. Your primary job will be to respond to fire emergencies to rescue victims of incidents like house fires or vehicle accidents. Firefighters operate a wide range of equipment, such as fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, emergency lifesaving apparatus, and protective gear. Specific duties include putting out fires, locating victims, and providing first aid. During the job, they learn how to write a report, learn safety protocols, and maintain order in emergencies.

Average Salary: $47,317 per year

8. Junior Graphic Designer

Are you a creative thinker who always enjoys art, technology, and the colorful world? To be a graphic designer is an ideal choice for you. Every industry needs graphic designers for an unlimited range of new, innovative, and exciting projects. A junior graphic designer participates in design brainstorming, planning, and artistic techniques to help their senior graphic designers. Under their supervision, they are supposed to provide new practice designs and methods by pitching new ideas. They also help out to generate rough drafts and lists of projects.

Average Salary: $47,850 per year

9. Cashier

This job requires a positive attitude, excellent customer service, and basic math’s skills with attention to detail aptitude. The primary job is receiving payments, issuing receipts, and keeping track of all cash and transactions. This job seeks money trail regulation under the supervision of a senior cashier. With time, cashiers learn to gain more expertise and knowledge. There are vast opportunities to excel, with good earning potential and multiple job options, including part-time, full-time, and temporary work. Only one to four-week period training will support you in landing a cashier job.

Average Salary: $28,930 per year

10. IT Technician

If you are tech-savvy and appreciate working with technology and people, a career as an IT technician may be a good fit. This job is exciting as it deals with working with new technology and troubleshooting when solving IT-related problems. An IT technician solves hardware and software troubles. Any glitch in mousses, keyboards, monitors, storage units, and hard drives comes under the category of hardware troubles. Software issues include programming, emailing, or word processing disorders. Setting up security systems, upgrading, and analyzing network connections are also part of their work. The requirement for IT technicians is prospering more rapidly than in other professions.

Average Salary: $51,417 per year

11. Insurance Sales Agent

In this job, an insurance sales agent analyzes people’s needs and potential contacts customers. A problem-solving, self-motivated approach and being a great listener are pivotal to performing in this job. The job is to explain various insurance options and recommend buying the right one. Sales agents assist in selling many different coverage forms, including life, health, home, automobile insurance, etc. In addition, it offers the services to communicate and explain many insurance schemes that best suit them. A high school diploma and an insurance license from the respective country are necessary.

Average Salary: $50,940 per year

12. Entry-Level Police Officer

While opting for this profession, you can create a real difference in your community, reducing crimes and making people safer. It is a rewarding profession but comes with a few risks as well. Entry-level Police Officer helps to retain the law and perform field duties under the supervision of senior police officers. The primary responsibilities are monitoring traffic safety and violations, investigating criminal activities, and patrolling the areas. Doing paperwork, reporting, and interviewing are also part of their duty.

Average Salary: $58,591 per year

13. Proofreader

If you like grammar work, focus on spelling and scrutinize the in-depth details to find mistakes, the proofreading job is undoubtedly for you. Proofreaders review and finalize documents before publication in the form of a book, webpage, newspaper, or magazine. They also check the accuracy of facts and ensure professionalism. One of the great benefits of this job is to adjust their hours at your own pace of work. Working remotely as a full-time or part-time freelancer is an excellent job.

Average Salary: $58,715 per year

14. Super Market Sales Assistant

The supermarket sales job suits you if you have a deep interest in sales and love to help and advise customers. Patience and the ability to remain peaceful in stressful situations are distinct qualities of a supermarket sales assistant. They ensure customer satisfaction and outstanding store condition and maintain the entire stock. They understand the customer’s needs and display stock accordingly. Specifically, they promote special offers and answer customers all queries. Formal education is not necessary, but primary education with a skillful approach is beneficial.

Average Salary: $20,979 per year

15. Real Estate Agent

You do not need a college degree to become a real estate agent. College is not for everyone. You will need to do 60 hours course. This job offers true six-figure earning potential for an entry-level worker with a high school diploma and a state broker’s license. A real estate agent facilitates buying or selling all types of properties, from residential to commercial. They make connections and meet people of different cultures and backgrounds. They update property listings, answer questions, advertising campaigns, and update social media to promote the business. To do this, they help their clients to know about the property to meet their needs and shed light on prospects.

Average Salary: $105, 970 per year

16. Junior Web Developer

These days most industries use websites, and junior web developers have the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of people. They use their imagination in their work by creating software like websites and applications. They not only write codes to design a webpage with functioning text, audio, and video. They fulfill different tasks, including writing code, troubleshooting programs, testing software, and incorporating new ideas. Junior web developers can benefit from a flexible schedule that often allows for remote work. They have an opportunity to get access to a rapidly growing field and competitive pay. By using coding, programming languages, visual designs, and much more, you can showcase your work to prove yourself.

Average Salary: $ 68,125 per year

17. Home Care Aid Or Home Health Aid

If you are interested in taking care of others, a home care aide could be suitable. Some people find it very fulfilling to help older adults needing medical assistance in their day-to-day activities. It depends on your geographical location; there is a likelihood that you should own a valid driver’s license. Some positions need a home assistant certification, which can be secured while on the job. The pay scale varies based on education and experience.

Average Salary: $ 20,810 per year

18. Customer Service Representative

Are you a people person? If the answer is affirmative, you are a perfect match for a customer service representative. Probably you are required to be imparted a training course to know about company policy. Besides the basic know-how, nothing else is needed. Necessary abilities in an entry-level customer service rep include proficiency in communication skills, pleasantness, and a helpful, team-member attitude. A good blend of the mentioned characteristics will make you eligible for the job.

Average Salary: $35,120 per year

19. Call Centre Worker

You need to express exceptional people skills and have good patience, flexibility, and a multi-task approach. Whether you are dealing with objections, offering troubleshooting services, or promoting sales orders, your ultimate objective is to retain the customer happy in any case. Efficient problem-solving strategy under pressure and a Customer-focused outlook is the primary demand of this job w. Call center workers’ appointments are available in various industries, such as retail stores, banks, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and internet vendors.

Average Salary: $21,000 per year

20. Personal Fitness Trainer

By Becoming a personal fitness trainer, you can help customers to reach their goals. Personal fitness trainers create customized workout plans to know the customer’s bodily strengths and weaknesses. They assist them in returning to fitness after obesity or an injury and monitor progress regularly. They are the source to provide motivation and teach how to do something. Fitness clubs and individual clients seek natural motivators and training sessions. It does not take a lot of time to get the certification.

Average Salary: $40,390 per year.

21. Publicity Assistant Or Public Relations Assistant

It is a dream for some people to work as a public relations assistant. More often than not, public relations firms require fresh entrants to fashion them as per their rigorous standards. You’ll need to write creative content and be a people person. Many large-sized firms offer rotational programs for the first one to two years in public relations. You can explore diverse avenues of the business and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Average Salary: $48,383 per year

22. Medical Biller

A medical biller is a mediator between doctors’ entities and insurance companies. The appointment requires a lot of paperwork to accurately prepare and submit billing data. By using medical codes, medical claims are put forward to insurance companies. The detail-oriented job includes updating patient information, developing payment plans, and preparing invoices. Many entry-level job postings in this occupation require one to three months of training or internships.

Average Salary: $36,398 per year

23. Truck Driver

If you have an adventurous nature and dream of running on roads, you can pursue the truck driver job. Proper training and a commercial license is the central pillar to succeed in this job. A lucrative career that starts earning a high annual salary without spending years on training is awaiting you. Depending on the trucking company, long-haul driver’s benefits can include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. The average Salary varies depending on how far you are willing to go and the amount of time you spend away from home by consent.

Average Salary: $27000 to 34000per year

24. Legal Assistant

There are tons of legal assistant jobs because where there are lawyers and legal departments, there are legal assistants. Legal assistants support four significant areas:  legal work, communications, organization, and general office administration. They manage to greet clients, schedule appointments, manage filing systems, do legal research, and fill court documents. Most legal assistant jobs are experience-based, but there is an opportunity to seek starting-level jobs with internships. As you get more experience under the supervision of your senior lawyer, you will have more bright future.

Average Salary: $46,452 per year

25. Veterinary Assistant

Suppose you never mind keeping animals with you all day. In that case, this cherry pie veterinary assistant job might be for you. Loving animals and having a passion and devotion for caring for them allows you to work in the field of your love and joy. During the examination, vaccination, and treatment, the vet assistants help senior vets and vet technicians care. You must have a vet certificate and a high school diploma to qualify for this job.

Average Salary: $31,567 per year


Having no experience and background in a particular field doesn’t mean you can’t find a job. Your skills and mastery of performing the job tasks will enable you to fit in the position. So, there is no need to be disheartened if the job search takes longer. It is necessary to search for the job strategically. Your next job could be right around the corner if you navigate these 25 jobs that require no experience.

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