25 Quotes About Loving Your Job

There are varied reasons why people are selective when it comes to picking job opportunities. Their choices may be as a result of the hefty remuneration package, career progression, favorable location, or working terms. Whether you work at a job out of passion or view it as a stepping stone to more significant opportunities, drawing fulfillment from your job can enhance your performance and success. It can also significantly improve your outlook and contentment in your career and personal life. 

In this article, we share loving quotes of inspiration, success, and gratitude to help you focus, irrespective of the challenges you may be experiencing while at work. 

1. “The Secret Of Joy In Work Is One Word, Excellence. To Understand How To Do Something Is To Enjoy It.”

Maya Angelou.

Most skills and hobbies consist of the things you can do exceptionally well. It may be a     gift you’ve had from childhood or something you genuinely enjoy that you don’t struggle much doing, or even if you do struggle, you find that you enjoy the job immensely. 

2. “Opportunities Don’t Happen You Create Them.”

Chris Grosser 

Sometimes you will have to create the job opening that drives your passion. You may be frustrated looking for that elusive vacancy, yet the job you want is deep within you. All you have to do is search within, and you will discover that you are the solution to a problem you thought you had for so long. You may also be the solution many other people around you have been longing for.

3. “Your Work Will Consume A Greater Part Of Your Time. So, One Way To Be Satisfied Is To Do A Fantastic Job. The Only Way To Deliver A Good Job Is To Have Passion For What You Do.”

Steve Jobs

Doing something you enjoy is the best guarantee to ensure that you love your work. When your job involves something you love, you will not struggle and will look forward to going to work each day. 

4. “Your Assignment Is Not Just Doing What Your Parents, Educators Or The Community Commands, But To Discern Your Calling And Allow It To Direct You.” 

Oprah Winfrey                      

It is imperative to know why you are following a specific career path. Your choice shouldn’t be from being pushed but from a conviction within you. It should not be because of wanting to please people or the financial returns you hope to accumulate, but a passion.  That way, you will succeed in doing something you genuinely enjoy. 

5. “To Flourish, The Ultimate Thing To Do Is Fall In Love With Your Work.”

Mary Lauretta 

Loving what you do mainly leads to success because your convictions will motivate you to continue despite the roadblocks you come across. 

6. “If You Love And Enjoy Your Work, You’re Already A Success. 

Jack Canfield 

Doing something you are passionate about equals success because you are likely not to      give up when challenges come but will keep at it until you get a breakthrough. 

7. “Appreciation Can Change Gloomy Days Into Thanksgiving, Turn Routine Tasks Into Delight And Change Ordinary Opportunities Into Blessings.”

William Arthur Ward 

Though circumstances may sometimes be difficult, it is a proper habit to identify that silver lining in every challenge. Doing so helps maintain a positive attitude despite any setbacks. 

8. A Proper Attitude At Dawn Can Alter Your Day.”

Dalai Lama 

Having a positive attitude towards your job can make a huge difference. When you have good thoughts about your job, you will align yourself and prepare for opportunities that will propel you to success. 

9. “If You Obtain A Seating Position On A Ship, Don’t Inquire Which Seat! Just Get On.”

Sheryl Sandberg 

Sometimes, the opportunities you desire so much may come in a different style than you envisage. So, it would help if you were vigilant to single them out when they come, seize the moment and take up the opportunity. When you look back, you will realize you made the right move. 

10. “Practicing What You Adore Is The Basis Of Having Plenty In Your Life.”

Wayne Dyer 

When you are passionate about your job, you will not give up when challenges arise. The conviction and inner motivation will keep you going, and you will do it with the right attitude. 

11. “I Appreciate Hanging Around Fearless People With Very Little Respect For The Past. Not Negatively But Positively. Though They Are Grateful For Existing Systems, They Are Always Looking For Opportunities To Do It Better. When You Lead With What’s Imaginable, And How You Create Worth For People, It’s Invigorating. Being Around That Kind Of Vigor And Motivation Has Permitted Me To Think Bigger Than I Probably Ever Would Have Thought.”

Dan Rosenweig 

Whatever happened in the past, whether good or bad, presents an opportunity for a better tomorrow. One way of finding fulfillment at work is by creating solutions to societal problems. 

12. “Recognize Your Passion And Look For Customers To Compensate You For It.”

Katherine Whitehorn

When you find ways of earning an income from a hobby, sacrificing resources, time, and effort to see it grow will not be an inconvenience. Despite the challenges, your positive attitude and convictions will keep you going. 

13. “If Someone Asks You Whether You Can Do A Job, Accept And Then Look For Possibilities Of How To Do It.”

Theodore Roosevelt 

It would be best if your enthusiasm led you to learn new things at the workplace. You may not know everything, but taking the initiative to sharpen your skills can help you succeed. 

14. “Time Is An Equal Opportunity. Everyone Has a Similar Number Of Hours And Minutes Every Day. While Rich People Can’t Buy Additional Hours, Scientists Can’t Formulate New Minutes. And You Can’t Save Time With The Hope Of Spending At A Later Date. However, Time Is Fair. It Doesn’t Matter The Amount Of Time You’ve Wasted In The Past, You Can Always Maximize On The Future.”

Denis Waitley 

Though life is unfair in many aspects, some things remain the same for all of us. Whether we’re a success or failure, we all get the same number of hours each day and can utilize them either positively or negatively. 

15. “If You Get A Job As A Sweeper On The Streets, Go Out And Sweep The Pathways The Same Way Michelangelo Would Paint. Sweep The Way Beethoven And Handel Compose Their Music. Sweep Those Streets The Same Way Shakespeare Composed His Poetry. Do Your Job Thoroughly That All The Heavenly And Earthly Hosts Will Notice And Praise You For A Job Well Done.”

Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. 

Whatever opportunities you get, do it with enthusiasm and the right attitude. Let your colleagues and customers know you are excellent at your work. 

16. “Relish The Humble Beginnings, For One Day You Will Reminisce And Recognize They Were The Significant Things.”

Robert Brault 

Always be open to starting small because many big organizations began from nothing with no structures, financing, or proper systems in place but have grown exponentially to where they are present. 

17. “You Can Succeed At Something You Enjoy As Long As Money Isn’t Your Primary Motivation. Instead, Pursue Your Passion And Do It Zealously Until People Take Notice And Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Of You.”

Maya Angelou 

When you do something you’re passionate about, you will do it wholeheartedly whether you earn from it or not. Money will not be your greatest motivation. People will notice how passionate and skilled you are and will begin paying you for it. 

18. “I Think The Fundamental Quality, There’s No Accomplishment Without It, Is Appreciating What You Do. If You Adore It, You Do It Well, And There’s No Success If You Don’t Do Well What You’re Working At.”

Malcolm Forbes 

You will work hard to perfect your skill when you’re passionate about a job. And when you can do it well, you will attract customers who will be willing to pay you well. 

19. “The Ladder To Success Is Hard Work, Discipline At Work, And The Determination That Whether We Succeed Or Not, We Have Applied The Best Of Ourselves To The Task At Hand.”

Vince Lombardi

When you love your vocation, you will give it your all. Whether it succeeds or fails, you will be satisfied by giving it your best. 

20. “Drop Your Ego At The Door Every Morning And Do Some Truly Great Work. Nothing Will Make You Feel More Content Than A Job Admirably Accomplished. 

Robin Sharma 

When working, you shouldn’t be easily offended. Instead, learn from your shortcomings and perfect your expertise. It is through perfecting your skills that will help you to stand out. When you complete a task successfully with excellent performance, it is the greatest satisfaction you can receive from your work. 

21. “Begin By Doing The Essential, Then The Conceivable, And Suddenly You Are Doing The Impossible.”

Francis of Assisi 

Never despise humble beginnings. As you start small, with hard work and determination, you can grow and reach unimaginable heights that you never thought possible. Pick yourself up, move forward, and try again.  

22. “An Individual Who Has Never Made A Mistake, Has Never Tried Anything New.”

Albert Einstein 

Sometimes things are not that forthright. It would help if you tried different ideas in your work to see which best resonates with you. And when you try and fall, giving up is not an option. Just rise, dust yourself, and try again. At least you will have experience of how not to do it. 

23. “The Truth Is That Our Best Moments Are Most Likely To Occur When We Feel Deeply Uncomfortable, Unhappy, Or Unfulfilled. It Is Only In Instances, Propelled By Our Challenges, That We Are Likely To Step Out Of Our Rut And Start Searching For Different Ways Or More Practical Answers. 

M. Scott Peck 

When you have hit a dead end, you discover solutions to challenges. Sometimes you even             wonder why an idea only makes sense in your current situation while previously it never     dawned on you   

24. “It’s Not Too Late To Become What You Hoped To Have Been.”

George Eliot 

Don’t give up or despair in life. The best is yet to come. It may take you a longer route to get there, but you will eventually arrive at your destination. 

25. “A Mind That Is Stretched By New Measurements Can Never Revert To Its Old Dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 

Don’t worry about the challenges you are experiencing at work. They help develop your problem-solving skills, which is almost always an opportunity for new ideas and opportunities. 


A full-time job takes forty or more hours each week, so it would be in your best interest to be at a job that you love and enjoy. Being at a job that gives you fulfillment is an ingredient of living a happy life. Whether you are looking into starting your own business or prefer working remotely to have a more flexible routine, you need to be in a place where you adore what you do. That way, your job will not feel like a drag but something you look forward to each day. 

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