25 Quotes About Respect In The Workplace 

Whether you’re a top management employee supervising multiple teams or a subordinate staff, there are mantras about respect that you must adhere to in a working environment. A big part of the process involves promoting mutual respect, a positive attitude, and empathizing with everyone you come across at work. 

Irrespective of the position you hold, there should be no room for disrespect. Sometimes, people need consistent reminders of what respecting someone else’s space means.  

Below are 25 quotes about respect that every individual needs to habitually practice to foster a healthy working environment. 

1. “Respect For Oneself Monitors Morals; Respect For Others Monitors Our Manners.”

Laurence Sterne. 

Respect for self plays a role in what you accept morally. No matter the pressure you may be under, there are things you will abstain from because they go against your belief system. Whether it’s someone trying to buy your loyalty or asking you to do something illegal in exchange for a favor, you will do the right thing because you know that what they are asking is unethical. 

Consequently, when you respect someone else, you will not want to harm them or treat them disrespectfully. That respect you have for yourself and others will prevent you from misbehaving. Even during a provocation, you’ll be able to restrain yourself and manage your emotions. 

2. “I Cannot Say Or Do Anything To Demean Someone Else In Their Own Eyes. It’s Not Important What I Think Of Them But What They Think About Themselves. To Undermine An Individual’s Self-Worth Is Sinful.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

While it is ok to accept criticism, it needs to be constructive and help you become a better person. While at work, you must distinguish constructive criticism from negative energy. Knowing your true worth will help you be receptive to criticism with an open mind. You will also respectfully put someone in their place who’s trying to dent your self-worth without taking it personally. 

As a leader managing a team, you must learn to address subordinates respectfully. Being in charge doesn’t mean trampling over others, especially those in junior positions. 

3. “If You Want To Gain Other People’s Respect, You Must Respect Yourself. It Is Only Through Self-Respect That You Receive Respect From Others.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

We often determine how others treat us by how we carry ourselves. If you respect yourself, others will reciprocate. But if you do not respect your time, space, or work, others will find it difficult to take you seriously. If you treat your workstation respectfully by getting to work on time and being organized, colleagues will follow suit. If you are a leader and call for a meeting, your team will know that you mean business. They will not dare show up late. If someone cannot make it on time, they will communicate in good time because they know you hold your work in high esteem. 

4. “Respect Others, Treat Them Justly, Disagree With Then Fairly, and Enjoy Their Friendship. Search Your Thoughts About Each Other Truthfully, Work Together For A Common Purpose, And Encourage Each Other To Achieve Respect. Don’t Use Vicious Lies, Unfounded Fears, Or Debilitating Anger.”

Bill Bradley 

Respect for others involves being empathetic to their circumstances, thoughts, and feelings. When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, there are things you wouldn’t do. You will always ask yourself how you would feel if you were in their position and someone disrespected you. 

When you think of others highly, collaboration on tasks becomes easier with minimal friction or misunderstandings because there’s mutual respect. 

5. “If I Commit To Do Something, I Should Stand By That Decision And Try To Make It Work. This Is Because As A Leader, The Important Thing You Have Is Your Word And Trust. That’s Where Respect Comes From.”

Michelle Obama 

Commitment is an essential aspect of ensuring collaboration and success. When everyone in a team is committed, workflows move swiftly, and project delivery happens with minimal effort. Your level of commitment at work determines the level of respect you      receive. If you’re committed, you will attract commitment from colleagues,       but if   you lack commitment, others will not take you seriously. 

6. “An Individual Is Human, No Matter How Small.”

Dr. Seuss 

Never look down on people, even subordinate staff, for there’s plenty you can learn from them. Whether you are a CEO or top management staff, you can always learn something. When you show your team that you are approachable, they will open up to you, and there’s so much you can learn about leading teams. 

7. “Honest Variances Are Often A Healthy Sign Of Progress.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone can’t agree, especially in a working environment. While it’s ok to have a different opinion, accommodating other people’s views with respect while working on a project is very important and shows maturity. 

8. “Without Respect, What Is There To Make A Distinction Between Men And Beasts.”


The respect shared between human beings can differentiate them from animals. Where there’s no respect in a work environment, and disagreements arise, people tend to settle scores through fist fights or hurling insults at each other. For there to be order, there must be high levels of respect among differing sides to settle any arising differences amicably. 

9. “Leaders Who Excel The Respect Of Others Over Deliver. Not Those Who Promise And Under Deliver.”

When a leader is in touch with his team, he knows their strengths and weaknesses and can effectively assign duties to appropriate individuals. However, he can only understand his team by being in touch with them. 

10. “I Will Respect The Boundaries Of My Expertise, But That Limit Me From Trying To Lead By Example. Being A Good Colleague And Supporting Others Is A Simple Goal Of Mine. 

Anthony Rizzo 

A good team leader respectfully encourages his team when they are down and supports them to improve and do better. They know that picking someone up when they’re down is a great leadership trait, and they are ready to help the team attain and surpass set goals. 

11. “Respect Your Efforts And Yourself. Self-Respect And Self-Discipline Are Key. When You Have Both, That’s Real Power.” 

Clint Eastwood 

When you respect yourself, you will not resort to shortcuts to make it in life. You will know that success is a process that needs discipline and focus on achieving your goals. 

12. The Goal Is Not To Be Liked But To Be Respected.


You will occasionally have to make difficult decisions. If you lack principles, you will make choices to please and appease the masses. Knowing what is right and standing by it no matter the repercussions may seem unpopular, but it will help you gain respect. Colleagues may not like your firmness, but as long as your decision-making processes are fair and objective, they will learn to respect you. 

13. “The Idea Of Treating People With Dignity And Respect Is Not Business But Life. It Is The Person That You Are At The End of It All. 

Greg Brenneman 

Respecting others should be a lifestyle. Whether dealing with employees, customers or the general public, respect should be a virtue. 

14. “When You Have Respect From Teammates, It Makes It A Lot More Comfortable.”

LeBron James

When you give respect, you receive it in equal measure. One benefit of giving and receiving respect at work is that it makes processes flow more smoothly. Everyone knows their place, and there’s minimal conflict among teams. 

15. “It Is Easier To Be Nice And Respectful, To Put Yourself In Your Customers’ Situation And Try To Understand How To Help Them Before They Ask For It, Than To Try And Mend A Broken Customer Relationship.” 

Mark Cuban 

Forming a mutually respectful relationship with clients is much better than mending a broken one. When you have an excellent long-term relationship with a customer, repair solving any arising disagreements is easier. 

16. “It Is Well To Respect The Leader. Learn, Observe, And Study But Don’t Worship Him. However, Have Faith That You Can Outdo Him. Trust That You Can Excel Beyond Him. Harboring The Second-Best Attitude Are Invariably Second-Best Doers. 

David Joseph Schwartz 

Though you are expected to respect authority, you shouldn’t confine or limit yourself. Work hard to master the art, perfect your skills, and have faith that you can excel. 

17. “Being Respectful And Grateful Will Make People More Inclined To Help You. And When People Are Willing To Help You, You May Accidentally Get What You Want.”

Jason Sudeikis 

When you are respectful towards others, they reciprocate and may be willing to do favors for you. Learn to respect everyone. for you don’t know who has the key to help you meet your objectives. 

18. “When You Are Content With Who You Are And Don’t Compare Or Compete, Every Person Will Respect You.”

When you are happy and comfortable with where you are but are respectfully working towards improving yourself, you will gain the respect and admiration of colleagues at work. 

19. “If You Don’t Feel Respected, You Won’t Be Engaged In Your Work.” 

Linda Hill

Respect at work is vital in delivering tasks on time, ensuring teams meet set targets and safeguarding the team’s overall success. Staff should give and receive consideration to foster healthy working relationships. 

20. “Respect Begins With Perception. I Acknowledge That You Are An Individual Of Extreme Worth.”

Gary Chapman 

When you have a good outlook, you will respect yourself, your colleagues and your work. Going to work will not be a chore but a delight. You will deliver tasks joyfully without feeling coerced. 

21. “If We Lost Love And Self-Respect For Each Other, This Is How We Finally Die.”

Maya Angelou

The absence of respect attracts violent disagreements, selfishness and disunity. When a team cannot agree on achieving a common goal, misunderstanding and strife may lead to losses and the business crumbling down.  

22. “Every Human Being Of Whatever Origin Or Station Deserves Respect. We Must Respect Each Other And Also Respect Ourselves.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Respect is the glue that holds relationships. Whether in leadership or entry-level positions, everyone needs to feel respected to deliver. 

23. “Treat Everyone With Respect And Kindness. Period. No Exceptions.”

Kiana Tom 

Respect is a non-negotiable virtue that everyone should cultivate. Even if you are an expert in your field, you should respect that intern who doesn’t seem to know much. 

24. “I Address Everyone The Same, Whether He Is The Garbage Man Or The Head Of The University.”

Albert Einstein 

If you are empathetic, you will treat everyone with dignity and respect, every day is a learning opportunity, and everyone allows you to learn something new.

25. “Respect Is Appreciating The Separateness Of The Other Person, Of The Way In Which He Or She Is Unique.”

Annie Gottlieb 

Accepting a colleague’s unique skills and views is an essential way of expressing respect toward them. You don’t have to agree, but you can disagree respectfully. 


Quotes are an ideal way to inspire people to improve their performance, relationship or every other area in their life. If you struggle to give respect, consider reciting and internalizing quotes that remind you to remain focused. 

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