25 Quotes On Communication In The Workplace 

Any written or verbal interaction among teams or departments in an organization is part of communication. Enhancing communication at work can improve collaboration and increase productivity. You can stimulate integration at work by reviewing inspiring messages and sharing them with colleagues. In this article, we explore impactful communication quotes to boost teamwork in the workplace

1. “The Single Greatest Challenge In Communication Is The Delusion That It Has Taken Place.”

George Bernard Shaw 

One of the killers of communication is making assumptions about a situation and the other person. One of the greatest challenges in communication is the need for it. Not giving people time to express themselves or not listening when others are talking leads to a broken communication chain, leading to many other avoidable problems. 

2. “Most Ideas Improve When Transplanted Into A Different Mind Other Than Where It Sprang Up.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes 

You may be the originator of an idea, but someone else can refine and make something better out of it. Well-communicated ideas often spring up, grow, and become long-term profitable business solutions. 

3. “Communication Is A Skill You Learn Like Typing Or Bike Riding. You Can Improve The Quality Of Every Part Of Your Life If You Are Willing To Work At It.”

Brian Tracy 

Assuming that communication within teams will happen automatically is a fallacy. All associations need nurturing, even workplace relationships. For a relationship to thrive, you must be intentional in improving communication. Healthy communication leads to efficiency and happier employees.

4. “Communication Is Your Ticket To Success But Only If You Learn To Do It Effectively.”

Theo Gold 

Learning to communicate effectively is so important that your success depends on it. You can only go far once you learn to co-exist within a team, and you can only do that when communication among every department is healthy. 

5. “Learn To Communicate Your Ideas Swiftly And Keep Things Straight To The Point.”

Paul Bailey

Whenever you have ideas, you need to communicate them either verbally or by writing them down. It is only possible to memorize some of the ideas that come to mind. Sometimes, noting down ideas to brainstorm them at a later or more convenient time has proven beneficial as many business ideas and technological inventions have sprung up from thoughts.

6. “Plenty Of Problems In The World Can Be Sorted If We Talked To Each Other, Instead Of Talking About Each Other. “

Nick Gumbel 

When colleagues respectfully talk to each other, any arising misconceptions clear up before things get out of hand. However, when teams choose to gossip about each other, mistrust usually creeps in, leading to disunity and broken relationships. 

7. “Communication Is An Important Skill You Need To Succeed In Life.”

Catherine Pulsifer 

Everywhere you go, you meet people from different backgrounds and social standings. While you must learn how to communicate at the workplace, you must also learn to be an effective listener. Hearing and understanding what others are saying makes you a better communicator. 

8. “Silence In A Team Isn’t Golden But Deadly.”

Mark Sanborn

For any project or task, there must be networking among professionals. To thrive, everyone must play their part to see the venture succeed. If some team members isolate themselves and refuse to collaborate, or if there are misunderstandings, the project will delay or even collapse. It is imperative that everyone communicates their ideas and integrate those concepts into the development for the project to be successful. 

9. “Communicate Respectfully By Not Telling Your Team What You Want But Why.”

Jeffrey Morales 

To be an effective communicator needs humility. Talking in an authoritative tone is the surest way of failing as a communicator. If you want your speech to be impactful and leave a lasting impression, you need to be a servant-leader and give reasons for your decisions. 

10. “Speech Is A Principal Means Of Communication That We Use To Tell People Important Things.”

Brian Knapp

Verbal communication is the quickest and cheapest way of sharing ideas. Articulating information verbally is the best way to explain your views or instructions in a team setup. Through talking, you understand each other and work better towards a common goal. 

11. “The Greatest Speakers In The World Are Fantastic Storytellers. They Not Only Have A Gift Of Narrating Great Stories But Also Share Plenty Of Details That Others Would Not.”

George Bernard Shaw 

One main ingredient for excellent communication is the skill of expression. For greater effectiveness, a speaker must articulate their instructions or ideas in a simple, easy-to-understand way without introducing ambiguity or opportunity for others to misunderstand them. Communication is a skill that everyone in the workplace should cultivate, whether in leadership or as a subordinate. 

12. “Communication Is The Human Connection And A Key To Personal And Professional Success.”

 Paul J. Meyer 

One of the greatest keys to success is your ability to communicate effectively. A great communicator makes a successful leader who can practically articulate instructions to their teams. They are easily understood, making it easier for them to appreciate and lead people.” 

13.“Change Is Almost Impossible Without Collaboration, Cooperation And Consensus In The Industry.”

Theo Gold 

Collaboration, cooperation and consensus are three ingredients for excellent communication skills. If you desire change, you must master these three key aspects that make for an effective communicator. 

14. “A Team Does Great Things In Business And Not By One Person.”

Steve Jobs

To save time, improve efficiency, and increase production, you must learn to work in a team. Through teamwork, everyone brings their expertise and ideas, making work light and accomplishing what looks impossible.  

15. “For Any Relationship To Succeed, There Has To Be Tender Communication, Appreciation, And Understanding.”

Miranda Kerr 

One of the initial indications of a strained relationship is the lack of communication. When there’s no appreciation or understanding, people feel misused. Resentment sets in, and there’s hardly any communication leading to the death of the relationship. 

16. “No Matter Your Job, Your Success Is Determined 5% By Educational Background, 15% By Work-Related Experience, And 80% By Your Communication Skills.”

Although education and professional experience are important for a career progression, a candidate’s communication skills can make a big difference in the Success Or Failure Of A Profession.”

17. “The Knack Of Communication Is The Language Of Leadership.”

James Humes 

It is impossible to succeed as a leader without cultivating your communication skills. A leader must consistently communicate guidelines and give relevant information to those he leads. He should be able to use all the tools at his disposal to communicate his vision. To succeed in his quest, he must perfect the art of communication, which involves understanding his team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

18. “Any Problem At The Family Level Whether Big Or Small Always Seems To Start With Poor Communication, Someone Is Not Listening.”

Emma Thompson

Misunderstandings are magnified at home or work when there’s no proper communication. Small challenges are magnified when people are angry and choose not to talk to each other. Mistrust and imagined perceptions worsen a bad situation, and if not checked, it leads to the death of relationships or business enterprises. 

19. “Communicate To The Other Person What You Would Want Communicate If The Circumstances Were Reversed.”

Aaron Goldman

Exercising empathy will help you understand what someone else may be going through without being judgmental. When you look at a situation from someone else’s viewpoint, you will weigh your words and listen more before opening your mouth to speak. And when you speak, you will carefully sieve your statements, ensuring that what you say is free from malice or judgment. 

20. “Communication Isn’t Always What You First Hear. Apart From The Words, Also Listen To The Reason.”

Catherine Pulsifer 

It would help if you weren’t quick to conclude when you get information. First, you must listen and hear what is being said. Filter every statement noting the action and why things are happening in a particular progression. 

21. “Effective Communication Entails 20% What You Know And 80% Entails Your Feelings About What You Know.”

Jim Rohn

To enhance your communication skills, you need to talk less, internalize what you hear and only respond when necessary. Good communication involves listening more and speaking less because we say things and wish we should have kept quiet when we speak. The worst thing about it is that once words leave your mouth, it’s hard to take them back. Our words can also have devastating effects. 

22. “Most Successful Individuals I Know Do More Listening Than Talking.”

Stephen R. Covey 

It is only through listening that you get to understand others. As a leader, you must nurture your listening skills, which will help you develop your communication skills. It is always better to listen than to talk because you learn more about others, making it easier to lead them. 

23. “There’s Only One Truth For Being An Excellent Talker, That Is, Learning To Listen.”

Christopher Morley 

Communication is about more than just talking. It is also about listening and hearing what others are saying. Talking and listening are two sides of developing excellent communication skills. You will learn so much more when you do more listening than talking. 

24. “Wisdom Is A Reward You Acquire For A Lifespan Of Listening When You’d Have Preferred To Talk.”

When you listen, you learn things that no school can teach. As you listen and give the other party room to express themselves, you get to know more about them so you can effectively respond when you finally talk. Sometimes people don’t even need a response from you. All they want is to have a therapeutic listening ear. 

25. “We Never Listen If We Are Eagerly Waiting To Speak.”

Francois de La Rocheefoucauld 

During a conversation, when your only goal is to respond, you will find that you are not listening but waiting for the other person to shut up so that you can say something. When people discover that we aren’t listening to them, they slowly shut down and stop confiding in us. It only takes a short time before they start avoiding you.


Communication, whether written or verbal, is essential at the workplace as it helps eliminate errors and boost relationships. Interdepartmental communication encourages teams to contribute ideas which increases collaboration and productivity. Looking for creative ideas to share communication quotes is a fantastic idea to remind teams to stay united. Whether you integrate quotes in your presentations or print to post at strategic locations within the office, there are many subtle ways you can instill the discipline of communication in your workstation.     

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