25 Upwork Jobs For Beginners in 2023

For writers, graphic designers, and web developers, Upwork provides a marketplace for freelancers. The website assists professionals in finding assignments, communicating with clients, and getting paid.

You may gain useful experience as a new freelancer or in a new industry without constantly needing to pitch clients cold. However, the site is flooded with new individuals wanting to work for a lower wage, which might influence your earning potential. Below is a list of jobs suitable for beginners on Upwork.

1. Customer Support

One of the most profitable available jobs on Upwork is in the customer service field. Companies from all across the country engage remote customer care representatives to assist them in answering phone calls, responding to emails, and communicating with clients via a live chat system. To be a successful Upwork freelancer, you must have strong communication skills, a professional manner, and an eye for detail. You may also be asked to work specific hours, as many organizations recruit people to perform midnight or overseas shifts.

2. Writing Product Feedback And Reviews

People looking to launch a freelancing service business may find it quick and simple to make money by writing product reviews. There are some abilities required to be a successful review writer. For example, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of the product, which will almost certainly necessitate additional research. You must also be a good writer for your review to appear credible and natural. Physical products may be supplied to more experienced reviewers in return for a written review.

3. Visual Design

On Upwork, designers can earn a sizable amount of money. This is because practically all businesses employ graphic design for their websites, business cards, or social media. But bear in mind that finding high-paying freelance design work isn’t simple. In addition to having good design and photo-editing abilities, you must be able to bring the client’s concept to life. A portfolio or freelancing website where you can display your work is also a good idea. Before submitting an Upwork proposal, the majority of employers will want to see examples of your design abilities.

4. App And Web Tester

Web or app testing is a terrific freelance job for newcomers because there are lots of businesses that will pay you for your assistance and judgment. You could need to test the usability of an app, visit a new website, or just install new software. You’ll need a computer or phone, a reliable internet connection, and potentially a webcam or screen-casting software to become a tester. Some businesses will want you to record the results of your tests or to provide a report based on your observations. The best part about working as a tester is that it pays well for a little effort.

5. Audio Recordings

A freelance voice artist is likely to be sought out by an Upwork client who needs a voice clip for an audiobook, training video, or even a TV show or movie. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional voice artist to make money with this job. Many businesses are eager to hire newcomers simply because they are native speakers. It is a simple task that requires you to read and record a script. To make professional-quality recordings, you will need to have access to a high-quality microphone.

6. Article/Blog Writing

Upwork is an excellent freelance writing platform. Although blog writing is comparable to creative writing in some ways, it is more detailed and focused on a certain topic. Travel, leisure, fashion, technology, and politics are all possible topics. As with most writing jobs, you’ll be paid by the piece or by the word. While some companies would want past writing samples, others may merely request a test article to get a sense of your writing style. So, even if you aren’t an experienced freelancer, if the client approves of your work, you have a strong possibility of being employed.

7. Virtual Helper

You can operate as a virtual assistant even if you’re far from the office. Many companies search for freelance assistants on the Upwork freelance marketplace because they require assistance with data entry, emailing, and appointment scheduling. Tasks for a virtual assistant are occasionally challenging but can also be taxing. You’ll probably need to be accessible during the client’s usual business hours, which means you’ll have a predetermined work schedule. However, for the appropriate freelancer, it’s a terrific Upwork job that can pay well.

8. Email Copywriting

One sort of freelancing that can advance your career in the field of digital marketing is email copywriting. It will be your responsibility to write material that will go to the inboxes of thousands (or possibly millions) of users. Being a proficient writer is helpful, but it’s also helpful to understand the fundamentals of email marketing to aid businesses in raising brand awareness, increasing leads, or generating income. Even a newbie may learn that, even though it may seem complex, with some practice and research.

9. Creative Writing

Creative writing could be a terrific way to earn money as a freelancer if you have a gift for creating stories. There are many freelance writing positions available on Upwork, including those where you collaborate with an author to ghostwrite a book and those where you produce thought-provoking essays for periodicals or blogs. Although it’s more likely that you’ll be paid by the word, some clients do pay by the hour. You can charge more in the future the more experience you have creating articles. Having a few published tales on your Upwork profile will expand your clientele because creative writing may be a highly competitive sector.

10. Transcription

As a transcriptionist, you will be responsible for converting audio information into written documents. While it might be a time-consuming and tiresome process, it is suitable for remote work for people with a fast and accurate WPM (words per minute) typing score. Working as a transcriptionist freelancer allows you to work from anywhere as long as you have internet access and a computer. The bulk of transcription contracts involve large volumes of documents, which implies there is the possibility of a good income. Your income will  depend on projects, while some organizations may pay you by the audio minute.

11. Entry Of Data

Data input is an easy task that is ideal for a novice. The responsibilities typically differ depending on the business, but they almost all involve some degree of typing or transcribing data into a program or file. Additionally, it shouldn’t be too difficult to discover a potential client because Upwork has thousands of data entry jobs listed. Being a data entry specialist doesn’t require years of experience, which is its best quality. You can earn a respectable income if you have good typing skills and are detail-oriented, especially when compared to other low-paying occupations.

12. Designing Of Youtube Thumbnails

Billboard-like YouTube thumbnails guide users in choosing which videos to watch. 90% of the top-performing videos on YouTube, according to the site, have unique thumbnails. Aesthetically pleasing thumbnails can draw in more viewers and keep them watching longer.

You may make unique thumbnail art as a freelance YouTube thumbnail designer and charge YouTubers for it. By defining the scope, price, timing, and requirements, you may establish bundled services on freelance marketplaces like Upwork.

Freelancers often have access to the first, regular, and advanced tiers in the Upwork Project Catalog. The advanced one has the best price and is priced according to the offerings. Additionally, you can start earning excellent freelance money as a YouTube thumbnail designer without a college degree or five to ten years of expertise.

13. Scopist

It is one of the more esoteric home-based freelance occupations. Few individuals are aware of it. It’s comparable to, but not the same as, legal transcription.

Normally, during court hearings, a court reporter will utilize a piece of special stenography equipment to type out every word that is stated in real-time. These machines employ a specialized shorthand language.

In contrast to a transcriptionist, who can rewind the audio tape while working, court reporters must perform everything live. As a result, their work is riddled with stenographic shorthand and mistakes. Scopes can help with this. Freelance scopists are hired by court reporters to clean up their transcriptions and match them to the audio recording.

14. Proofreader

Some people dislike writing, but they enjoy editing others’ writing. If you love good grammar, becoming a freelance proofreader is perfect. However, don’t mistake editing for proofreading. Proofreaders aggressively enforce grammar rules. Editors, on the other hand, correct the structure, flow, style, and accuracy of the information (in addition to grammar).

As a result, proofreading isn’t as profitable as editing. However, it is more user-friendly for beginners. And after you’ve mastered proofreading, you can advance to higher-paying editing positions.

15. Jobs In Specific Locations

Given how fiercely competitive the Upwork market is, one can select a location-based option to gain an advantage.

For example, if a guy is looking for a photographer in a specific location and you are good at it, and you have made your gig location-based, he may approach you by searching for a specific location (that you have mentioned). This is a good way to make a lot of money.

If you are fortunate enough to land that job, keep in mind that it is one of the simplest things to complete by incorporating location-based searches to limit competition in the Upwork pool.

16. Jobs In Native Languages.

It will be easier for you to earn money as a freelancer on Upwork if you speak Italian, German, French, or another language other than the official international language. Due to your local tongue, you can add more skills and reduce the level of competition. It’s because many people can complete activities in English, but not everyone can complete tasks in other languages, such as German, Russian, Japanese, or Spanish.

On Upwork, you can use the search box to look for the relevant work in the languages you are familiar with. You can earn money by typing jobs in your native tongue.

17. Jobs As An Amazon FBA Specialist

Amazon FBA specialists were not as prevalent in the past, but now that more resources are available online, they can earn a respectable living on Upwork. In essence, they design and oversee the listings for paid campaigns on Amazon.

To demonstrate how the account operates, they must track, examine, and provide a report on the it. A competitive listing, excellent keywords, and performance data with pricing are all included in the report. Even at the beginning, it is one of the top-paying jobs.

The best job on Upwork for you would be this one if you already have the necessary skills. If not, there are plenty of courses you can take to become an Amazon FBA expert. It’s a technical yet manageable job that pays well for deserving individuals.

18. Logo Design Jobs

Many logo designers market their services by creating distinctive and one-of-a-kind logos for businesses or private clientele. To determine the best logo design, they must assess the company’s quality, product, market, and mission.

Typically, logo designers create a portfolio to show their clients the calibre of their work. Before offering high-quality services on Upwork, they assess the client’s brand, research the market, and sketch designs in vector software. As a result, they receive a 5-star rating, favorable reviews, and respectable compensation.

19. Web Designer

To meet individual needs, clients are helped by web designers in building websites. A web designer’s responsibilities may also include website maintenance. Anyone with creative and technical skills who can design high-quality webpages and other website elements will thrive in this field.

However, to manage distinct projects, you might need to establish expertise in pertinent software applications and particular programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, or SQL. On websites like Upwork, you may make $15 to $30 per hour. You’ll be in high demand as a web designer because job possibilities in this industry are predicted to expand by 13% by 2030.

20. Media Buyers

Media buyers assist businesses in selecting the optimal ad placement to fulfill their specific budget and targeting needs. Physical, print, digital, and broadcast advertisements are possible placement options. Depending on the client’s needs, a media buyer’s roles and responsibilities may include coordinating social media marketing campaigns. To lower the cost of advertisements, large, midrange, and small firms take advantage of media buyers’ power to negotiate better rates.

21. Data Analyst

As a freelance data analyst, you can assist clients in the analysis of particular data sets containing previous transactions or occurrences. You’ll be crucial in identifying trends in consumer behavior or other business factors that will help businesses make wise judgments regarding their daily operations. Companies of all sizes rely on data analysts to better forecast future trends. Utilizing data gathered from numerous operational sources is your responsibility.

22. Business Consultant

A business consultant assists clients in gaining an in-depth understanding of operational issues. In many circumstances, the professional is actively involved in solving complex business problems. Consultants are often hired by businesses to provide advice on practical methods to improve day-to-day operations or profitability. The consultant may be an expert in one or more business fields, such as marketing, finance, or human resources. You can work with numerous entrepreneurs as a freelance consultant, allowing you to optimize your income.

23. Videographer

Videography entails filming events and editing the footage to ensure a high-quality presentation. Success in this sector requires a combination of recording and video editing abilities. To get the job done efficiently and correctly, you can work as a solo freelancer or collaborate with other professionals. Weddings, corporate seminars, and celebrations are events that necessitate expert videography services.

You can promote your skills on Upwork to ensure a consistent flow of high-paying videography tasks.

24. Social Media Manager

Small businesses must concentrate on expanding their operations. You may assist them in managing their social media accounts and creating material for their Facebook or Instagram sites so they can build their brand and interact with their audience. Social media management is one of the best and most enjoyable freelancing jobs for beginners.

25. Virtual Bookkeeper

This one is for you if you’re one of those who’s good with numbers and is familiar with accounting procedures. It’s one of the best freelancing jobs for beginners and pays well. Small businesses and even individuals might benefit from your assistance with account management and tax preparation.


You may wonder why someone would select you when there is so much competition. Have some trust in yourself if these are some of the ideas that have been racing through your mind as you read this post. Your experiences are unique, and you never know what you can bring to the table to assist someone in their company, profession, school, or another path.

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