30 Jobs That Don’t Require Background Check [Salary Info]

Although background checks are only a way to confirm your identity and willingness to work, most people prefer jobs that don’t run a background check on their employees. The reason can be any, and it doesn’t matter unless it’s an individual’s preference. It is significant to note that people who prefer no background checks don’t mean they are criminals or offenders. There can also be other reasons. It can be that they don’t want to explain their story or anything.

However, it is challenging to find such positions that also offer a handsome paycheck besides requiring no background check. Considering this, this article enlists 30 job posts that don’t require background checks or don’t employ a screening process. We have divided this list into sections: Well-paid jobs, Remote jobs, and Entry level jobs. I hope it will help you find your preferred jobs to let you take the first step towards your career. Let’s get started.

Entry-Level Job Posts

1. Customer Service Provider

The companies hiring Customer service representative doesn’t call for a background check. They only care about your interpersonal skills and customer-assisting capabilities. As far as they are satisfied with these skills, you don’t need to worry about your background. You can apply for this job post as both a remote and on-site opportunity, as per your preference. The applicant can estimate his annual salary as $29000. This pay scale increases with the gained education and experience.

2. Vet Specialist

Vet specialists are generally animal fanatics who love to take care of pet animals. This position requires the worker to perform roles like dog walking, basic training in sitting or pooping, poop-scooping, animal daycare, etc. It is an entry-level job and the utmost preference of animal lovers. In fact, isn’t it good to earn $21,603 annually only by spending quality time and playing with your favorite pet animals?

3. Retail Jobs

Mostly, retail jobs don’t require a background check, but it depends on the employers. You can work as a cashier, CSR, Sales associate, loader, production clerk, manage eCommerce, etc. All these retail-related jobs don’t require any background information from the applicant. It only calls for dedication and physical strength to work. Plus, you can choose it as a part-time or full-time job. The estimated salary of the Retail specialist is $38,000/ year.

4. Mover

Employment at Movers Company demands physical strength more than a respected background. There are many companies that hire movers for several tasks related to their organization’s domain. So, if you believe in your strength, you can work as a mover, as it is also the preferable entry-level work opportunity for people to gain experience. The applicants then, in fact, can also open their own company after gaining experience and customers. The annual base salary of the mover is recorded as between $28,000 to $37,757.

5. Delivery Driver

Such jobs only oversee the applicant’s driving history and nothing else. They don’t judge drivers on other background histories. So, people can work as delivery drivers in restaurants, truck loaders, or courier services. Trucks and courier companies generally require a driver for the night shift. The annual average earning of the delivery driver is around $37,000. However, it is a base amount and can vary according to the location and shifts.

6. Landscapers

It is a physical job in which a team works to redesign or maintain the outdoors, like lawns and parks. Their key responsibilities are to mow and rake for planting and placing benches, fences, fountains, etc. They don’t involve background check and doesn’t require any experience besides physical strength. You can earn around $37,431 as an average base salary per month.

7. Constructor

Construction jobs also don’t require a background check. Plus, the workers can earn an annual payment of around $43,516, as recorded by some masonry constructors. Moreover, other construction jobs, like framing, don’t employ a scrutiny process with masonry construction. They only bother hiring a constructor who can deliver a qualitative service within the provided deadline. So, even felons can take their first step as constructors to get on the right path.  

8. Waiter At Restaurants 

Restaurants already run on a strict budget, so they don’t generally waste their earnings on running a background check on every employee. Moreover, in the United States, many people prefer working as a waiter or waitresses in restaurants, cafés, or bars, so considering the applicant turnover makes it more challenging. You can easily get this job and serve the customers with determination. The average annual salary of the waiter is estimated at $20,000.

9. Cook

If you don’t want to work as a waiter and trust your cooking skills, you can apply to restaurants as a cook. They don’t do background checks due to finances. The base salary of the cook is also greater than the waiter, as it is around $44,000 per year. Generally, restaurant managers only want a person who can make a delicious main meal to gain customers. However, as it is implied, substantial cooking skills are significant for this position.

10. Electrician

This job also doesn’t run a background check. Plus, you learn basic skills on-field and gain entry-level experience, making it a good start. The electricians install and upgrade electrical machinery, tackling possible issues. The applicants can also pursue it as a permanent career by becoming an expert electrician, offering high-end performance. The median annual salary of an electrician is between $35,000 to $48,000, depending on the expertise and the place.

11. Roofer

Roofers are also constructors but are limited to the roof’s construction and repair. They employ the required tools and strategies to build the roofs of the buildings or place the materials rightly to give them the required strength. They have the specialization in building roofs of wood, asphalt, or bricks. The annual pay of the Roofers is recorded at $40,773 in 2022.  

12. Call Center

The call center representative works similarly to the customer service agent. The mere difference is in the employment location. They have a specific office, unlike customer service representatives who work in the respective companies. They receive calls to assist the caller with their asked queries. The CCR attend inbound and outbound calls of the customers to provide them with the required assistance. The yearly salary of a Call center representative in the United States is nearly $34,044.

13. Mart Cashier

 The cashiers at the marts have the primary role of managing customer transactions in cash or card to let them check out. They ensure an accurate and safe environment for checkout consumers. The average monthly salary of a mart cashier in the United States is around $2,074

Work From Home Job Positions

14. Graphic Designer

It is a skill-based and preferable job position for remote work. Several people work as freelance or remote graphic designers and earn around $47,000 annually. This job involves planning, designing, and giving the website or content a virtual aesthetic look. If you have the skills, you can apply as a graphic designer and easily get the job from any platform. 

15. Freelance Writer

Writing jobs are also much more popular nowadays globally. Plus, it is easy to get. You can work as a freelance content, creative or academic writer at any online platform, like Upwork or Freelance, or get work from social media platforms. The annual average salary of the Freelance writer is estimated at $52,024. Moreover, it is a flexible job that requires nothing but writing skills and a laptop to type. 

16. Data Entry

Data Entry is also the preferable job post that anyone can do from their homes as a freelancer or at a fixed salary. However, the skills and pay rate depend on the type of work you have to handle. Yet, the Data Entry Worker’s base salary is around $28,000. Plus, there are myriad data entry opportunities that you can avail yourself of in different companies, owing to the increasing popularity. 

17. Freelance Photographer

Alongside freelance writing and Data Entry, Freelance photography is also very in the market today. It doesn’t require a background check, as you are a self-made artist. For good measure, you can start with the lowest budget, like buying an affordable camera, and start with your career. The annual average salary of the Freelance Photographer is recorded at $43,800.

18. Transcription And Surveying

Typing jobs or filling out surveys are the easiest jobs that one can get without worrying about the background. Several transcription opportunities call for listening to videos or audio and transforming it into written content. The annual average pay of the Transcriptionists and Surveyors is $28,930. 

19. Blogger

Blogging also calls for self-production. Bloggers plan, create, edit, and upload their content on their websites to publicize their services and products. You can also upload your content on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to earn a substantial income. According to the two reported salaries by the bloggers, you can earn around $28 per hour and more with the gained experience and viewers. 

20. Virtual Assistant

The virtual Assistant is earning around $43,885 every year by working from home. They offer administrative and clerical services online. It can be making appointment schedules, managing calls, travel, and other reservation-related tasks, etc. So, it doesn’t require you to provide your background history. It implies virtual assistants provide administrative services from their homes or any other remote place 

21. Online Teaching

Teaching online is another easiest job that one can get with a specialty in the subject. So, if you are confident that you have a command of any subject, you can teach students privately or join an online academy. Plan, design, and provide your students the lesson plans, give them assignments or quizzes and grade them. You can also be asked to provide students’ progress. The average annual salary of the online teacher is $47,970.

22. Online ESL Consultant

Teaching English as a second language is the most required domain today, with its increasing need. You can teach admirers online or upload videos on YouTube to provide the required consultancy. Create lesson plans, provide learning material to the students, and offer assessments to track their progress. The median pay of the online ESL consultant is estimated at $49,582.

23. Freelance Web Developer

With the advancement in technology and the post-Covid conditions, several people now prefer working online, even if they don’t worry about their backgrounds. However, it requires web development skills to gain clients on Freelance platforms as they work similarly to web developers from the comfort of their homes or the location they like. The primary roles of the web developer are designing website layouts, developing, running, and uploading the website on the user end to enable it for the users. As a freelance web developer, you have the solidarity to work for businesses or individuals. The experienced Freelance web developer has provided his annual average salary as $73,396.

24. Remote Website Testing

Remote Website testing also doesn’t require a background check. Several organizations now employ workers for their website testing, offering in-house and remote positions. The Website Testers test and run the website to detect possible errors or lags, ensuring quality performance. They mostly pretend to be a user providing feedback on the design and the site’s performance. The median base salary of a Remote Website Testing employee is around $26.19 per hour.

25. Researchers

You can also work as a scientific researcher. The researcher has the primary duties of researching, experimenting, and providing outcomes on the provided topic. At the senior level, the researcher only supervises the research projects already conducted to ensure accuracy. They facilitate businesses or educational institutions with new working ideas supported by analyzed data and findings. The highest annual average salary of the Research officer is around $71,532.

26. Online Translating Jobs

You can also work as an online translator and earn around $79,009. There are several translating jobs available in the market. Translators partner with businesses, tech companies, legal advisers, and tourists to offer their translating services in verbal or written form. The primary role is to translate one language into another. It can be written speeches, conversations, or other texts. If you have a command over any language, you can assist the tourists or teach the students online by simply employing your laptop and an active internet connection. 

Highly Paid Jobs:

27. Film Production

All the high-paying jobs call for hard work and patience to get the fruit of your dedication; the same goes for filmmaking. If you are into making films or dramas, you can work in the production industry or produce your masterpiece in the film industry. This domain generally prefers people with shaded backgrounds, concerning their popularity. Their average salary is estimated at $51,097/year, with annual highest and lowest ranges set as $87,637 and $29,792, respectively.

28. Actor

Although it isn’t easy to let yourself count as a popular actor, once gained, it is a well-paid job. The companies, theaters, and film studios don’t bother about background check. They become more interested if you provide a shaded background. However, dedication, hard work, and patience are key to start earning more than a base salary. At the entry-level, you may expect an annual salary of $65,311 that increases with experience and popularity.

29. Social Media Influencer

Social Media influencers present themselves on social media platforms, craft their identities, and market their services or products. The TikTok-based social media influencer generally earns around $133,852 per year. This range may vary for other platforms and according to the cities. So, it is a high-paying job, but it demands similar hard work and dedication to grow in this field.

30. Entrepreneur

You can start your own startup by taking small steps. As an entrepreneur of your own business, you don’t require a background check. In fact, you plan, manage, market, and sell your products, working as a multitasker. Innovation and marketing skills count. The average annual pay of an Entrepreneur is $74,000.


Background checks are mandatory for some positions, and some don’t bother to employ them due to the complexity of the process. It becomes challenging for both the employee and an employer to scrutinize every worker by paying hundreds of bucks and spending hours for completion. Therefore, many companies don’t employ employee scrutiny processes that benefit people who want to keep their backgrounds hidden.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t even matter for most jobs, owing to their nature. So, if you don’t want to give a background check or want someone to analyze your past, you can apply for the jobs defying it.

Yet, if you want to know our preference, we recommend working from home or freelancing jobs. The rationale is freelancing, and personal business doesn’t require a background check and ensure flexibility with a handsome Pay Scale. So, you can also prefer that.

However, if you don’t want to pursue it, you can go through the mentioned 30 options to choose according to your liking. I hope this article will satisfy you with your job search. Good luck with your career choice!

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