35 Best Jobs For Ex Teachers in 2024

For the past decade, teaching employment has increased, and those educators who want to pursue careers in education have several options. The steadiness of teaching careers was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, nevertheless. Some teachers start to think about leaving the classroom entirely. According to a 2020 National Education Association survey, 55% of instructors are thinking about quitting their jobs earlier than they had intended. Teachers are under additional stress due to staff shortages and pandemic fatigue. With their teaching degrees, classroom teachers might be thinking about switching careers. There are several occupations in many kinds of industries that benefit from the abilities obtained as a teacher, whether you are a retired teacher seeking a new career. Finding a meaningful new job path might be aided by being aware of the roles in which you can successfully apply your teaching abilities. In this article, we cover a variety of positions for former teachers, along with salary information and typical job responsibilities for each.

1. Writer

Former teachers who want to write well can do it since there is always a need for authors in all fields, not only publishing and entertainment. For marketing, numerous enterprises and non-profit organizations constantly need technical documentation written. If you are knowledgeable about a certain field, you might even obtain employment with textbook publishers. Additionally, you have the option of joining an internal writing team or working as a freelancer in your spare time.

Average Salary – $63,200 yearly

2. Wholesale Sales Representative

One of the greatest and highest-paying careers for ex-teachers is a wholesale sales representative. Businesses and organizations can purchase products from wholesale and manufacturing sales. Their performance affects how much they are paid. It makes it simpler for you to communicate obstacles and amazing opportunities. To perform these alternative occupations for teachers, you must utilize your organizational, technical, and digital skills. Additionally, this alternative career path for teachers offers them the chance to earn a sizable salary.

Average Salary – $63,000 yearly

3. Admission Counselor

Colleges employ admissions consultants to assist the admissions office. Former teachers may find this position appealing because it requires them to interact with students to persuade them that their school is the best or to attend college entrance fairs.

Average Salary – $43,220 per year

4. Tutor

In several faculties, you can provide services as a tutor. They can overcome obstacles in the classroom by choosing this job. You’ll try to reteach the lessons they’re having trouble with. You have the option of working as a tutor independently or for a tutoring company.

Average Salary – $30,000 yearly

5. Learning Specialist

Working as a learning specialist may involve collaborating with several organizations, such as universities, financial institutions, and governmental organizations. Your responsibilities may include orienting new workers to the workplace, educating current employees on new technology, and, in certain situations, dealing directly with clients to share information about the goods and services that your company is providing. These activities are not dissimilar from creating lesson plans, customizing instruction and communication methods for various pupils, teaching students how to use new educational software and resources, and collaborating with other instructors to solve problems.

Average Salary – $60,046 yearly

6. Personal Finance Advisor

You can work as a personal financial advisor if your teaching profession is related to maths. In that position, you can help people create budgets, comprehend the credit complexities, and maintain their financial stability in general.

Average Salary – $87,850 yearly

7. Corporate Trainer

You certainly know how to speak such that people pay attention as a teacher. Additionally, you must learn how to deliver courses in an interesting and relevant manner for your audience. For educators who are prepared to leave the classroom, becoming a corporate trainer is a great career change. You are responsible for developing training, working with staff, and educating management. Work in corporate settings and train new and current employees on abilities necessary for success in the job.

Average Salary – $61,210 annually

8. Project Manager

Project managers can organize projects for big businesses, little nonprofits, the government, the healthcare industry, and educational institutions. These experts work on projects with lots of moving pieces wherever they operate. Among the responsibilities are planning and strategizing, managing other team members, securing resources, establishing deadlines, and laying out budgets. For retired teachers, project management might be a great profession. After all, instructors must develop their ability to manage a range of moving objects in their courses. You must be exceptionally organized and a competent communicator to manage projects successfully.

Average Salary – $94,500 a year

9. Curator

You would be in charge of overseeing a variety of products in this role. There may include artwork, historical relics, and other items. Anything shown in a museum or gallery must have a curator to preserve the collection. Additionally, curators add objects to the collection and educate the public about it. Former teachers excel in this position due to their extensive knowledge and communication skills.

Average Salary – $60,000 yearly

10. Education Policy Analyst

To have an impact on the public education system, education policy analysts often work for nonprofits, government agencies, and lobbies. Researching the effects of educational policies on students and instructors and looking into ways to improve them are some duties.

Average Salary – 61,366 yearly

11. Life Coach

Another desirable career move for teachers who build uplifting, good relationships with others is becoming a life coach. You have options as a life coach to start your career after teaching. It benefits you to initiate your own business if you are a self-starter. Many people who won’t begin their careers in life coaching ought to launch their businesses while maintaining full-time employment.

Average Salary – $48,000 a year

12. Translator

A translator displays their interpreting and speaking abilities. It is the most practical choice for students who want to work remotely online. However, part of the work is language interpretation. You must be able to read both written and spoken data to succeed in this alternate job for teachers.

Average Salary – $51,830 annually

13. Standardized Test Developer

The production of tests benefits from the teacher’s abilities in planning, rigorous research, and outstanding written and verbal communication. You may need to conduct the study to choose which skills and information to assess and how. You may also need to draught and revise test items, proofread and fact-check the testing materials, and work with other stakeholders to develop and implement tests. The nature of standardized tests can be improved to make them more relevant and less punishing, and we can help bring about change from the inside.

Average Salary – $70,000 yearly

14. School Administrator

An excellent position for former teachers is in administration. In this line of work, you must choose how to foster a supportive learning atmosphere for kids. But the administrative tasks are on a larger scale. They also take on a few practical duties inside the institutions. They might manage to budget, evaluate teachers, and even discipline kids.

Average Salary – $64,020 yearly

15. Librarian

Many of the abilities used in teaching, such as gathering and organizing information, are shared by librarians. Depending on the job of librarian, depending on your skills and location, you could work directly in this field. It is advised that you advance your education by earning a library science degree.

Average Salary – $59,500 yearly

16. Paralegal

In addition to helping lawyers prepare for court and during trials, paralegals often organize files and draught paperwork. Former teachers who possess the organizing and problem-solving abilities needed for this position should consider it. Since this work frequently requires computer and research skills, previous teachers may be a suitable fit. You most likely possess a variety of beneficial professional traits that you can apply to the paralegal industry. And to get started, you might not need a lot more education.

Average Salary – $56,230 yearly

17. Instructional Coordinator

The organizer of instruction is also called an educational technologist. It will supervise the curriculum and uphold the quality of instruction in primary and secondary schools. You will create the course materials, plan the instruction, and evaluate the success of particular programs. To be hired for this position, you need a master’s degree in instructional or curriculum theory.

Average Salary – $1,03,790 yearly

18. Psychologist

A psychologist uses experimental methods to treat both typical and aberrant mental states, social and emotional processes, and behavior. You may monitor, analyze, and record how people interact with one another and their surroundings. Psychologists typically complete a five-year undergraduate program, with postgraduate coursework frequently required. Rarely does this expert provide patients with prescriptions for drugs? This medical professional must collaborate with numerous organizations, groups of people, or sports teams.

Average Salary – $80,370 yearly

19. Human Resource Specialist

Several interpersonal skills that formal teachers utilized to do their duties are now used by human resource specialists. Their responsibilities for large companies include finding, hiring, and training new personnel. Teachers are skilled in assisting students in succeeding by fostering their knowledge and abilities. It is unquestionably the ideal employment for former teachers because their expertise as educators aids them in creating and carrying out new staff training programs.

Average Salary – $61,920 per year

20. Real Estate Agent

Former teachers who are knowledgeable about the real estate sector and have strong communication skills might consider this career path. It would be advantageous if you were also skilled in contract negotiations. Former educators can easily succeed as real estate salespeople, assisting you in multitasking and maintaining organization.

Average Salary – $42,757 a year

21. Childcare Worker

Opportunities to work in childcare are plentiful and diverse. You’ve taken care of kids before because you were a teacher. One of the best alternative careers for teachers is the ability to work part-time. It can be a good choice for former teachers who are getting close to retirement age.

Average Salary – $34,708 yearly

22. Educational Consultant

Teachers are constantly looking for ways to advance their careers as educators and keep up with the ever-shifting educational trends. These specialists are thus perfectly equipped for the position of an educational consultant. One of the great alternatives to teaching is consulting independently or working full-time. Some education consultants assist companies that provide educational materials and tools in the design of their products and resources. Many are independent contractors or self-employed people who manage several projects at once.

Average Salary – $65,312 yearly

23. Career Counselor

College graduates seeking assistance with beginning their first careers might turn to career counselors. Your ideal job might be in a career counseling center. If you want to work with people who have already made progress in their professions, working at a career center may be a perfect choice.

Average Salary – $44,500 yearly

24. Sales Person

You must be able to interact with people both individually and in groups. Because they understand how to convey the desired message and are people with zeal, expertise, and interpersonal communication skills, many former teachers make excellent salespersons.

Average Salary – $59,930 annually

25. Private Nanny

Some ex-teachers do this job, however, it may not be at the top of their list of possible careers. You can foster and support young people’s personal growth by working in these positions.

Average Salary – $33,172 yearly

26. Respiratory Therapist

Numerous forms of asthma and other breathing diseases that necessitate thorough observation and assessment are treated by respiratory therapists. It enables you to tap into your inherent compassion and capacity to keep making a difference.

Average Salary – $61,330 yearly

27. Event Planner

Weddings, meetings, and conferences are just a few of the occasions that event planners assist you with organizing and coordinating. They are also in charge of organizing things like meeting places, transportation, lunches, and more. For formal educators who enjoy organizing field excursions and assemblies, it can be the ideal change of pace.

Average Salary – $49,370 a year

28. PR Specialist

The most crucial aspect of this profession is having excellent communication. You probably have that covered because you were a teacher once and have classroom teaching experience. But you also need to interact with the media experts and the public and build strong ties. Your writing, planning, and public speaking skills could be helpful in the PR position.

Average Salary -$61,150 per year

29. Insurance Sales Agent

You will evaluate people’s needs in this position and make suggestions on the best types of insurance to purchase. Sales representatives can assist you in selling a variety of insurance products, such as health, life, home, and vehicle insurance. Additionally, it provides the capacity for explaining various insurance plans, which makes it the best possible alternative profession for teachers.

Average Salary – $50,940 yearly

30. Editor

Long writing sessions are necessary for an editor. Think about making the switch to copy editing professionally. Being an editor is a rather straightforward profession. However, you must edit the text and have a keen sense of what is clear, succinct, and emotive. There are several ways to find work in the editing industry. It’s unquestionably one of the teacher professions’ alternatives. You can begin by applying for conventional jobs in newspapers or magazines or by trying out freelance work.

Average Salary – $50,000 yearly

31. Development Specialist

An IT expert who writes code for a web application or website is known as a web developer. Depending on the size of your team and the way your website is developed, you may need to work on all website’s three tiers. This position for former teachers enables you to carry out tasks following the client’s specifications or directives.

Average Salary – $1,00,000 annually

32. Museum Guide

Ex-teachers work as museum guides on temporary or part-time contracts when the collection pertains to their area of expertise. The opportunity to put your skills and knowledge to good use is a perk of this employment. While educating guests on exciting topics that you are already informed about, you get to develop your communication abilities. There is a lot of flexibility in this rewarding career.

Average Salary – $38,000 yearly

33. School Principal

For any formal instructor, becoming a school principal is undoubtedly a gradual process. A teacher’s higher education and experience are helpful to begin this employment. This position entails overseeing a variety of school operations, from staffing levels and security protocols to budgetary allotments, planning, and counseling.

Average Salary – $96,400 a year

34. Social Worker

People from various areas of life seek the support of social workers to resolve their problems. Clinical social workers are also qualified to identify and handle behavioral or mental health issues. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you were motivated to assist those who had a keen interest in social activities and guide them about the moral principles of society.

Average Salary – $50,470 yearly

35. Personal Trainer

Exercise techniques should be understood by fans of personal trainers. Consider looking for personal training jobs in this field for former teachers. With online coaching, you may instruct anyone, whenever, and from any location, which enables you to get more clients. Both group and one-on-one training can be used to teach people how to communicate.

Average Salary – $62,665 yearly


You should start considering the positions that most interest you now that you are aware of the top jobs for ex-teachers. You shouldn’t have any trouble choosing a couple that appeals to you because there are so many options available. You should keep in mind that your knowledge and expertise as a teacher are transferable to numerous professions and businesses.

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