Administrative Assistant Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you wondering why you never get shortlisted for interviews despite having the right skills and experience for a given position? Well, maybe you need to check your resume. It normally summarizes your skills, experiences, and education, which the hiring manager must first ascertain before shortlisting you for an interview.

In this article, we will narrow it down to an administrative assistant’s resume. These professionals play an essential role in the office setting by handling general office tasks and performing administrative duties. If you are an experienced administrative assistant, walk with us. We intend to shed more light on your roles and help you create an excellent resume.

Position Description

As the name implies, an administrative assistant helps in office administration. However, their jurisdiction is limited to handling general office tasks.  They take care of simple office tasks and perform a range of administrative duties such as organizing schedules, data entry, office equipment maintenance, and organizing communication between colleagues. They also ensure that the office is organized and presentable at all times. Almost every office has an administrative assistant, with some working closely with top executives.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Greeting clients, ensuring that they are comfortable, both in person and over the phone
  • Answering and directing phone calls to the right recipients, forms part of customer service
  • Planning office meetings and, where applicable or necessary, taking detailed minutes
  • Organizing and scheduling office appointments
  • Identifying and implementing an accurate filing system
  • Booking and following up on travel arrangements
  • Handling queries and requests from senior managers in liaison with the executive or senior administrative assistants
  • Offering general support to visitors and subordinate administrative assistants
  • Establishing and properly maintaining a contact list.
  • Procuring office supplies and researching new deals and suppliers, making the office more efficient
  • Updating and maintaining the existing office policies and procedures
  • Participating in the drafting and general preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  • Writing and distributing letters, faxes, forms, and correspondence memos
  • Submitting and reconciling expense reports
  • Linking the office to internal and external clients by acting as a point of contact

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Adaptability
  • Great time management skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Ability to multitask
  • Knowledge of office management procedures and systems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of different office equipment’s operation
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to supervise other subordinate office workers
  • Excellent Customer service skills
  • Business writing skills
  • Flexibility
  • Punctuality
  • Knowledge and proficiency in MS Office Suite, specifically MS Excel and MS PowerPoint

Education and Experience

  • Experience using Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Excel and MS PowerPoint
  • Experience working in team settings
  • Proven experience as an administrative assistant or virtual office administrative assistant
  • Experience using different office equipment
  • High School Diploma
  • Administrative assistant diploma or a secretarial course
  • Certifications such as certified administrative professional (CAP) by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and Microsoft Office Specialist by Microsoft may be handy.


Administrative assistants earn pretty well, given the number of responsibilities they play in office settings. Their average salary estimation is close to $68,000. It is estimated that junior administrative assistants make close to $60,000 while experienced assistants make roughly $70,000. Senior administrative assistants are paid close to $84,000 a year, which is quite lucrative.

Administrative Assistant CV Example 1

Carl George

Address: 4713 Rd 3 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 17482

Email address:

Phone number: (803) 656 2345

Personal Profile

Certified and professional administrative assistant with nine years of experience. A passionate go-getter with excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. Expert customer care professional with outstanding business writing skills. The dedicated assistant who can work well under pressure and ensure that the office runs smoothly.

Work Experience

03/19- 06/22,  Brains worth Companies, Philadelphia

  • Offered administrative support to 3 senior executives, ensuring that all daily operations and projects were skillfully managed
  • Greeted, welcomed, and offered assistance to at least 20 customers daily
  • Implemented a new inventory management system to track, order, and maintain inventory, streamlining processes and improving inventory management by 10%
  • Made an average of 5 travel arrangements weekly and made regular follow-ups to ensure that everything went as planned
  • Handled five main office tasks, i.e., filing, report generation, ordering and reordering of supplies, presentations, and setting up meetings with utmost commitment
  • Carefully verified and processed 30+ client applications weekly, making the top executives’ work easy
  • Maintained 100% confidentiality of business and applicant’s information
  • Implemented a new filing system, solving 99% of the errors of the previous filing system
  • Politely responded to 100+ calls daily, ensuring that callers were satisfied or directed to the right parties by the end of the call
  • Earned the office a 5-star customer service rating on our websites and different platforms through excellent customer service and phone etiquette
  • Generated 10+ reports daily, proofreading them before preparing presentations to ensure that they were accurate
  • Sped up the coordination of site assessments and service calls by 40% by implementing a revised filing system
  • Skillfully handled customer queries earning a 99% positive customer feedback
  • Received and trained junior administrative assistants, helping them acclimatize to the work environment

05/15- 01/19, Water Front Offices, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Mentored, trained, and supervised five junior administrative assistants, ensuring at least 10% quarterly productivity improvement
  • Ensured prompt mail delivery to the right recipients through regular mailbox review, reducing incoming mail delivery delays by 90%
  • Created and maintained positive relations with 20+ external vendors
  • Attended to at least 30 clients a day, going above and beyond to offer assistance and receiving 99% positive customer feedback
  • Implemented a new filing system that improved office organization by 60%
  • Kept the office clean, organized, and tidy at all times
  • Keenly verified and processed 40+ new client applications in a week
  • Increased applicant satisfaction by 70% by implementing new policies such as regularly contacting and welcoming new clients.
  • Used unique passwords to ensure 100% confidentiality of business, executives, and applicant personal information
  • Implemented a new office inventory system that improved inventory management by 40%
  • Awarded the best office employee of the year in 2017 because of my excellent work and outstanding organizational skills
  • Negotiated a new deal with the existing vendor saving the company $200,000 yearly in office supplies
  • Created an in-house newsletter for communication of missions, visions, and outstanding achievements by management, earning me an employee of the year award for the second time

04/5/2012- 04/15, Administrative Assistant, Wilson Offices, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  • Entrusted with a $400,000 budget for coordination of all international and national travel arrangements
  • Trained and mentored six administrative assistants on office procedures and adherence to the laid down policies
  • Ensured that all incoming mails from clients reached their recipients on time, reducing email back and forth by 30%
  • Created and maintained positive professional relationships with ten vendors, fastening the procurement process by 6%
  • Implemented a new filing system that reduced documents and records misplacement by 90%
  • Welcomed and attended to 25 office visitors daily, ensuring that they were as comfortable as possible
  • Offered services to 4 business executives, ensuring that their daily schedules went as planned
  • Responded to 100+ daily calls from vendors, clients, and suppliers
  • Performed Human Resource functions in the office, such as performance review, ensuring that productivity was at 100%
  • Created 30+ weekly invoices using Microsoft Excel
  • Manages travel and expense reports for ten department team members
  • Took advantage of offers and cashback when making travel arrangements for business executives, saving the company $10,000 in the yearly allocated travel budget


  • 01/2011- 03-2012, Diploma in Office Management and Administration, Cambridge International College
  • 03/2006- 09/2010, High School Diploma, Branson Senior High School


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Bengali
  • Technical Skills
  • Outlook, PowerPoint
  • MS Word, MS Excel
  • Gmail, MS Windows
  • Soft Skills
  • Attention to detail, Writing
  • Communication, Time Management
  • Teamwork, Resourcefulness
  • Active listening, planning
  • Critical thinking, public speaking


07/2012, Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), International Administration of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

Administrative Assistant CV Example 2

Grace Johansen

Address: 117 Sitzer Rd, Philadelphia, TN, 45234

Email address:

Phone number: (345) 789- 3498

Personal Profile

Certified and skilled administrative assistant with ten years of experience in different industries. Self-motivated and hardworking administrative expert with excellent organizational skills and attentiveness to detail. A go-getter with great computer and data entry skills ready to positively transform any office. A flexible, adaptable, and punctual employee who can work well under pressure and effectively supervise subordinates.

Work Experience

02/19- 04/2022, Senior Administrative Assistant, Trend Setters, Pittsburgh  

  • Managed a $250,000 yearly budget allocation for coordinating both domestic and international travel arrangements for top executives
  • Performed administrative assistance duties to 4 executive managers in the organization
  • Managed a team of five office assistants, ensuring that they were well motivated for increased productivity levels
  • Screened and redirected 70+ daily telephone calls to the right respondents
  • Performed HR functions by creating payroll for 30+ office employees
  • Identified and implemented a new inventory management system that improved the ordering and maintenance of office supplies by 30%
  • Distributed 100+ daily incoming emails to the right recipients in the office
  • Maintained 100% confidentiality when handling sensitive topics
  • Ensured that the office transitioned smoothly from the outdated paper invoice to online invoicing, improving billing efficiency by 30%
  • Greeted and welcomed an average of 15+ high-level visitors and clients, ensuring they were comfortable as their needs were attended to.
  • Trained five administrative assistants in the core areas of administrative assistance such as customer service, file maintenance, sending of correspondences, and different office procedures
  • Negotiated new deals with two vendors, saving the company $2,000 yearly in office procurement

08/15- 01/19, Administrative Assistant, Elly Offices, Harrisburg

  • Regularly coordinated and scheduled meetings, travel arrangements, and appointments for five business managers
  • Controlled a $200,000 yearly budget for coordination of travel arrangements and managed to keep within the budget
  • Identified new, improved filing and organizational processes and practices, saving the office $2,000 spent on outsourced and contracted labor
  • Mentored three administrative assistants, helping them realize the importance of respecting the company’s policies and exercising attention to detail in administrative assistance
  • Received, opened, sorted, and redirected a daily average of 200 emails to the right recipients
  • Cheerfully received 30+ daily visitors and got them appointments with the right persons depending on their needs
  • Recorded minutes in 10+ weekly meetings, put them into text form and distributed the minutes around the office
  • Carefully procured and maintained office inventory, keeping within the limits of the $2,000 annual budget

10/12- 6/15, Secretary, Right Offices, Oakland

  • Spent an average of four hours typing documents, including memos, correspondence, drafts, and emails
  • Observed phone etiquette when answering calls, obtaining positive feedback from 99% of the customers
  • Organized and serviced an average of 10 meetings weekly
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised 5+ junior staff members
  • Implemented a new filing system that improved record management by 20%


  • 05/12- 09/12, Administrative Office Specialist, Lake Technical College, Florida
  • 01/2008- 02/2012, High School Diploma, Brantford Senior High School, Eustis, Florida


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Tamil
  • Technical Skills 
  • MS Word, Outlook
  • PowerPoint, Excel
  • Email, Windows
  • Soft
  • Organizational, Communication
  • Time Management, Multitasking
  • Collaboration, Public speaking
  • People skills, planning
  • Critical thinking, active listening


03/2013, Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), International Administration of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

Administrative Assistant Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Should I Present My Contact Information in My Administrative Assistant Resume?

Your contact information must be visible in your administrative assistant resume, just like we have done in our examples. Make sure that it comes right after your name. You should indicate your location address, email address, and phone number, which will be used to contact you if you are shortlisted for an interview. Be as detailed as possible by including the street address and city information. You can also add your professional website, blog address, or LinkedIn profile provided it is well-maintained.

2. How Do I Ensure that I Have the Best Resume Summary Section?

The resume summary section where you talk about yourself is equally important as it allows you to highlight your skills and show how they will bring value to your potential employer. Make sure it is as specific as possible, and highlight the skills required for the job you are applying for. Also, do not spend too much time on the summary since these skills will be discussed in your resume.

3. What Are Some of the Hard Skills Needed in an Administrative Assistant?

Hard skills are also known as technical skills. If you are eyeing an administrative assistant position, ensure that you are skilled in database management, calendar management, MS Office (Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, and Outlook), QuickBooks, and Zero. Other hard skills include inventory and supply management, billing and record-keeping skills, accurate data entry, and proficiency with different equipment such as printers. Also, mention editing and proofreading skills. It is also imperative that one possess extensive business knowledge too.

4. What Are the Top Soft Skills for Administrative Assistants?

Soft skills are needed when communicating with others, making them as essential as hard skills. Some of the required soft skills for administrative assistants are customer service skills, phone etiquette, attention to detail, prioritization and problem-solving skills, discretion, flexibility and efficiency, management and training skills, responsibility, teamwork, delegation skills, customer service, and research skills. Others include analysis, organization, planning, emotional intelligence, efficiency, and flexibility.

5. Do I Need Any Specific Type of Education to Be an Administrative Assistant?

Yes. Administrative assistance is an official and recognized job; therefore, you are better off with some education. You can pursue a diploma in front office management, business records, health records management, or an equivalent qualification. You can also pursue a secretarial course since administrative assistants are more like office secretaries. Like in the professional or career world, the more your educational qualifications, the better the chance you stand to bag more opportunities.

6. What Are Some of the Best Courses for Office Administration?

Lucky for you, several institutions and facilities are offering administrative assistance courses. You can pursue office management and administration from a reputable college such as Cambridge International or a diploma from Pitman Training. Reed courses also offer a US standard office administration course to get you into office administration assistance. Other courses include admin and secretarial course and Office management 101 from Udemy. You can also undertake courses on emotional intelligence, organizational behavior, communication strategy, and business writing, all from reputable institutions.

7. How Can I Become an Administrative Assistant?

The good news is that you can easily become an administrative assistant without overexerting yourself. Like in any other career, the first step is to get the right or most common education for administrative assistants, which is available online. Depending on your intended field, you can narrow it down to particular disciplines.

You then need to gain relevant work experience by working part-time administrative assistant positions to get used to your role. However, you can also consider a volunteer job where you will acquire skills as you work. You should also consider earning technical certifications depending on your education, which includes office management and business writing certifications.

The next step is to use our article to craft an excellent, well-edited resume that will capture the hiring manager’s attention. Lastly, actively look for full-time administrative assistance jobs in companies and organizations and consistently climb up the ladder.

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