Top 25 Amgen Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Amgen, one of the leading biotechnology businesses in the world, is constantly seeking outstanding individuals to join its team. If you are fortunate enough to obtain an interview with this organization, you may anticipate being asked challenging questions. We have created a list of the top 25 Amgen interview questions and answers to assist you in preparing. These questions will assess your technical capabilities, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Preparing for these questions increases your chances of winning the job and impressing the interviewer.

1. Why Do You Want To Work At Amgen?

Since I’ve always been interested in the scientific world, I decided to get a degree in biology. After spending several years in the lab assistant position, I concluded that I wanted to do work on a more significant scale. Then, I became aware of Amgen and all of the remarkable things it accomplished. I find the research that they do to be quite motivating, and I think that I would thrive as a member of a group that is so creative.

2. Why Do You Think You Are Qualified For This Role, And Why Should We Hire You Instead Of Someone Else?

My five years of experience in customer service have enabled me to build good communication and problem-solving skills, which have benefited my career. Because I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry twice before for two separate companies, I also have a lot of experience in that sector. Because I was given the title of supervisor after only one year of working at my prior employment, I am confident in my ability to assume leadership responsibilities in the future.

3. What Is Amgen’s Mission Statement?

Amgen seeks to assist patients by translating the potential of science and biotechnology into treatments with the ability to restore health or save lives. We strive to accomplish our objective of helping patients in all that we do. And we are directed along the road by the ideals that define us. They add value by focusing on patients’ requirements. Amgen allows staff people to realize their full potential in the workplace. They seek to generate greater long-term returns to stockholders while balancing the needs of patients, staff, and stockholders.

4. What Do You Know About Amgen?

Amgen is a biotechnology business that discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets treatments for humans. Aranesp, BLINCYTO, Corlanor, ENBREL, EPOGEN, IMLYGIC, KYPROLIS, Neulasta, NEUPOGEN, Nplate, Parsabiv, Prolia, Repatha, Sensipar, Vectibix, and XGEVA are some of its brands. William K.Rubinfeld started the corporation on April 8, 1980, in Thousand Oaks, California.

5. Mention Significant Qualities That Make You The Ideal Candidate For Amgen.

I know this position needs exceptional organizational, leadership, and enthusiasm abilities. These are my top three skills, although I have many more! In addition, my references would confirm these skills. Other qualities that I believe make me an excellent prospect for your firm include: An extensive network within the sector, an outstanding reputation, leadership skills and experience, integrity and likeability, mental fortitude and curiosity

6. Tell Me About Your Former Employment And What You Liked And Disliked.

The progressive and staged training program my employer used to teach new hires about financial services was one of my favorite aspects of working for that company. There was always something new to learn, and we knew that we would be steadily promoted as we gained more experience. However, I did not enjoy the commute, so I am currently looking for employment closer to my house.

7. What Do You Consider To Be Your Biggest Flaw?

I am an introvert, which I used to think of as a flaw because I had always struggled with being timid when reaching out to others. On the other hand, one of the benefits of being an introvert is that I am an excellent listener. I have discovered that this trait has benefited me as a Help Desk Technician. I can focus on the problems our clients are experiencing, ask the appropriate questions to elicit information, and fix their technical issues.

8. How Do You Keep Up With Developments In The Pharma/Biotech Industry?

I ensure that I read the news frequently and educate myself on changes. I also find that conversing with coworkers is beneficial. I subscribe to various medical magazines and websites covering Pharma/Biotech industry changes. My favorite is, an excellent resource for recent developments in various medical topics. In addition to setting up industry-related Google alerts, I subscribe online to Pharma Forum, Science Direct, and Medical Futurist. I always seek new learning opportunities, so if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them.

9. Tell Me About A Professional Success In Which You Took Great Satisfaction.

I was tasked with developing a new marketing campaign for one of our goods when I first started working for my current business. It was a significant undertaking, but I was confident in my talents and eager to begin. After working diligently for several weeks, I presented my ideas to my team and management. My thoughts were well received, and I received favorable feedback on my presentation. My efforts paid off, and we incorporated several of my suggestions into our marketing plan.

10. Have You Ever Had The Experience Of Working In A Workplace That Was Fast-Paced?

I am accustomed to working in environments with a high volume of activity. At the job I held before this one, we had daily deadlines that we needed to meet. In addition to this, we had to work on several projects all at once. I became skilled in time management to do everything within the allotted window of opportunity. If it’s necessary, I can carry out the same action here.

11. How Much Experience Do You Have In Different Managing Teams?

In my current position as an accountant, I am responsible for managing a team of five other accountants who provide support to me in preparing financial reports for our customers. I have gained the ability to delegate duties successfully due to holding this position. As a result, everyone on my team can complete their assignments within the allotted time. I also employ effective communication strategies to ensure that every team member is informed of every aspect of the project. Because of this, I’ve been able to strengthen my ties with the other members of my team.

12. How Long Have You Been Employed In The Pharma/Biotech Industry? What Excites You About Our Line Of Work?

I am a recent Pharmaceutical Science bachelor’s degree graduate fresh to the pharmaceuticals sector. I intend to remain in this field for the duration of my career. I am beginning with this apprenticeship position and transitioning into a place with a greater emphasis on developing novel treatments. I remain in this industry because there are countless opportunities. I would be pleased to advance my career with Amgen in this field.

13. Tell Me About An Instance When You Disagreed With Management, And Describe How You Dealt With The Situation.

When I started working at my former employer, one of the managers had a suggestion for a new project, and I disagreed with that suggestion. I refrained from expressing my opinion in front of everyone and instead waited until we were alone to discuss it with her. I went over why I didn’t think our current approach would be successful and provided some potential replacements. She expressed her appreciation for my perspective and said she would give my recommendations some thought.

14. What Aspect Of Being A Scientist Do You Enjoy Enjoying The Most?

Being a scientist and having the opportunity to observe the results of my research is one of the aspects of the job that I enjoy most. For instance, I once had the chance to work on a project in which we were looking for cancer treatment. We toiled for what seemed like an eternity before we uncovered the answer. That was such a satisfying moment for me since I knew our research findings would benefit many people.

15. What Are Your Long-Term Professional Aspirations, And How Will This Position Help You Get Closer To Achieving Those Goals?

I am now pursuing my master’s degree in business administration (MBA), which I hope will pave the way for me to develop into a managerial post at Amgen. I aim to put in a full five years’ worth of work here at this company before advancing to an administrative role. My current employment as an accountant has allowed me to acquire many valuable skills, which will be vital to my achievement in this role.

16. Describe The Experience You’ve Had Working With Different Mechanical Components.

Machines employed in the manufacturing process are referred to as mechanical components. I used to work in a factory where we put together final products by assembling various parts. Conveyor belts, robotic arms, and other automated welding equipment were a few of the many mechanical components that comprised the assembly line. Before beginning my shift, it was my responsibility to inspect each part. Then, throughout the day, I was to keep an eye on the entire production line.

17. When Working On A Project, How Frequently Do You Like To Communicate With The Other Team Members?

I try to maintain as much communication as possible with my team members. Yet, I am aware that there are times when it is vital to work on a task without being disturbed. In my position before this one, we did all of our instant messaging through Slack. We held weekly meetings where everyone could discuss their progress and ask questions. It allowed us to maintain our connection while providing sufficient time for everyone to finish the job.

18. Amgen Places A Strong Emphasis On Innovation. What Do You Consider The Most Vital Element To Keep In Mind When Trying To Be Inventive?

When striving to be innovative, one of the most important things to remember is that not all ideas are excellent ideas. It is one of the things that are of the utmost importance. Before pursuing anyone’s thoughts further, it is essential to stop and consider others carefully. It makes it more likely that we are only working on projects that will benefit our company.

19. We Expect Our Staff To Be Able To Work Without Constant Supervision. Do You Believe That You Would Be Able To Work Well In An Atmosphere Such As That?

I am a person who is highly self-motivated and thrives when allowed to work without supervision. I find that when I am working on my projects, I can better concentrate on getting things done, as opposed to waiting for someone else to give me instructions. My experience has shown that I can typically think of definitive answers when left to my devices.

20. Who Are Some Of The People In The Field Of Science That You Admire, And Why?

My high school biology teacher was one of the first individuals who encouraged me to consider a career in the scientific field. As a result, I have a lot of respect for her. Showing us films of real-life scientists and their work was her go-to method for making the class engaging and entertaining. After viewing her movies, I distinctly remember feeling so motivated that I resolved to pursue a career in science.

21. Describe An Instance When You Were Required To Decide Without Adequate Information.

In my former position, I was responsible for hiring new team members. One of our sales employees called in sick one day, leaving us understaffed. I had two equally qualified applicants for the position, but I didn’t have enough time to thoroughly evaluate their applications before making a hiring decision. I chose the candidate who appeared more enthusiastic about working for our company.

22. Give An Example Of A Moment When You Were Required To Solve A Complex Problem. How Did You Tackle The Issue?

In my prior position, I was required to improve sales without raising the marketing budget. We were already spending too much on advertising. I knew it would take months to receive approval for additional funds. Instead, I searched for opportunities to save money elsewhere. I discovered that we might hold thousands of dollars every month by altering some components of our website. It allowed us to allocate more funds to areas of our organization where they were required.

23. Can You Describe A Moment When You Were Working On A Team Project, And A Conflict Arose, And How You Resolved It?

In my previous position, I was part of a team that created a new marketing campaign for one of our clients. Throughout the week, we held multiple meetings to discuss ideas and develop them into something we could present to the customer. During one session, another team member suggested a proposal with which I disagreed. Instead of disputing with him, I provided my recommendation and explained why I believed it superior. He agreed with me; therefore, we utilized my suggestion instead.

24. Are You At Ease Working With Blood Samples And Other Physiological Fluids, Such As Pee And Saliva?

Before beginning my studies at the university, I worked as an emergency medical technician. I had experience working with blood and other physiological fluids during that time. Several times during my training to become an EMT, we were required to draw blood from patients. When taking blood from a patient, I made it a point to be gentle so they would not experience discomfort. In addition, I was taught the proper way to handle bodily fluids so that I would not contaminate myself or others.

25. What Are Your Thoughts On The Direction Biology And Bioinformatics Will Take In The Future?

I am happy to see increased collaboration amongst scientific disciplines. For instance, I believe that partnerships between biologists and computer scientists will increase. As computers become more sophisticated, they can process vast quantities of data more quickly than people. It indicates that there is a great deal of information that we could be collecting from our studies but are not currently doing so. By merging these two disciplines, we may get fresh insights into the functioning of biological beings.


Amgen’s interview procedure can differ depending on the position for which you are seeking. However, most roles will require a phone screening and an in-person interview. Recruiters often do the phone screening, which lasts approximately 30 minutes. During this conversation, the recruiter will inquire about your qualifications and experience. If you pass the phone screening, you will be invited to an in-person interview. Typically, a panel of interviewers conducts the in-person interview. This interview could run between 45 minutes and two hours. The committee will inquire about your experience and qualifications throughout this time. In addition, they may provide you with a case study to evaluate your problem-solving skills. Overall, the interview process at Amgen can be rather lengthy and challenging. However, it is an excellent method to learn more about the organization and determine if you are a good fit.