Application Support Analyst Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Businesses with a digital presence require application support for excellent customer service and the smooth running of business operations. It is usually given to both external and internal stakeholders of the organization by application support analysts. Who is an application support analyst?

An application support analyst is an IT professional mandated to offer technical and human support to application systems and users. They help users understand how operations work and attend to arising issues. Some of the common industries in need of application support analysts are media providers and airlines.

In this article, we will look at the roles and responsibilities of application support analysts and the surrounding requirements. We have also included two application support analyst resume examples to make your job application easier. Let’s get started.

Application Support Analyst Job Description

Application support analysts sit in organizations’ IT teams to help find solutions to business applications and system complications. They generally conduct troubleshooting operations, handle technical issues and respond to assistance requests, which requires an in-depth understanding of system operations and maintenance.

Owing to their responsibilities, application support analysts require both technical and soft skills for effective performance. Some of the common titles for these professionals include help desk analyst, software support, app support, desktop support, help desk engineer, and technical support.

Application Support Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

  • Performing system monitoring to ensure that systems are functioning effectively
  • Communicating with customers through channels such as phone, email, and live chats to help address their issues and complaints
  • Identifying potential problems and performing troubleshooting operations to existing system problems
  • Alerting superiors and senior IT professionals on complex system issues for further guidance and assistance
  • Assessing customer problems to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed
  • Using technology to improve performance and help in the implementation of business strategies
  • Conducting regular application assessments to help managers make informed decisions
  • Brainstorming software solutions and assessing their efficiency and effectiveness
  • Working with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth synchronization of operations’ functionality
  • Offering on-call support to application users encountering challenges when using technological products
  • Performing a thorough assessment of issues and troubleshooting them to prevent future incidences
  • Writing detailed reports on the application’s benefits and inadequacies to be forwarded to the management for better decision making
  • Maintaining proper application-related records and documentation
  • Working closely with the IT team to develop script works for manual task automation
  • Setting up interconnections to external interfaces such as RDBMS and Java
  • Implementing business processes through various tools such as Oracle
  • Monitoring the incident management system and providing open tickets submissions
  • Improving and documenting technical processes in application support
  • Installing, administering, and configuring applications servers
  • Securing web applications with HTTPS protocols by configuring SSL certificates.
  • Offering off-hours support when called upon
  • Collaborating with other professionals and employees, such as the account manager, on change requests and priority establishment

Application Support Analyst Required Knowledge and Skills

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of system operation and maintenance
  • Knowledge of HTML, .Net Languages, and other programming languages such as Python
  • Working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • In-depth understanding of telecommunication systems
  • Extensive knowledge in application software coding and scripting
  • Ability to understand and use IT Management Software
  • Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot application issues
  • In-depth understanding of IT hardware and equipment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • Ability to multitask effectively
  • Excellent Customer service skills
  • Excellent relationship management skills
  • Ability to think critically
  • Strategic planning and execution skills
  • High degrees of empathy
  • Excellent team working skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of different software applications tools such as data management software, proprietary company software, and web platform development software

Application Support Analyst Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, information systems, business administration, computing studies, or any other related field
  • Proven experience as an application support analyst or relevant role
  • Different professional certifications such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon certifications
  • Extensive experience using programming languages such as SQL, Java, etc.

Application Support Analyst Salary

Glassdoor estimates application support analysts’ base payment at $66,000+ and additional payment at $33,000+ for an estimated total payment of $99,000. However, companies such as Barclays (according to reports) pay up to $100,000+ for application support analyst positions, making the earning potential of this role limitless. You will also make $110,000+ yearly as an applications support analyst at Thomson Reuters

Applications Support Analyst CV Examples 1

Cornel Brian

Physical address: 4576 Bellaire Ave, Studio City, CA, 94587

Email address:

Phone number: (890) 786-4568

Personal Profile

Certified applications support analyst with 8+ years of experience in application maintenance and configuration. Professional applications support experts with working knowledge of HTML, .net, and programming languages ready to better user experiences. An avid team worker and self-motivated employee with an in-depth understanding of IT hardware and systems

Work Experience

07/2019- 08, 2022, Senior Applications Support Analyst, Vilcom Technologies, Austin, TX

  • Installed 100+ applications in test environments for effective testing
  • Offered 2nd level support to an array of applications, including CMS and RemitOne
  • Regularly wrote end executed SQL queries to aid in research and reporting
  • Regularly tracked, logged and supported 150+ support tickets daily, ensuring that customer queries were answered promptly and they received the needed support
  • Used production releases and updates to resolve complex issues and defects, reducing application downtimes by 70%
  • Developed 50+ new processes for internal and external users, ensuring 0 hindrances to productivity.
  • Successfully transferred business and technical knowledge to team members through knowledge management software such as Document360 and Flowflu
  • Wrote 100% accurate process support documentation and conducted regular updates
  • Supervised a team of 5 junior application support specialists, ensuring that they were constantly motivated and, therefore, 100% productive
  • ¬†Ensured 100% business readiness by conducting regular software application and disaster recovery testing
  • Trained users on hardware setup and electronic documentation, reducing related issues by 50%
  • Regularly provided on-call support to 300+ users, helping them solve problems with their applications
  • Attended weekly and monthly meetings with too business executives to report on applications-related activities

04/2016- 05/2019, Applications Support Analyst, Rivertech Solutions, Worcester, MA

  • Collaborated with a 10+ member IT team to diagnose problems and get systems up and running as fast as possible
  • Regularly communicated with users, stakeholders, and regulators to offer any needed help
  • Anticipated and tracked system issues and came up with the right solutions, minimizing system downtimes by 60%
  • Monitored and responded to at least 100 open tickets daily obtained from the incident management system
  • Used prioritization skills to prioritize and manage service requests and incidences
  • Used Confluence to improve and document all technical processes geared towards application support
  • Regularly assessed and monitored applications through daily health checks to ensure high-performance standards
  • Used Oracle 10. x and an assortment of tools to successfully implement business processes
  • Offered off-hours support as required, helping in system problems resolution during non-business hours
  • Mentored five junior applications support specialists on system best practices and troubleshooting techniques, building an able employee base for the company
  • Installed, configured, and administered 10+ application servers
  • Worked closely with the IT team to identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Awarded the best employee of the year in 2018 for providing exceptional applications support services

08/12- 09/15, Applications Support Specialist, Bonaventure Solutions, Louisiana

  • Worked closely with ten members of Tier I Help Desk Support team, offering assistance in computer software application programs-related activities and demands
  • Acted as a contact person between the organization and 500+ application users and clients
  • Received and handled 100+ support tickets daily and effectively supported support-related issues
  • Walked at least 20 users daily through troubleshooting and resolution processes via the phone or through real-time chat
  • Extensively analyzed data to identify common issues’ patterns and corrected them
  • Participated in the training and hiring of 10 junior applications support specialists, ensuring that the organization had an able team of support specialists


  • 06/2021- Present, MSc in Computer Science, Stanford University, CA
  • 02/2008- 05/2012, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • 05/2005- 10/ 2007, High School Diploma, Chaplin College Preparatory School, Oakland, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French

Technical Skills

  • Troubleshooting
  • SQL
  • UNIX
  • Solaris
  • Technical writing
  • Investigation
  • Information Systems Literacy
  • Debugging
  • Database Administration

Soft Skills

  • Ability to thrive in team settings
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Interpersonal
  • Active listening
  • Adaptability
  • Conflict management
  • Resourcefulness
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving


04/14, Certified Network Computer Technician (CNCT), ETA International

Applications Support Analyst CV Example 2

Rachel Brown

Physical address: 4784 Country Way Grv, Hemet, CA 98567

Email address:

Phone number: (678) 598-2346

Personal Profile

Experienced applications support specialist with 5+ years of experience in applications development, testing and maintenance. A dedicated technician with extensive troubleshooting skills and an in-depth understanding of telecommunication systems and structured query language (SQL). A hardworking team worker and tech expert ready to brainstorm software solutions and asses their effectiveness before implementing them in the organization’s operations.

Work Experience

05/2019- 07/2022, Applications Support Specialist, Hunt Tech Solutions, Oakland, CA

  • Trained ten care managers and consultants on care cost reduction strategies and ways of improving care quality
  • Helped the company win the Regional Information Technology Support Award in 2021, beating 50+ competitors¬†
  • Awarded the employee of the year in 2021
  • Solved UNIX-related problems encountered by the billing and reporting teams, thus acting as an able point of contact
  • Unleashed a new, improved electronic documentation software to 150 locations regionally
  • Expeditiously resolved issues through thorough analysis, troubleshooting, and implementation of solutions
  • Researched and documented program errors before recording them in the Customer Relationship Management software system
  • Organized and oversaw a major IT transition for the company that improved overall systems performance by 30%
  • Discovered redundant data within system databases and worked with the 10-member development team to clean them up, leading to a 50% reduction in system errors
  • Created daily, weekly and monthly reports using SQL query, leading to a 25% redundancy of report requests from business users
  • Wrote and updated 100% accurate process support documentation
  • Performed regular updates to resolve technical problems and effects

03/2016- 04/2019, UNIX System Administrator, White Solutions, Austin, TX

  • Oversaw the installation and upgrade of UNIX System software on 250+ company servers and computers
  • Regularly detected and troubleshot software and hardware issues, leading to a 35% decrease in system downtime
  • Responded to 200+ user requests and software errors daily
  • Set up and maintained 200+ UNIX user accounts, ensuring proper functioning
  • Created and updated UNIX file systems for the entire organization
  • Successfully implemented full-proof network and computer system policies
  • Analyzed the impact of software changes across ten functional units
  • Regularly established, implemented and recorded UNIX administrator best practices

10/2012- 11/2015, Software Developer, Life Tech Solutions, San Diego, CA

  • Worked with 10+ developers to design effective algorithms and flowcharts
  • Verified and deployed 100+ programs and systems
  • Regularly performed troubleshooting, debugging, and upgrading of existing software, maintaining productivity at 100%
  • Created 100% technical documentation for reporting and reference purposes using a variety of software
  • Mentored four junior software developers on best practices and policies, improving their productivity by 60% in the first three months


  • 04/2008- 06/2012, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Florida International University, FL
  • 03/2005- 05/2007, High School Diploma, Avenue Senior High School, University of California, San Diego, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Technical Skills

  • Database Administration
  • SQL
  • Troubleshooting
  • System monitoring
  • UNIX
  • Solaris
  • Investigation
  • Computer literacy
  • Information Systems
  • Debugging

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Interpersonal
  • People
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision thinking
  • Active listening
  • Leadership
  • Persuasion
  • Adaptability
  • Time management


  • 06/17, Certified Network Computer Technician, ETA International
  • 05/14, ITIL Foundation, HDI

 Application Support Analyst Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Keywords Should I Use in My Resume?

One of the best ways of capturing the hiring manager’s attention is writing a keyword-rich resume for your applications support analyst job application. Such a resume will also help you get past the applicant tracking system, which most organizations nowadays use in their hiring processes. Ensure that you include some of the following keywords: scripting, applications update, customer service, automation, troubleshooting, SQL, documentation, database, collaboration, information technology, MS Office, maintenance, Unix, technical support, Linux, Oracle database, Java, shell scripting, ITIL, PL/SQL, production support, Microsoft SQL server, software development life cycle, Windows, Active Directory, Citrix, Agile Methodologies, web services, integration, JavaScript, scrim, etc.

Ensure these keywords are evenly spread in your skill and work experience sections.

2. Which Action Verbs Should I Use in my Applications Support Analyst Resume?

Action verbs are used to communicate your accomplishments to the interviewer. However, some are usually stronger and hence more impactful than others and should regularly appear in your CV. Examples of action verbs to have in your applications support analyst resume include: executed, delegated, administered, designed, arranged, coordinated, directed, led, headed, managed, oversaw, planned, spearheaded, programmed, organized, built, devised, formulated, implemented, incorporated, initiated, instituted, launched, pioneered, initiated, proposed, amplified, advanced, accelerated, decreased and enhanced.

To tell the hiring manager about something you changed or improved, the following keywords apply: customized, centralized, digitized, integrated, merger, modified, overhauled, redesigned, refined, revamped, reorganized, streamlined, revitalized, simplified, transformed, updated, and upgraded. All in all, note that there are action verbs for every accomplishment in your work experience section.

3. Which Technical Skills Should I Include in My Resume?

You must mention role-specific skills in your resume as they tell the interviewer that you can execute job-related tasks. For the perfect resume, divide your skill section into sub-sections, just like we have done with our resume. Some of the technical resumes for applications support analysts are: excellent troubleshooting skills, outstanding debugging skills, excellent analytical skills, extensive understanding of applications and systems, competent IT literacy, a proper understanding of databases, ability to deliver live IT environments to support business, understanding of different programs and systems including SQL, UNIX, Solaris and Windows, and extensive investigation skills.

Other additional skills are excellent diagnostic skills, in-depth knowledge of support tools, service awareness, asset management skills, a proper understanding of telecommunications systems, the ability to learn and use IT Management software, knowledge of Java and .Net languages, scripting, and coding skills. You should sharpen these skills if you intend to advance in your career.

4. How Can I Become an Applications Support Analyst?

Even though a degree is recommended for aspiring application support analysts, it is not necessary. You can become a successful application support analyst with a high school diploma or GED. On the flip side, you must have a strong foundation in related applications-support fields such as Information Technology, computer programming, and scripting.

Once you properly understand applications, systems, and programming languages, you should look for openings in different IT departments to gain the right experience. Also, strive to figure out how different software can help improve the profitability and efficiency of businesses and recommend them to management.

However, note that you may need a degree for competitive roles which attract all kinds of qualified professionals. Some courses worth considering include computer science, Information Technology, and information systems of business administration.

5. Which Soft Skills Should I Write in My Resume?

Soft skills are important in the applications support analyst jobs since these professionals must communicate and collaborate with stakeholders, including clients. Your skill section must therefore have soft skills for the perfect resume. These include excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to work well under pressure, ability to work in team settings, excellent organizational skills, outstanding customer service skills, ability to handle different tasks simultaneously, relationship management skills, and ability to think critically.

Having such skills in your resume shows the hiring manager you have all it takes to fit into the organization.

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