Top 25 Arby’s Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Arby’s, the second largest American sandwich chain in America, is a fast food restaurant owned by Inspire Brands, with more than 3,300 branches nationwide. The restaurant, native to Boardman, Ohio, came into being in 1964, with its founders being two brothers, Forrest and Leroy Raffel.

Being the third largest chain in terms of revenue, Arby’s can be a good catch in terms of employment. Currently, over 80,000 people are employed at Arby’s. Besides, no matter how daunting the thought of an interview might seem, we are here to guide you with the most generic questions and answers that an interviewer may ask. So, quit the slack and prepare for the challenge that awaits you beforehand!

1. Can You Explain The History Of Arby’s Briefly?

Arby’s is a fast food restaurant famous for its fresh beef sandwiches, turkey roasters, wraps, and salads.

The restaurant was established in 1964 by two brothers, Forrest and Leroy Raffel, in Ohio. It launched its first fresh sandwiches in 2001. Moreover, in 2008, it merged with another fast food chain, Wendy’s, but in 2011, the two split up. Furthermore, Arby’s has worked in favor of children by supporting underprivileged communities in combating hunger.

2. How Did You Find This Job?

I was looking up jobs on the internet when I came across your company’s website and decided to apply for the interview. Arby’s is a popular fast food chain and an active source of employment for the American natives. Therefore, it was an excellent opportunity to secure my career by getting a job at Arby’s. 

3. What Motivates You To Work At Arby’s?

Being a great fan of food and cooking, working in a fast food chain has always been something I wished to give a try. I am a person who loves taking up challenges and fulfilling them to the best of my abilities. This job will help me polish my management skills and open up a new era of challenges and responsibility. Moreover, Arby’s stands out from an array of other fast food chains due to its diverse menu options. The huge success Arby’s has managed to attain over the years is enough to compel me to be an active part of the team and experience the milestones together with my new work family.

4. What Former Work Experience Do You Have?

I don’t have any prior working experience since this is my first job after completing higher studies. However, I have worked as a customer service representative intern at a local restaurant. Therefore, I would prove to be an excellent candidate when it comes to handling customers and getting feedback.

5. Why Did You Quit Your Previous Job?

I like to explore new workplaces and ranks that will give me greater exposure to the modern world. I want to unleash my hidden talents by working at a place different from my previous job. I enjoy working with new people, so I needed a change in the environment.

6. What Are The Strengths That Make You Fitting For The Job?

I have a diverse palette of qualities that make me an excellent candidate. Firstly, being highly cooperative, I can deal with all sorts of clients without getting frustrated at their demands. Secondly, I am a fast learner with excellent communication skills. Thirdly, I have ample experience with all sorts of work, including dealing with cash counters, kitchen, customer service, and much more.

7. What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses?

A challenge that I want to overcome is knowing how to handle pressure. I take a heavy workload quite personally, which occasionally leads to the deterioration of my physical and mental health. However, I am learning to overcome this weakness by asking for help from colleagues and not pushing myself over the limit, which leads to errors.

8. What Do You Know About Restaurant Kitchens Roles?

A kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. From cooking to serving, every pivotal task of running a restaurant takes place in the kitchen. Similarly, every restaurant kitchen role is unique in its own way. For instance, cooking, cleaning, arranging dishes, packing food, and storing ingredients are all essential tasks taking place in a restaurant kitchen.

I believe handling a restaurant kitchen flawlessly is the most daunting task to be assigned to an employer. Thus, being an expert chef as well as an excellent task manager, I can perform all the vital duties with extreme care and passion for ensuring that the heart of Arby’s works as ideally without any error as it does in the usual day-to-day routine.

9. How Flexible Are You In Your Work Timings?

I am pretty cooperative when it comes to working hours. Working overtime and even on the weekends or vacations would not be an issue from my side. In a nutshell, I am ready to accept whatever time awaits me. Moreover, I acknowledge how important punctuality is when working for a massive firm like Arby’s. In this regard, I never disappoint my employers by arriving late for work. Unless it is a situation of emergency, I am always available on time.

10. How Hospitable Are You When It Comes To Dealing With Customers?

The most welcoming attribute of a good restaurant is its outstanding hospitality. Having a kind and humble attitude toward people around me has helped me acknowledge the importance of being hospitable to potential guests that can become valuable customers in the long run.

Therefore, I always greet both the new and regular customers with equal enthusiasm to make them feel proud of their decision to choose our restaurant for their day out. Not only will it improve customer feedback, but it will also increase the customer traffic reaching out to us at Arby’s daily.

11. What Is Your Take On Customer Service At Arby’s?

Arby’s is one of America’s most popular food chains, thanks to its excellent customer service. Good customer service means delivering orders quickly, keeping the restaurant clean and hygienic, abiding by the requests made by the customers, having friendly behavior with the clients, and accepting criticism from your customers. Arby’s fulfills all these attributes, making it a precious restaurant in the eyes of a consumer.

12. Why Do You Believe Customer Service Is Important?

I believe that excellent customer service is a crucial part of a business. It shows the customers that we care about them and vouch to provide outstanding services by accommodating all their needs. Speaking from experience, I acknowledge how great a gesture it is to go out of the way to help your customers. Therefore, it is my key priority to be friendly and kind to my customers at all times.

13. How Would You Deal With A Troublesome Client?

I would let the customer vent and stay calm in the heat of the moment. Instead of blaming the company or the clients for the issue, they are facing, I will assure them that such shortcomings will not happen in the future and offer them a compensation meal. If the problem stays unresolved, I will immediately contact the higher authorities to intervene and resolve the matter.

14. Do You Regard Yourself As A Detail-Oriented Person?

I am the kind of person who feels irritated at untidy surroundings. I notice even the tiniest details of a place, such as a drink spill or a misplaced item. I try to give it my all to keep the environment healthy and help my colleagues in everyday matters, which makes me a person you can actively rely upon.

15. Are You Familiar With Operating Cash Registers?

During my internship at the local restaurant in my neighborhood, my colleagues taught me how to perform everyday transactions through a cash counter. Having accepted the offer, I have been nothing more than glad to learn the right skills, including giving the right amount of change, ensuring timely delivery of orders, and taking complete payments from clients. Not only am I skilled at managing the generic stuff at a restaurant, but I can also work well with money handling and cash register operations.

16. How Skilled Are You In Handling Modern Kitchen Equipment?

I know very well how to use modern machinery and kitchen utensils since I have installed the latest grilling pans, stoves, and deep fryers at my home. Being fond of discovering new recipes occasionally, I have learned how to use kitchen tools with great expertise. This way, the chances of me being a target of kitchen hazards such as oil spills and deep burns would be considerably less.

17. How Will You React When You Run Out Of The Most Important Ingredients?

Running out of the most basic ingredients during peak restaurant hours is the worst nightmare for an employer. Handling this situation cleverly will rid you of the embarrassment and extra effort of going out to purchase the item while making the customer wait considerably longer for you. To cut myself out from such situations, I will review the menu and the available ingredients every morning before opening the restaurant. In case of missing ingredients, I will rule out the item from the menu for the time being and let the customers know that the item is out of the menu for today.

18. What Challenges Do You Expect To Face In This Job?

I can foresee myself in slightly difficult situations when imagining working at Arby’s. Primarily, if I get hired, I might get a little overwhelmed with the sudden information overload, blending into the new environment and maintaining a balance between my personal and work life. Since it is my first job, everything might seem quite daunting initially but adapting to changes in the surroundings is one of my greatest strengths that would get me through this phase in a blink of an eye. 

19. What Are Your Career Expectations?

My goal in life is to improve in whatever work I am doing. Whether it is my educational or professional journey, I always aim to climb the ladder to success quicker. My only ambition is to get a good job post at Arby’s and work my way to a senior position in the firm. Not only will this help me polish my skills, but it will also persuade me to keep working harder for my job.

20. Have You Ever Dined At Our Restaurant? If So, What Is The Thing That Makes Us Unique From Our Competitors?

I have dined several times at Arby’s, and the thing that has always attracted me to have my daily dose of carbs at your restaurant is the diversity in your menu. The scrumptious beef and chicken sandwiches, coupled with the mouth-watering turkey roasters, are a treat to our flavor buds. No matter how far thanksgiving is, you can always have a taste of the delicious turkey beforehand! Besides, the overall ambiance of your restaurants is the one to attract millions of customers, thanks to the contemporary theme and interior of your branches that ensure the customers spend their entire visit praising your company for providing such an amazing surrounding vibe.

21. How Will You Prioritize Multiple Tasks In A Go?

A practice I have followed since high school is to write down my daily tasks every morning and organize them according to their priority. If I have multiple jobs in line with their deadlines in close proximity to one another, I put the one with the tightest deadline on the top of the list.

In case of a very hectic schedule that compromises my health and sleep cycle, I tend to share my workload with my colleagues and, if possible, write an application to the head of my department to allot me a deadline extension. Such measures not only benefit me but also prove favorable to the company in terms of excellent output and good customer feedback.

22. How Well Can You Work In A Team?

A noteworthy fact about my personality is my extroverted nature which makes me an excellent teammate and group leader. I firmly believe teamwork leads to better and more successful outcomes. Being an excellent listener and negotiator, I try to avoid anomalous activities that may affect the team dynamics. In case of any differences, I tend to be at the forefront in resolving such matters.

Moreover, becoming a group leader of specific projects throughout my educational journey has helped me polish my personality to adapt well to working in teams. Therefore, I always ensure every team member gets an equal share of ideas and input in every project.

23. How Would You React To A Workplace Conflict?

Working under pressure may lead to aggression and conflicts with our colleagues. Therefore, I always try to blow out a heated argument before the flame grows. I will never hesitate to intervene between two conflicted parties. Instead, I will make sure the matter does not affect the customers at our restaurant and talk the issue out in private.

Being a good listener, I will try to put in my input by giving logical solutions to the problems and not letting the issue go in vain. Moreover, I will ensure that the proposed solutions do not hurt the sentiments of both parties in any way to guarantee a fair and square end to the conflict.

24. If You Ever Commit A Mistake, How Will You Handle The Situation?

I have a staunch belief in the fact that acceptance leads to maturity. Therefore, if I ever commit a mistake, I accept it and apologize for the inconvenience it may lead to. After all, a simple apology may work wonders rather than being arrogant. In the restaurant business, there is little room for mistakes. A simple error may rid you of some of your valuable customers.

Therefore, my priority will be to acknowledge my mistake and devise a plan to set things right. For instance, in cases where I add the wrong ingredients or deliver the wrong order, I will offer my sincerest apologies to the customers and offer them a compensation meal to reimburse their loss.

25. How Well Do You Handle Pressure?

Working in a renowned fast food chain means working under immense pressure and the stress of the increasing number of customers over the day. However, this will never stop me from working harder. These moments motivate me to keep up my pace and strive for the best results at the end of the day.

In the case of a situation where the pressure piles up to an uncontrollable level, I try to distract myself by listening to good music and working simultaneously to avoid getting the pile of stress on my nerves and prevent me from ruining my work.


By now, you might feel a little more confident and prepared for your interview at Arby’s. No matter how intimidating interviews may sound, confidence and good research are the keys to excelling in any job.

Qualifying for a job at Arby’s requires dedication, hard work, sincerity, and adaptability. So, outshine your interview by carefully studying our interview guide and becoming a part of one of the most prestigious fast food chains in America. Not only will it guarantee a rewarding future, but it will also open up diverse career opportunities for you to explore beyond your limits.

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