Top 25 Athleta Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

When Scott Kerslake established Athleta in 1998, his sole aim was to create sportswear for women and girls that would feel comfortable when exercising. This glaring miss by the other established brand has driven massive sales growth for Athleta, and the company is on track to hit $2 billion in net sales.

Currently, the company has about 2,500 employees, with more openings and job listings on job sites for more workers. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in applying for one of these positions. We will highlight the questions you might hear and suitable answers that could increase your chances of getting hired.

1. Why Do You Want To Work For Athleta?

Athleta has always impressed me with its commitment to providing quality sportswear products for women and girls. It is clear from observing the company that this is not just a marketing ploy. They have dedicated extra effort to producing top-notch female sportswear, and I want to contribute to this impressive endeavor. I share their passion for giving women and girls the option to lead active lives easily. I see this company as the perfect outlet to fully realize my potential, and I want to help Athleta meet and surpass all its goals.

 2. Why Should We Hire You?

In addition to my passion for sales, I have other communication and managerial skills that set me apart from other applicants. I am a friendly and approachable individual with superb communication skills. I would be an asset to a retail-based outfit like Athleta. My managerial skills and ability to work effortlessly under pressure are desirable, as they allow me to deliver optimal results. I am also a very sports-oriented individual, and with selling sportswear, a decent requirement is a firm understanding of the top sporting trends. I can genuinely contribute in any capacity needed to help the company grow.

3. What Additional Skills Do You Have That Would Benefit Athleta?

My excellent computer skills and technical knowledge will come in handy with the increasing volume of online shopping. My experience in retail sales and my excellent understanding of computer systems will allow me to join the online sales team. If you fall out of step with what is currently trending online in retail, you might lose a lot of market share. My good understanding of social media trends and how to use them to boost sales will be very beneficial to the company.

4. What Would Your Previous Boss Say About Your Work Ethic?

I can confidently assure you that my previous employer would give glowing descriptions of my work ethic. I was a model employer in my former job, and my boss had no complaints. My major driving force is how to help any company that employs me meet its targets. Throughout my work with my old employer, I was never tardy and had a good working relationship with my colleagues. I reached every job milestone that a good worker should achieve. The disappointment of losing such a top employee would be evident in his reply.

5. What Is Your Biggest Strength?

Having a good work ethic is by far my biggest strength. I always strive to complete any task assigned to me. This zeal to deliver results on any duty given to me is a strength I feel would benefit the company. My previous employer recognized the advantages of having a good workhorse and used me in various capacities, and I always delivered. Whenever I am stuck, I seek more instructions to ensure I get the job done. I do not tolerate tardiness. My addition to the company would be a positive one.

6. What Do You Know About Athleta?

Ever since Athleta got on my radar, I have followed and cheered its growth like a loyal fan. Scott Kerslake established the company in 1998. He observed the apparent absence of suitable sports clothes for the women who cycled with him. This experience inspired him to create one of the first brands focused on female sportswear. Gap Inc. acquired Athleta for $150 million in 2008 and has Mary Beth Laughton as its current C.E.O. The company is majority-staffed by women and has stayed true to the guiding principle of female empowerment.

7. What Do You Think Of Our Goal Of Empowering Women And Girls?

I believe this is a much-needed and inspirational social goal that I want to do my part in further achieving. While other top brands see women as afterthoughts, the increasing sales at Athleta show this is seriously misguided. Having a majority female workforce ideally positions the company to elevate women. The community outreach and the Power of She Funds that provide grants to women-focused organizations are excellent projects that I would genuinely want to help expand. Your commitment to using business for good is in line with mine. Athleta has earned a well-known, coveted public reputation from this.

8. Which Companies Compete With Athleta?

Athleta has Lululemon as its closest competitor, as they both offer appealing, comfortable athletic clothing for women and girls. They are both referred to as athleisure brands and are actively and aggressively competing for the same market share. Other notable brands that compete with Athleta are the top sports brands like Nike and Adidas, Fabletics, Gymshark, etc.

9. What Sets Athleta Apart From The Competition?

As a company that produces quality women-friendly sports clothing, I believe its adherence to its values and commitment to quality distinguishes it. The company seems to have perfected the right balance between quality and comfort. Before the rise of Athleta, women had limited options when choosing activewear, but that has changed. The brand is also very likable because of its inclusive clothing sizing formats. Also, their strong focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products plays well with the climate-focused new generation.

10. What Do You Know About The Work Culture At Athleta?

From the reports I have read, working in Athleta is a fun experience that any good, hard worker would enjoy. There is room for innovative thinking, and the workplace is a safe space to work and develop in whatever role. My commitment will be to fully embrace the company culture of good competition that leads to growth. I will maintain the highest level of dedication and innovation when working.

11. Do You Have Any Work Experience In Sales?

My experience and skills in retail sales over the last couple of years qualify me for this position. I have very excellent customer service skills, coupled with a good temperament. I have a persuasive pitch to potential customers with a keen eye for detail that develops an interpersonal bond with my customers. My extra service ensures they return and shop with me. I have consistently met all the sales targets in my previous jobs. It might look demanding to others, but with the supreme quality of product Athleta is selling, it would be a lot easier.

12. How Do You Define Excellent Customer Service?

Customer service done in a friendly, timely, and pleasing way is the best kind of service. Any other additional assistance is usually helpful. My years in sales have made me realize that the best customer service happens when you exceed the required service. It involves doing everything legitimately possible to cater to the customer. In addition to impressing them, you would show them that you value them and will probably earn their loyalty.

13. How Will You Handle An Upset Customer?

I believe this is where my sales experience and excellent customer service skills kick in. It is always in the best interest of everyone to de-escalate any tense situation, and the starting point is to let the customer vent. I will listen attentively to whatever they are complaining about and show a genuine effort to resolve the complaint. I will not assign fault or make any promises I cannot keep. I will use my vast understanding of the products or services to educate and inform them of workable solutions.

14. Can You Talk To Customers About Extra Promotions And Offers?

If the company were to give me the additional responsibility of informing customers about promotions and offers, I would be perfectly willing to do so. I have always excelled at communicating with customers and will use any opportunity in my interaction with them to boost sales. I am all in with any idea that would increase the brand name and boost customer loyalty. These promos and offers are very helpful in archiving that. I have always taken great care to study the brand-buying behaviors of customers and learned how to use this in providing a premium customer experience.

15. Can You Manage Or Lead A Team Well?

I have all the necessary skills to successfully and efficiently lead a team. My excellent communication skills allow me to relay instructions and updates to my subordinates. I also have strong organizational skills and‌ am always willing to delegate tasks appropriately. Not only are they done on time, but well. Being a leader means being accountable for not only your actions but for those beneath you, and I will hold myself and my team to a very high standard.

16. How Do You Handle Mistakes And Setbacks?

No human is infallible, and while I have made mistakes in my long career, I have also learned some precious lessons. In one of my previous jobs, my strong work ethic made my boss continuously add more workload to my task pile. Rather than inform her I could not meet the required target on time, I almost burned myself out trying to achieve it. That experience imprinted the concept of knowing my limits and trying to work within them rather than overdo them and then make a mess. I have continuously strived to learn from any setback or mistake I make.

17. How Will You Resolve A Disagreement With A Colleague?

No matter how you try to avoid them, disagreements in the workplace are not avoidable. In such a case, I would ensure I resolved it as soon as possible. Strife and conflict do not appeal to me, and I am always a team player. I will take a step back and identify the conflicting issue quickly. Once I know the cause, I would address the problem with the colleague as soon as possible to avoid it festering and escalating. A genuine commitment from both parties could result in an amicable resolution of differences.

18. Do You Value Recognition Or More Pay?

I believe additional pay implies the company values the effort I am plowing into my work and has rewarded me with a monetary bump. While increased pay would be a motivational move, it is not necessarily my main driving force. I do not measure my success in a company by how much I earn alone. I seriously value job advancement as a genuine way to recognize the contributions I am adding to the company. The higher I go with more responsibility to set and achieve goals set by the company, the more valued I will feel.

 19. What Motivates You?

Whenever I complete a task or meet a target, I feel that is enough satisfaction. As a result-oriented person, I will fit in with the Athleta workplace culture. Give me a demanding task, and I will need little encouragement until I complete the task. While I am okay with self-motivating myself to improve, I also enjoy the occasional praise from my superiors after finishing a demanding job.

20. What Is Your Favorite Sport?

I enjoy many sporting activities, hence my interest in working for a sportswear company. My love for sports is a long-nurtured hobby that has grown into a healthy obsession. Watching Lisa Leslie use a basketball as an extension of her hand and seeing Simone Biles perform mind-blowing turns and flips have been inspirational for me since I was a child. My favorite would remain gymnastics because I respect the demanding work ethic required to be even moderately good at it.

 21. How Do You Feel About Doing Repetitive Work?

I understand this is a retail sportswear company and might have to endure minor discomforts when doing some tasks. Repetitive tasks produce a rhythmic flow for me, and I am not afraid of them. I understand I get bored doing the same thing regularly, but I also believe it is an avenue to get better at the task. My dedication to work will not fade with doing it repetitively. I will tackle any duty assigned to me with the zest of a motivated employee, repetitive or not.

22. What General Trends Do You See In The Sportswear Industry?

I see the continuous shift from shoppers visiting retail stores to shopping online. The increase in the “bricks to clicks” trend will speed up and reduce the need for physical retail stores. But with increased investments in expanding its online presence, Athleta can lead this market. There would also be a continuous boom for “athleisure” brands like Athleta. With more women predicted to start one athletic activity or the other, Athleta will continue seeing sales growth.

23. What Are Your Preferred Working Hours?

Whenever the company needs my services, I will always be available. I am a fan of the standard working hours, as it is familiar. I ‌prefer working during the day as I am at my most hyperactive best then. My job performance at night is not affected by this. It just means I feel less efficient at night. Anytime I am needed, I will ensure that I always make myself available.

24. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

I have been at my previous post for a while now, but when I heard about the opening in Athleta, it was the right time to try new opportunities. I have no conflict with my previous boss, but the conditions feel right to move on. I see this company and its continued growth potential as the right fit for me. The combined social and economic work Athleta performs is very appealing and worth elevating. The advancement opportunities here are good, and with my skills and work ethic, I believe I would advance rapidly here.

25. How Long Do You Envision Staying With Us?

I admire the growth Athleta has experienced and want to be a part of its continued success. It is rare for a brand to top my social and economic scale, so I am in for the long haul. If I have continued opportunities to rise in Athleta, I will stay for as long as possible. I have a genuine desire to help this company meet all its targets. As long as I produce a net positive impact and am appreciated, I see no reason to leave.


These questions have touched on all the areas and listed all the potential questions you will probably face in your interview for a job in Athleta. It is good to study the answers and get used to them. You can tailor your response to match any of their questions. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful.

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