Top 25 Azure Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Cloud computing job marketing is currently somewhat competitive, making the job hunting task complex. But, if you do your homework and research more about Azure, you will kick anxiety out, answer questions more confidently, and increase your chances of getting a job. 

We cannot promise that your recruiter will ask all these questions, nor can we predict the exact questions they will be asking. But, early preparation ahead of time will prepare you mentally and emotionally for the experience. And you know what they say when preparation meets opportunity, it leads to success.  Below are 25 top Azure interview questions and samples of answers to give tips on making your job searching experience a positive one. 

1. Explain What An Azure Cloud Service Does? 

Azure is a public cloud computing service offering a wide range of cloud services, including computing, analytics, storage, and networking. 

2. What Tasks Do You Look Forward To Accomplishing With Azure? 

I look forward to accomplishing several tasks with Azure. Some of these tasks include:-

  • sending emails, 
  • sending messages and notifications,
  • Io T data processing, 
  • Task scheduling,
  • Order processing.

3. Why Did You Make A Career In Cloud Computing? 

I chose a career in Cloud Computing because of my extensive knowledge of programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, and Python. My fascination with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has also influenced my decision to pursue a career in Cloud Computing. As an IT specialist, my knowledge of technological innovation and passion for computer information greatly influenced my decision to pursue this career option. 

4. Do You Have Any Professional Achievements You’ve Completed In Azure? 

In my previous role, I worked as a cloud software engineer, collaborating with the company’s IT department and successfully developing software for the company in the cloud. I was tasked with upgrading, repairing, and maintaining the software that has efficiently served the company since its inception. 

5. Why Are You Convinced That You Are The Best Option For This Role? 

From the job description, you mention self-management and self-motivated several times. I believe I am a good fit because these are some of the strengths and qualities I’ve been striving to improve. In my last position, my seniors allowed me to manage myself. Besides that, I have been working on similar roles and tasks your company needs. I believe I am the right candidate for this role as I have practical experience and can also excel at effectively managing my time.  

I am an enthusiastic individual willing to surmount any obstacle to go above and beyond any project. For instance, my passion for coding has led me to self-teach myself three programming languages. I did this by joining an online class where I encouraged myself until I successfully graduated. I can excel in this position because you are looking for a self-motivated computer specialist.  

6. In Your Opinion, Why Do Businesses Need Cloud Computing Services? 

All businesses, including startups and small-scale enterprises, need computing services because it minimizes communication barriers and makes it easier for employees in different departments to access information and collaborate with team members and top management. 

7. Explain An Instance Of How Azure Helped You Complete A Project. 

One of my most significant accomplishments happened while in a previous role in a consultancy firm. One challenge we had at work was streamlining our files to make them easily accessible. 

Everyone in the department had a hard time locating files, wasting plenty of time and reducing productivity. With permission from my manager, I took the initiative to create a system that enabled us to access files whenever needed with minimal effort. This saved a lot of time, and after a month, productivity rose by up to 15%. 

8. In Your Experience Working With Azure, Describe The Three Cloud Deployment Models.

PaaS – Platform as a Service 

IaaS – Software as a Service 

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service  

9. What Is Your Weakness When Dealing With Azure? 

One weakness I have is that I struggle to interact with others as I am used to working independently. This has become a challenge at work as I am the only one who can efficiently navigate cloud computing. When I am away, everything grinds to a halt whenever a technicality with the system occurs. There’s a waste of precious time, a reduction in productivity, and a delay in delivery. 

I realized that not many in my department understand Azure as I do. So, I decided to recruit others to help me with IT-related tasks. I am also learning how to take a back seat to give others a chance to improve their skills. Recently, I started training sessions to help my colleagues improve their cloud computing skills. This has been beneficial as I don’t have to be the one doing everything in my department. 

10. In Your Experience, What Are The Benefits Of Azure In Business? 

With over 200 applications offering over 1,000 technical capabilities, all designed to serve businesses, from the cloud, Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing is the future of any business. 

Since Microsoft Azure relies on an open-source computing system, developers and programmers can use their existing codes to test applications.

Startups and small businesses can utilize cloud-based services and any other application beneficial to their business and pay only for what they use.   

Apart from storage, Microsoft Azure has other benefits, including: – 

  • Platform as a service (PaaS) refers to the development and testing of applications. 
  • Software as a service (SaaS) refers to accessing software applications, including CRM, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce, through the internet.

11. Outline The Technical Duties And Responsibilities Of An Azure Administrator? 

Every company, whether big or small, is looking for a more efficient and flexible storage solution that is fast and reliable. Companies need more rapid data gathering and analyzing content using machine learning or artificial intelligence tools. 

A competent Microsoft Azure Administrator helps manage the company’s cloud computing needs to get a working solution. 

To define the technical skills needed for this role, we first have to define the fundamental building block of cloud computing, which are to:-

  • Implement 
  • Monitor 
  • Offer solutions in terms of cloud storage, network, and security. 

It is essential to first understand cloud computing before diving into Microsoft Azure, which includes four essentials: compute, store, network, and security.


An Azure administrator primarily deals with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which entails operating virtual machines in the cloud. Hence, to succeed as an Azure administrator, you must be familiar with VMarevSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Some VM-related tasks can help companies to 

  • Organize VMs into virtual networks 
  • Back up VMs
  • Configure VMs for performance, security, and cost.       


While Azure provides administrators with limitless storage for database files and application data. The software offers tools, but it is the administrator’s responsibility to use them. The core tasks include 

  • Securing data against unauthorized access. 
  • Backing up data
  • Configuration to maintain compliance 


To excel as an Azure administrator, you must know tasks including: 

  • Organize and configure virtual networks.
  • Coordinate routing paths in a hybrid cloud
  • Manage both private and public IP addresses.


Since a business’s storage links to an Azure public cloud, an administrator must have the technical skills to:

  • Encrypt data 
  • Protect Azure Active Directory 
  • Eliminate attack 

Essentially, as an Azure admin, you need additional technical skills in: 

  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • PowerShell

12. What Are The Essential Characteristics Of Cloud Computing?

According to my experience, there are five essential characteristics of cloud computing, and they include: 

On-demand self-service

Using role-based access, you can give teams, including administrators, developers, data analysts, and architects, only the level of access they need to complete tasks. 

Broad network access

The cloud uses (SDN) Software Defined Network to form traffic flow.

Resource pooling

The cloud offers a limitless network, computing, and storage. If not, you need to resize your cloud-based virtual machines. 

Rapid elasticity 

With cloud computing, it is possible to scale out computer resources to meet demand. Due to demand, the system can scale up or down, depending on demand. 

Measured service 

With cloud computing, you only pay for what you use, known as an operational expenditure (OpEx).  

13. Do You Have Any Certification Or Specialized Education That Enhances Your Knowledge Of Azure? 

I have an IT background as I majored in computer science with a minor in cloud computing. My desire was always to work in the tech industry, so I enrolled for my education in an institution for higher learning that has a strong IT program.

I believe that to excel in cloud computing, I must be competent in programming, so I decided to perfect my skills in coding. My educational background has given me enough exposure to excel in cloud computing. 

14. In Your View, Which Is The Best Feature In Azure? 

I love Azure cloud storage because it has benefited all the organizations I have worked in. Businesses store critical data which is secure and reliable. Any data you upload on Azure storage will have a minimum of three copies stored in the same data center, a process known as Locally Redundant Storage (LRS). 

Suppose one copy of data is unavailable. In such a case, you can automatically retrieve the same data from the other two copies stored in that data center. 

Clients can opt for an additional level of resiliency by selecting:-

  • Geo-Redundant Storage (GRS), 
  • Read-Only Geo-Redundant Storage (RA-GRS) or 
  • Redundant Storage (ZRS) storage, 

These three storages have three additional copies of data stored in different locations to make six copies. 

15. What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Microsoft Azure And AWS?

Microsoft Azure and AWS are both cloud computing software that allows developers to create business applications and services. Both platforms have features including backup, analytics, compliance, cloud storage, data organization, and monitoring. 

Azure has 140 availability zone and operates via a virtual network cloud, whereas AWS has 61 availability zone and functions on a virtual private cloud.  

16. What Is The Similarities And Differences Between Microsoft Azure And AWS?

Microsoft Azure and AWS are both cloud computing software that allows developers to create business applications and services. Both platforms have features including backup, analytics, compliance, cloud storage, data organization, and monitoring.

Azure has 140 availability zone and operates via a virtual network cloud whereas AWS has 61 availability zone and functions on a virtual private cloud. 

 Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Service (AWS)
 The backup service is Azure BackupThe backup service is Amazon Glacier
 Launched in 2010Launched in 2006
 11% global market share31% global market share
 140 availability zone61 availability zone
 Storage services Blob storage Tables Table storage Azure drive ContainersStorage services Domains SQSCloudFrontEBSBuckets SDBS3AWS Import and Export
 Database options MS SQLSQL SyncDatabase options MySQLOracle DynamoDB
 The application provides security by offering permissions on the whole account.AWS provides security through defined roles with permission control features.
 Machines are grouped in cloud service and utilize the same domain name with varied ports.Access to machines is separate.
 Express RouteDirect Connect
 Monitoring option – Azure Operational InsightsMonitoring option – Amazon CloudTrail

17. Briefly Describe Your Professional Experience.

I have spent three years as an IT specialist with Amco Inc. as a developer. I have collaborated with others in the IT department to design websites, cloud management and infrastructure, coding, software development, and Microsoft Office 365. Towards the end of last year, I streamlined our databases to ensure a more accessible location and storage of files.  

18. How Do You Motivate Yourself At Work? 

As an IT specialist, creating online solutions to emerging challenges has always motivated me. What I love most about my work is witnessing the results of our team’s concerted efforts bear fruits that improve productivity, save time, improve efficiency and guarantee growth for the organization.    

19. Describe When You Failed At A Role And The Lessons You Derived From The Experience? 

Soon after graduating from college, I got my first job and was very excited when I landed my first project several months later. I was given a task with an incredibly tight schedule, and since I didn’t want to appear incompetent, I accepted the challenge without requesting adjustments to the deadlines. 

I had to set up and create a cloud computing storage system for a small-scale business that needed a more efficient solution to its storage needs. Due to time constraints, I opted to forego some steps as I didn’t want to miss the deadline. I believed skipping steps would not reflect the outcome as the threat was minimal. 

But, when I completed the task and applied the modifications, the outcome did not present the expected results. Since I didn’t test each step, I had no way of knowing when and where the problem was. 

As a result, I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the problem and could not get it. Sadly, I had no choice but to repeat the entire process from scratch. I was at pains explaining to my seniors what had gone wrong as I pleaded for leniency and additional time to rectify the mistake. 

Ultimately, I learned my lesson the hard way. Since then, I have keenly followed best testing practices despite time constraints. That way, I can promptly identify red flags and correct them before proceeding to the next step. 

20. Why Do You Feel Confident About This Role? 

One of my passions is programming and coding, which I can do without losing enthusiasm. I also have vast experience using Azure for cloud computing and setting up systems, which is an essential requirement for this role. 

21. What Significant Challenges Do You Anticipate In This Role, And How Do You Intend To Overcome Them? 

A significant challenge I anticipate is evolving technological trends, which come with frequent changes in how to work on tasks. Some improvements and innovations sometimes make it difficult for any IT guru to keep up. 

So, I intend to counter this challenge by consistently enrolling in online courses, subscribing to the latest trends, and testing new methodologies. 

22. Describe An Instance Where Your Work Received Criticism, And How Did You Handle It? 

Like any employee, I have received feedback from my colleagues and managers, which has helped me see ways to improve my skills. I was once requested to revise work that I had spent a lot of time and effort on. But, after analyzing the feedback and listening to the critique, I discovered new ways of strengthening my work. Since then, I am always eager to learn from people with diverse views and experiences, significantly when the feedback can help me grow in my career and advance my skills.   

23. Briefly Describe Yourself.

I have worked as an IT specialist for the last six years, where I began as an IT intern rising through the ranks to become a Cloud Computing Consultant. I have developed robust cloud computing, coding, and development skills.  

24. How Has Azure Been Beneficial In Advancing Your Career? 

Some of the applications of Azure are web application development, testing, application hosting, virtual machine creation, big data analytics, machine learning, and integration and sync features. These features have helped help me perfect my skills. 

25. State The Different Role Types Available In Cloud Management 

  • Web role 
  • VM role 
  • Worker role 


Having experience with cloud computing applications like Azure will significantly enhance your skillset and give you an edge over others during a job application. It will provide recruiters with a more manageable time shortlisting candidates making sure that you make it on the list each time. If you are searching for a new job, take your time to research and study interview questions, as it will give you confidence when responding to questions. 

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