Top 25 Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight/Delivery Services in 2024

Air freight is another term for air cargo, which refers to the shipment of goods by an air carrier. Air transport services are the most advantageous for shipping express shipments around the globe. The same airports are used by commercial and passenger airlines for air freight.

The aviation industry today provides over 11.3 million direct jobs, making it the most widely used source of transportation worldwide. 87.7 million people are reportedly employed in catalytic, induced, and indirect jobs. The aviation industry comprises various branches when viewed as a whole. Among all these, many opportunities are offered by the burgeoning air freight transportation service sectors. We want to highlight the highest-paying positions in the air freight transportation industry in this post.

1. Air Freight Manager

One of the prestigious opportunities in the aviation sector is that of an air freight manager. An AFM runs an air freight business as a whole and manages the business’s operations, personnel, and resources. Planning and scheduling flights, loading, and unloading are additional daily responsibilities of an AFM. A degree in business administration or a closely related discipline and expertise in the air freight sector is required for this post.

Salary: $66,248/yr

2. Aviation Manager

An airport or airline’s daily operations are under the control of an aviation manager. They are in charge of managing and administrating all areas of the aviation business, including passenger services, maintenance, and air traffic control. It’s one of the highest-paying positions in the air delivery industry.

A manager in the aviation industry may have a challenging and fulfilling career. It calls for the exceptional communication and leadership abilities as well as in-depth expertise in the aviation sector. Successful individuals in this field also frequently possess a strong sense of safety and a love of flying.

Salary: $86,891/yr

3. Aircraft Loadmaster:

Aircraft loading and unloading are the responsibility of aircraft loadmasters. A plane’s and its cargo’s security must be guaranteed. It is essential to have strong communication skills and the capacity to interact with people because you will be working as a team.

All hazardous products must be packaged and labeled before being loaded onto an airplane. The dangerous effects on the plane may result in unanticipated delays during the flight or even accidents upon landing. So you must consider these parcels when loading everything else into that jet!

Salary: $56,126 /yr

4. Freight Broker

An intermediary between shippers and carriers is a freight broker. The broker enables contact between the shipper and the airline rather than acquiring ownership of the freight. They are in charge of ensuring a smooth handoff between shippers and carriers and on-time, safe delivery of the cargo.

Because they only need to deal with one person from point A to point B as their freight travels to its destination, shippers prefer working with freight brokers. A broker can avoid the complicated process of haggling with a carrier, organizing routes, and tracking freight. Additionally, they enjoy collaborating with freight brokers to streamline the arteries and reduce deadhead miles, increasing profits in a shorter time.

Salary: $46,168 /yr

5. Air Pilot

One of the highest-paying positions in the air freight services sector has long been renowned. You will be in charge of safely transporting people and freight between locations as an airline pilot. A commercial pilot’s license and prior experience flying the kind of aircraft you will be flying are required. To master the art of flying a plane, airline pilots must put in countless hours of training. Safety procedures, know-how, and practical communication abilities are also crucial in this position. In addition to flight benefits for the pilot and their loved ones, benefits that airline pilots may receive include 401K plans and health, dental, and life insurance. While regular weekends are uncommon for commercial airline pilots, they may enjoy 9 to 14 days off per month.

Salary: $87,032 /yr

6. Cargo Handler

One of the highest-paying positions in the air freight services industry is that of a freight transport handler. Vast volumes of freight must be loaded and unloaded onto airplanes as part of this job’s responsibilities. Handlers must be careful with what they are handling because they are responsible for inspecting the cargo before it is placed onto the aircraft.

Freight handlers must also be mindful of workplace safety regulations set by their employers, such as the distance between two large pieces of equipment when loading them onto an airplane; safety requirements are in place when loading and unloading aircraft to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Salary: $35,627 /yr

7. Customer Program Manager

In the aviation industry, administering customer programs and establishing and maintaining client connections fall within the purview of customer program managers. They strive to achieve client satisfaction and make sure that programs are executed on schedule and budget. Customer program managers need to be proficient in interpersonal and communication skills, have project management expertise, and both to be successful in this position. The fact that you require fewer abilities for this career makes it one of the highest-paying positions in the air freight services industry. A degree in business administration or a closely related subject is often required for customer program managers. Some firms, though, could favor applicants with master’s degrees or prior experience in the aviation sector. Managers of customer programs usually work full-time hours, while some jobs may call for overtime.

Salary: $1,05,386 /yr

8. Freight Agent

The people that organize the shipping of products are known as freight agents. They are responsible for finishing the necessary paperwork, sending documents, and informing parties as necessary.

When a shipment is damaged during shipping or arrives late, a freight claim is made and handled by freight agents. Freight brokers may work for small businesses or major corporations, and they are typically expected to be familiar with the regulations governing international trade as well as the workings of transportation companies like air freight delivery.

A competent freight agent must be knowledgeable about these topics as well as the various business contracts used by companies conducting business outside of the United States, such as international purchase agreements, to advise clients on which type of contract would be best for their needs based on the size of the transaction.

Salary: $47,365 /yr

9. Air Traffic Controller

The safe and effective movement of airplanes throughout the national airspace system is the responsibility of air traffic controllers. Work duties for a controller include:

  • dispersing the airplane.
  • tracking the altitude and position of the aircraft.
  • interacting with the pilots.
  • collaborating with additional air traffic control employees.

In addition to their primary duty of ensuring safety, controllers also have the responsibility of effectively moving aircraft to reduce delays. This can be difficult because they have to take the weather, airport traffic, and other potential issues into account. But this is also the reason it’s one of the highest-paying positions in the freight services industry.

Salary: $61,681/yr

10. Airport Manager

The general management of an airport is the responsibility of the airport manager. This entails managing the personnel and finances as well as making sure the airport functions smoothly and effectively. The routine duties of an AM also include monitoring the upkeep of the airport’s grounds and organizing and planning the arrival and departure of flights. A degree in business administration or a closely related discipline is required, as well as experience working in the aviation sector, to become an airport manager.

Salary: $70,707 /yr

11. Flight Attendants

Similar to regular passenger airlines, air freight delivery firms do not always employ flight attendants. Only the captain and co-pilot will typically be on board the whole flight. For flights that exceed a predetermined threshold, a replacement crew will be on board. Many airlines chose to transport cargo during the pandemic using their passenger aircraft. A set number of cabin staff employees were brought on board when the shipment was loaded into the cabin.

Salary: $40,550 /yr

12. Flight Dispatcher

Aids in the organization of all ground activities and flight planning before takeoff. A flight dispatcher needs to be well-versed in the current weather. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree may be necessary as an academic requirement, along with specialized training, to work as a flight dispatcher. The aircraft dispatcher, who works behind the scenes to keep planes in the air and on schedule and is also referred to as a “pilot on the ground,” is one of the unsung heroes of their industry. Remember that more than one person is guiding your location to its destination and making sure you arrive on time the next time you’re on a flight.

Salary: $57,780 /yr

13. Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

A six-figure compensation is not uncommon for an airplane maintenance mechanic, making it one of the higher-paying professions. The mechanic is in charge of maintaining the freighter’s airworthiness by checking the avionics, hydraulic systems, flight controls, and aircraft construction. A freighter mechanic must also have a thorough understanding of the freighter’s loading and unloading mechanisms. Having a certification for helicopter repair will be a distinct benefit if the company uses helicopters to convey air freight.

Being an airplane mechanic entails a lot of responsibility because he is ultimately responsible for the safety of passengers, pilots, and flight attendants. To ensure that everything is in order and the aircraft is prepared for takeoff, they closely monitor the aircraft systems.

Salary: $56,209/yr

14. Transport Management

The logistical side of moving large numbers of packages from one area to another is handled by transportation management specialists.

Many professionals in transportation management work in areas other than only air freight and delivery. To determine the quickest, most cost-effective, and most efficient method of transporting products, these experts deal with air, ship, and train operations as well as conventional “over-the-road” transportation.

A knack for planning and logistics will be necessary for those who want to work in this profession. That makes up a significant portion of this success puzzle. Additionally, time management should come naturally to you; success depends on your ability to solve problems and communicate with others in an honest, open, and transparent manner.

Salary: $78,777/yr

15. Air Cargo Reps

When it comes to the air freight and delivery industry, air cargo representatives, sometimes known as “reps,” handle pretty much everything related to the ground operations side of things.

These professionals collaborate with logistical specialists to develop effective timetables, keep in touch with loadmasters and the cargo handling team, coordinate with the flight crew, and serve as a point of contact for the air cargo company. Reps can also land these well-paying jobs without having a lot of formal schooling. Typically, all that is required to get a job is a high school diploma (or its equivalent). These jobs offer a decent income with lots of potential for great incentives and excellent perks as your career develops.

Salary: $36,821/yr

16. Inventory Specialists

Inventory experts closely monitor all of the inventory at a warehouse at any given moment, serving as the manager’s “right hand.” A key component of success in this line of work is attention to detail. Additionally essential are meticulous record-keeping, effective multitasking, and unambiguous communication. The compensation for inventory specialists varies depending on the business.

Salary: $39,016/yr

17. Ground Ops Managers

The airport typically employs your ground operations manager, though occasionally, air freight operations will also hire their ground ops managers to manage their physical location at the airport.

The ground operations manager is responsible for making sure that cargo is handled effectively and safely, that it is loaded and stored correctly, that aircraft maintenance is managed, and that the physical operation of the air freight business is kept in good condition.

These managers are in charge of whatever takes place on the ground.

Salary: $73,169/yr

18. Air Freight Forwarders

The people who handle air freight and deliveries, or “forwarders,” ensure that cargo is delivered securely to each destination along its logistical trip.

When necessary, these experts make arrangements for storage or accelerated transportation and frequently take care of making sure that the tracking information for these cargo shipments is accurate and up to date.

The majority of employers prefer to see candidates with a degree in business administration or a closely related field, as well as robust logistics and shipping abilities, because these positions are so crucial to the success of an air freight operation and because they are frequently so tech-heavy.

Salary: $69,890/yr

19. Postal Service Employees

The vital significance that Postal Service employees play in the air freight and delivery services industries cannot be understated.

After all, these workers have duties beyond simply carrying mail to people’s mailboxes.

Numerous of these specialists are also responsible for customer support, product sorting and delivery, logistical management, and many other tasks.

Candidates for City Carrier Assistant (CCA) positions are encouraged if they are interested in working for the Postal Service. The first opportunity at any new “conventional” Postal Service employee posts when they become available is essentially guaranteed in these entry-level roles, which are open to pretty much everyone. They receive outstanding benefits directly from the federal government, along with virtually unbeatable employment security.

Salary: $53,566/yr

20. Warehouse Managers

Before the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft, someone must be in charge of gathering, monitoring, maintaining, and securing all of the cargo that air freight activities will transport. Managers of warehouses can help in this situation. Warehouse managers and logistical whizzes can keep cargo loads coming and going around their facilities without becoming mixed up, delayed, or lost in the shuffle.

However, these managers have more duties than simply caring for the goods. The majority of the time, they are also in charge of overseeing the other members of the warehouse staff who carry out the bulk of the labor-intensive lifting associated with moving cargo to and from the airplane.

Salary: $57,991/yr

21. Director Of Flight Ops

Every element of the air freight and delivery operations must be monitored by the director of flight operations. These individuals are in charge of hiring and training flight crew members, scheduling and arranging flights, assembling and managing flight crews, communicating with pilots and flight crews, and many other tasks.

The Director of Flight Ops is also accountable for managing maintenance, collaborating with all other sections of the air freight industry, preserving aircraft and flight records, and a host of other duties. Therefore, it should not be surprising that a position with this amount of responsibility would also be accompanied by a relatively high annual salary.

Salary: $42,638/yr

22. Import Managers

All imported items must pass through customs and have the appropriate paperwork, and these shipments (usually permanently) include a tonne of paperwork.

Having competent import managers on board is the only way to guarantee that crucial air freight operations go without a hitch—and that things move swiftly through the red tape and bureaucracy.

Salary: $55,000/yr

23. Aviation Safety Inspector

Pilots, navigators, mechanics, and other formerly employed members of the aviation industry serve as aviation safety inspectors. They are in charge of either certifying training programs following the course evaluation or aircraft operations.

Salary: $103,125/yr

24. Flight Instructor

An additional position that ex-pilots are hired for is flying instructor. These individuals were chosen for the job because they had decades of experience. The flight instructors work either part- or full-time as flight instructors due to their flexible schedules.

Salary: $49,615/yr

25. Airman

An airman works as a qualified member of the air force in positions like pilot or aviator technician. Based on their duties related to flight, these experts are ranked differently. Some airmen could have a specialty in flying or base-based flight support.

Salary: $52,155/yr


Here are the top 25 paying positions in air freight/delivery services as of just this moment.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of positions accessible in this area at the moment.  Anyone seeking a distinctive challenge, outstanding salary and benefits, and the opportunity to be a part of the extensive logistical network that connects our world like never before should take a closer look at some of the positions we listed above.

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