Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Diversified Commercial Services in 2024

A diversified firm manages numerous lines of business, the majority of which are unconnected to one another. Creating a diverse firm is advantageous since it gives multiple distinct product lines and clients, shielding the organization from any economic downturns or business changes.

One advantage of being a diverse firm is that it protects a corporation against extreme volatility in any one industrial area. However, because it is not solely focused on one firm, this model is less likely to allow investors to achieve big gains or losses.

Companies can diversify by starting new enterprises on their own, combining with another firm, or acquiring a company that operates in a different area or service sector. One of the issues that diverse firms have is maintaining a strong strategic focus to generate significant financial returns for shareholders rather than diluting company value via ill-conceived acquisitions or expansions.

General Electric, 3M, Sara Lee, and Motorola are some of the most well-known diverse firms in history. Siemens and Bayer are examples of diverse European corporations, whereas Hitachi, Toshiba, and Sanyo Electric are examples of varied Asian companies.

Why A Career In Diversified Commercial Service

Diversified commercial services is an excellent career path for a variety of reasons. It has jobs for practically every sort of individual. The sector provides something for everyone, from extroverts to introverts, high school grads to PhD hopefuls. Furthermore, because it is such a large business that is so linked to the American economy, there is a lot of possibility for job stability.

As a result, the industry’s breadth makes it simple for people to locate a variety of profitable professions, and this article will explore some of the best-paying positions in this sector Other reasons include:

  • Opportunities and options abound. Diversified commercial services, as the name indicates, provide several job options because organizations are always entering new industries.
  • There is room for development. With opportunity comes progress, and many persons working in various commercial services may achieve significant career advancements.
  • Problems that require resolution:  Problems typically arise whenever a firm enters a new service, therefore problem solvers are never in short supply.
  • Excellent for extroverts and introverts alike: Some jobs demand both sorts of personalities, whether you prefer to work with others or prefer to be alone.

Below Are The Best Paying Jobs In Diversified Commercial Services:

1. Research And Development Scientist (Annual Salary: $87,000)

When most businesses want to broaden their commercial services, they first turn to R&D scientists. Scientists in research and development utilize their abilities to create new goods and improve existing ones. Before expanding into a new industry, a firm in diversified commercial services must first gather data about its new items or services.

A research and development scientist may assist with this by conducting tests, evaluating data, and offering actual proof of what the new product is capable of. Their evaluations and recommendations will then be utilized by the corporation to choose whether or not to proceed with the expansion.

2. Corporate Lawyer (Annual Salary: $133,000)

Diversifying into a new product or sector entails a significant amount of legal labour. From regulations to competitor buyouts, a firm in varied commercial services requires a strong team of corporate attorneys to help them negotiate the bureaucracy.

It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who enjoys getting their hands dirty with business law. The duties of a corporate lawyer might range from acting as an advisor on business choices to defending the corporation during mergers, acquisitions, or government hearings.

Corporate lawyers may also be involved in other elements of a company’s operations, such as advising on compliance concerns or assisting in risk management by developing new rules and procedures for employees.

3. Data Scientist (Annual Salary: $102,000)

A data scientist collects and analyzes data for their firm or customer to use in business decisions. A data scientist is required in diversified commercial services to assess whether diversification is functioning or will be a good idea.

Data scientists are fascinated with data, patterns, and problem-solving. Because most data scientists work with computers, learning how to code is a great advantage, though it is not required. The capacity to successfully gather and convey data is the most critical talent for a data scientist.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, mathematics, data analytics, or a closely related discipline is required for data scientists. Candidates with a master’s degree in computer science or statistics are preferred by some businesses.

4. Software Engineer (Annual Salary: $95,000)

Software engineers are computer programmers who create and improve software programs. A software engineer will assist in the development and maintenance of whatever the organization has for a software product or service.

Because a large amount of software must be updated regularly, software engineers must continually correct issues or improve programs, and they are the sort of individuals who want to have something to work on.

To accomplish their work effectively, software engineers must have a good understanding of computer science topics and programming languages. They must, however, have excellent communication skills to connect with customers, stakeholders, and other team members throughout the development process.

5. Marketing Manager (Annual Salary: $107,000)

When a firm launches a new commercial service, marketing is crucial in educating customers and avoiding misunderstandings. Marketing executives must balance creativity and logic.

They want to create an engaging campaign, but must also ensure that they take the proper measures. As a result, marketing managers must work with a large amount of data, particularly from focus groups, and efficiently distribute duties to their team.

Marketing managers often have a clear vision of the objectives they wish to achieve via the actions of their department. These objectives may include generating income from specific goods or services, expanding into new markets, or other tasks that contribute to the general growth of the firm.

6. Project Manager (Annual Salary: $96,000)

Diversified commercial services are associated with a large number of initiatives. Project managers are in charge of seeing that these projects are completed. Along the process, they must collaborate with their personnel and make improvements as needed.

People and organizations come naturally to project managers. Project management is an excellent initial step into top management for anybody interested in a career in leadership.

Project managers must be able to balance many obligations at the same time. They must not only handle the day-to-day work of each project participant, but they must also be able to organize their efforts into a coherent whole. It necessitates good interpersonal skills and the capacity to communicate effectively with all parties involved.

7. Director Of Distribution (Annual Salary: $126,000)

Many diverse business services grow into goods that necessitate the supervision of their distribution. That is the responsibility of the distribution director. They ensure that their products are delivered from the point of origin, such as a factory, to shipping firms, warehouses, and, eventually,  customers.

The distribution director is in charge of a team of people that conduct this operation daily. Truck drivers, warehouse workers, and other personnel who transport things from one location to another may fall under this category. The distribution director also collaborates with sales teams to ensure they have access to the correct items at the right time.

8. Business Consultant (Annual Salary: $94,000)

Not every firm is sure that they intend to broaden their commercial offerings. Even if they do, the organization may want advice on the best course of action. It is why business consultants are so popular across a wide range of commercial services.

Business consultants assist companies in issue-solving, performance improvement, and decision-making. They frequently work with businesses that are experiencing a problem of some type, such as developing a new product or service, expanding into new markets, or dealing with internal concerns like staff morale or productivity.

A business consultant may help with a variety of issues. They might be experts in a sector or have a broad understanding of business.

9. Corporate Accounting Manager (Annual Salary: $102,000)

Money is usually circulating in commercial services, and corporate accountants and managers maintain track of it. A corporate accountant manager will lead a staff of accountants and transmit financial information to senior management.

Corporate accountants’ managers are structured and enjoy working with numbers. They must be skilled at allocating responsibilities and directing their teams through hectic periods, particularly during tax season.

Corporate accounting managers must be good leaders to cooperate with personnel at all levels within their firm. They must also be able to successfully interact with external stakeholders, such as investors or regulators, to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding how the firm functions.

10. Sales Director (Annual Salary: $275,000)

When a firm expands and offers a new product or service, it must sell it. The sales director will see to it that this is done. They will collaborate with marketing and their sales team to create a consistent pitch for customers.

Sales executives like interacting with customers. Sales directors utilize their social skills to promote their firm and its goals, whether with clients, coworkers, or industry networking.

Sales directors frequently serve as a bridge between their company’s sales force and other departments. Interacting with marketing or customer service teams to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals.

11. Financial Analyst (Annual Salary: $78,000)

Financial analysts are in charge of evaluating and interpreting financial information. They examine the data behind firms, sectors, or even entire economies to gauge their financial performance. Financial analysts utilize this data to decıde which investments to make, which firms to promote, and so on.

Financial analysts work in many businesses, and one thing they all have in common is that they must be able to read between the lines when dealıng wıth financial accounts.

Financial analysts guarantee that their client’s money is invested wisely. They seek investment options and make judgments on their client’s behalf. A financial analyst’s priority is portfolio management.

12. Insurance Agent (Annual Salary: $46,000)

When you want to buy a policy or renew an existing one, you go to an insurance agent. They assist customers in understanding their alternatives and making good judgments about which insurance to purchase, how much coverage to obtain, and so on.

Insurance brokers provide continuing customer care by answering inquiries about current policies and informing clients about changes in their coverage.

Insurance brokers offer insurance to both individuals and businesses. It is an excellent career for outgoing individuals who want to market specialized items. Many organizations in various commercial services expand out into insurance, which may be a terrific place to start for any new employee.

13. Technical Writer (Annual Salary: $73,000)

Technical writers develop and update clear, documentation that describes how to utilize a product or service. They provide instructions, manuals, and other information to assist people in understanding how things function.

Throughout their careers, technical writers may work on a variety of projects. However, they frequently concentrate on a single sector or area of expertise. It enables them to amass a vast knowledge base in a subject area.

Tech writers express complex technological topics in a way that both internal and external readers can understand. Internal readers are coworkers, whereas external readers are members of the broader public. Because much of their work involves documentation that must be structured and simple to read, technical writers must be detail-oriented.

14. Event Planner (Annual Salary: $49,000)

The events sector is a large one into which many commercial services develop. An event planner will handle events like fundraisers and sales expos by collaborating with the firm to get the required resources.

A bachelor’s degree in hospitality, event management, or a similar discipline is often required for event planners. Candidates with a master’s degree in hospitality or event management are preferred by some organizations.

15. Sales Representative (Annual Salary: $56,000)

A sales representative is an entry-level role in the sales industry. They will seek out clients and attempt to establish a connection to increase future sales. Sales reps are outgoing individuals who relish the excitement of closing a transaction.

The reduction in retail businesses will hinder job development as fewer people will purchase in shops and more will buy online. However, due to the requirement for face-to-face interactions with customers, some industries, such as real estate and insurance, are projected to employ a  number of salespeople.

Product knowledge is the ability to explain a product’s characteristics and benefits. It is an essential skill for sales reps since it helps them answer consumer queries and convince them to buy. Product knowledge may be gained through reading product manuals, investigating the company’s website, and attending training sessions.

16. Administrative Assistant (Annual Salary: $36,000)

Administrative assistants aid in the organizing of their company’s day-to-day needs. They communicate with clients and business partners and serve as a source of information for staff. Administrative assistants must be capable of managing many jobs at once and be willing to assist in a range of initiatives.

Administrative assistants are the glue that ties businesses together. They give assistance to the  firm, ensuring that everything from day-to-day operations to long-term planning goes well. Administrative assistants may work in several divisions inside a company, such as human resources, accounting, marketing, sales, and product development.

Administrative assistants frequently conduct several activities to help their organization’s aims. Schedule meetings and appointments, create presentations and papers, answer phones, take dictation, manage email conversations, and much more. They may also be in charge of keeping records and databases connected to the activities of their organization.

17. Business Development Manager (Annual Salary: $145,000)

Business development managers are in charge of expanding their organization’s business. They accomplish this by finding new opportunities, developing strategies to capitalize on those possibilities, and effectively executing those plans.

Business development managers may work with many teams inside their organization, such as marketing, sales, and customer support. Their role is to coordinate activities among different sections to discover new avenues for the company to expand.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a similar discipline is often necessary for business development managers. Candidates with a master’s degree in business administration are preferred by several businesses (MBA).

18. Nurse Practitioner (Annual Salary: $153,000)

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a type of advanced practice nurse who has additional training and education to provide primary care services. They can diagnose, treat, and prescribe drugs for a number of medical ailments.

NPS can practice alone or in collaboration with doctors and other medical professionals. Their responsibilities vary based on their speciality, but they often undertake the same activities as general practitioners, such as doing physical exams, diagnosing ailments, and recommending remedies.

19. Podiatrist (Annual Salary: $273,000)

A podiatrist is a medical specialist specializing ın treatment of foot, ankle, and lower limb ailments and illnesses. They are traditionally used to treat bunions, hammertoes, heel discomfort, ingrown nails, athlete’s foot, warts, and other foot disorders.

Other parts of general health care that a podiatrist may be involved with include diabetes treatment and weight loss programs.

20. Pharmacist (Annual Salary: $163,000)

Pharmacists are medical professionals that fill prescriptions, advise patients on how to take drugs, and give information about their medical issues. They advise doctors on which medications are most successful in treating specific conditions.

Before beginning their training as pharmacists, pharmacists must complete a four-year undergraduate pharmacy school. It comprises chemistry, biology, physics, arithmetic, and other scientific subjects.

21. Doctor (Annual Salary: $375,000)

The most well-known medical profession is that of doctors. They are in charge of diagnosing and treating patients suffering from a number of diseases, injuries, ailments, and other health difficulties.

Pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, emergency medicine, surgery, and more specialties are available to doctors. All doctors, regardless of their expertise, must finish significant training before they may practice independently.

22. Plastic Surgeon (Annual Salary: $575,000)

Plastic surgeons are medical specialists who specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are traıned to conduct a variety of treatments, ranging from breast augmentation to face reconstruction following damage or disease.

Before they may practice autonomously, plastic surgeons must finish training. In addition to surgical abilities, students must master human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology.


Diversified commercial services have a lot to offer if you are a go-getter searching for growth and success. It has some of the most exciting jobs in the corporate world.

The roles in commercial services range from marketing to project management, and software technology to research and development. It is a popular career choice for many individuals, so don’t be shocked if you become intrigued.

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