Top 22 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services in 2024

If you are passionate about saving and spending money wisely, a career in finance or consumer services may be the right fit. Consumer finance service is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Whether it is accountancy, banking, marketing or customer service, the job opportunities are endless. It is easy to find the highest-paying jobs in this industry. A career in finance or consumer services is rewarding and fulfilling. The fantastic job options will make you interact directly with clients and become familiar with their needs, habits, and opinions. A career in financial consumer services helps you to be more responsive to market expectations.

Have a look at some highly-paid career opportunities in this industry. Make the most of your career by selecting the best-paying career path suitable for you. Before digging deep into the ground, you must know about financial consumer services.

What Are Financial Consumer Services?

“Financial consumer services” is a compound phrase that has various meanings. Consumer finance services refer to the provision of financial products and services to consumers. Finance consumer service companies or firms provide customers with financial services, like advice on savings, home loans, and insurance. There are plenty of jobs in this industry influencing experienced and entry-level associates to find a lucrative career path.

From investment in real estate to paying for college, consumer finance helps people afford products and services by paying through installments over a fixed period. Credit card services, mortgage lenders, and personal and student loan services are the key players in the consumer financial services market. The financial consumer service industry is a fantastic field for those who like to interact with clients to get familiar with their needs, opinions, and behavior. A career in financial consumer service improves market responsiveness, which leads to professionalism. Whether it’s banking, investment, or insurance, you can find several high-paying jobs in finance and consumer services.

22 High-Paying Jobs In Finance And Consumer Goods

A career in the financial or consumer service industry will never make you feel limited. You have the freedom to choose from various career paths with competitive compensation. All occupations are not alike. The top 22 best-paying jobs in the financial and consumer services industry are listed below. Imagine the success you could have using your mathematical skills at any of the jobs listed below:

1. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Average Salary: $178177 per year

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) holds the top financial position in any organization. They directly report to the CEO of the company. Their responsibility is to keep track of cash flow and financial planning. They analyze the financial strengths and weaknesses to propose strategic decisions. They are accountable to the regulatory authorities as well as the organization. Their job role is twofold. CFOs oversee the financial activities and perform the strategic advisory role for the CEO. CFOs are high-ranking executives responsible for the entire financial health of the company. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in accounting or finance and 10–15 years of experience in the financial consumer service industry are required to become CFO.

2. Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Average Salary: $175441 per year 

Chief investment officer (CIOs) is a successful executive leaders in diverse organizations. He is responsible for developing and communicating investment strategies and policies. He also contributes to the business strategy. He takes care of the investment activities in an organization. They invest money in stocks and bonds and manage the risk associated with the investment. They manage the investment teams, oversee the investment processes and establish methods to ensure compliance with investment policies. They make decisions on asset allocation and risk management. CIOs are in charge of preserving the asset portfolio of the company. People aspiring to the role of CIO need to develop broad professional knowledge, comprehensive skills, and experience to have a big-picture perspective. A finance degree from an accredited institute and a minimum of 5-8 years of experience with strong leadership and strategic thinking skills are critical to be a CIO.

3.  Financial Risk Managers

Average Salary: $145,174 per year

Financial risk management is a rewarding career. Financial risk managers identify threats to assets. The demand for financial risk managers is high in large banks and financial firms. Financial risk managers are professionals with the knowledge and ability to anticipate, adapt, and respond to critical risk issues. They work in financial services, banking, and trading organizations.

4. A Private Equity Associate

Average Salary: $144,809 per year

The Private Equity Associate is the next step for investment banking analysts. Investment banks are comparatively smaller than private equity firms. The competition for these positions is high. The Private equity associates work in private equity firms. They are company executives who work in investment banks to locate possible investors. The Private equity associates have a data-centric background. They are well-versed in financial analytics with prior work experience in the financial industry.

5. Investment Bankers

Average Salary: $134767 per year 

Investment bankers are well-paid in the financial and consumer industries. Investment bankers are responsible for working as part of a financial institution. They are primarily concerned with raising capital for corporations, governments, and other entities. Investment bankers are responsible for managing the portfolios of the companies and organizations that hold investments in different enterprises. They are experts in their field of investment and can guide clients to build up capital and make investments to meet their financial goals. Investment bankers require number-crunching abilities with strong verbal and written communication skills. They also need the capacity to work long and grueling hours.

6. Hedge Fund Managers

Average Salary: $119,561 per year 

Hedge fund managers are the professionals who oversee investment accounts, typically hedge funds. They help investors manage their investments, track liquidity and give advice about financial management. Hedge fund managers work for asset management firms.

7. Loan Officer

Average Salary: $101,560 per year 

Loan officers are the professionals who advise borrowers to apply for loans. They work in financial organizations such as banks, credit card unions, and other types of financial institutions. They process loan applications and evaluate them for eligibility and suitability to ensure the issuance of loans. They work as liaisons between customers and financial institutions, assisting qualified applicants in obtaining loans promptly.

8. Analyst In Management

Average Salary: $93,218 per year

The management analysts are the management consultants. They work with the company to improve work efficiency and solve operational issues. They advise the management to reduce costs and increase revenues to increase profits. A management analyst investigates different methods for the profitability of the organization. An analyst is the highest-paid occupation in the financial and consumer services industry.

9.  Banking Officer

Average Salary: $91,417 per year

Banking officers handle the daily customer accounts and transactions. They work for a bank or financial institution. Banking officers have the legal capacity to act for the bank, make agreements and sign documents on behalf of the bank. The size of the bank determines the qualification of a banking officer. You can start as a teller and work your way up after gaining experience and skills. If you want to pursue a career at a large bank, then a bachelor’s degree in a related field is required.

10. Financial Software Developers

Average Salary: $88,767 per year

Careers in the software development industry have gained significance over the past few years. The financial consumer industry will continuously grow in the next several years. The career opportunities for software developers and engineers are lucrative and fruitful. These software developers create, modify, and maintain software applications for banking and the financial industry. The financial software developers work for a company that develops systems and programs for financial management. The Financial software developers work at banks, financial management firms, credit card companies, or SaaS (Software as a Service) companies specializing in finance.

11. Financial Manager

Average Salary: $86619 per year 

The financial manager is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the financial health of the entity where he is employed. He offers guidance and support to the companies to manage finances. The financial manager also supervises financial operations like cash flow management and disseminates the correct financial information. The role of a financial manager is at the heart of crucial business decisions. The role of a financial manager varies depending on the place of work. Financial reporting daily, budget planning, and analyzing the target are typical tasks of a financial manager. A good head for figures, communication skills, and leadership personality is essential to manage the company as a lead. Financial managers work in different industries, including banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. A bachelor’s degree with 5- years of experience is imperative for a generous salary and excellent career progression opportunities.

12. Compliance Officer

Average Salary: $80,311

Compliance analysts are responsible for ensuring that the products and processes of an organization meet compliance specifications. They work under the compliance officer or chief compliance officer. They are responsible for evaluating work safety policies and reviewing data security. They also conduct compliance training. The role and duties of a compliance analyst depend on the sector and the employer. For example, in the financial industry, compliance analysts oversee accounting practices. They also look at the income figures and audit expenses. They contribute to the security design process to deliver and maintain the complaint system. There are job opportunities for compliance analysts in healthcare, government, finance, and insurance. You can be a compliance analyst in any industry of your choice.

13. Budget Analysts

Average salary: $62763 per year

A budget analyst is a number-crunching career choice for those who are good at planning their finances. They maintain a balanced budget to help organizations stay on track with their finances. They run regular financial reports and collaborate with executives to assess funding needs. They help in the budget decisions for special programs. They help to organize finances with a focus on past and current spending. Budget analysts are not responsible for making the final spending decisions, but their recommendations are valuable to management.

14. Financial Analyst

Average Salary: $73239 per year

Financial analysts are professionals who advise individuals and businesses on how to grow their money to profit. They assess the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. They perform research and analysis of the financial markets to help companies with investment decisions. They forecast trends in the financial market and advise the management on utilizing the available funds efficiently and effectively. Financial analysts work in banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. The average annual salary of a financial analyst makes it one of the highest-paying careers in the financial industry.

15. Securities Trader

Average Salary: $73949 per year

The securities trader is the stock trader. They buy and sell tradable assets like stocks and bonds. Successful securities traders are experts at watching macro and micro-economic trends to predict the future of their investments. They work with the stock market exchange and play a significant role between the stock and the client. Professional securities traders need a degree in finance. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) develops rules for securities agents and administers certifications. It is one of the best-paying jobs in the financial consumer service sector. The demand for securities traders is high, and the availability of qualified agents is limited.

16. Chief Compliance Officer

Average Salary: $72,894 per year

The chief compliance officers are the most important members of the management. They are primarily responsible for overseeing compliance in the organization and ensuring compliance with laws, policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements. They are also responsible for establishing the standards. They implement processes to ensure the effectiveness of the compliance program. The chief compliance officer (CCO) is in high demand. It is one of the best-paying jobs in the financial consumer services industry. The role is generally handled by trusted, reliable, and highly experienced individuals.

17. Financial Advisor

Average Salary: $70725 per year

Financial advisors are one of the best-paid jobs in the financial consumer services industry. The financial advisors not only manage the investments, but They also help to figure out the savings, build retirement plans and help with estate planning. They provide expert advice on insurance policies, investments, and other financial products. Becoming a financial advisor is a rewarding career choice. You must complete industry-specific training, pass an exam, and obtain a license to become a financial advisor.

18. Financial Planners

Average Salary: $71304 per year

Financial planners help clients manage their finances. Financial planners are advisors working in investment, cash flow, saving, and debt management. Financial planners are effective communicators with sound experience in financial planning and business development. They are analytical, meticulous, and customer-oriented individuals who help clients make wise and profitable decisions. They are primarily responsible for counselling clients on sound financial planning and management practices. Financial planners have the highest salaries in the banking and consumer services industries.

19. Credit Analyst

Average Salary: $62,601.

The credit analyst assesses the creditworthiness of the potential customers to determine the likelihood of honouring the financial obligations. They evaluate their past credit history to check their financial health. Credit analysts are usually employed by credit rating agencies, credit card issuing companies, investment and commercial banks, and investment companies. They calculate the risk and uncertainty in insurance, healthcare, pensions, and home ownership with the help of statistics and probability theory. They also guide credit risk related to lending programs. It is one of the high-paying jobs in the financial consumer services industry. 

20. An Insurance Sales Agent

Average Salary: $59995 per year 

Insurance sales agents contact potential customers to sell insurance policies. They help to protect individuals from life-threatening illnesses and unfortunate accidents. The career of an insurance sales agent is lucrative, but it involves constant networking, hustling, and several rejections. It is not the highest-paying job, but the agent earns a lot through commission.

21. Accountant

Average Salary: $55427 per year

Accountants are financial professionals who perform accounting functions independently or in firms. They work with accounting firms or the internal account department of large companies. Accountants may set up their private practice as well. The accounting duties vary depending on where they work. They perform account analysis, review financial statements, and check the accuracy of financial documents and reports. They also conduct audits, prepare tax returns and advise on areas that require efficiency and cost savings. They also conduct risk analysis and forecasting to make decisions for money management. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, with good math skills and analytical reasoning capability, is required to start a career as an accountant.

22. Auditors

Average Salary: $54,417 per year 

The auditor inspects the financial accounts of the organizations to ensure that they are correct. They act as advisors to recommend risk-aversion measures and cost-saving methods. They are also responsible for keeping track of the cash flow and accounts of the company. Financial auditors also ensure that the financial records meet legal standards. Auditors work in both the public and private sectors. A career as an auditor requires a degree in accounting or finance and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential. They also need a keen eye for detail, the ability to work under pressure, and a knack for problem-solving.


The financial consumer industry is vast, with multiple different types of jobs. Financial lucrativeness and learning opportunities are enough to tempt you to start a career in finance or consumer services. This article has unraveled all the details of the 22 best-paying career paths in the financial consumer service industry. You can make the right choice about what should be your next job title. 

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