Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Professional Services in 2024

Professional service is a wide-ranging term that encircles many industries. Professional services are jobs that require practice in science and arts. In professional services, companies provide services to consumers, and services providers give their expertise to help clients to reach their goals. Here are some of the best-paying jobs in professional services, discussed for those who seek the path in this industry.

Professional Services

Professional services are an occupation that needs special training in relative fields. It is a high-demand industry with several career opportunities, and special skills and education are crucial for the best career. Some professional services require special qualifications and experiences such as doctors, lawyers, architects, software engineers, accountants, and environmental consultants. They all are well qualified and have degrees in their fields. Other services involve providing information related to business management in all sectors including, accounting and tax advice. Many industrial groups for conducting research look at professional services firms and get help from them. This term refers to any department whose core output is a service, not a product. You can choose any profession related to your degree and experience and start offering services to other people. Most careers in professional services require a specific degree, but some need special skills with minimum education to show expertise in relevant fields such as house painting and decorating. Depending on your qualification and skills you can continue your career as a specialist and serve others.

Top 22 Careers In Professional Services  

This part of the article guides you in the selection of a career in professional services. In this sector, the highest-paid jobs discuss for your convenience in choosing a career.

1. Accountants

Accountants help the department or client in finance by controlling, verifying, analyzing, preparing financial records, and helping clients with taxes. They make different strategies for investment in a business and advice clients on how to spread business and achieve goals. They make succession plans and have excellent financial management skills that provide to clients according to their demands. Sometimes accountants also play a vital role as mediators, resolving conflicts between two parties and fixing disputes.


The estimated salary of an accountant is $63,191 a year in the United States.

2. Estate Planning Lawyer

A lawyer is a person who practices law and advises clients on duties and legal rights that may or may not need a court activity. An estate planning lawyer is one type of lawyer who helps clients in managing wills and other financial issues. They help others in writing legal documents and making a will to meet the financial needs of people. They are responsible for managing the finance of a company or a family and assisting to reduce taxes imposed on the property.


The average salary of an estate planning lawyer in the United States is $93,250, and the total pay of $103,457 per year.

3. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers give services to corporate companies and advise clients about their duties and responsibilities under the law. They are responsible for solving all the legal issues that a corporation faces and drafting and reviewing the contracts in favor of the corporation. They assist clients in making decisions, creating the business framework, and advising officers and directors on how a corporation control. They work with small and average companies that have corporate law departments.


The total calculated pay of a corporate lawyer is $136,677 a year and an average of $104,784.

4. Information Technology Support

It is a field that focuses on how to use information technology in business to reach a goal. Information technology specialists help clients fix software and hardware problems and do routine tasks. They can install or uninstall software and improve technology for company convenience. Large industries have their own IT specialist for managing company data and digital programs.


As of October 2022, the average salary of an IT specialist is $78,771 a year.

5. Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity professionals are experts in information technology security and have a responsibility to protect company digital data. They provide cloud security and address security incidents. They show their expertise in the information technology field and have programming knowledge. They can think like a hacker to protect company information and software data from hackers. They must have problem-solving and communication skills and a desire to learn more technical programs.


The estimated total pay of a cybersecurity professional is $151,435 per year.

6. Project Management

Project management is teamwork, and the project manager guides a team to achieve all goals within the time limit. The project manager set a budget and time for a project and writes project information in documents at the beginning of the process. They are responsible for starting, implementing, and completing a project. Projects are efforts to set a standard in the market through unique services and products.


 A project manager can make an average of $78,209 per year.

7. Architect

In professional services, architecture is the best job. It is an art or science to design or redesign a physical structure. It is a process of making sketches and planning for new construction projects. They have drawing and customer service skills. They should pay attention to details to start a project and for fine work. Architects can design the artificial landscape from large-scale construction of urban design to micro-level construction such as furniture and others. They make sure of the sustainability and safety of a building and its environment.


The average pay is $76,607 a year, and the highest annual income is $103,800.

8. Plumber

Plumbing is defined as the practice and attachments used in the installation of piping lines in connection with sanitary to convey water supply to a wide area. Plumbers are experts in installing pipelines, unclogging, and preventing in-door flooding. They perform routine maintenance of pipes, valves, and drainage systems in private or government sectors. They have problem-solving skills and follow blueprints to diagnose the problem.


In the United States, the average salary for a plumber is $64,541 a year.

9. Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting requires a degree in environmental science and the consultant conducts research, training, and regulatory expertise toward work at a large private, government, and industrial level. They provide analysis and information to private and government sectors or organizations on environmental concerns, public health and safety regulations, and the sustainability of the working area. They research to identify and reduce the risks that may result in legal fines with current laws. They can prepare spreadsheets and graphs for customer convenience.


The average base pay for an environmental consultant as of October 2022 is $68,393 a year.

10. Physician

A physician is a doctor who focuses on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatments of the patient. They check patients, treat injuries, recommend medicines, and perform many tasks related to their fields. They advise patients on health hygiene and diet. They design a treatment procedure for the patient and update the medical chart of a patient to reflect current treatment and health recovery.


The average annual salary of a doctor in the United States is $183,429.

11. Veterinary Physician

A veterinary physician is a physician surgeon who practices medicines on animals. They play a vital role in animal selective breeding, animal health management, and vaccination of animals. They take measures to prevent the animals from micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria and control the spread of disease. They trained to use medical surgical tools on animals and diagnose the symptoms. They provide services in animal shelters and work for animal welfare.


As of September 2022, the average salary of a veterinary doctor falls between $80,400 and $129,900 yearly.

12. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship is a combination of strategies and practices that organizations use to interact with clients and other industries. The manager studies a diverse range of information by using data. They work as a team and try to solve customers’ problems related to the company products. They plan meetings with clients to know their opinions. They keep the company products up-to-date on customer opinions and built trust in company products. They ensure to make a healthy relationship between the company and its clients.


The average base salary of a manager is $76,213 per year.

13. Audit

The audit is an independent survey of the financial information of any company. The survey does not depend on the size and profit of the company and publishes the opinions after research. They help others to keep the account book maintained according to law and ensure asset protection. The field encircles quality management, collecting and analyzing data, internal control, and energy conservation. They make inquiries about data and help in investigations. An audit is the best job in professional services to make a path for the future.


The average annual salary for an auditor is $59,390 and depends upon experience and skills.

14. Inspector

Inspector is a police rank job, and rank varies depending on the organization. Inspectors perform many duties to protect the public, staff members, and officers and help reduce crime threats. They have a good relationship with staff members and with the public. Inspectors plan and monitor all activities during a police operation. They are responsible for spotting the daily operations and intensification of critical crimes. They have the authority to approve incoming materials by conducting quality tests and rejecting undesirable materials.


The job as a police inspector is a good choice and makes way for high positions. The average annual pay for a police inspector is $55,600.

15. Tutor

Tutors provide private educational support to a single student or a group of people and show their expertise in a specific subject. Tutors motivate the students in their subjects and help them to solve problems related to their studies. They can handle all types of students, motivated or unmotivated, and remaining calm is an important skill. They have good communication and leadership skills and must know the profession. They provide helpful materials to students and help them understand the subject material. It is a profession for those who have a passion for teaching others.


As of September 2022, the tutor’s salary ranges between $35,791 and $48,550 a year.

16. Marketing

It is a field of exploring and delivering services to meet the needs of clients. It involves the selection of a theme to advertise a product and target clients who take interest in new products. Marketers know commerce and business management. They make strategies to increase product sales and ensure these plans have assisted the customers in meeting their needs. They make a marketing schedule and perform many tasks related to the field, such as advertising, product development, and analyzing the given data.


The estimated annual pay of a market specialist ranges between $63,118 and $84,822 as of September 2022.

17. Paid Advertising

It is an online advertising model where an advertiser pays the publishers per click and refers to social media ads such as google ads, Facebook ads, programmatic advertising, and Twitter ads. It is a cost-effective and measurable procedure to promote a product on digital media. Advertisement is helpful for organizations to spread and promote their brand. The paid advertising manager is a marketing professional and works with other teammates to create, monitor, approve, and evaluate the project status, brand campaigns, and their impacts.


The average salary of a paid advertising manager is $116,713 a year, but the range falls between $97,684 and $131,154 a year as of September 2022.

18. Logistics

Logistics are organizations that maintain the movement of goods from point of origin to point of consumption. It is a part of supply chain management that control the flow of goods and perform many services such as storage of goods, reverse flow, and transport-related information to fulfill customer needs. Logistics managers are responsible for an effective and efficient supply chain. They organize and store products and ensure the products are shipped to appropriate places and are cost-effective. They should have decision-making skills and logistics industry knowledge.


As of September 2022, the salary of the logistics manager is $114,356 a year.

19. Investment Management

Invest management is the professional handling of financial assets such as real estate, bonds, shareholding, and others. The main objectives of investments are safety and profit, and the investment manager provides guidelines for profitable investments to clients or organizations. They give several services in this field such as conducting research, monitoring, and daily buying and selling of the property to achieve the goals for benefit of the investors.


The annual average salary of an investment manager is $102,720.

20. Urban Planner

An urban planner is an expert who works in the urban planning field and gives the best services related to the field. They make the plans for land use, focus on specific land areas, and create communities. They also provide information about the accommodation of people and building up physical facilities in towns, cities, and other areas. They possess many skills such as writing and graphic presentation skills, data collection abilities, and conducting research. They also have decision-making and problem-solving skills and make action plans.


The salary range for an urban planner falls between $47,969 and $57,935 per year.

21. House Painter And Decorator

A house painter and decorator is responsible for decorating and painting the house and showing creativity in his work. They decorate the house, making it more beautiful and comfortable to live in. The purpose of a painting is to protect the house from harsh environments and insects. They ensure the safety of the building by applying paint and other finishes inside and outside and protecting it from damage. They also repair holes and remove old wallpapers and cover the walls with new fabrics and wallpapers.


The salary of a house painter and decorator ranges between $37,221 and $53,246, an average of $42,018 a year.

22. Event Management

Event planners focus on arranging events, parties, concerts, and festivals on large and small scales. Event planners are responsible for each and everything in event management and perform several duties for an event company. They also plan social, business, and promotional events and play a crucial role in the success of an organization. They have creative and public speaking skills and also time and budget skills. They organize a cost-effective budget and set a goal for successful events. They have leadership skills, communicate with other staff members effectively, and teach them how to make the brand successful. It is a good choice, does not need investment, and gives a chance to show creativity and expertise in an event management career.


The salary for an event manager depends upon skills and experience, and the average salary is $56,131 a year.


There are many jobs and career opportunities in professional services with the highest salaries. Therefore, some highest-paid jobs are discussed in this article for those who seeking job options in this field and help you to determine the right path for your career. They can select one of them and pursue a job successfully.

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