Top 25 Burlington Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Burlington is a popular off-price retail outlet in the US that mainly offers home products and apparel. If you desire to work for this company, below are specific questions that you are likely to be asked while attending a job interview with them.

1. How Can You Describe Your Personality Type, And How Does It Fit In The Role You Are Looking For At Burlington? 

I am a confident and self-assured individual who knows and believes in my strength. I am empowered and have skills that help me to penetrate and get through to the most rigid customer. I am a go-getter who enjoys challenges and can push myself to make sure that I achieve those set goals.

2. Our Return Policy Is Evident Here At Burlington. How Would You Manage A Demanding Customer Who Wants To Challenge That Policy? 

I have trained on dispute resolution from my previous retail job posting and firmly believe that each situation is different and solutions should be on a case-by-case basis. I also think that in these situations, flexibility is vital, especially in extreme cases.

I’ve been in situations where upset customers confronted me about return policies that I had no control over. In such a situation, I calmly let the customers vent their frustrations and work with them to try and find an amicable solution.

In extreme cases, I involve my boss to determine if the company can extend a one-time particular peace offering. That way, the resentful customer leaves content with an experience that portrays Burlington in a positive light.

3. How Do You Handle Demanding Aggressive Customers? 

I try to approach a client’s concern assuming there is positive intent on their part, as most complaints are genuine. After listening, I reassure them and look for ways to settle the matter. In a previous role, a distressed customer confronted me because there was a mix-up in their order, which led to them not receiving everything they ordered.

The experience made the client late for work and, understandably, a situation that upset them. I apologized for the inconvenience and requested a sales representative to attend to her. Despite my effects to appease her and accept that the mistake was ours, she continued yelling and complaining because this wasn’t the first time such a mix-up was happening.

I listened keenly to her side and found her concerns to be genuine. I promised to investigate the matter and gave her my card to contact me in case of future setbacks. I also apologized for wasting her time which helped soften her demeanor.

Thankfully, she left in a better mood than when she came, which was a great relief. Days later, it came to my attention that she’d left a very detailed positive review on our online business page. The turnaround was very rewarding and portrayed the company positively. 

4. How Much Do You Hope To Make Working In This Role? 

I was making minimum wage in my previous role. It is ok for me to start in a similar position at Burlington. I’m optimistic that my hard work and dedication will propel me to get a promotion and earn a much higher wage.

5. Why Are You Keen On Leaving Your Current Employer?

I have been in the same position for the last six years, gaining much expertise and experience. I feel it’s time for change and work in an environment that will offer me opportunities to grow and advance my knowledge and skill set.

Based on my research about Burlington, I feel it’s a place that can help me advance career-wise while making a positive contribution to the company.

6. What Do You Know About Our Company? 

Burlington is a brand that started operations in 1972 by offering low-cost clothing. Over time, the company expanded to include men’s attire, children’s gifts, and ladies’ sportswear. Over the years, your company has diversified to produce home and beauty accessories and pet supplies.

7. Share A Challenging Experience You’ve Had In Your Career? 

One significant setback I’ve had as a human resource manager is balancing the process of laying off staff. The firm I was working for was experiencing a financial crisis and had to undergo restructuring to minimize overhead expenses, and one way to do it was to downsize.

 Before settling this decision, I tried to look into other solutions by involving all stakeholders to try and salvage the company, but it wasn’t proving easy. We tried to market to help improve sales, but the industry was experiencing a slump, negatively affecting cash flow.

After extensive consultations and brainstorming sessions, I had no choice but to scale back. While I don’t enjoy sacking employees, it is part of my job, and I don’t shy away from making such decisions.  

8. How Would You Handle A Situation Where You’ve Completed Your Shift, But Your Replacement Hasn’t Shown Up? 

First, I would wait some time to see if they would show up as they may have been running late due to unexpected issues. If they don’t show up, I will communicate with my manager to forge the way forward.

I will inquire from my supervisor whether they are aware of the situation and if they have made any alternate plans. Or whether I am to step in for my colleague temporarily. If the situation demands that I extend my shift to maintain adequate coverage, I will do so as I wait for my seniors to look into addressing the matter.

9. What Mechanisms Have You Undertaken To Sharpen Your Skills In The Last Six Months? 

Last year, I enrolled in a marketing certificate course to help me improve sales using modern practices. The training has been beneficial as it has helped me grow and enhance my skillset. I have completed the requirements for my coursework, and so far, I have passed three of my five pending exams. I hope to complete the remaining two exams coming next week. One of my greatest passions is learning new skills, which motivates me to stay relevant in this fast-changing industry.

10. How Would You Tackle A Customer Who Wants To Challenge Company Policy And Expect You To Support Them? 

In a previous role as a marketing representative, a customer wasn’t happy with a purchase they had made and wanted a full refund. According to them, they realized that the dress they had purchased wasn’t the right fit for their loved one, which is why they demanded a refund.

I took my time to listen to their grievance, and then in a friendly and professional manner, I explained to them the company’s return window, which had already lapsed. I explained to them why we wouldn’t give them their money back. Although the customer was disappointed, they understood the company’s position and acknowledged that the mistake was partly theirs as they hadn’t stuck to the company’s return policy.

11. How Do Your Colleagues Describe You? 

My team has always marveled at my organizational skills, and they don’t shy away from complimenting me. I organize and prepare schedules days or weeks ahead of time. I tend to prioritize tasks and have learned to eliminate distractions and focus while at work.

Though I strive to remain organized by planning early, unexpected things sometimes derail planned activities. This leads to a pile-up of work, leaving me a bit overwhelmed. In such instances, I have no problem extending at work, delegating some of my responsibilities to a colleague, or rescheduling the task if it isn’t urgent. I hardly ever miss deadlines, another reason my colleagues consider me an organized person.

12. Share A Moment Where You Successfully Handled An Unexpected Situation In The Workplace? 

Soon after graduating, I got a role in a busy, fast-moving textile store where I worked as a sales representative. It had been an exhausting peak season, but I was happy because I would be breaking for my annual leave.

Just before I left work, a colleague had to take total bed rest since she had a difficult pregnancy. My supervisor requested me to step in and temporarily take over her duties until a replacement appeared.

Though disappointed, I had to shelve my plans and adjust my working hours to cope with the new development. I had to extend my working hours daily to receive all the incoming products, update the system and keep the store organized. I did this for the next month, and it was only until a replacement arrived that I was able to go on leave.   

13. How Do You Motivate Yourself? 

The desire to improve and do better motivates me to remain optimistic and not give up despite any challenge I face. I enjoy working on roles that push me out of my comfort zone and encourage me to learn new skills. Whenever I experience setbacks, I strive to draw inspiration from past experiences that have helped me to overcome them.

I also surround myself with mentors who assist me view challenges objectively and from a different perspective. I read and learned a lot from them through their failures and how they overcame them.

Other than that, I get motivated by my desire to meet deadlines and have ample time to review projects and make additional adjustments. Hitting early deadlines is a sure way for me to surpass my set targets.

14. Why Should We Hire You? 

After passing with a degree in marketing, I secured a job with a retailer in my hometown. The work was fulfilling as it exposed me to different departments, including production, storekeeping, and sales. Within six months, I gained so much experience, which helped me secure a job with a national retailer where I have served for the last three years. With my wide-range expertise, I believe I am a perfect candidate for this post.

15. How Do You Handle Negative Feedback? 

I am always open to positive or constructive criticism as it helps me identify my mistakes, rectify them and sharpen my skills. Consequently, I have also received negative feedback, which used to annoy me in the past. However, I have learned that people criticize others differently, so it no longer stresses me as much as it did in the past. As long as my suggestions, motives, character, and effort aren’t misplaced, I don’t take offense from destructive criticism.

16. If You Get This Role, What’s Your Availability? 

I am available and ready to work every day of the week from Monday to Friday from 8 am. I am also flexible and can cover shifts during and at night. However, the arrangement will work better if I am briefed in advance to help me prepare and organize myself. In addition, I am flexible and can work on Saturdays from 9 to 5 pm. I don’t work on Sundays as I prefer to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the following week.

17. Suppose You Were Ready For Promotion But Failed To Get It Within An Extended Period. What Would Be Your Reaction? 

I know that everything happens at the right and appointed time. If I fail to get a promotion, I will examine myself to see if there are areas I need to improve. I would then identify them and practice sharpening my skills. If possible, I would enroll in the extra training and take courses that position me in a better place for consideration should another opportunity arise.

If it doesn’t bear fruit after some time, I would approach my supervisor and request a performance evaluation to gauge where I am at professionally. With these insights, I would know where to focus and how to improve.

18. How Do You Measure Success? 

I consider myself a success when I go beyond and above my assigned duties in improving business processes within the institution. As a storekeeper, I think myself successful when I promptly and accurately respond to orders making sure they reach the marketing department on time and precisely as requested.

Over the past quarter, I have consistently handled orders without any mix-ups, which has made me win the best employee award for the second year running. Success is setting small achievable goals and working hard to accomplish them.

Another way I measure success is the amount of time I spend doing a repetitive task and how efficient and productive I am at it. I have perfected the art of swiftly arranging different orders without errors or complaints.

19. What Do You Consider Your Most Significant Flaw At Work, And How Do You Manage It? 

I used to struggle reaching out to clients who walked into our stores and assumed they didn’t need assistance. I thought that approaching them to show them around was bothering them.

Because of my assumptions, I lost a loyal customer who felt ignored whenever they came to shop in our stores. On the other hand, I assumed that approaching them was a nuisance. After they complained and left in a huff, I realized my mistake. I realized that I had self-esteem issues that I battled when I was young. I had to seek counseling which helped me gain confidence and appreciate myself. The counseling sessions helped me improve at work and become more productive.

20. How Do You Handle A Change At Work That You Cannot Control? How Do You Adjust? 

I have always been flexible and easily adjusted to changes. Whether it is a location change, shifting deadlines, moving to a different department, or joining a new branch out of town, I quickly adjust to new situations.

I do this by critically analyzing each situation and creating a coping mechanism to help me adjust faster. A few years back, I used to work permanently on the afternoon shift. Suddenly, a colleague resigned, forcing me to adapt to an early morning shift. To better adjust, I created a strategy with a new routine. I had to alter my daily habits, which took me several days to adjust. Though it was uncomfortable, I quickly made the switch and was happy with the new shift.

21. Why Do You Prefer Working At Burlington And Not Another Retailer? 

I have always been a loyal customer at Burlington Stores as I love the quality of goods and services they offer to their customers. I researched your company and discovered that most competitors are not as innovative.

It would be an answered prayer to work in a retailer that I hold in high esteem. The pricing and availability of a comprehensive range of products are also affordable compared to rival companies. I love the work culture and growth opportunities you provide your employees, and I intend to improve my skills through training and seminars.

22. How Do You Manage Work-Related Stress? 

To manage stress, I first identify its source. If the pressure is due to a short turnaround time, I re-strategize and, where possible, delegate tasks to my team. If I feel overwhelmed due to a challenging task, I take a break, do something else and return when feeling fresh and rejuvenated to continue working on that demanding assignment.

23. Burlington Works On An Off-Price Business Model. What Does That Mean? 

The term off-price model refers to selling quality products at very competitive rates. The off-price retail business relies on making massive purchases directly from manufacturers and selling to consumers at a lower retail price.  

24.  How Would You Describe Excellent Customer Service? 

Good customer care service involves listening to customer concerns and effectively addressing them. It consists in empathizing with customer frustrations and handling negative feedback professionally.

25. Where Will You Be In The Future? 

I see myself taking on more responsibilities depending on how the store operates. I desire to become a leader and authority in this industry, so I aim to work hard and sharpen my skills by enrolling in further studies and looking for leadership opportunities to serve my community.


While there are many job opportunities in prestigious companies like Burlington, many applicants are also eying those job opportunities. It is therefore essential for you to prepare in advance if you are to stand out from the rest.

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