Bus Driver Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Drivers are often classed according to the vehicles they operate. Bus drivers safely transport people from one place to the next using a bus. They usually have commercial driving licenses, a mandatory requirement for drivers who ferry passengers. If you have been thinking of becoming a bus driver, we have something for you.

We will look at all the roles, responsibilities, and supporting requirements for bus drivers to help shed more light on this position and help you in your quest to become one. We have also covered all the skills, education, and experience required. We also have two resume examples that should guide you as you draft your job application. Let’s find out more about this job.

Bus Driver Job Description

As the name suggests, bus drivers transport people from one place to another using a bus. They mostly follow predetermined routes, adhering to all traffic rules for the safe transportation of passengers. There are four main types of bus drivers, i.e., school bus drivers who ferry students to and from school, intercity bus drivers charged with transporting people from one town/city to the next, charter bus drivers who are in charge of chartered trips and tours and local transit bus drivers who transport people along local routes.

To succeed as a bus driver, one needs excellent hand-eye coordination, outstanding customer service skills, and the ability to work well under pressure. Bus drivers should also be aware of basic vehicle maintenance and inspection techniques. Other skills include records maintenance, interpersonal, and collaboration.

Bus Driver Roles and Responsibilities

  • Safely transporting passengers from one place to the next along designated routes
  • Preventing accidents by obeying all safety procedures, traffic laws, and transit regulations
  • Offering excellent customer service to passengers before, during, and at the end of the journey
  • Duly informing the passengers and employers regarding delays or any specific issues to keep them updated at all times
  • Performing basic inspection and maintenance by checking the bus lights, tires and oil to keep the vehicle operating optimally
  • Participating in conflict management among passengers and preventing any unruly behaviors
  • Ensuring the timely pick-up and drop-off of passengers at given designations/ stops
  • Adhering to a specific timetable while working to ensure that passengers reach their destinations on time
  • Helping disabled passengers get into and out of the bus
  • Operating the bus with great care to ensure safe travels
  • Keeping customers safe from harm while they are on the bus
  • Keeping and maintaining accurate records of work performed
  • Recording trip-related incidences such as accidents and unusual occurrences and sharing them with the employer.
  • Offering proper response to emergency and non-emergency situations and occurrences
  • Ensuring that all passengers abide by conduct and safety rules while on the bus
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is clean at all times
  • Monitoring and reporting on issues such as mileage, passenger numbers, and fuel consumption
  • Ensuring overall trip safety by paying attention to weather conditions and traffic guidelines
  • Performing any other assigned task

Bus Driver Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Perfect hand-eye coordination
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of first aid procedures and techniques
  • Visual ability
  • Knowledge of all road signs and traffic rules
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • High levels of patience
  • Collaboration skills
  • Excellent records maintenance skills
  • Extensive knowledge of safety procedures
  • Knowledge of vehicle inspection and maintenance procedures and techniques
  • Excellent organizational skills

Bus Driver Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma/ GED
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) / Valid Driver’s license
  • Air Brake certification (preferred, not mandatory)
  • Requisite endorsements, e.g., Passenger endorsement (P) and School Bus Endorsement (S) for school bus drivers
  • Training, including driving practice and classroom sessions
  • Customer service experience  
  • Professional experience driving a bus
  • Clean driving experience

Bus Driver Salary

Their salaries depend on experience levels, location/ routes, and employer. It is estimated that the median annual salary for school and charter bus drivers is $32,400 or thereabout, with the top 10% making $49,000+ yearly.

On the other hand, local and intercity transit bus drivers make an average of $42,000 annually, with the top 10% earning roughly $69,000.

Bus Driver Resume Example 1

James Hargreaves

Physical address: 203 Lyell Street, Monte Vista, Colorado, 83465

Email address: hargreavesjames15@gmail.com

Phone number: (340) 631- 17280

Personal Profile

Professional bus driver with 10+ years of experience driving local transit and school buses. Driving expert with a clean driving record, passenger and school bus endorsements, ready and willing to safely transport passengers along predetermined routes. Excellent communicator and customer service professional with working knowledge of first aid procedures.

Work Experience

06/2019- 09/2022, School Bus Driver, Aurora Springs Group of Schools, Aurora Colorado

  • Picked up children at 7 am, dropped them off, and drove them back to their homes at 5 pm daily
  • Observed all traffic rules and regulations, achieving and maintaining an accident-free record
  • Safely transported 50 students per trip and ensured they remained disciplined while on the bus
  • Paid attention to weather conditions to guarantee the safety of children
  • Observed students’ tendencies and behaviors and reported to the teachers in charge
  • Built and maintained excellent relationships with children for smooth traveling experiences
  • Maintained radio contact with the school, informing the administration of delays, trip status, and emergencies
  • Ensured that the school bus was in excellent condition by performing inspections and maintaining it periodically
  • Educated students on the best evacuation procedures and responses during emergencies
  • Attended regular staff meetings and gave detailed reports regarding trips

03/2016- 05/2019, Local Transit Bus Driver, Avenue Coaches, Aurora, Colorado

  • Made 10+ scheduled stops along predetermined bus routes to pick up and drop off passengers
  • Performed daily bus inspections to ensure that all equipment and controls were in perfect condition for passenger safety and trip success
  • Helped an average of 20 passengers with special needs get into and out of the bus daily
  • Timely ferried 55 passengers per trip to their destinations while following a scheduled timetable
  • Used a 2-way radio to communicate with the dispatcher and offer relevant updates
  • Shared traffic, accidents, and emergency reports to the dispatcher via a 2-way radio
  • Physically inspected the bus at the beginning of the day to ensure that it was in a suitable condition for travel
  • Prepared an observation report based on completed trips at the end of the day

02/2010- 11/2015, Charter Bus Driver, Colorado

  • Transported 60 passengers on sightseeing tours, at times for an entire week
  • Ensured passengers were comfortable throughout their trips through lighting, heating, and air-conditioning regulation
  • Offered additional tour guide services to passengers
  • Ensured that no passenger was left behind before leaving a location and at the end of the trip
  • Attended three annual refresher courses on a safe driving
  • Maintained a polite and professional demeanour when dealing with passengers


  • 03/2007- 04/2007, Commercial Driver’s License, Aurora Driving School, Aurora, Colorado
  • 07/ 2005- 11/2007, High School Diploma, Aurora Senior High School, Colorado


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Hungarian

Technical Skills

  • Navigation
  • Zero-accident record
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Defence Driving
  • Crowd control
  • Basic vehicle maintenance
  • Safety inspection
  • Hands-eye coordination
  • Defence Driving
  • Strong driving record
  • Quick response
  • Customer service

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Active listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking
  • Dependability
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Time management
  • Attention to details
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability


  • 04/14, Certified Transportation Professional (CTP), National Private Truck Council
  • 03/11, Passenger Endorsement (P) (P), Federal Motor Carrier Society Administration

Bus Driver Resume Example 2

Lucy O’Brien

Physical address: 130 Moneris Lane, Erie, Colorado, 80318

Email address: obrianlucy56@gmail.com

Phone number: (340) 876- 7890

Personal Profile

Bus driver with 10+ years of experience driving commercial and school buses along predetermined routes. Able team worker with a clean driving record and passenger endorsement willing to go the extra mile for the safe transportation of different types of passengers from one place to another. First aid expert with excellent communication and customer service skills.

Work Experience

05/2019- 09/2022, City Bus Driver, Boulder, Colorado

  • Helped passengers with special needs get into and out of the bus
  • Stayed in contact with a central dispatcher throughout the trip via a two-way radio, reporting accidents and traffic disruptions
  • Offered answers to clients’ queries regarding routes, schedules, and general rules
  • Observed 100% adherence to traffic rules and regulations, resulting in zero accidents
  • Checked for dents, cracks, and mechanical issues after every trip, ensuring that the bus was in the perfect working condition
  • Collected fare with the utmost integrity and remitted the daily collection to the cashier’s office

03/2015- 04/2019, School Bus Driver, Boulder Group of School, Boulder, Colorado

  • Helped kindergarten learners and children with special needs get into and out of the bus safely
  • Adjusted to driving in heavy traffic and poor weather conditions to guarantee the safety of students
  • Maintained a positive attitude throughout, keeping learners comfortable and lively
  • Prepared and maintained 100% accurate records on the number of students on board, trip details, and safety occurrences
  • Taught safety procedures to learners to guarantee their well-being
  • Kept the bus clean and tidy by picking up litter and wiping seats and windows regularly
  • Listened to bus-related complaints from learners and their teachers and swiftly acted upon them
  • Regularly attended refresher courses on safety, including physical performance and road tests
  • Accurately responded to inquiries from teachers, parents, and students regarding trip-related issues, e.g., schedules
  • Performed inventory monitoring by maintaining a daily log of all bus equipment

03/2012- 01/2015, Tour Bus Driver, Colorado Safaris, Denver, Colorado

  • Transported 50+ tourists daily around Denver
  • Cheerfully interacted with passengers and answered queries regarding landmarks, tourist attractions, and fun activities
  • Observed total compliance with the tour bus schedule, picking up passengers at specified locations and dropping them off at designated places
  • Followed all traffic laws and regulations, resulting in 0 accidents
  • Maintained 100% accurate reports on mileage, fuel usage, and a range of other information
  • Named the company’s best-performing tour bus driver in 2013 and 2014, respectively


  • 04/2008- 05/2008, Commercial Driver’s License, Boulder Driving School, Boulder, Colorado
  • 05/2005- 12/2007, High School Diploma, Boulder Senior High School, Boulder, Colorado


  • Languages
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Greek

Technical Skills

  • Navigation
  • Basic vehicle maintenance knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Crowd control
  • Conflict management
  • Defense driving
  • Safety inspection
  • Quick response

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication.
  • Problem-solving
  • Writing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dependability
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Organization
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to details
  • Learning


  • 06/11, Passenger Endorsement (P) (P) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • 05/11, Commercial Driver’s License, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Bus Driver Resume  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Certifications Should I Pursue a Better Bus Driver Resume?

Having certifications is one of the best ways of showing employees that you are experienced and skilled in your craft. It is, therefore, imperative to pursue a few as a bus driver, given the technicality of this job and the risk around it. Here are some of the best certifications for bus drivers:

  • CDL- The Commercial Driving License, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certification, is perhaps the most common credential for bus drivers. This certification applies to anyone driving any interstate, intrastate, or foreign commerce vehicle that meets the classification of a CDL. Even though states have their own CDL tests, they must always meet the minimum federal standards.
  • School Bus Endorsement- This certification applies to those transporting school children. Like the previous one, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers it. However, you must first obtain a valid driver’s license to get it. It permits you to operate any type A, B, C, or D school bus to transport school-going children. It must be renewed every two years to stay valid.
  • Certified Transportation Professional- You can also obtain the Certified Transportation Professional certification, a credential by the National Private Truck Council meant for drivers in the private fleet industry. It shows a willingness to advance your career and acquire more knowledge and skills.

Other certifications worth pursuing to stay competitive in the job market include the OSHA safety certificate, Master School Bus Technician, First Aid, CPR & AED Instructor, Passenger Endorsement, and EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certificate. All in all, ensure that you have at least one of these certifications for a competitive resume.

2. Which Technical Skills Should I Add to My Bus Driver Resume?

Bus drivers need specialized knowledge and expertise to thrive in their jobs. These are called technical skills, which also play a huge role in using specific tools and programs. They include excellent navigation skills, the ability to perform safety inspections and uphold child safety, defensive driving skills, knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance, and quick response.

Additional technical skills are a clean driving record, transportation management, commercial driving, customer service, proper hand-eye coordination, first aid, CPR, GPS, Google Maps, cash handling, and excellent reporting skills. In addition to mentioning these skills in your resume’s skill section, please also highlight how you usually apply them in the work experience section of your resume. A technical-skill-rich resume increases your chances of landing the job of your choice.

3. What are Some of the Common Keywords in Bus Driver Resumes?

Every job listing has specific skills, competencies, and software knowledge that the hiring manager wants in their employees. These are called keywords, which must appear in your resume to optimize it. They will also help you get past applicant tracking systems used by several recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. Here are a few: operations management, CDL class B, customer service, DOT regulations, bus, professional driving, logistics management, commercial driving, and transportation.

Additional keywords include public transport, CDL, dispatching, transportation management, trucking, CDL A License, First Aid Certified, Scheduling, passenger service, shuttling, punctuality, Air Brake, and communication. Ensure that your resume has all the skills or industry-related knowledge the hiring manager or recruiter needs in their employee, and you will be good to go. Take one hard look at the job listing, being more careful this time to find out whatever you need.

4. How Can I Become a Bus Driver?

According to the National Careers Service, apprenticeship or direct application are the two main ways of becoming a bus driver. An intermediate apprenticeship requires at least a category B license and a few GCSEs, English and Maths included. It takes 12 months and includes workplace and off-site learning. Direct application means applying to the bus or coach companies that interest you.

The basic requirement for direct application is a minimum of 1-2 years of car driving experience. You will then undergo a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) driver training, generally lasting 1-6 weeks, depending on how fast you grasp whatever is being taught. You will also obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence called driver CPC. Remember also to consider the certifications that we reviewed in our FAQ section.

5. Which Rules Should I Abide by When Preparing My Resume?

Always ensure that you have the perfect resume before sending in your application. Some of the things you ought to remember are: checking for typos and grammatical errors, ensuring that the summary is correctly formatted, checking and filling in the resume keywords, tailoring your resume to the job description, checking and filling in missing information, replacing weak and passive verbs, writing a compelling resume summary and listing the most relevant and selling achievement.

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