Top 30 Business Development Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Business Development is often misunderstood as sales, ignored, and not given the strategic attention it needs. However, a business growth strategy is essential to long-term success and can help bring departments together to achieve a single aim. Therefore, if you want to be one and have already received the invitation for an interview, we would like to help you prepare yourself with the standard interview questions and answers.

1. Do You Know What Are The Responsibilities Of A Business Development Personnel?

A person in charge of business development needs to constantly look for new opportunities while working on strategies to keep and improve their business relationships with existing clients. And hence, the responsibilities of a business development personnel are,

  • Identifying a potential market for one’s products or services
  • Create presentations to sell goods and services.
  • Maintain good relationships with existing customers
  • Serving as a leader for a large group of people
  • The ability to work well with computers and numbers
  • Clear and effective communication
  • Knowledgeable about the industry and up to date with the latest activity
  • Expertly juggling time and many different projects at a time.

2. What Action Would You Take If You Discovered A Client Intended To Switch To A Competitor?

I recall once having a client who wanted to switch to a competitor. So, I aimed to determine what upset my client before considering a change. Once resolved, I offered to improve our services and even provide discounts on orders and other services for larger quantities. This demonstrated to the client that they were my top priority and that I was genuinely interested in them.

3. What Is Your Strategy If A Client Requests A Feature You Do Not Have?

Because of the nature of our work, we are frequently faced with the challenge of satisfying the numerous demands placed upon us by a single client. This challenge can be more difficult because we serve multiple customers with the same product. As a result, the first thing I’m going to do is organize a meeting with the client and the product manager since the product manager is the one who is in a better position to comprehend and explain to the client how the desired feature would react. I, on the other hand, will calculate a revenue figure that will be discussed and agreed upon with the client.

4. Which Departments Do You Maintain Close Relations With As Business Development Personnel?

As a member of the business development staff, I am responsible for maintaining close relationships with the sales and product teams to obtain information about forthcoming goods and trends that will assist in the company’s expansion. In addition, I ensure that a good relationship is maintained with these teams because it enables us to share our thoughts without getting into arguments or any struggle and enables us to operate as a unit.

5. How Do You Manage The Expectations Of Clients?

My primary goal as a member of the company’s business development staff is to increase the amount of new business the company receives. I feel that to accomplish this goal; I will need to strike a balance between the requirements and expectations of the customer and the extent to which the client will profit from what I propose. To begin, my go-to method is to have an in-depth discussion with the customer about the requirements and expectations they have. From that point on, I believe it is essential to connect with the client and keep them informed about the progress that is being made. This helps to keep everything transparent and allows us to communicate instantly if we notice that one of the expectations did not meet their satisfaction. When immediately conveyed, this not only saves time but also reduces the amount of effort required.

6. How Is Success Measured?

My preferred method of quantifying my achievement is using short-term and long-term goals. I feel that having success in the short term and even having some setbacks along the road can be beneficial in the long term because they provide the necessary motivation and learning. However, I am more concerned with success in the long run. Therefore, success for me is achieved not just when there is a significant rise in revenues made and business but also when connections with my customers grow consistently, resulting in more business generated by them.

7. How Do You Work Together With Product Managers?

My primary objective as a member of the company’s business development team is to increase the revenue the company generates. We must collaborate closely and extensively with the product team to accomplish this goal. As a result, I can keep a positive relationship with them. Cooperating is much simpler when you have established genuine relationships with the team members. It enables me to get in touch with the appropriate individual, which allows me to obtain the maximum amount of information about a product and even provides comments, which enables more sales.

8. How Do You Establish Relationships With Clients As Business Development Personnel?

I believe having a comprehensive relationship with my clients is essential because it fosters mutual trust. Because of this, I have a better chance of getting invited to events where I may network with many prospective customers and representatives. I never immediately share my thoughts with others for fear that they won’t agree with me or find them interesting. Therefore, I like to hand out business cards, and after we’ve talked for a few days, I’ll ask if we can schedule a meeting to discuss my concept, and I always suggest that we do so outside of the office. If the customer is interested, I will plan our next appointment at their place to discuss the specifics of the legalities and regulations involved. But if someone rejects my proposal, I accept it and seek their professional opinion to prevent awkwardness. This enables me to maintain contact with them for plans, even if the initial plan fails.

 9. How Do You Identify Business Opportunity?

The term “business opportunity” refers to the occasion or opportunity to start a business idea, enter a new job sector, or launch a new product on the market. Therefore, there are a few ways to do so, such as;

  • Pay attention to prospective customers and prior leads – When I’m looking for new customers, I listen to what they need, what they want, what problems they’re having, and what they’re upset about. This will help me find ways to make my products and services more personalized, narrow down my target market, and find and deal with common complaints.
  • Examine competitors – By analyzing my competitors, I will be able to find significant business possibilities to extend my market presence and advance the development of my products and services.
  • Perform Market Research – This includes conducting interviews or surveys with people who meet my target demographics and employing industry research to identify my target audience. I may consider their viewpoints and get a more profound knowledge of their inspirations, frustrations, and wants by observing and getting input from actual people. This can help me determine if my product solves a problem and how big an audience it could help.

10. What Elements Do You Take Into Account When Evaluating A Business Deal?

There are a few factors that I take into account when judging or evaluating a deal. The critical factors that need to be considered are:

  • Market size – Be sure there’s demand before moving further. I don’t need a huge market, but knowing it helps. Knowing the market’s interest and willingness to buy can be helpful.
  • Relationship – The opportunity will probably go more smoothly if I have a more extensive network of connections.
  • Cash-flow management – Analyze the business plan and determine how we will control the cash flow. I need to ensure that the company has a good chance of remaining profitable after some time has passed.
  • Enthusiasm and Persistence – I need to be passionate and determined if I want to take advantage of the opportunity.

 11. How Do You Develop A Business Strategy?

There are a few ways to develop business strategies, and some are:

  • Understand our competitive environment.- When we determine our ideal customer and what problem they’re hoping to solve with our product or service, we should also look into who else in the industry is offering a viable solution.
  • Pick good KPIs – Measure our goals with meaningful KPIs representing our business’s health. These indicators should indicate our business development initiatives’ effectiveness.
  • Customer feedback – Our customers’ insights can help us stay ahead in the industry.

12. Describe A Time When You Negotiated A Deal. What Was The Result?

I remembered two months back when I negotiated a deal. The client did not agree to our terms of sales. I did not have any issues with our terms of sales with other clients; therefore, I took my time to understand why they were not comfortable with our terms. I negotiated back and forth with the customer to get a win-win situation between our company and the client. In the end, the client agreed to our new sales term after considering their position.

13. Can You Name A Few Business Negotiation Strategies?

Yes, of course. Business negotiation strategies consist of:

  • Strive for a win-win scenario.
  • Make a highball or lowball offer to begin the negotiation.
  • Establish an end date for your offer.
  • Utilize mirroring to demonstrate your attentiveness.
  • Accept the best alternative to negotiating a contract.

14. Why Is Data Important In Business Development?

The pricing of products, managing inventories, and forecasting future demand may all be accomplished with the help of data. According to Forbes, businesses who implement changes based on the insights gained from big data see a rise in revenue that is, on average, approximately 44 percent higher. In other words, data gives us a better understanding of what our customers require, allowing us to offer it to them precisely when they need it.

 15. How Would You Stay In Contact With Current Customers?

There are a few ways to stay in touch with customers without annoying them. Firstly, we can write a newsletter. Email newsletters are an excellent method to keep in touch with customers by including the latest news and special offers. We can also invite them to our events and workshop because this is a fantastic chance to have a personal conversation with our customers. Lastly, we can send our customers a personalized email every few months to catch up.

16. This Profession Demands The Ability To Manage Multiple Tasks Concurrently. How Would You Balance The Several Responsibilities Of A Business Development Personnel?

I always have to-do lists that contain all my tasks, including the most mundane ones. Then, I will determine which is important and urgent and can wait. I will start doing my task with the most urgent ones. I do understand that there are times that we have more than one urgent task, and we tend to compete to complete those two. What I would do is I will set a dateline for myself. For example, from 9 am to 11 pm, I will focus on task A, and after lunch, I will start with task B. By having a dateline, I can focus on one task at a time.

17. Can You Describe Any Experiences You’ve Had Using CRM Software?

I have experience in using a few CRM software throughout the years while working as a business development personnel. I use CRM software to monitor client interactions and enable marketing, sales, and service operations. The software helps me align all internal teams, gather valuable data, report, and share success and growth prospects. I also use the software to create outstanding customer experiences, boost adoption, and delight our target audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

18. How Would You Go About If We Want To Enter A New Market?

Since this company specializes in selling medical equipment, it is only natural that you focus your attention on the medical facility. However, there is undoubtedly a way to go beyond the usual customer and discover organizations that could benefit from having some of our equipment on hand for emergencies. For example, major corporate offices, schools, and malls could all benefit from installing defibrillators in their facilities. Or, there may be a huge market online that we might exploit if we looked into specific illness support communities and charitable organizations. I do not doubt that there are many unrealized potentials out there.

19. As A Business Development Personnel, You Will Be Tasked With Identifying Prospective Consumers In Your Target Market. How Do You Prefer To Generate And Qualify Sales Leads?

As a business development personnel, I have a few favorite ways that are proven to generate and qualify sales leads. I will devote some effort to researching long-tail keywords when developing targeted ads on search engines, website content, or landing pages with rich information. Long-tail keywords often receive less traffic, but those who look for them are better qualified. Next, I will use social media. By creating a specific campaign on social media, I will have a place where the audience can discuss the product or service. Lastly, I will actively network with professionals and start-up owners to get more information on that industry.

20. Are You Comfortable Making Cold Calls To Unqualified Customers?

Yes, making cold calls is something I have no problem doing. One of the responsibilities that come with my current position is teaching new staff how to do cold calls. I believe it is an excellent resource for new business development for most businesses. To maintain a steady flow of leads into the business, I make roughly 25 to 30 cold calls daily.

21. Sales VS. Business Development: Can You Tell Me The Difference?

My present job is mainly sales. We are compensated based on commission, and the pressure is to sell. Business development is primarily concerned with creating relationships with individuals and organizations. We inform our customers of our services and goods and the advantages of collaborating with us. However, there is less weight on sales because long-term relationships are more vital. This appeals to me since it involves more honesty and fits well with my marketing objectives.

22. How Do You Balance Acquiring New Clients And Maintaining Relationships With Existing Clients?

Through the utilization of several applications and platforms, which I use to plan my day and organize my activities, I can guarantee that I maintain a healthy balance of my time between the pursuit of new business and the management of relationships with existing customers. This allows me to balance my time better and ensures that I do not disregard existing relationships or new business opportunities.

23. How Do You Convert Leads?

I can convert leads into fruitful business by establishing trusting, sturdy relationships with potential customers. Thanks to my talent for fostering relationships, I have made hundreds of valuable connections. In my prior position, I was responsible for closing over 25 deals totaling over two million dollars.

24. What Are Your Values At Work?

I consider myself to be a hard worker. I am willing to take on additional tasks to assist a struggling coworker or in times of need. I’ve also put in more hours without complaint during critical work periods. Honesty is another of my core values. I believe people intuitively recognize when they are being lied to, and it is best to avoid this entirely and always go with honesty.

25. Tell Me About A Time When You Went Above And Beyond For A Customer.

A few years back, I discovered that I performed well with price-conscious customers. I researched the pricing of the competitors and presented them with this information. They appreciated that the information was readily available and that they did not have to conduct further research to obtain quotations and pricing comparisons. This was also advantageous for me since if a competitor’s price was lower, I could examine their offering and find a method to demonstrate that ours was superior.

26. What Prepared You For This Job?

I have a degree in marketing, but I went straight into sales with ABC Company following college. I’ve been there for three years, but I’m now eager to progress my career by transitioning from direct sales to business development. I want to make a move because I enjoy working with people and interacting with them. This position feels more like a friendship and less like sales pressure.

27. Do You Have Experience As A Trainer?

Yes. That was a significant component of my job and one of the aspects that I looked forward to. Training other individuals interest me because I enjoy interacting with people. It’s one of the many reasons I am strongly interested in filling this role.

28. Why Are You Interested In Working For Us?

I am interested in working for XYZ Company due to my professional development and advancement prospects. Throughout my career, I have always tried to enhance my skills, and it would be wonderful to work for a company that recognizes and rewards such efforts with advancement opportunities.

29. What Is Your Five-Years Plan?

I aim to have advanced to more senior positions within QQ Company within five years. One of the reasons I want to work with QQ Company is the potential for advancement and progress. I would hope that the company would recognize my work ethic and sales performance with a promotion to a position of greater responsibility.

30. What Are Your Weaknesses?

Occasionally, I find it difficult to disconnect from work. In my former position, I frequently brought work home with me. I often checked my email and attempted to resolve client issues outside work hours. This prompted me to feel stressed and exhausted. To overcome this weakness, I opted to switch off my phone and avoid checking my email while away from the workplace.


Your achievement is not dependent on chance. Get ready for the interview by reading this article and learning as much as possible about the company and the items they provide. Work on a mock sale with a friend or an interview coach. Good luck to us.