Top 25 Carvana Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Carvana is a Tempe, Arizona-based online used car retailer. The company is known for its multi-story car vending machines and is the United States fastest-growing online used car dealer. Carvana has been added to the 2021 Fortune 500 List, which has made it one of the list’s youngest additions.

When you go in for an interview at Carvana, you can expect to be asked questions about your skills and experience in the role you are applying for. However, you may be asked some company-specific interview questions to understand the Carvana culture better and identify if you would be a good fit for them.

Don’t worry; the interview at Carvana is not something rocket science, but you need to know the basics at least. It depends on the nature of the job, i.e., technical or non-technical.

This content will help you the most if you appear for their interview. We have presented 25 best interview questions and answers, which might assist you in the same somehow. The ones we have given are general and not position-specific so you can get immense help from them.

1. What Do You Know About Carvana?

Ryan Keeton, Ernest Garcia III, and Ben Huston founded Carvana in 2012. DriveTime, a used car retailer and finance company, provided the company with its first round of funding.

Carvana launched its first car vending machine in November 2013. In Nashville, Tennessee, a fully automated, commemorative coin-operated version of the signature car vending machine debuted in 2015. Carvana operates 32 vending machines in the United States as of May 2022.

2. Why Do You Prefer Working With Us?

There are several reasons aside from repute. One of the most inspiring ones includes the company’s customer care. Carvana Customer Care entails giving every Carvana customer a one-of-a-kind experience as if they were our Mother. They simplify and streamline the car-buying process by demonstrating their advocate principles of passion, anticipation, clarity, empathy, and commitment and demonstrating that every customer matters.

3. What Makes You Suitable For This Role?

I have gained relevant skills and experience over the years, which I will bring to your organization. I have also worked hard to improve my communication and teamwork skills, which I will apply to your organization if hired.

Moreover, because of my previous experiences and skills, I believe I am a good fit for this position. As a sales associate at a local retail store, I was responsible for assisting customers in finding what they were looking for and providing excellent services to their customers. The same allowed me to hone my communication and problem-solving skills, which I believe will make me successful in the said role.

4. What Is The Company’SQ Mission?

The company’s vision is to transform people’s search for, purchase, trade-in, finance, and receive Carvana-certified vehicles.

An advocate requires a strong desire for success, a passion for the customer experience, and a willingness to learn new things. Carvana thrives on change; in fact, it is what distinguishes them. Adaptability and flexibility are the success keys.

5. What Are The Company’s Goals/Objectives?

Their goal is to ensure their customers feel relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable, especially when it comes to their new rides. They can shop for a wide range of affordable vehicles from the comfort of their home. Plus, there are no bogus fees, so that they can find their perfect car at the right price. With Carvana, customers decide how and when they will receive their ride.

6. How Would You Handle It If A Customer Was Upset And Needed Immediate Assistance?

In my previous position, I had a customer upset because their car did not arrive on time. They expected it within two days of order, but it hadn’t arrived after five days. I apologized for the inconvenience and stated that the car would be delivered as soon as possible. We delivered the vehicle later that day, and the customer was extremely pleased.

7. What Do You Think Can Be The Best Way To Keep Customers Happy?

Ensuring every customer has a positive experience when buying or selling a car through Carvana is critical. I would accomplish this by ensuring that my customer interactions were prompt, polite, and helpful. If there were any sales problems, I would work tirelessly to resolve them as soon as possible. I also believe in always being truthful with customers.

8. Do You Have Previous Experience Working With Automotive Parts?

Throughout my entire career, I have worked with a wide range of automotive parts. I began my career as a mechanic at a nearby shop, where we repaired cars for customers. We also sold used parts online, so I learned how to tell which ones would fit which vehicles. I also worked at an auto body shop, where I replaced damaged parts.

9. Tell Us About Your Favorite Car That You Owned.

My favorite car I have ever owned was my first, a used Ford Mustang. My parents gave it to me for my 16th birthday, and I loved driving it around. Unfortunately, I had to sell it when I left for college because I didn’t have anyone to drive it back home for me.

10. Describe An Issue You Had In A Leadership Position. How Did You Resolve It?

In my previous position as a manager at a call center, I observed that some of my employees were not adhering to company procedures for handling customer complaints. When I asked them about it, they said the rules didn’t apply to them because they’d been working there for so long. I explained the significance of these policies and how they benefit our customers. Following this discussion, the majority of my employees resumed following the procedures.

11. If Hired, What Would Be Your Approach To Verifying Inventory?

I have used CARFAX reports to check vehicle history before purchasing a car from a dealership. At Carvana, I would take the same approach by verifying the information about each vehicle we sell. For example, I would compare the VIN to CARFAX reports to ensure that it matches the vehicle’s make, year, and model. I would also double-check the odometer reading to ensure it corresponds to the reported mileage.

12. Have You Ever Worked In A Fast-Paced Environment Before?

I have never worked in such a fast-paced environment before, but I’m looking forward to it. We had lots of work to do every day at my previous job, so I am used to having a lot on my plate at once. I believe I can keep up with the pace here.

My previous job required me to work in a fast-paced team environment. The fast pace of the work allowed me to stay motivated and achieve great results. During my time there, I received the most “Caller-of-the-Month” awards of any employee.

I thrive in a fast-paced team environment. I enjoy the camaraderie that comes with working as part of a team and assisting others. I have always stepped in to assist my teammates and complete task efficiently.

13. Are You Able To Work Weekends Or Holidays?

I am available on weekends and holidays. I recognize that the company must be available to customers at all times. I used to work every weekend in my last job because of my busy schedule. I prefer working during the day while my kids are at school. I would prefer to have Sundays and certain holidays off to practice my religion. Aside from that, I am available to work a few nights and weekends. I can also work for the duration of the busy holiday season.

The above-mentioned is something I have suggested, but it won’t be a problem if the company has its own set of rules. So, there is no need to worry at all.

14. Provide Us With An Example Of A Time When You Used Critical Thinking Skills To Solve A Problem.

My previous job required me to manage inventory levels in our warehouse. We received an order one day that included several cars with different VINs. It meant that some vehicles lacked critical components such as engines or tires. I had to use my critical thinking skills to determine which cars were missing parts and locate replacements so that the rest of the order could be shipped.

15. We Want Our Employees To Be Independent Thinkers. Can You Tell Me About A Time Where You Used Good Judgement To Make A Difficult Decision?

In my previous position, I had a chance to work with various customers daily. Answering questions about our company’s policies and procedures was one of my responsibilities. I got a call one day from a customer who wanted to return their car because they didn’t like the color. They requested that we exchange the vehicle for one of a different color.

I knew our company’s policy stated that vehicles could not be returned once purchased. However, I recognized how critical it was to keep customers satisfied. So I decided to use my common sense and offered them a discount on their next purchase. The customer was pleased with my decision and purchased two more vehicles from us.

16. Provide Us With An Example Of A Time When You Made Some Process More Efficient.

I noticed that we were spending a lot of time entering data into our inventory system at my previous job. As a result, we spent more time on administrative tasks than sales. As a result, I designed a spreadsheet in which employees could enter their information once and then copy and paste it into the inventory system. The same saved us weekly hours and allowed our employees to focus on more important tasks.

17. In Your Opinion, What Are Some Characteristics Of A Team Player?

A team player is always passionate about his job. He wants to see his team successful and can go above and beyond to help them succeed, even if it means doing something they don’t enjoy or aren’t particularly good at. Being a team player, in my opinion, also entails having faith in your teammates and trusting them to get the job done. When there are problems, it is critical to communicate with your teammates so everyone can work together to find solutions.

18. Do You Feel Comfortable Interacting With People On The Phone?

I enjoy talking on the phone because it allows me to connect with people more personally than by email or texting. When I talk to someone on the phone, I notice that they are more willing to share information about their needs and concerns. It allows me to understand better what they require from us and how I can best serve them.

19. Do You Have Any Experience Using Vin Look Up Tools Such As CCES/VRS?

In my previous job as a car inspector at an auto dealership, I used CCES/VRS. I was in charge of inspecting vehicles before selling them to customers. Using CCES/VRS, I quickly checked vehicle identification numbers to ensure no outstanding recalls or problems with the vehicles.

20. How Would You Go About Prioritizing Tasks?

I’d look at each task’s deadlines first, then decide which are urgent and which can wait until later. I find it best to complete one task simultaneously to avoid becoming overwhelmed. If there are multiple urgent tasks, I will begin with the most important ones and move on to the next once the first is completed.

21. Tell Us About A Time When You Made A Mistake. How Did You Handle It?

As an e-commerce manager, I was in charge of managing inventory levels and ensuring we had enough stocks in hand to meet customer demands. I noticed our inventory levels on several car models were low one day. I immediately contacted my team members in charge of shipping and receiving shipments to find out why no new cars were arriving. They informed me that the shipment had not yet arrived but would arrive later that week. I apologized to customers and offered them discounts on their purchases until the new shipment arrived.

22. Are You Willing To Submit To Background Checks?

Yes, I am willing to cooperate with background checks. I already have one in my current position, so I’m prepared. I understand that information on my record may disqualify me from employment at Carvana. Still, I hope that if this occurs, you will allow me to explain myself.

23. Tell Us About A Time Where You Helped Someone Achieve A Goal.

One of my coworkers at my previous job wanted to learn more about coding so she could create her website. She asked me for recommendations on where to begin learning to code, and I suggested she take an online course. She took my advice and signed up for an online coding class. She started freelancing after finishing the course and creating her website.

24. How Flexible Is Your Schedule?

When I applied for this role, I knew I would be working long hours. I understand that this is a salaried position and that overtime is included in my pay. I enjoy my job and usually take it home, so working long hours does not bother me. Though I have been used to it since my last job, I am available for any shift as long as I sleep for eight hours each night. My family comes first, so if my schedule conflicts with their needs, I will have to find another job.

25. Do You Have Any Questions?

I have a few questions in my mind.

  • How Does This Position Relate To The Rest Of The Company/Organization?
  • · Is This a Brand-New Position?
  • · What Would a Typical Work Day Or Week Look Like For Me?
  • · What Would My First Few Weeks Be Like If Hired?
  • Do You Have Any Upcoming Special Projects You Would Like Me To Work On?
  • Where Do You See This Department/Company Heading In The Coming Year?
  • What Can a Successful Employee (Hopefully Me) Do For You?
  • If I May Inquire, How Long Have You Been Employed Here? What Do You Enjoy The Most About It?


The interview process at CARVANA varies depending on the position you are applying for. Some positions may have up to six rounds of interviews over two weeks. For some non-technical positions, the interview may be more casual and structured as a conversation. Overall, the interview process appears to be fairly lengthy, with most positions requiring multiple rounds of interviews. We have provided the top 25 interview questions and answers, which are all general ones. They might help you in some way, but you can’t rely on all of them. It is because they are not position-specific questions. Therefore, you need to check the position you are applying for and the work environment where the interview takes place. We have given you a taste of the company-specific interview questions you might face if you apply for a job at Carvana.

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