Top 25 CBRE Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

The interview procedure at CBRE can be somewhat different from one position to another, depending on what it is you are applying for. The process of applying for specific functions, such as Project Manager, is relatively short and consists of a phone screening with basic questions, followed by a conversation with the hiring manager and an interview with the team. In the case of other occupations, such as Financial Analyst, the procedure is more stringent and may involve numerous rounds of interviews during which candidates are questioned rigorously and analytically. But worry not; we have compiled the common questions asked in the CRBE interview with their answers.

1. Let’s Talk About Why You Want To Work At CBRE.

Since I had always been interested in the real estate industry, when I noticed that CBRE was looking for new employees, I knew I had to send in my application. The more I looked into them, the more I realized they were a frontrunner in their field. I am thrilled to work with such a creative and forward-thinking bunch of individuals dedicated to their profession.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have Working In An Environment That Requires Teamwork?

When I worked as a leasing agent in the past, I was a member of a large sales team. Although we all had distinct responsibilities, we constantly communicated with one another about our customers and the real estate we were selling. Because of this, we could share information and work together on ideas to assist one another in closing agreements. I once found new leads by using the client list of one of my other coworkers.

3. Tell Me About A Moment When You Had To Deal With An Irate Client Or Customer And Describe The Steps You Took To Resolve The Situation.

Once, I had a customer who was dissatisfied with how the project was moving forward. I had a face-to-face conversation with them, during which I listened to their worries and questioned them to understand better what they were searching for. Following this discussion, I revised the timeline that I had previously developed for the project. I emailed it to my client, so they could see how we intended to complete everything. They expressed satisfaction with the strategy, and they permitted us to move forward with it.

4. What Would You Say If Somebody Approached You For Information Supposed To Be Kept Confidential?

If someone asked me for information that was considered secret, I would first check to see if the individual requesting it has permission from the client or the firm to get it. In that case, I would politely decline to answer their queries until they could prove that they were authorized.

5.Describe A Situation In Which You Assisted A Team Member In Improving Their Performance.

During my time at my previous job, I worked with a coworker who was somewhat timid among clients when it came to networking. She preferred to work alone and would do her best to avoid situations where she was required to speak in front of huge audiences. After observing that she was skilled at writing marketing copy, I approached her with the proposition of producing some material for our website together. I inquired about her level of interest in doing so. She said she would, and we collaborated on several projects over the next few months. She eventually gained the confidence to speak in front of huge groups and got more at ease expressing herself verbally. She also became more confident in her writing abilities.

6. Do You Have Any Previous Experience Managing The Finances Of A Project?

In my most recent role as an architect, I was responsible for developing a project budget that accounted for all the expenses connected to designing a brand-new building. When figuring out the cost of the project, I had to consider many things, such as the number of floors in the building, the supplies that would be needed, and the amount of labor that would be necessary. As part of my responsibilities in this position, I was taught how to construct an affordable budget while also satisfying the requirements outlined by the client.

7. What Are Some Difficulties You Can Encounter In Your Role As A Property Manager?

When tenants are behind on their rent payments, it is one of the difficulties I have to deal with. When I was in my prior role, one of my responsibilities included giving late renters a call to explore the reasons behind their delinquency and provide options for how they may get back on track financially. If the renter were willing to pay within a specified time, I would work with them to establish an agreement allowing them to stay in the rental unit and avoid being evicted. This helped me strengthen my connections with my tenants and ensured that they would pay their rent on time.

8. Are You At Ease When It Comes To Discussing Issues And Concerns Related To Safety?

As someone who spent several years working in the construction industry, I know how vital it is to adhere to all safety measures. While at my previous job, I observed that several staff members did not wear hard hats while on the job site. I explained to them why it was essential for them to wear their hard hats at all times and how they could keep their hard hats secure by storing them in their toolboxes when they were not in use. I also instructed them always to wear their hard hats. They realized what had happened and immediately began putting on their hard hats once more.

9. Are You Able To Describe Both Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses To Us?

My ability to stay on top of my job is facilitated by the fact that I am very detail-oriented and organized. I also have exceptional communication abilities, making it simple for me to communicate things to others in a way they can understand. My downfall is that I am not always good at managing multiple tasks simultaneously, mainly when they are complicated. To overcome this, I have decided to split the project into a series of smaller jobs and give myself a deadline for each.

10. Please Give An Example Of A Situation In Which You Were Required To Make A Decision Without First Discussing It With Management.

As part of my present responsibilities, I am in charge of developing the weekly schedule for 56 members of the team. When I was initially given the job of scheduling, I did not have any statistics indicating our busiest times of the week or the day. I had to guess. I exerted a lot of effort to “guestimate” the number of customers we would receive while adhering to the staffing budget and avoiding understaffing at the same time. I could fill in the blanks for the data I did not have by using my logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills. The way I scheduled things turned out to be highly successful for me. Now that I understand client traffic flow entirely, it has been much simpler for me to schedule workers.

11. What Will, The Real Estate Sector, Be Like In Five Years, And How Will It Change?

In my opinion, within the next five years, we will witness an increase in the number of individuals renting instead of purchasing homes. This is because an increasing number of new technologies are being invented all the time, each of which makes renting more straightforward than it has ever been. For instance, I just heard that some businesses are in the process of building apps that would enable renters to pay their rent with only the click of a button. Because of the growing popularity of these apps, I believe that five to ten years from now, there will be even more individuals renting.

12. In Your Current Position, When Was The Last Time You Demonstrated Initiative?

When I was at my last employment, I observed that our group was having problems keeping up with all the projects we were working on. As a result, I began organizing weekly meetings to discuss the projects we were working on and how we could enhance our process. Because of this, we collaborated more efficiently and finished our assignments in the allotted amount of time.

13. When Hiring A Facilities Manager, Especially For CBRE, What Qualities Should You Look For In A Candidate?

A facilities manager’s ability to communicate effectively is crucial given the wide range of internal stakeholders they will need to interact with. They will need to be able to manage many projects simultaneously. Therefore, they should also have excellent organizing abilities. Lastly, I believe a facilities manager must have technical skills, such as computer programming or data analysis, to comprehend the systems they are responsible for.

14. Have You Ever Worked On Any Projects That Involved Commercial Real Estate?

I’ve been working in construction management for more than five years at this point. When I started working, I focused on residential projects; however, I quickly realized that commercial properties better fit my skills. In my most recent role, I was responsible for overseeing a crew of construction workers who were constructing a brand-new shopping complex. We were responsible for coordinating various project areas, such as the procurement of subcontractors and the administration of budgets.

15. Do You Have Experience With The Regulations And Codes That Govern buildings?

I know the local regulations and codes pertaining to building construction. As I’ve progressed through my profession, I’ve had the opportunity to work in several different places; as a result, I’m able to conduct thorough research when I go to a new location. For instance, while working in San Diego, I became familiar with the city’s many rules, particularly those about parking spaces and signage. After moving to Seattle, I quickly learned which structures need earthquake retrofitting.

16. How Do You Plan To Bring In New Customers For CBRE?

I begin by conducting research to determine which businesses have an interest in acquiring commercial real estate services. After that, I present myself and my company to the respective companies by sending them an email or calling them directly. If they indicate that they are interested in finding out more about our services, I set up a meeting with them either at their place of business or at ours. During this discussion, I will cover the various properties that are now available to us, and I will also show them some examples of buildings we have previously worked on.

17. Could You Elaborate On Why You Think Our Company Stands Out From The Competition?

CBRE distinguishes itself from its competitors due to its dedication to innovation. I’ve seen that most of the projects you work on are complicated, which necessitates the development of original solutions. During my most recent position, we were entrusted with finding ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs. We thought of the notion of designing a brand-new floor plan in the hopes of raising the percentage of occupied rooms. Because of this, we could generate more money than anticipated, which was an enormous benefit for our client.

18. What Do You Consider To Be One Of The Most Significant Challenges Impacting The Real Estate Market At The Present Time?

One of the most significant challenges that the real estate market is currently dealing with is the shortage of economically feasible homes for families with decent salaries. My most recent position as an analyst allowed me to observe that this problem is becoming increasingly widespread in several countries. To find a solution to this issue, I drafted a paper that detailed various approaches that could be taken to alleviate the shortage of affordable housing. Creating a database of available properties within the price range of families with average incomes was one of the solutions we put into action.

19. What Are The Key Distinctions Between Residential And Commercial Real Estate? Which One Do You Like Better?

Selling or renting out homes, apartments, and other types of living spaces falls under the area of residential real estate. Office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and company spaces can all be classified as commercial real estate. Because residential real estate is typically about individuals purchasing or renting a property, it tends to have a more personal feel than commercial real estate. I appreciate working in residential real estate because it allows me to assist clients in locating the home of their dreams.

20. Can You Describe Any Real Estate Developments You’ve Worked On Before?

My most recent position was as a commercial real estate broker, and one of my responsibilities included assisting in the search for tenants for office spaces in downtown districts. Because one of my customers was interested in leasing out an entire floor of a high-rise building, we needed to locate a business that would be able to afford the space and would be able to utilize the total square footage that was available. In the end, we successfully located a tech business that required additional space for its workforce.

21. What Is The Purpose Of A Corporation Like CBRE Using Depreciation?

Depreciation has several advantages: it allows businesses to correctly identify the costs of utilizing an item and compare them to the income generated by that asset. Due to a lack of depreciation, overall asset expenses may be overstated or understated, resulting in misleading financial statements. It also assists organizations in reporting an asset’s accurate net book value. Most businesses mention the asset’s original acquisition price. However, because assets wear and tear from regular use, their actual value decreases with time. Companies can calculate an asset’s net book value by deducting the asset’s total depreciation costs from the acquisition price. Depreciation helps businesses recoup an asset’s worth when it is purchased. The approach enables companies to recover the entire cost of an item over its life rather than just the purchase price. This allows businesses to replace future assets with an appropriate quantity of revenue. Depreciation is tax deductible under certain circumstances. Increased depreciation reduces taxable income and boosts tax savings.

22. Are You Interested In Exploring Other Employment Options At The Moment?

I have spent several years working in my current position and accumulated valuable experience. I improved my management skills during that period by taking on additional responsibility and working on more challenging projects. My professional life has reached a point where I believe it is time to pursue new opportunities and advance my career. I am a supporter of your business and am a long-time admirer of the work that you produce. I am confident that my abilities are a good fit for your team, and I would be ecstatic if you gave me the chance to join it.

23. Please Describe Some Of The Things You Do In Your Spare Time.

Leisure time? I do not possess any. Since my children are still young, I prioritize spending as much time as I can with them once I get home from work. They are demanding attention, and because I know how important it is for them, I try to play with them and answer their queries. I do not want to give the impression that I do not love spending time with them because, on the contrary, we have a lot of fun together. However, one cannot correctly call this a form of leisure. In any case, such is life; I take great pride in being a father, and I feel I’ve successfully balanced my responsibilities as a family man and a professional thus far. If you decide to hire me, I would love the opportunity to carry on the same line of work in your organization.

24. How Many Properties Do You Typically Sell In A Given Year On Average?

I sell an average of fifty homes yearly, ranging from moderately priced to high-end properties. I have previous experience dealing in this market with new families and families that are expanding, and I am incredibly familiar with the neighborhoods in this area. During their search, I use my extensive expertise to make prospective purchasers of homes feel at ease and full of self-assurance.

25. Tell Me About A Moment When It Was Difficult For You To Establish A Relationship With A Tenant, Owner, Or Investor. I’d Want To Hear About It.

Once, I attempted to assist a client with specific requirements and constraints, but I was unsuccessful. I was tasked with finding listings with all of the features they wanted, which was tough owing to the limited budget we had to work with. I started by looking at houses within their price range but lacking in some facilities. When the customer was still dissatisfied, I showed them houses that fulfilled all of their requirements, but I pointed out how their spending limit would need to be adjusted accordingly. The customer was grateful for both my assistance and my openness. Together, we determined which of their facilities were necessities and which could be considered luxuries. We agreed upon a very stringent budget to ensure that all of the ads would fulfill as many of their requirements as possible while remaining within their price range.


In conclusion, the interview procedure at CBRE is, on the whole, very in-depth and will change significantly depending on the position for which you are seeking. All you have to do is practice answering all the above questions confidently, and we wish you good luck.

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