Top 25 Cisco Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Internationally active American technology business Cisco Systems is well recognized for its computer networking solutions. Cisco didn’t become a household brand since it marketed its goods mostly to other companies, but it was one of the biggest American enterprises in the second decade of the twenty-first century. With its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, Cisco was established in 1984.

A collection of networking interview questions and Cisco coding questions may be part of the Cisco interview process for different jobs. These assess the candidate’s level of understanding and suitability for the position for which s/he has applied. Interviews with Cisco may be difficult. The good news is that being well-prepared can help. Here are some of the typical Cisco interview questions. To improve your chances of getting the job, make sure you have all the answers to those:

1. What Do You Know About Cisco?

Cisco Systems is a world leader in the IT industry that deals with developing, producing, and marketing networking equipment. Currently, Cisco has worldwide facilities spread over more than 160 nations, 70,000 workers, and the same number of channel partners. Strong partnerships with partner organizations that are leaders in the industry have enabled it to develop significantly and connect with its consumer base through a variety of channels.

2. How Would You Describe Yourself?

I have a lot of ambition and desire. I regularly establish objectives for myself because I enjoy difficulties and need something to work for. I don’t enjoy taking things easy, and I’m constantly seeking ways to improve and excel. I received three promotions in less than two years in my prior position. I love you a lot. I love you a lot. I love you a lot. I love you a lot. I love you a lot. I love you a lot.

3. Can You Describe Any Past Jobs And Related Skills?

I have collaborated on a lot of projects throughout this period to support my employer’s continuous expansion and development. I consider myself technically astute, extremely educated in my field, a reliable team member, and enthusiastic about further progress. I carefully read the job description and person specification before applying for this position at Cisco to ensure I had the skills, background, and qualifications required to succeed in that position. I am a hard worker who can be trusted to do jobs on time and with diligence. When speaking with stakeholders, customers, and clients, I will always represent Cisco in a favorable light.

4. Why Do You Want To Work For Cisco?

For two reasons I want to work at Cisco. First, I regard my employment at Cisco as a logical next step in my professional development. I believe I am now prepared to work for the organization I have long regarded and appreciated since I have accumulated substantial experience in areas like technical competence, problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities, teamwork, and relationship-building. The second reason I want to work at Cisco is that it continually innovates and transforms to suit the demands of its users and clients.

5. How Would You Handle An Upset Customer?

I think that the client always comes first. It certainly helps to diffuse a situation when I’ve learned not to take personally what people say about their experiences. I always make an effort to fully comprehend the complaint before attempting to resolve it. The management should be contacted if they are truly angry. Sometimes all they need is to speak with management to feel like their problems are taken seriously.

6. What Are Your Biggest Strengths And Weaknesses?

I sometimes judge myself too harshly. I’ve observed a pattern throughout my career: I frequently feel like I could have done more, even when I’ve performed well. That resulted in burnout and destructive self-talk earlier in my career. 

I’ve always had a natural ability to lead. I have more than ten years of expertise in sales and finance, and for the previous five years, I have been promoted twice despite exceeding my KPIs every quarter. When I reflect on those accomplishments, I am aware that without the teams I developed and the leadership I provided for them, I would not have been able to achieve them.

7. How Would The Ideal Manager Look Like For You?

My ideal manager is well-informed, understanding, and trustworthy. I wish to work with someone with extensive knowledge of the company’s goods and services. Because every employee has a different learning curve, I also believe an employer must have to have patience.

8. Choose One Of Cisco’s Products And Tell Me How It Can Be Of Benefit To A Business?

Cisco switching improves the performance and development of your organization. In times of change, its adaptable structure always offers dependable and straightforward communication. Using the Cisco switching solution will allow you to easily adjust to changing business requirements.

9. Explain Your Interest In Technology And How It Applies To Your Career Goals.

A profession in technology appeals to me since it would allow me to combine both my analytical and creative capabilities. I believe working in technology to be a rewarding job that allows me to pick up new abilities every day. Technology promises limitless potential.

10. Describe A Time When You Managed To Find A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

I can recall a similar circumstance from my previous engineering employment. Facing a hard app development challenge, a team of developers was stranded at one point. They were only adding more layers to the code, enhancing the robustness and complexity of the overall software, which isn’t always a bad thing, but such an app is more prone to bugs and errors, and once anything goes wrong, it is more challenging to fix. At the end of the day, I realized that we had to make a change if we didn’t want to miss the deadline. I thus talked to other engineers for two days while coming up with suggestions. Eventually, I developed a straightforward workaround that allowed us to use an already functioning app from one of our business partners.

11. Can You Describe The Worst Experience You Had With A Customer And How You Deal With It?

A customer previously complained to me about not getting their order on time. I paid close attention to what they had to say, probed when necessary, and offered my apologies for any trouble our business may have caused. I offered to send them another shipment at no charge after learning that the item had been delivered to the wrong address. My offer was accepted, and they congratulated me for being so accommodating. The grocery chain usually gives you a job if you are persistent.

12. What Are Your Expectations Of This Job?

I would like the employer to provide a working atmosphere where I can contribute to the team, feel appreciated for what I do, have a stable career, and have the opportunity to advance within the organization. I look forward to serving in this capacity as the support system for my team.

13. What Aspect Of Offering Customers Technical Support Poses The Greatest Challenge?

The hardest part of dealing with technical assistance is dealing with irritated customers when they are experiencing computer problems. I always make effort to be as patient as I can when listening to their worries and posing queries to assist them in finding solutions. That may include talking to them on the phone for a little longer to ensure they feel heard and understood. 

14. Do You Feel At Ease Utilizing A Range Of Technologies?

I like learning new things, I feel at ease using a variety of technology. In my prior position, I was in charge of creating new features and managing our company’s website. I had to learn how to utilize WordPress for this, which I did very quickly. Learning new technologies is far easier for me than trying to recall every feature of a single piece of software.

15. Many Of Our Clients Call Us Angry Because Their Equipment Isn’t Functioning Properly. How Do You Remain Composed In Those Circumstances?

When I used to work in a contact center, we had a 30-second time limit for each call’s response. When a customer’s equipment wasn’t functioning correctly, they called in quite unhappy while I was at work. After taking a breath, I told them we couldn’t repair devices over the phone. But if they returned the damaged one, I would send them a replacement. They concurred, and I found a solution without escalating the conflict. The grocery chain usually gives you a job if you are persistent.

16. Has There Ever Been A Conflict Situation With A Co-Worker In Your Previous Job And How Did You Deal With It?

I previously had a teammate who was frequently absent from meetings and rarely got things done on time. I went to him in private and asked if there was anything we could do to make his work go by faster. He admitted to me that he was having problems obtaining information online and required further instruction on how to use the search engine run by our business. I suggested that I train him further after work. I believe I would be a good fit.

17. Describe Your Process For Troubleshooting A Problem

I begin by pointing out the system’s flaws. I then look for hardware or configuration issues. I’ll restart the device and check for any new messages if it’s a software problem. I’ll delete the logs and check for any issues if there are no new messages. In that case, I’ll restart the router and recheck. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit.

18. What Are Your Methods For Staying Current With Technological Advancements?

I try to read as many technological blogs since I love technology. I also sign up for emails from well-known companies like Microsoft and Apple. That makes it easier for me to remain updated on any new goods or services they may introduce. It also inspires me with suggestions for how we may use such items to enhance our customer support.

19. How Would You Explain An Ip Address To A Layman?

Each computer linked to the Internet has a unique number. An IP address is this. You cannot interact with other people, computers, or devices on the Internet without this specific number or tag on your device. In other words, because it is distinct and designates means to contact you, the IP address functions similarly to a phone number. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit.

20. What Skills Are You Looking To Develop Or Improve In This Company?

I want to improve my presenting abilities so that I am able to speak in front of huge crowds. I would like to work on controlling my voice and delivery since I typically talk too quickly, especially when I start my presentation. Additionally, even though it is frequently necessary for me to assist others in finding resolutions to disputes, particularly when working on projects, I would like to hone my mediation skills so that I can help others come to their own decisions rather than having to play such a direct role in conflict resolution. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit.

21. Explain A Stressful Situation At Work And How You Deal With It

I place a lot of importance on pressure. Pressure, such as having a lot of work or a deadline approaches, keeps me motivated and productive. There are many situations where exerting too much effort might result in stress. I do, however, excel at managing a variety of assignments while staying on schedule, which keeps me from becoming unduly overwhelmed. I once had three significant assignments due in the same week, and it was a lot of strain. However, I was able to finish all three tasks ahead of schedule and reduce unneeded stress because I made a timetable that specified how I would divide each project into smaller assignments. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit.

22. What Steps Would You Take To Fix A Malfunctioning Network?

I would first double-check the security of each of my connections. The network would next be tested using Cisco Prime Network Advisor. If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll reboot each device individually until I identify the issue. As soon as I identify the problem, I’ll try to find a rapid solution to get the network back to normal. I believe I would be a good fit.

23. Why Should We Hire You?

According to what you’ve stated today and the research done, your firm needs a talented employee to expand and help it stand out from the competition. By implementing initiatives I’ve worked on, I raised activity at my prior firm by 24%. The business will benefit from my creative and enterprising energy, and I will put your success first. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit.

24. How Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Since I enjoy learning about new technology and trends, I expect to have a solid understanding of what’s new and coming in digital marketing over the next five years. I believe I would be a good fit.

25. Why Do You Think You’d Be A Good Fit For Cisco?

I have a strong sense of motivation and am constantly trying to further my abilities. I’m currently taking an online course to learn how to code in Python. Since a few Cisco engineers are familiar with this, I believe it will be advantageous for the team if I can include Python in our projects. My capacity for doing effectively under duress is another quality that makes me unique. Before now, I have completed challenging jobs under pressure, assisting businesses in achieving their objectives. I believe I would be a good fit.


We’ve covered a few inquiries you could encounter in your future interview. We strongly advise you to do all in your power to prepare the best possible responses in advance. You may prepare for your upcoming Cisco interview and answer the questions confidently by using our top Cisco interview questions and answers guide. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would be a good fit. I believe I would b

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