Cleaner Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Becoming a cleaner comes with certain benefits. You can work as you listen to music and podcasts, you have less supervision, and you can choose people to interact with. This job has numerous competition and to get one that pays well, you must stand out from other candidates seeking the same role as you. The biggest secret of outshining others is to write a sparkling cleaner resume. Writing a resume can be exhausting and challenging especially if you are not sure of what to include and what to avoid.

Below is a guide on how to write a cleaner resume that will enable you to get more interviews hence increasing your chances of securing a better-paying cleaner job. The sample provided includes examples of how to add skills and achievements to your cleaner’s resume. You can follow the format used in the sample to describe your experience as a cleaner to increase your chances of landing your dream job. The sample will also enable you to know the different sections of a resume including what to put in every section. You can modify it to fit your qualifications, achievements, experience, education, etc. Let’s dive in!

Cleaner Resume Job Description

Keeping a business area clean is very important since a clean business is a big investment. Business owners will therefore require a cleaner who can

ascertain that the spaces to which he or she is assigned are orderly and tidy at all times. A cleaner will mainly be responsible for providing a clean, safe, and healthy workplace.

Position Description

A cleaner has many duties such as sweeping, dusting, or mopping floors. Cleaners also ensure that common areas and restrooms are clean by doing routine inspections daily at specified times. They work in different settings such as homes, offices, and public spaces.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Cleaner

  • Dusting countertops, light fittings, ceilings, and loose furniture
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sinks, kitchen fixtures, and toilets
  • Cleaning windows and drying them using a dry clean cloth
  • Carrying out and  documenting routine inspection as well as maintenance activities
  • Stocking  and maintaining supply rooms
  • Making adjustments and minor repairs
  • Notifying management or the line manager of major required repairs
  • Reporting to the supervisor about any breakages that take place while offering cleaning services

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Able to stand for long hours
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Solid communication skills
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Knowledge of using a wide range of cleaning products and equipment
  • Knowledge of material safety data sheets
  • Ability to complete all tasks on time with minimum supervision
  • Ability to handle heavy machinery and equipment
  • Meticulous attention to details
  • Daily cleaning and deep cleaning skills

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Experience handling chemical, heavy machinery, and equipment


Based on data from, a senior cleaner earns approximately $35,100 per year while an average cleaner pockets a salary of $28,847 per year. An adjunct cleaner gets $25,350 annually.

Cleaner CV Example 1

John k

Address: 917Honey Creek Street, Chula Vista, CA 93922

Email address:

Phone number: 903-595-4122

Personal Profile  

Meticulous and hardworking cleaner with over 10 years of experience and proven skills in dusting, sweeping, and mopping. A detail-oriented cleaner with extensive experience in coordinating other cleaners and managing supplies. Possess excellent work ethics and organizational skills. Eager to join a growing company to contribute to a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all staff and customers. Comfortable handling cleaning products and cleaning equipment to offer a presentable and safe space to clients.  Committed to improving efficiency, implementing new initiatives that keep clients happy, and decreasing ordering costs.

Work Experience

Cleaner, Maxwell and TT limited, California, United States

6/2019 – 04/2022

  • Performed cleaning roles and properly handled cleaning equipment
  • Performed light maintenance duties as well as other occasional exterior work
  • Kept equipment in a clean condition after use
  • Loaded, unloaded, and moved heavy furniture and equipment to clean
  • Used and maintained supplies needed to perform different roles in a proper, safe, and economical manner.
  • Wore uniform during working hours
  •  Used and maintained the required protective equipment and tools
  • Reported malfunctioned tools and equipment, broken fixtures, furniture, and other items in need of maintenance
  • Used natural cleaners to safeguard the safety and health of clients
  • Adhered to best practices for handling and disposing of biohazardous waste
  • Trained 6 new cleaners and provided a to-do list to ensure that they are organized in carrying out their duties. The to-do list contained the day, hours, and role every cleaner was assigned. This improved efficiency at the workplace from 56% to 78%.

Cleaner, Cube movers, California, USA

9/2014 – 5/2018

  • Identified effective products and methods to be used when performing cleaning roles to produce desired results
  • Performed cleaning roles that were assigned in back-of-house spaces, exterior spaces, and members’ spaces.
  • Correctly handled floor polished, vacuums, and other chemical cleaning agents
  • Lifted weights of above 20 pounds while removing furniture and other fixture to get access to areas that were not being cleaned regularly
  • Assisted with outdoor seasonal tasks and garbage removal
  • Exceeded most of the organization’s set standards
  • Identified maintenance issues that I noticed in the cleaning process
  • Vacuumed dusted and mopped different offices ensuring that everything complied with the needs and requirements of the client.
  • Replaced light bulbs and refilled soap dispensers in good time
  • Introduced new cleaning procedures that increase effectivity
  • Trained new personnel who joined the organization for the same role as mine
  • Assisted in ordering and stocking supplies
  • Washed windows, cleaned restrooms, and emptied trash cans
  • Maintained all the equipment and tools

Assistant office cleaner., Houston, United States

4/2010 – 6/2014

  • Swept, mopped, and cleaned floors of different types and other surfaces
  • Washed glass in interior doors, specified windows, and partition
  • Vacuumed  rugs in offices, spot cleaned, and shampooed as directed by the supervisor
  • Cleaned and dusted furniture, pictures, chairs, exhibit cases, light fixtures, door trim, and other horizontal surfaces
  • Cleaned bathrooms and restocked paper supplies every day
  • Monitored defects such as light outs and clogged urinals and reported to the supervisor
  • Collected building trash every day as well as put it in the dustbins
  • Ensured that the dustbins were in the designated collection area
  • Shoveled snow from walkways at building entrances and connecting sidewalks as directed
  • Replaced liners in trash containers and wastebaskets per specs
  • Performed periodic works such as high dusting, wall washing, polishing, etc


  • 1/ 2009- 7/ 2010, The Cleaning Management College

Custodial Supervisor certificate

  • 1/ 2006-11/2010, High school diploma, Annex creek academy, California.
  • Clubs and Societies: Fitness club, Aerobics Club, and Volleyball Team


  • Driving license
  • Certificate by worksite safety compliance center inc(WHMIS)


Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office( Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Outlook, Excel, Access)
  • Spreadsheets( Google sheets, excel, open Office Calc, numbers)
  • Google Drive( Forms, slides, sheets, Docs)
  • Presentation
  • Email (mail merge, folders, filters, rules)


  • Danish
  • English
  • German

Other skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Teamwork skills

Cleaner CV Example 2

Regina Martin

Address: Maxwell Road, Southampton,s070 7yp, UK

Email address:

Phone number: 1218-480-545

Personal Profile

Hard-working cleaner with over 9 years of experience in cleaning the workspace such as restrooms, cleaning windows, dusting furniture, and emptying trash bins. Possess good customer relations, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Reliable cleaner with a strong work ethic and pays attention to details. A dedicated cleaner with knowledge of cleaning chemicals and methods used in office cleaning. Energetic and can lift over 20 pounds without any assistance. Builds respectful relationships with all colleagues.

Work Experience

School cleaner, Top hill academy, London, United Kingdom

7/2018 – 5/2022

  • Cleaned all the allocated areas of the school
  • Emptied trash bins and other similar spectacles, and transported waste to designated collection points
  • Cleaned floors of the dormitories by sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping
  • Dusted, damp wiped, washed, and polished the furniture, window sills, ledges, and external surfaces of radiators, shelves, cupboards, and radiators
  • Replenished consumable items such as paper towels, toilet rolls, and soap
  • Cleaned the toilets, urinals, sinks, and hand basins
  • Ensured that the school corridors were clean by sweeping them
  • Spot-cleaned any spillages on the school’s corridors
  • Trimmed lawns and shrubbery  using hands and mowers to remove debris from the ground
  • Checked stock levels of cleaning products and reported those that need to be restocked
  • Reported all the defects immediately to my supervisor
  • Weeded the flowers and trimmed  the grass in the school compound
  • Followed procedure when handling cleaning chemicals or using power equipment to prevent damage to fixtures and floors
  • Supervised a team of four cleaners
  • Adhered to a tight budget during  supplies acquisition
  • Created a schedule that outlined the time and day every cleaner was required to work

Cleaner, Tim & Max accommodation joint,  Birmingham, UK

9/2014 – 4/2017

  • Swept, mopped, cleaned, and polished the floor as required by the management
  • Dusted furniture, vacuumed carpets, draperies, area rugs,  and upholstered furniture
  • Made beds and changed sheets
  • Distributed toiletries and clean towels
  • Cleaned, disinfected, and polished bathroom fixtures, kitchen, and appliances
  • Picked up debris and trash containers and placed them in designated areas
  • Complied with policies, safety rules, and procedures
  • Attended to guest’s requests for any extra supplies
  • Cleaned showers and changing rooms
  • Followed all company rules, procedures, and policies
  • Communicated well with co-workers, supervisors, and customers
  • Supported shift lead in compiling punch list items
  • Participated in filling in when there was a staff shortage
  • Understood customer service as well as satisfaction
  • Assisted my team clean the space assigned to them when they fell behind

Adjunct cleaner, Marram Management Ltd, Scotland, United Kingdom

2/2008 – 4/2011

  • Cleaned and sanitized commercial building
  • Cleaned all the equipment and supplies after the cleaning process
  • Maintained a high standard of hygiene at the workplace
  • Properly swept, mopped, and buffed floors
  • Vacuumed carpeted areas as directed by the supervisor
  • Dusted surfaces, scrubbed, and disinfected restrooms
  • Polished woodwork regularly as required by the management
  • Restocked supplies in restrooms such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap
  • Followed the checklist to ensure that I completed all tasks
  • Worked both independently and as a team and produced good results


  • 5/2011 – 6/2014, a certificate in Housekeeping, Highrise college, UK
  • 1/2003 – 11/2007, General Certificate of Secondary Education, Hubas Senior School, England


  • Certificate in housekeeping
  • Certificate in Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Certificate in first aid



  • English
  • Spanish

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access, OneNote, word, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Spreadsheets (Google sheets, Excel, and OpenOffice Calc). 
  • Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms)
  • Presentations/Slideshows (Google slides and PowerPoint)

Other skills

  • First aid skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Adaptable to change
  • multitasking
  • Ability to remain focused
  • Ability to remain flexible

Cleaner Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are Cleaners Skills?

Your resume should clearly outline the main skills a cleaner needs to effectively perform his or her purpose, objectives, and obligations. A top-notch cleaner must have excellent communication skills. The majority of employers look out for applicants who can write, read, and speak the English language. Thus a cleaner requires good communication skills to follow verbal and written instructions.

Your resume should also demonstrate that you have excellent interpersonal skills. This is because a cleaner will have contact with other people such as customers. They will be required to offer directions to other people. Excellent interpersonal skills show that a cleaner can establish and maintain a good working relationship with other staff and customers. A cleaner must possess meticulous eyes for details and be highly organized. These skills will help them to follow and adapt to a routine or a changing schedule. On the other hand, a cleaning job is manually inclined. Therefore, a cleaner must need to be energetic to enable him or her to lift more than 20 pounds without assistance.

2. What Are The Main Keywords To Include In A Cleaner Resume?

For your resume to stand out, certain keywords need not miss out! Some of the keywords to include are your cleaning experience, customer service, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. To capture these keywords, ensure you put down a checklist that will enable you to make a sense of what your potential employer wants from a candidate. Match them with the description on the job posting and tune them in the form asked your employer wants.

3. How Should My Work Experience Appear In A Cleaner Resume?

The experience section is one of the most important sections that the employer looks at to shortlist the candidates to appear for the interview. While writing this section, you need to demonstrate that you have what it takes to tackle the role that you are seeking. The section should include information regarding your professions such as the job title you have held, tenure durations, the name of your employer accomplishments, and responsibilities. You will need to be creative in the format to use to enable the employer easily skim through your job experience section. Ensure you match your experience with the job description for your resume to stand out from many other applicants.  Stating noteworthy accomplishments will increase your chances of getting shortlisted for the job interview hence increasing your opportunity to secure the job. When mentioning your work experience, always arrange them chronologically beginning with the most recent.

4. Why Should I Use A Simple Formatting While Writing A Cleaner Resume

Hiring managers receive huge applications for all job postings. This means that there are huge applications that the employer will go through to pick candidates for the interview. They may not have time to read every resume. For this reason, your resume must be simply formatted with headings, bullets,  and easy-to-read fonts. Keep off from using bright colors or graphics for they can distract your potential employer. Ensure to proofread your resume before submitting it to free it from basic errors. Look out for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors for they can make you appear unprofessional.

5. Should I Include The List  Of My Education In My Cleaner Resume?

Including the list of your education is important. The majority of hiring managers prefer hiring a cleaner with GED or a high school diploma. Thus it will be important to include your education history in your cleaner resume. Ensure to list the name of the school you attended, the dates, and the diploma you earned there. If you have studied any other course related to cleaning, list it as well in your education section.

6. Why Should I Write A Resume When Seeking For A Cleaner’s Role?

A resume is the primary touch point you can have with a prospective employer. Submitting it to your potential employer lays a platform for discussing a cleaner role in person. The hiring manager must come across and be pleased with your resume for him or her to invite you for an interview. Thus, your resume should include all the information that the employers are looking for such as educational qualifications, skills, achievements, and previous experience related to the role you are seeking. If your resume looks good to the hiring manager, you may get invited for an interview to discuss how you qualify for the position advertised.

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