Construction Project Manager Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Construction projects are usually technical, calling for project managers with an in-depth understanding of different construction methodologies and procedures. These professionals organize and oversee construction projects to ensure their timely and efficient delivery. They also hire and supervise construction staff and contractors who can see to it everything proceeds according to plan. We have something for you if you are interested in a construction project management job.

Our article will cover all the roles and responsibilities of construction project managers to get acquainted with them. We will also look at the different thresholds you must meet, i.e., education, experience, and skills. At the end of our discussion are two resume examples and a FAQ section to help you draft a job-winning application. Let’s get right into it!

Construction Project Manager Job Description

A construction project manager plans oversees and manages construction projects. They also negotiate with external vendors, collaborate with other construction professionals, obtain the proper permits and licenses, and hire staff and contractors to ensure the project moves smoothly. Additional roles include evaluating progress and ensuring compliance with all health and safety standards.

To succeed as a construction project manager, one should have an in-depth understanding of project management principles and procedures, knowledge of various construction management software, familiarity with health and safety standards, and excellent planning skills. It’s also imperative that a construction project manager possesses excellent teamworking, organizational, leadership, and communication skills.

Construction Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with other professionals, e.g., architects and engineers, to determine project specifications and requirements
  • Participating in the vetting and hiring of contractors and other construction staff
  • Allocating duties to the construction team and monitoring them
  • Evaluating project progress and preparing detailed reports to top-level management and project owners
  • Ensuring that the team adheres to all health and safety standards plus local, state, and federal regulations
  • Legalizing the project by obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses from the proper authorities
  • Negotiating contracts with external vendors to ensure that the project is completed within the set budget
  • Drawing up schedules and planning all construction operations for timely delivery of projects
  • Determining all the resources required from the start to the end of the project, i.e., equipment, workforce, and materials
  • Handling inadequacies promptly by monitoring inventory and reordering supplies
  • Supervising and guiding laborers and other construction staff to ensure the timely completion of the project
  • Performing cost estimations and removing any unnecessary expenditures to keep the project within the allocated budget
  • Performing internal and external risk management by anticipating events or things capable of affecting the project, whether directly or indirectly
  • Preventing shortages through resource allocation and procurement
  • Building clients’ trust and avoiding unnecessary penalties by ensuring timely project completion
  • Ensuring completion uniformity for large projects by coordinating tasks in collaboration with site managers
  • Reprimanding or firing workers where necessary
  • Tracking project activities from the beginning to the end
  • Directly overseeing the performance of site managers and general contractors
  • Developing deliverables and milestones to keep the project on track
  • Defining the project scope
  • Training and providing constructive feedback to construction workers and subcontractors

Construction Project Manager Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Understanding of project management principles
  • In-depth understanding of construction guidelines and procedures
  • Familiarity with construction management software
  • Familiarity with quality, health, and safety standards
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Solid organizational skills
  • Teamworking ability
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Ability to think critically
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Excellent collaboration skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Competency in crisis management
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to plan strategically
  • In-depth knowledge of construction management processes
  • Familiarity with project management software
  • Excellent budgeting skills
  • Ability to determine potential risks
  • Ability to build rapport with construction teams

Construction Project Manager Education and Experience

  • Proven experience as a construction project manager or a similar role
  • Bachelor of Science/ Arts in Building Science, Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, or relevant field
  • Relevant industry certifications, e.g., PMP
  • Experience using construction management software packages
  • Experience managing conflicts and crises

Construction Project Manager Salary

Construction project management is quite lucrative. Glassdoor reports that the average salary of these professionals is approximately $129,000. From the same website, most companies pay between $120,000 to approximately $200,000. For example, Intel Corporation and Skanska USA pay roughly $197,000 and $160,000. L

Construction Project Manager CV Example 1

Phil Jones

Physical address: 2340 Pump Herston Way, San Jose, California, 94563

Email address:

Phone number: (406) 786- 9043

Personal Profile

Construction expert with 15+ years of experience participating in and managing 300+ construction projects. Certified construction project manager with an in-depth understanding of project management principles and procedures, ready to collaborate with other professionals for the successful and timely delivery of construction projects. Experienced team player familiar with construction management software, willing to go the extra mile to successfully organize and oversee construction procedures.

Work Experience

05/2019- 09/2022, Construction Project Manager, Citadel Construction Company, Tampa, Florida

  • Ensured on-time completion of 98% of projects in collaboration with cross-functional teams
  • Regularly conducted extensive post-construction inspections with clients, increasing customer satisfaction rate from 89% to 94%
  • Led salary negotiations for all contract employees, saving the company 10% in salaries
  • Built and maintained excellent relationships with planning & zoning officials as well as five other departments for the timely award of project permits
  • Recommended and integrated alternative building materials and energy-efficient products, averagely reducing construction budgets by 36%
  • Promoted recycling of materials during construction, saving the company $25,000+ per project and resolving cost deficiencies
  • Organized and led weekly job site meetings with contractors to ensure that all construction work was proceeding according to plan

03/2016- 04/2019, Assistant Construction Project Manager, Raul Group of Companies, San Diego, California

  • Served as the point of contact between upper management and four stakeholders, i.e., suppliers, internal coordination, customers, and subcontractors
  • Worked closely with the project manager for the successful documentation, planning, execution, and management of 150+ major projects
  • Escalated subcontractors’ issues to the management for timely delivery, boosting their morale for timely delivery of projects
  • Initiated communication with 100+ new prospects to discuss their needs and how the company can respond to them, earning the organization six long-term clients
  • Ensured excellent work standards and timely completion of 97% of the projects through thorough supervision and monitoring of subcontractors

02/2013- 01/2016, Construction Supervisor, Brian & Robert Construction Group, San Jose, California

  • Supervised day-to-day construction activities of 20-25 subcontractors, e.g., flooring, excavation, and plumbing companies
  • Organized and implemented crew competency assessment to increase overall operation performance, averagely reducing downtime by 25%
  • Promoted employee training and mentorship to reduce overtime and increase productivity, increasing company profitability by 6%
  • Reduced lag time by 12% by researching, hiring, and building excellent relationships with 5+ supply vendors
  • Liaised with the construction project managers to successfully plan and coordinate construction projects of up to $900,000


  • 03/2012- 06/2014, Master of Science in Construction Science and Management, University of Lincoln Online Program
  • 05/2004- 06/2008, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
  • 03/2001- 04/2003, High School Diploma, San Jose Senior High School, San Jose, California 


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Technical Skills

  • Risk management
  • Flexible planning
  • Financial Management
  • Project scheduling
  • Project planning
  • Budgeting
  • Cost management
  • Task management
  • Goal-setting
  • Professional task delegation
  • Industry knowledge

Soft Skills

  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Leadership
  • Assertiveness
  • Prioritization
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal skills


  • 05/2019, Certified Construction Manager (CCM), Construction Management Association of America
  • 04/2016, Certified Professional Constructor, American Institute of Constructors (AIC)

Construction Project Manager CV Example 2

Betty White

Physical address: 120 Kerley Drive, San Jose, California, 98564

Email address:

Phone number: (405) 345- 8907

Personal Profile

Construction project manager with 10+ years of experience participating in and managing several multi-million construction projects. Project management expertise with an in-depth understanding of project management principles ready to team up with able professionals to facilitate timely and efficient delivery of projects. Self-motivated team worker with excellent planning and supervision skills for successful construction project management.

Work Experience

07/2019- 10/2022, Construction Project Manager, Powell Construction Company, San Diego, California

  • Led, managed, and supervised construction teams to successfully deliver projects ranging from $200,000 to $12.5M
  • Interviewed, hired, and recruited an average of 30 skilled subcontractors per project, ensuring the timely completion of buildings and structures
  • Managed 300+ construction projects in collaboration with 30–100-member project teams, overseeing all site and building construction aspects
  • Built and maintained excellent relationships with 5+ licensing authorities for the timely acquisition of construction permits and approvals
  • Regularly negotiated with architects and civil engineers, reducing project costs by an average of 12%
  • Performed regular project inspection and review to ensure 100% compliance with building and safety codes and all local, federal, and state regulations

05/2016- 06/2019, Construction Superintendent, Baz Construction Companies, San Jose, California

  • Successfully oversaw the construction of 250+ stand-alone homes and 2-story apartments, supervising crews of 40-50 builders
  • Reviewed and approved time, delivery, and inspection sheets, as well as production and service invoices for effective control of production costs
  • Performed daily inspections of buildings under construction to monitor job progress and ascertain that jobs were on schedule
  • Maintained high levels of customer satisfaction through timely response to customer service issues and resolution of production problems, earning the company five high-paying long-term clients
  • Conducted two significant meetings, i.e., pre-construction and pre-settlement, with 100+ clients and home buyers to ascertain their satisfaction levels
  • Ensured 100% compliance with plan specifications through constant monitoring of projects as well as review and analysis of blueprints and site plans
  • Promoted construction accuracy and job completion through supervision and monitoring of subcontractors’ work

02/2013- 04/2016, Senior Construction Analyst, George & Ian Companies Ltd, San Jose, California

  • Ensured 95% on-time completion of projects through direct analyses of construction processes and requirements and data flow development
  • Successfully maintained and updated a detailed cost database in collaboration with internal departments and three project teams
  • Suggested new processes and improvements based on market trends research and analysis; using PowerPoint to present findings      
  • Used excellent communication and collaboration skills to build and maintain excellent relationships with 10+ contractors
  • Promoted smooth flow of construction projects by collaborating with the Manager of Constructions services to timely resolve owner complaints, contractor issues, and construction deficiencies


  • 03/2012- 04/2014, Master of Science in Construction Science and Management, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
  • 04/2004- 06/2008, Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Construction Management, Columbia University, New York
  • 05/2001- 08/2003, High School Diploma, Tampa Senior High School, Tampa, FL


  • Languages
  • English
  • Swahili
  • French

Technical Skills

  • Flexible planning
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Technology affinity
  • Project scheduling
  • Task management
  • Project planning
  • Team management
  • Task delegation
  • Budgeting
  • Cost management
  • Goal-setting

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Prioritization
  • Openness
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Assertiveness
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills


  • 08/2018, Certified Safety Manager Construction Certification, National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP)
  • 06/2016, Certified Construction Manager (CCM), Construction Management Association of America

Construction Project Manager Resume Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Which Technical Skills Should I Include in My Resume?

Every construction project manager needs specialized knowledge and expertise for specific task performance. For an excellent resume that will capture the attention of the project manager, here are the technical skills worth including in your resume: project management, flexible planning, task management, delegation, goal-setting, budgeting, cost estimation and management, project scheduling, project planning, team management, and technological affinity.

Also include extensive industry knowledge, financial management, negotiation, and construction skills. Lastly, ensure that all the skills in the job listing are represented in your resume.

2. Which Certifications Should I Pursue and Add to My Resume?

Here are some of the most common certifications for construction project managers:

  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM)– The CCM Certification by the Construction Management Association of America is one of the most outstanding credentials for construction project managers in and around America. It covers four key areas, i.e., construction management, safety, design, and planning. To qualify, one must have at least four years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree, and it must also be renewed every three years.
  • Certified Professional Contractor Certification- The CPCC certification is one of the best credentials offered by the American Institute of Constructors. It is only awarded to a project manager with several years of construction project management experience seeking career advancement. It certifies project management knowledge, experience, and ability to abide by the American Institute of Constructors.
  • Certified Safety Manager Certification– The National Association of Safety Professionals offers the CSMC to construction experts and project managers who can supervise large projects and sites with minimum assistance. It covers leadership skills touching on safety and procedural development within the construction industry. Like most certifications, it must be renewed every three years.
  • Associate Constructor- The Associate Constructor Certification by the American Institute of Constructors shows the ability to abide by the American Institute of Constructors code of ethics, construction management familiarity, and high skill level. It mainly serves as a foundation for other higher-level certifications and must be renewed every three years.

3. Which Keywords Should I Include in My Resume?

Your resume must have all the right keywords, which are technically words, or phrases used to describe specific job requirements. They can be values, skills, expertise, or abilities that a hiring manager needs in a new employee. For a good construction project manager resume, please consider including the following keywords: construction, construction management, contract management, project coordination, quantity surveying, contractors, cost management, procurement, Microsoft Project, civil engineering, project planning, project estimation, and delegation.

Additional keywords include quality control, analysis, budget management, industry knowledge, OSHA standards, vendor management, MS Office, scheduling, submittals, architectural design, documentation, innovation, proposal writing and submission, estimation, and electricity. All in all, review the resume to identify all the keywords you should use in your resume.

4. How Can I Become a Construction Project Manager?

First, complete a Bachelor’s degree in a construction-related field such as Civil Engineering, Building Sciences, or Construction Management. If you are conflicted, note that the best undergraduate course should focus on areas such as materials, economics, and building design. On the other hand, a good Master’s degree should cover the practical applications of construction management principles, e.g., safety, public policy, or labor relations.

 Afterward, gain the right experience through internships, management assistance, apprenticeships, or construction work. The last steps are to get certified (you can choose any of the certifications we have reviewed in FAQ no. 2), prepare your resume and apply for a construction project management role that you qualify for.

5. What Should I Expect in My Project Manager Job?

Expect to work in a field, office, or construction site once you get a construction project management job. Your primary duties will be monitoring the project’s progress, performing administrative duties, and participating in daily decision-making regarding construction activities. Also, expect to work longer hours to meet deadlines, use a variety of construction equipment and tools, occasionally travel to meetings or construction sites, be exposed to hazardous chemicals occasionally, regularly communicate with different parties, wear different protective equipment, work with others and spend most of your time outdoors. You can easily manage all these once you have the right skills and skills and expertise.

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