Content Creator Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you passionate about content creation and want to make some money from it? Do you know what it takes to be a good content creator and a competitive job applicant? We have the answers to these questions and more since our article is dedicated to helping you land the best content creation job in the market.

We will cover the roles and responsibilities of content creators to give you a glimpse of what to expect once you get the job. We have also exhausted the relevant academic, skills, and experience requirements to help you gauge if you have everything needed to thrive in this field. At the end of our article are two well-written resume examples and a complete FAQ section to guide you as you pen the best resume. Let’s find out more!

Content Creator Job Description

Content creators are driven and detail-oriented professionals who develop copies and marketing materials for websites and social media to promote companies’ products and services. These professionals plan and create both verbal and written media for widespread consumption.

A good content creator should be able to create engaging material that appeals to the customers’ or target audience’s interests. Other requirements include excellent collaboration skills, the ability to manage strict deadlines, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and exceptional writing, proofreading, and editing abilities. Awareness of the latest content creation best practices also counts.

Content Creator Roles and Responsibilities

  • Using digital publishing platforms to create and edit well-structured drafts
  • Advertising company brands and products by through well-drafted marketing copies
  • Collaborating with other professionals to edit and proofread written pieces pending publication
  • Optimizing content by using search engine optimization guidelines
  • Conducting extensive keyword searches to optimize blog content
  • Monitoring the target audience’s content engagement such as shares and comments
  • Preparing and promoting content on different social media platforms
  • Performing extensive market research to identify customer needs and new topics
  • Measuring content web traffic, including bounce and conversion rates
  • Updating the company’s websites as needed  
  • Properly illustrating articles in collaboration with design and marketing teams
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews with industry professionals and recording their views on blog posts
  • Collaborating with the creative team for the effective design of promotional materials
  • Increasing site traffic by using diverse SEO methods
  • Networking with other industry professionals to find out new ways of promoting company products and services
  • Identifying and solving problems, completing tasks, and establishing campaign objectives in collaboration with internal departments
  • Engaging customers and responding to their queries and complaints on social media
  • Using social media to promote company initiatives actively
  • Staying updated with current developments, trends, and perceptions
  • Writing engaging content capable of capturing the audience’s attention
  • Ensuring that all published content aligns with the brand plans and history
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy laws during data protection
  • Understanding the short- and long-term marketing targets of the company in collaboration with the marketing department staff
  • Staying updated with the latest industry practices and trends

Content Creator Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Working knowledge of content management systems
  • Extensive knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Excellence in writing and proofreading content
  • Ability to conduct extensive research
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work efficiently while maintaining work quality and accuracy
  • Excellence in editing content
  • Proficiency with analytics software
  • Excellent IT skills
  • A customer-oriented personality
  • Excellent planning skills
  • Working knowledge of UI/UX design skills
  • Ability to publish new content periodically
  • Attention to details
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, e.g., PowerPoint and Excel
  • Excellent team working skills
  • Ability to collaborate with different departments
  • Ability to perform extensive fact-checking
  • A detailed portfolio of published articles or web pages
  • Extensive knowledge of social media marketing
  • In-depth understanding of email marketing
  • Knowledge of digital publishing and lead generation
  • Understanding of keyword search
  • Ability to work independently or collaboratively on projects
  • A detail-oriented work style
  • Knowledge of different analytics platforms

Content Creator Education and Experience

  • Experience creating strong, appealing, and engaging content
  • Extensive experience in writing, proofreading, and editing content
  • Bachelors of Arts/Science degrees in Marketing, English, Communication, Media Studies, or any related field
  • Experience working with tight deadlines
  • Experience using content management systems such as WordPress
  • Proven work experience as a content creator, copywriter, digital marketer, influencer, or any similar role

Content Creator Salary

Glassdoor reports that content creators make an average of $49,000 annually, lead content creators make roughly $55,000, and senior content creators make up to $67,000 yearly. However, companies such as Meta, Google, and Twitch pay their content creators $80,000+, making them some of the best companies to offer content creation services.

Content Creator CV Example 1

Brian Caleb

Physical address: 305 Littleton Drive, San Jose, CA 98675

Email address:

Phone number: (670) 890- 6547

Personal Profile

Content creator and marketer with 10+ years of experience promoting brands, marketing products and managing social media accounts. Marketing professional with knowledge of content management systems and SEO best practices ready to collaborate with other marketing professionals to successfully coordinate marketing activities. Resourceful team player with an in-depth understanding of lead generation and digital publishing required for successful content creation and marketing.

Work Experience

08/2019- 11/2022, Content Creator, Ryan & Albert’s Inc, Tampa, FL

  • Increased the company’s marketing inventory, e.g., podcasts and slide shares, by 38%+
  • Worked with 4 marketing teams on 100+ well-planned social media campaigns, achieving 95% of engagement targets
  • Implemented SEO guidelines; optimizing the company’s website content by 95% and driving traffic up by 68%
  • Drafted monthly and quarterly email newsletters to be sent to 100,000 subscribers with a record 2% unsubscription rates
  • Created and frequently posted content tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience across 5 social media platforms; increasing average online sales by 28%
  • Managed the company’s 5 social media accounts, achieving an average organic growth rate of 200% annually

06/2016- 07/2019, Marketing Copywriter, Orwell & George Marketing Company, San Diego, CA

  • Boosted the company’s website traffic by 125% by constantly creating engaging content for its homepage
  • Increased the company’s website conversion rate by 25% through engaging and captivating content
  • Regularly created content and copies for 4 social media channels, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Organically grew the company’s Instagram following by 110%+ by interacting with followers and answering queries
  • Brainstormed and developed 1000+ marketing materials in collaboration with the marketing and Public Relations department
  • Ensured that all website and social media content were error-free and reflective of the company’s voice
  • Trained and mentored 5 junior copywriting interns on how to interpret and turn technical information  into engaging copy concepts

03/2013- 04/2016, Social Media Manager, Been Airlines, Miami, FL

  • Managed the company’s 3 social media accounts, growing their follower count by an average of 60% in the first three months
  • Created and published content for the company’s blog; attracting 3M+ views in under a week
  • Spearheaded 5 email campaigns, achieving a 65% increase in newsletter subscribers
  • Responded to queries and comments on the company’s social media accounts with utmost professionalism
  • Collaborated with the marketing department on 100+ successful online marketing campaigns aimed at improving the company’s brand presence and pushing its offerings
  • Used Hootsuite to monitor brand-related conversations and stay in touch with the target market


  • 03/2008- 06/2012, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • 05/2005- 08/2007, San Diego College Preparatory School, San Diego, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • French

Hard Skills

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Editing
  • Data analysis
  • Research
  • Content marketing
  • Content planning
  • Scheduling
  • Photography
  • Project Management
  • Social media
  • Proofreading
  • Content planning
  • Copyediting
  • Promotional marketing

Soft Skills

  • Time management
  • Consistency
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Stress management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Networking
  • Ability to meet deadlines


  • 05/2018, Content Marketing Toolkit, SEMrush
  • 06/2016, Content Creation for Social Media, Udemy

Content Creator CV Example 2

Michelle Stanley

Physical address: 67 Del Monte Avenue, Hayward, CA 98065

Email address:

Phone number: (903) 870- 9086

Personal Profile

The content creator and social media manager with 11+ years of experience working in marketing departments on a long and short-term basis for successful product marketing and brand promotion. Resourceful team worker with excellent content planning and marketing skills, ready to collaborate with sales, PR, and marketing department employees for brand enhancement. Exceptional communicator and strategist with an in-depth understanding of content creation and management techniques.

Work Experience

06/2019- 10/2022, Content Creator, Revolt Group of Companies, San Diego, CA

  • Organically grow the company’s social media account’s reach by 75% through innovative and engaging video content
  • Tailored content to meet the specific needs of the company’s target audience, increasing leads by 80% and online sales by 23%
  • Collaborated with the 28-member marketing department team to develop and implement digital content strategies; increasing brand reach by 60%
  • Used SEO guidelines to optimize content; increasing monthly website traffic by 95%
  • Ensured error-free publications by editing and proofreading written pieces before publication

03/2016- 05/2019, Social Media Manager, Burnt Internationals, Oakland, CA

  • Managed the company’s 3 main social media accounts, i.e., Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; attracting an average of 10,000+ new followers on each platform within 4 months
  • Increased the company’s newsletters subscription by 60%  by spearheading 12 successful email campaigns
  • Hired and trained 5 social media interns, actively mentoring them on social media management best practices
  • Built and maintained excellent relationships with 10+ local businesses and organizations to promote company events successfully
  • Tracked incoming customer reviews and social media analytics before drafting and presenting accurate reports and presentations to management
  • Acting on the company’s directives, reached out to 8 travel bloggers and influencers and initiated negotiations
  • Named the best marketing employee of the year in 2014

01/2013- 02/2016, Executive Assistant, Boss’s Inc, Miami, FL

  • Managed scheduling for the company’s marketing manager and coordinator; ensuring zero clashing of tasks
  • Drafted, reviewed, and forwarded communication on behalf of the company’s marketing manager
  • Ensured that all emails and inquiries were responded to within 24 hours
  • Managed the marketing manager’s $100,000 annual travel budget by tracking and documenting expenses
  • Prepared weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for the marketing manager


  • 03/2007- 06/2011, Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing, University of Tampa, FL
  • 05/2004- 08/2006, San Jose Senior High School, San Jose, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Polish

Hard Skills

  • Copyediting
  • Social media management
  • Content planning
  • Writing
  • Data analysis
  • Tech support
  • Promotional marketing
  • Proofreading
  • Project Management
  • Brand Expertise
  • Content marketing
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Research

Hard Skills

  • Time management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Organization
  • Active listening
  • Stress management
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work in team settings
  • Open-mindedness
  • Collaboration
  • Networking


  • 09/2019, Promote a Business With Content, Google
  • 05/2017, The Strategy of Content Marketing, Coursera

Content Creator Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Technical Skills Should I Include in My Resume?

Your resume should have the right number of job-specific expertise and specialized knowledge if you intend to impress the hiring manager. Remember, organizations want employees who can perform and effortlessly use the tools and programs required for task execution. For a good resume, please include the following: content curation, research skills, search engine optimization (SEO), project management, promotional marketing, text content creation, branding, editing, planning, understanding of sales funnel, content promotion, data analysis, Google analytics, content personalization, and video production.

Additional technical skills include photography, visualization, lead capturing, graphic design, Adobe creative suite, social media, blogging, copywriting, tech support, proofreading, quality assurance, and MS Office suite. However, remember that these skills should be represented in the different resume sections, i.e., work experience, personal profile, and skills section.

2. Which Keywords Should I Use in My Resume?

Using the right keywords will guarantee that your resume reaches the hiring manager, which every job applicant should strive to achieve. Therefore, while writing your resume, remember to include some of the terms and phrases that describe job requirements. Here are some of the common keywords for content creator resumes: social media, search ranking, design software, article writing, graphic design, SEO, SEM, content creation, Adobe Premiere Pro, video editing, photography, video production, broadcasting, video editing, film production, Adobe Creative Suite, social media marketing, video post-production, and Photoshop.

Additional keywords include digital media, content creation, illustration design, video editing, digital, Customer Management System (CMS), innovation, MS Office Suite, social media marketing, and presentation. Kindly ensure that these keywords are spread out in your resume to prevent keyword stuffing, which is equally bad.

3. Which Soft Skills Should I Include in My Resume?

Content creators require certain personal attributes to get through to one another and maintain excellent relationships with both colleagues and clients. Here are a few soft skills recommendations for your resume: emotional intelligence, high levels of adaptability, excellent collaboration skills, ability to work well under pressure, collaboration skills, curiosity, high levels of creativity, customer service, verbal and written communication skills, ability to meet tight deadlines, interpersonal skills, organization, a growth-oriented mindset, willingness to improve, dedication to learning and development, high levels of adaptability and openness on feedback.

Additional soft skills include excellent decision-making, time management, stress management, critical thinking, teamwork, resourcefulness, and persuasion. Remember to prioritize the soft skills in the specific job listing for an excellent resume.

4. Which Certifications Should I Pursue and Include in My Resume?

Here are some of the best certifications for content creators:

  • Content Marketing Fundamentals– SEMrush is one of the best marketing brands for digital marketing techniques and tools. This certification covers various topics such as social media marketing, content strategy, content marketing, tutorials, and on-page SEO. First, you need to complete a course offered by the SEMrush academy before qualifying for certification exams. Areas covered include competitor research, content ideation, content audits, content calendars, tart market research, content distribution, and measuring content success.
  • Content Marketing Specialist- This certification covers content strategy tips, content marketing basics, and leads and sales information leads. It emphasizes creating and promoting content to increase leads, visitors, and sales. The first module covers the fundamentals of content marketing, while subsequent modules delve into content that improves awareness, generates leads, sells, and the content that improves retention and agencies.
  • Content Marketing Certification– The content marketing certification by the American Marketing Association is one of the most popular certifications for marketers. It covers different aspects of content creation, such as content strategy, promotion, creation, and planning. It also covers the right measurement techniques. However, it’s only applicable to experts with 4-7 years of experience. Topics taught include Google Analytics fundamentals, visual content campaign development, SEO fundamentals, content strategy, and content types.

Other certifications worth pursuing and including in your resume include the CopyBlogger Content Marketer Certification and the Google Analytics Certification. All in all, ensure that you pursue the best certifications and include them in your resume.

5. How Should I Highlight My Skills in My Resume?

There are two main ways of showcasing your skills in your resume and convincing the hiring manager that you can perform given the chance. The easiest and most common way is to have a skill section in your resume where you list your technical and soft skills separately. The other means is mentioning a few of your skills in your profile section and incorporating them in your work experience section.

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