Driver Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you an experienced driver looking for an opportunity to earn, or do you know a good driver who needs a new job? Well, we have exactly what you need. Your resume by far determines whether you will be shortlisted for an interview or not and should therefore be crafted with the utmost skill.

This article will help you develop a driver’s resume that you will use to apply for a new job. A good resume should be as detailed as possible and highlight all your career’s key points and achievements. When written write, a resume will reveal your organizational skills and attentiveness to details. Let’s learn more about your job and everything you need in your resume.

Position Description

Drivers are important professionals in the logistics or transport department of organizations. Your main job is to safely transport goods and people from one place to another while observing all the traffic rules and guidelines. Since you will be in charge of locomotion, you must ensure that the vehicle has enough gas at all times to avoid inconveniences that may be costly. Some places you should expect to work as a driver include restaurants, hotels, delivery services and transport companies.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Transporting clients or goods from one place to another using well-recognized or agreeable routes
  • Driving and operating different types of vehicles in a given class, such as cars, motorcycles or trucks.
  • Performing basic maintenance checks on vehicles to ensure that nothing that may lead to a big problem later goes unnoticed
  • Delivering packages or outbound deliveries to customers in different places
  • Using different navigation apps to find the best route and, where necessary, beat traffic.
  • Picking up different office purchases and performing a few administrative duties
  • Sticking to an organized travel schedule to ensure minimal delays and efficient transportation of either goods or people
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is presentable, safe and clean, done through routine maintenance checks and cleaning
  • Ensuring that the car’s interior, including seats, is clean for maximum passenger satisfaction and comfort
  • Participating in the loading and unloading of passenger goods where necessary
  • Adjusting routes to avoid different impediments such as heavy traffic, floods or constructions that may lead to delays
  • Staying updated on different roads conditions by listening to weather and traffic reports
  • Reporting any mechanical or maintenance issues about the car and scheduling regular service appointments
  • Taking the vehicle to the car wash and for detailing services for interior and exterior car maintenance services
  • Interacting with clients and answering their questions about a specific area or site worth seeing.
  • Ensuring that all mileage and repair records are up-to-date
  • Maintaining professional interactions with clients

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of area routes and neighborhoods
  • Understanding of GPS devices
  • Knowledge of all traffic rules and regulations
  • Ability to identify better routes and save time
  • Ability to remain calm in different conditions such as bad weather
  • High levels of professionalism when dealing with customers or handling deliveries
  • Ability to carry or lift heavy luggage or packages for customers, clients or the workplace
  • Minimum visual acuity
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills

Education and Experience

  • At least 1-year driving experience
  • Experience driving in different weather conditions
  • A high school diploma
  • A driving school certification and valid driving license
  • Experience using different GPS devices
  • Experience working in team settings where necessary


Drivers are paid according to their seniority and years of experience. Companies also determine salaries payable to drivers; therefore, the amount differs from place to place. However, reputable sites estimate their salary at close to $56,000 for a normal driver and $65,000 for senior drivers. Driver IV earns close to $59,000.

Driver CV Example 1

Ronald Dwight

Address: P.O BOX 4789, LOS ANGLES, CA

Email address:

Phone number:  707-632-428

Personal Profile

Professional and self-motivated driver with nine years of experience navigating different routes and handling deliveries, office work and customers. An expert with an in-depth understanding of GPS services and excellent time management skills. A devoted team player dedicated to workplace success and timely delivery. Can maintain proper professional relationships with clients and spice up their experiences as they move around, thanks to my excellent communication skills. Highly disciplined driver with excellent traffic rules and guidelines adherence.

Work Experience

08/2019- 07/2022, Delivery Driver, Gracious Delivery Services, Orlando, Florida

  • Navigated an average of 20 routes every day, ensuring that deliveries reached residential and business clients on time, leading to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Ensured timely delivery of goods and products, achieving a 4.9/5 rating throughout my three years of engagement with the company
  • Completed 100 deliveries a day, ensuring that customers got their products on time, reducing employee complaints by 70%
  • Reduced manual labor by 80% through implementation of new route plans adopted by different teams in the organization
  • Recorded zero accidents in my three years of service by observing all  traffic guidelines
  • Increased communication with customers, earning a positive customer feedback score of 98%
  • Ensured 100% account retention through excellent customer service and safe trips
  • Minimized delivery durations by researching and trying out new routes, saving the company 30 hours a month on delivery
  • Earned referrals from existing customers thanks to excellent customer service skills and promotional campaigns, earning the company  $ 30,000 in revenues
  • Maintained  relationships with customers and suggested and implemented  news strategies from their experiences and reviews, increasing the company’s customer base by 20% through referrals
  • Ensured 100% accuracy in deliveries, earning a 4.9 rating
  • Delivered food orders and products to 70+ customers every day through personal delivery means
  • Increased brand awareness by 10% by  promoting brand loyalty 
  • Managed to stay accident-free by observing all the traffic rules and regulations
  • Performed routine checks and scheduled the car for servicing, preventing engine failures that would have amounted to $10,000
  • Maintained 100% accurate mileage and repair reports
  • Cleaned the car twice a day, keeping it clean and hygienic for food delivery
  • Regularly adjusted routes to avoid traffic and further delays, ensuring that deliveries reached customers on time and attaining a 99% positive customer feedback
  • Mapped out routes ahead of time to avoid any delays, shortening trip durations by 20%

06/2016- 07/2019, Bus Driver, Ultra Transport Solutions, US

  • Successfully completed six trips a day, transporting passengers from one place to the next
  • Employed defensive driving techniques and maneuvers, reducing delays by 20%
  • Assisted an average of 6 elderly and disabled people to board the bus safely daily
  • Kept the interior of the bus clean by cleaning it thrice a day
  • Developed a keen sense of navigation  for improved driving, boosting customer satisfaction by 20%
  • Made ten scheduled stops per trip, managing to keep within four minutes of the estimated arrival time
  • Got involved in zero accidents by keeping within the allowed speed limits and observing all the traffic rules and regulations
  • Performed routine checks, reporting 100% observable defects and mechanical issues
  • Communicated with passengers and other bus employees regarding delays and issues arising with the trip, increasing customer satisfaction by a further 20%
  • Obeyed all transit regulations and safety procedures, earning the Best Employee of the month six times in 3 years
  • Met 98% of the estimated trip durations, ensuring that delays did not inconvenience customers
  • Kept the bus environment safe at all times by stopping unruly behaviors from the passengers and bus employees

03/2013- 05/2016, Taxi Driver, New York

  • Picked and dropped customers from one location to the other, making an average of 50 trips a day
  • Observed 100%  of the traffic rules and regulations, ensuring that all the trips made were accident-free
  • Communicated with customers, answered their questions and showed visitors places of interest, earning a 99% positive customer feedback
  • Professionally handled and drove an average of 50 customers a day, finding the best routes to avoid delays
  • Keenly listened to weather and traffic reports before identifying the best routes to take, keeping within the estimated timeline 98% of the time


  • 04/2015- 05/2015, Class B CDL Driver, Bridgestone Driving School
  • 01/2012- 02/2012, Class C CDL Driver, Roadbrige Driving School
  • 02/2007- 11/2011, High School Diploma, Raisin Senior High School, Miami, Florida


  • Language
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Technical Skills
  • GPS devises proficiency
  • Navigation
  • Defensive driving
  • Snow driving
  • Manual transmission
  • Soft Skills
  • Time Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Detail-orientation
  • Customer service skills
  • Organization skills


  • 03/13, Van and High Profile Certification, NTSI
  • 05/16, P Endorsement

Driver CV Example 2

Beverley Randal

Address: 20001 NADEAU, LOS ANGELES, CA 80011- 3503 USA

Email address:

Phone number: 909-478-5325

Personal profile

An excellent team player with ten years of experience as a driver, navigating different routes across the country. A professional adept at thriving in highly stressful and rapidly changing environments. A licensed driver, ready ND capable of observing high levels of professionalism when handling customers or delivering goods. An outspoken, disciplined, motivated and highly skilled driver ready to go above and beyond for the team and organization’s success.

Work Experience

06/2019- 07/2022, Uber Driver, Uber Technologies Inc

  • Completed 10,000 trips, picking and dropping both clients and items in different locations
  • Maintained a 4.9 customer rating by offering excellent customer service
  • Kept trips lively by having conversations with customers and answering their queries, earning a five-star customer rating 98% of the time
  • Observed all traffic laws and regulations, managing a zero accident record
  • Planned routes ahead, settling for the ones with less traffic hence reducing trip delays by 90%
  • Demonstrated the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, improving customer handling by 80%
  • Ensured that the vehicle was clean and in excellent condition 100% of the time
  • Expeditiously resolved any rider issues within my power, getting a 99% positive customer feedback
  •  Helped customers load and unload their luggage as part of a great customer experience
  • Followed navigational directions from GPS, ensuring that customers got to their destinations on time

03/2016- 05/2019, Tour Bus Driver, Safari Travel Agency

  • Delivered an average of 10 trips a day to different sceneries
  • Drove a bus containing at least 30 tourists at any given time, ensuring that they reached their destinations on time.
  • Regularly communicated with the tourists while showing them around, achieving a 99% positive customer feedback
  • Kept daily logs of stops and mileage records as required by the travel agency
  • Awarded employee of the month seven times due to my excellent customer handling and driving skills
  • Saved the travel agency $20,000 in engine overhaul and serious repairs by identifying mechanical issues in a timely fashion and booking the bus for servicing

01/2013- 02/2016, Bus Driver, Warren Transport Company, US

  • Made a daily average of 5 trips with different scheduled stops
  • Implemented a new filing system that improved paperwork handling and incident report filing by 30%
  • Trained and mentored ten new hires, ensuring that the bus company had skilled labor
  • Made the customers aware of local attractions, earning a 99% positive customer feedback
  • Assisted disabled passengers in getting in and out of the bus


  • 04/13- 05/13, Class B CDL Driving Lessons, Roadworthy International Driving Schools, Orlando Florida
  • 03/ 11- 04/11, Class C CDL Driving Lessons, Mountain Climbers Driving School, Tampa, Florida
  • 04/2006- 07/2010, High School Diploma, Buckley’s Senior High School


  • Languages
  • Zulu
  • English
  • Spanish

Technical Skills

  • GPS devices’ navigation skills
  • Car maintenance skills
  • Road navigation skills
  • Driving in different weather conditions and terrains
  • Snow driving skills
  • Defensive driving
  • Manual transmission operation
  • Parallel parking

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Customer service
  • Time management


  • 05/2011, NSC Advanced Safety Certificate
  • 07/2011, NTSI SAFER Driver
  • 08/10, Certified Safety Supervisor, NATMI

Driver Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Experience Matter in a Driver’s Resume?

Most firms or companies needing drivers want the most experienced ones with in-depth knowledge of routes, traffic patterns, and regulations. Long-distance truck companies employ reliable drivers with extensive road experience to handle different weather and road conditions better. However, you will also find room for new drivers if you look harder. First, take an in-depth look at the job description to determine the experience levels needed, or better yet, try your luck if you think you are stable enough.

2. Do I Need to Mention My Experience With Working in Team Settings in My Driver Resume?

Experience working in team settings may come in handy depending on what your company or employing organization does. If you work for a delivery company, you must collaborate with other professionals, making it mandatory. Use your experience working in team settings to your advantage because it is outstanding and appealing to interviewers or hiring managers.

3. What are some of the Skills That I should Include in My Driving Resume?

Be sure to mention all driving-related skills for the perfect resume. First, you must keep time when making deliveries or picking up purchases, so excellent time management skills are mandatory. Other soft skills include good verbal communication skills, ability to work under pressure, ability to safely navigate different routes, organizational skills and, where necessary, team working skills.

Also, mention technical skills such as proficiency and in-depth understanding of navigation applications, GPS devices, or any other software that helps you in your work.

4. What’s the Minimum Experience Needed for a Driving Job?

The experience needed for a driving job depends on different companies and the job you are applying for. You will need more experience for a highly challenging job such as long-distance cargo transportation. However, jobs such as picking of purchases and deliveries need less experience, probably one year or even less.

Companies that handle delicate goods also need highly experienced drivers who can successfully make deliveries. You will find the needed level of experience in the job description.

5. How Detailed Should My Resume Be?

Your resume mentions your experience, skills, and education and should be as detailed as possible. However, remember only to include important information that sheds more light on your ability to deliver if given the job. Ensure that you also break your resume into different readable sections, as we did in our example. An excellent resume will get you shortlisted by the hiring team.

6. Are There Any Endorsements Available For Drivers?

Yes. There are several endorsements available for different classes of drivers. Truck drivers can get the tanker endorsement, which allows them to drive a tanker with liquid substances or a HAZMAT certification, which permits the transportation of hazardous materials. The last endorsement for truck drivers is the doubles/triples endorsement allowing the driver to operate two or three towed trailers.

Bus drivers have the passenger endorsement that caters for the public transportation of passengers and the student transportation/school bus endorsement for operating school buses. Lastly, there is a chauffeur/passenger/taxicab endorsement in case one intends to drive a taxi or limousine.

7. Do I Need the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) When Applying For a Job?

Yes. You will need the motor vehicle record when applying for a job because it tells the hiring manager or potential employer how safe your driving is. They generally use it to confirm your traffic violation and vehicular and accident records. A person with many violations may not be cleared to drive a commercial motor vehicle or CMV. These records are generally held for seven years, and employers request them every 12 months.

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