Top 23 eBay Software Engineer Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

eBay is a global online auction and trade corporation founded in 1995 by American entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar. eBay was among the first firms to develop and advertise an Internet Web site connecting buyers and sellers of products and services. The company is a leader in the global e-commerce industry, which caters to individual sellers and small businesses. eBay’s location is in San Jose, California.

Customers can join in Web sites put up in their home country or utilize one of the company’s international sites. There are eBay sites for the United States and Canada, as well as most European nations and some Asian countries. Latin American websites collaborate with Mercado Libre, a comparable e-commerce company.

eBay is also a great site to get work in different areas. And, given its size, a large number of employees are required. Although it is a reputable company, it’s not easy to seek employment on eBay, and you need to have high standards to meet to get a job. If you are looking for a job at eBay, this article will help you with that by containing the questions most likely to be asked in an eBay job interview.

1. What Do You Know About eBay?

Before I applied for this job, I searched a lot about it on the internet. eBay is a marketplace that operates on the internet. It’s a site for online auctions. Almost anything may be sold there by anyone. There is also a range of products for sale, and people may buy various items there.

People must send what they sell personally, typically by mail. For some things, such as those that are too large or heavy to ship, the customer may collect them. Buyers may send funds in any manner they choose, as long as the vendors allow such payments. Many individuals use PayPal to send money. Until 2015, the same individuals as eBay own PayPal also. From 1998 through 2008, Margaret Whitman was the CEO of eBay.

2. What Makes You Want To Work In eBay?

eBay is a very reputable company where everyone would love to work, and here is the actual place where one could make significant progress. In researching eBay, I also read that employees are delighted with their supervisors. I also love working directly with clients, and I work very well in a team, but I would be pretty successful in my work individually. I think eBay is where I would find myself and succeed in some of the many reasons I would like to get a job here.

3. What Skills Do You Employ To Deal With The Stress And Strain Of The Job Daily?

I assure you that thanks to my abilities, I can handle stressful situations very quickly. In my opinion, the most crucial part of dealing with complicated cases is to stay calm and find the easiest solution to the problem. By organizing and adapting skills, I can prepare for any difficult situation in my workplace. I can communicate and be both a leader and a follower, and those skills helped me in many complex cases in my workplace. And I can say that I have successfully solved all the problems I have faced at my workplace.

4. In What Programming Languages Do You Consider Yourself Fluent?

Most of my gained experience is while training to be an engineer and then in my current profession following graduation. My present work relies heavily on artificial intelligence, and Python excels at this cutting-edge technology. Also, I am familiar with Java, #C, and C++. Though I haven’t worked directly with eBay, I feel that my skills and eagerness to learn would have me up and running in no time if you hire me for this position.

5. Do You Consider Yourself Skilled In Testing And Debugging Procedures Based On your Expertise In Software Testing?

Yes, I would consider myself adept in both software testing and debugging. In testing, I utilize known circumstances and set guidelines to test for predicted results to identify system faults. Before the release of new software, I do testing. I am using the debugging procedure for previously published software that has encountered problems and is associated with unknown situations and unpredictable consequences. My aim in this procedure is to identify the source of the issue so that I may fix it swiftly and effectively before releasing updated software to end customers.

6. Please Tell Me About Your Problem-solving Abilities. Do You Like To Analyze And Solve Complicated Problems?

When I face a challenge, I begin by studying how others have overcome similar issues. From there, I can develop an effective resolution that benefits both the organization and me. I employ critical thinking to examine the dangers and evaluate all viable solutions. Following that, I make a sound judgment on which approach to use. I maintain effective communication with team members to ensure that everyone is aware of the measures done and the desired outcomes. I monitor the solution’s efficacy and make changes to improve its development.

7. What Crucial Criteria Would You Consider In Designing a UI For a New Mobile App If eBay Employed You?

Users of your goods in the banking business, I believe, demand security and ease of use in their products. When designing a user interface for a new mobile app, I would think about a secure login screen and the app’s user profile area. In addition, I would include an automated log-out within the app. Aside from these security features, I would prioritize the simplicity of placement of a contact screen, a services screen, and an aesthetically beautiful home screen.

8. Are You Better At C++, C#, Java, or Python?

As I mentioned, I gained Python experience and a software engineer degree in my previous work. Most of the time, I was working with Python. But, because I want to be an expert in this area, I have made many Java, #C, and C++ courses to upgrade my knowledge from college and be ready if I need them in my workplace.

9. What Is One Issue That Genuinely Puts a Strain On Your Tolerance While Interacting With Coworkers?

As someone who welcomes various opinions in the workplace, there aren’t many things grating my nerves about my coworkers. The only genuine test of my tolerance is a coworker who fails to contribute to a team effort. Furthermore, seeing others arrive late for meetings is getting on my nerves, but I don’t let it affect me on the outside. In all situations, I maintain a relaxed demeanor and keep in mind that my employees and I must maintain strong working relationships.

10. Would You Be Comfortable Managing General Project Management Duties For New Software Development If Appointed For This Role At eBay?

Looking to join the eBay team, I am confident in handling the full breadth of a new development project. I have prior leadership experience and learned skills that would help me use my personnel and resources most in that capacity. I have managed successful projects that began with excellent planning and budgeting and progressed to completion with awesome people and procedures under my direction.

11. What Are The Critical Steps You Take In The Data Validation Process In Your Present Job?

The most critical processes in data validation are deciding which data to sample, searching the current database, and validating the resulting data format. My initial step is to determine whether to verify a sample or the complete data set using my best judgment. This selection is for the overall set’s size and the time I have available to work on the project. Then I screen data in the existing database to compute the number of unique IDs and records entering the system. Finally, I must ensure that the source data fits the schema included within the target.

12. How Can You Describe The Distinction Between Clustered And Non-clustered Indexes in SQL? Can You Think Of a Moment When You Utilized Each?

Clustered indexes, in my experience, are faster to read but very slow to change data. Non-clustered indexes are the polar opposite: they are slower to read but significantly quicker to update. In my present job, I usually use clustered indexes while retrieving vast amounts of records or doing insert operations. In most cases, I will take non-clustered as the standard.

13. Please Share Your Comments On Managing Object Context In Developing iOS Apps And Services.

I now deal with central and private queue-managed object contexts in my present job. I mustn’t handle non-user-related data in the main line of an app I am developing. When this occurs in the past, the user interface becomes unresponsive and crashes. In addition, I aim to avoid instances of traveling between the central and private queues to prevent data corruption within the program.

14. Our Cloud Computing At eBay Necessitates Our Specialists Take Appropriate Security Precautions In Their Operations. What Security Measures Have You Used In The Past On a Cloud Platform?

For me, the planning step of the cloud deployment process lays the framework for project security. In my present employment, each project uses the best cloud foundation for the project, and this architecture serves as the foundation for our cloud security procedures. From there, I always seek a cloud solution that encrypts our data and takes all precautions to avoid keeping critical information in the cloud. Finally, as with any project, I assist in implementing stringent testing procedures to ensure the security of our cloud operations.

15. How Much Experience Do You Have With Various Forms Of Software Maintenance?

Although I am familiar with all four methods of software maintenance, the corrective way is the one I utilize the most in my present work. I go through code and logic concerns based on bug reports from end users to fix issues quickly and effectively. When performing maintenance, I never hesitate to pick up the phone and call consumers to learn firsthand about their problems. The customers are impressed that they are a vital part of the process, reflecting well on myself and my business.

16. What Is A Suitable Litmus Test For Deciding Whether To Automate A Test Procedure For A New System Versus Manually Testing?

Having worked with automation in manufacturing and software for many years, a prevalent assumption among individuals is that automation can improve any scenario, which is entirely false. Because of the time, effort, and resources invested in an automation process is excellent for repetitive operations and testing with many data sets. If a testing procedure requires a unique and one-time operation, it is best to conduct that process manually.

17. What SDLC Models Have You Worked With In The Past?

During my software engineering studies and early employment, the waterfall methodology was the industry norm. Each phase of the development process occurs in a specific sequence in this model, and it manages various projects with this model’s aid. However, as the development projects I worked on became more intricate and detailed, I adopted the spiral model. This strategy enables end users to provide input early and frequently during development, resulting in a more tailored product for our clients.

18. At eBay, We Need Our Test Engineers To Adhere To Strict Quality Assurance Procedures. What Role Do You Believe Quality Assurance Plays In Software Development And Testing?

As a test engineer, I delight in ensuring that systems are delivered to customers as error-free as possible. In my present work, I take the time to grasp all of the system specs that our design engineers have written down and tailor my testing to those standards.

19. What Are The Key Characteristics And Benefits Of The Java Programming Language, In Your Opinion?

When I started learning Java, the fact that C++ is a part of the Java programming language was a big help. I was also learning C++ at the time, so transferring to Java was a breeze. Another fantastic feature of Java that I’ve grown to love is how solid the memory management is in exception handling and automated garbage collection.

20. Why Should We Hire You?

Your job description specifies that you desire a candidate with five years of experience in this industry; in addition to achieving that requirement, I feel I have the skill set you need. In this capacity, I am confident that I will be able to give and exhibit my talents. In my prior position, I was involved in several successful projects. I confidently state that I will work efficiently and successfully on similar future initiatives that will be an essential element of this position. I’ve learned much in my career, and I’m excited to continue honing my communication and leadership abilities.

21. How Do You Stay Motivated To Do Your Best?

I’m always striving for more. I want to be successful in all aspects of my life. I never, ever give up. One of the reasons I haven’t given up is because it has always been vital to me that everyone in my company is happy with me. Whenever I lose inspiration, I recall why I’m here and how the company chooses me over all other applicants for this position. I’ll have to justify both my aspirations and my profits.

22. How Would You Deal With An Angry Customer?

If I get a job in the call center here, first, I will ask about their name and listen to them carefully to learn the problem. Breaking behaviors like interrupting the speaker to provide a solution proposal is part of being a more attentive and purposeful listener. I’ll pause and repeat back to the customer what they’ve said. When I repeat, I’ll type notes on my customer’s account or profile. After that, I will put myself in their shoes no matter how angry the customer is.

23. How Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

In the future, I see myself as an eBay employee or perhaps one of the most significant employees here. If I get the job, I hope you will promote me to become a software engineer. That is what I have studied for, and one day I hope to be in that position, regardless of whatever profession I begin. I am confident that my expertise, knowledge, and organizational and communication abilities will take me in that direction.


The following are some questions you may receive at your prospective interview. To correctly answer these questions, you must have prepared relevant replies, and your responses should reflect the firm’s culture. Lots of luck!

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