English Teacher Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

English is normally ranked as the third most spoken language in the world, after Spanish and Chinese, with the latter having variations such as Mandarin and Wu. It is the national language for several countries worldwide and a native language for some. Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for English teachers. Professional learning sites such as Udemy have openings for those who can teach English to other language speakers.

However, you must have a good resume to land an English teaching job. It would be best to convince your employer that you can do an excellent job teaching grammar to tens or even hundreds of students. We will tell you how you can capture that in your resume through our well-drafted resume examples. Stay tuned as we find out more about this profession.

Position Description

English teachers are mandated to teach students English grammar, and help them learn and sharpen their writing, speaking, and reading skills. Even though a good percentage handle native English speakers, there are a few bilingual teachers who teach non-native speakers. They are mostly employed in elementary, middle, and high schools, with a small percentage doing freelance work. You can also teach English courses on sites such as Udemy, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Let’s now see some of the specific roles and responsibilities of English teachers in their areas of employment.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Teaching and helping learners sharpen basic English skills such as speaking, writing, and reading.
  • Drafting and revising lesson plans ahead of classes
  • Using different techniques and teaching styles to teach English content and English-related skills to tens of hundreds of students
  • Ensuring that students are engaged by maintaining a lively classroom environment
  • Helping students discover and understand the structure and grammar of the English language
  • Ensuring that students get and understand the correct pronunciation of words
  • Teaching students the spellings of different words, complete with their meanings
  • Pushing students to tap into their creativity and critical thinking abilities when studying poetry and literature.
  • Exposing students to and emphasizing all the grammar, composition, and sentence construction rules
  • Teaching and helping students analyze different news sources, including news reports, advertisements, and media reports
  • Assigning homework at the end of the day and organizing engaging exercises.
  • Regularly tracking student’s progress and performance and informing parents
  • Researching and implementing new teaching methods
  • Listening to and solving class conflicts
  • Maintaining proper students attendance
  • Observing the general classroom behavior and providing feedback
  • Creating individualized plans after identifying students with special requirements or learning disabilities
  • Preparing teaching materials and engaging activities
  • Supervising English exams and assigning grades
  • Working closely with the administration and other educators to give students an excellent learning experience

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of different teaching methods and techniques
  • Extensive understanding of all the English language requirements and the national curriculum
  • Computer skills
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Ability to efficiently compile lesson plans
  • Ability to keep learners engaged
  • Ability to maintain order in the classroom
  • Excellent organizational and reporting skills
  • Ability to collaborate with educators and parents to help students learn.
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • English language mastery

Education and Experience

  • Proven experience as an English teacher
  • Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Arts in English or English language
  • Experience working with students
  • Experience working in team settings
  • TEFL certification.


English teachers are paid well if the estimates on different professional websites are anything to go by. A junior English teacher earns close to $60,000 yearly, while a lead English teacher’s salary nears $75,000 a year. Head English teachers can earn close to $ 84,000 a year.

English Teacher CV Example 1

James Brighton

Address: 280 Pattie Gap Road, Philadelphia, Tennessee, 38648

Email address: brownjames17@gmail.com

Phone number: (865) 456-789

Personal Profile

Passionate English teacher with 10+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge as well as an understanding of different teaching methods and techniques. Enthusiastic team player is interested in molding students to be respectable members of society. Self-motivated and dedicated educator with excellent English mastery. Good communicator with excellent organizational and teaching skills.

Work Experience

06/2019- 07/2022, Senior English Teacher, Hofmann Senior School, Philadelphia

  • Taught English to joint classes of 80+ students
  • Reviewed the performance of every student and organized remedial classes of 10-15 students
  • Mentored a total of 15 junior English teachers, training them on technical teaching techniques
  • Chaired a 15-members board responsible for developing and implementing a new school curriculum
  • Awarded the best teacher of the year twice in a row for ensuring an increasingly high English performance in the senior class
  • Built a rapport with all 80+ students, helping them identify and work on their weak areas
  • Voted the best educator of the year by students in 2020, a year after joining the school

02/2016- 04/2019, English Teacher, Brixworth High School, Chicago, Illinois

  • Taught classes of 50+ students at a time
  • Regularly communicated with parents about their children’s progress, increasing parent-teacher collaboration by 30%
  • Organized and, with the permission of the school, supervised 40+ cultural trips around Chicago
  • Appointed to head the English department in 2018
  • Ensured a 20% improvement in English test scores in 2019, a year after being appointed the head of the English department
  • Mentored a total of 10 new English teachers, helping them ease into the school’s systems and environment
  • Collaborated with special education teachers to teach five special needs students

01/2013- 01/2016, English Teacher Intern, St Joseph’s College Prep Senior School, Chicago

  • Taught classes of 20+ students, with the supervision of the lead English teacher
  • Prepared engaging and detailed weekly lesson plans
  • Incorporated story-telling and narrations in my teaching plan to capture the attention of the 20+ students
  • Supervised tests, ensuring zero mischief or irregularities
  • Attended at least 2 weekly mentorship meetings with senior English teachers


  • 04/2015- 06/2017, Masters of Science in Applied Linguistics and Tesol, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia
  • 01/2008- 11/2012, Bachelor of Education(English), University of Kent, England
  • 04/2005- 08/2007, High School Diploma, Shining Star Senior High School, Philadelphia, TN


  • Language
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency
  • Computer skills
  • FluentU, ODLL
  • Words Worth, SANSSpace
  • Sanako, DiLL

Soft Skills

  • Creativity, Emotional intelligence
  • Communication, Writing
  • Conflict Resolution, Critical thinking
  • Organizational, Social
  • Teamwork, Time management


10/15, Teachers Without Borders, International Teaching Volunteers Association


05/14, Accredited TEFL certification, TEFL organization

English Teacher CV Example 2

Ressy Rising

Address: 224N Creighton St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 17255

Email address: ressyrising76@gmail.com

Phone number: (434) 678- 456

Personal Profile

Professional English teacher with excellent teaching and observation skills. The highly skilled team works with over 13 years of experience in senior and junior high school. Highly-motivated teacher with an in-depth understanding of different teaching techniques and methods. A qualified professional who can keep students engaged.

 Work Experience

06/2019- 07/2022, English Teacher, St John’s High School, Pennsylvania

  • Taught English to a class of 50+ students
  • Combined 10+ English teaching methods and techniques to foster understanding
  • Helped the graduate class students achieve a 20% improvement in their final test scores through regular assessment and supervision in their last year of school
  • Worked closely with 20+ educators to ensure that the final class came first in the district
  • Organized interclass English contests that increased competitiveness by 30%
  • Awarded best teacher of the year twice for maintaining excellent English performance
  • Carefully planned 3 English lessons in a week and ensured that all the students were at par in the end
  • Made special teaching arrangements for five students with learning disorders to ensure that they weren’t left behind
  • Organized remedial English classes for 10+ students that saw their grades improve by 30% in one term
  • Coordinated 30+ trips to contests and other educational institutions
  • Ensured consistent communication with parents and promotion of at-home learning, which led to a 30% improvement in students’ performance
  • Promoted a positive school culture by participating in 5+ extracurricular activities
  • Built a rapport with students and encouraged them to work hard and improve their grades, earning me 100% positive student feedback
  • Increased the scoring rate by 10% through standardized formative assessment strategies
  • Offered one-on-one assistance to 50+ students
  • Encouraging student participation in the class through captivating stories, increasing student’s focus by 20%
  • Administered 5+ quizzes a week and one monthly test to assess progress
  • Arranged the students into groups of 5 for reading and grammar activities

04/2016- 04/2019, English Teacher, St Peter’s High School, Pennsylvania

  • Handled classes of between 50-70 students
  • Uses 8+ techniques to teach English to learners, including audiovisual, humanistic approach, and grammar paraphrasing
  • Worked closely with a 7-member team to plan the English curriculum and ensure that it met the standards of the state of Pennsylvania
  • Planned lessons and tailored my teaching methods toward meeting the student’s academic needs earning 100% positive feedback from the students
  • Developed and implemented an effective class management plan that saw 150+ students graduate
  • Liaised with five educators to develop and implement an English literature curriculum
  • Mentored 12 junior English teachers, helping them master the different methodologies used in teaching English
  • Developed 52 engaging and resourceful weekly lesson plans to deliver to the class
  • Tracked progress and communicated it to the parents, increasing parent-teacher collaboration by 30%
  • Successfully planned and coordinated 60+ cultural and English-related trips
  • Kept student motivation at 100% through proper management techniques
  • Mediated issues between 50+ students, helping them develop their conflict resolution skills and create a cohesive classroom
  • Managed and balanced stakeholders’ expectations, such as parents and the overall management, ensuring that all party’s interests were cared for.
  • Wrote reviews for 50+ students every trimester, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and advising on how they can work on the latter
  • Organized 50+ internal English contests that increased student’s interest in the subject by 20%
  • Organized and taught two remedial lessons a week, helping students understand English concepts better
  • Kept the students on their toes through weekly quizzes and monthly tests
  • Awarded the Best Teacher of the Year for achieving a 100% English pass in the graduate class of 2007

07/2013- 02/2016, Junior English Teacher, Pennsylvania State Boarding School, Pennsylvania

  • Handled a class of 25+ students
  • Prepared engaging and well-crafted weekly lesson plans
  • Maintained a friendly attitude with the students during our interactions, earning positive student feedback of 100%
  • Appointed grade 11 class teacher in 2015 due to my rapport with the students, becoming the first junior teacher to occupy such a position in the school
  • Mentored ten new teachers between 2015-2016, helping them smoothly transition into the school’s system and work environment
  • Encouraged a reading habit by directing those learners read at least one novel a week and write reviews, which saw an increase of 20% in the English library section attendance
  •  Planned lessons taking into account the learners’ interests, increasing class engagement and attentiveness by 40% in the first quarter
  • Administered quizzes and tests to track the progress of 25 students, which I reported to parents and senior management of the school
  • Regularly reviewed lesson plans to make them more engaging for 100% attentiveness
  • Encouraged creative and critical thinking among students through well-written English plays and narrations
  • Helped ten students discover and pursue their interest in literature in the course of our interactions


  • 03/2009- 05/2013, Bachelor of Education (English literature), Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 04/2006- 06/2008, High School Diploma, George Washington Senior School


  • Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Kiswahili

Technical Skills

  • Computer skills
  • Microsoft Office Proficiency
  • Sanako, DiLL
  • FluentU, ODLL

Soft Skills

  • Organizational, Teaching
  • Speech, Time Management
  • Conflict resolution, communication
  • Writing, Teamwork


07/18, Tesol Certification, TESOL International. Association

English Teacher Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Must I Be Licensed to Teach English to Students? Should I Include my Licensure or Certifications in My Resume?

Even though you don’t have to be licensed to teach English, some states require you to hold a valid license if you intend to be an educator. Therefore, to be safe, you should include your certifications in your resume. Ensure that you include the name of the licensure, the certifying authority, and the year you acquired it. This information will help an interviewer establish your employment eligibility and practicing status.

2. What Are Some of the Key Skills That I Should Include in My Resume?

English teachers need several skills to thrive in their places of work. These are generally divided into technical and soft skills. Technical skills include computer skills that come in handy in assessing teaching materials, conducting basic communications, and typing tests. Soft skills include communication, time management, interpersonal skills, planning, and conflict resolution. Note that English teachers must also have excellent assessment skills that come in handy in performance evaluation.

3. Which Voice Should I Use When Writing My Work Experience Section?

You should reveal your direct involvement in everything you list in your resume’s work experience section, given that your resume is about you. Therefore, always use active verbs in your resume to highlight your experience and achievements. An active voice also shows that you can take charge if given a chance to work in a given entity, so include words such as drafted, spearheaded, supervised, initiated, and designed in your resume.

4. How Should I Format My English Teacher Resume?

People mostly focus on their resumes’ arrangement and work experience section without remembering how important resume formatting is. A poorly edited teacher resume isn’t easy to read and cannot capture the hiring manager’s attention. A few tips that can help you format your resume include using the reverse chronological format, which demands that your most recent work experience comes first, breaking down your resume into different sections, using simple fonts, observing adequate white spacing, and saving your resume as PDF instead of a Word Document. You can stay assured that you will have an easily readable and generally attractive resume if you abide by the above editing tips.

5. How Do I Write a Perfect Work Experience Section When Drafting My Resume?

As we always say, you shouldn’t take anything for granted when handling your resume’s sections. While writing the work experience section, start with your most recent job, which should have a title, company name, and the working duration (month and year). While mentioning your work experience, ensure that you use bullet points and action words as we have done. You must also quantify your experience through solid figures. There won’t be a reason for the hiring manager or recruitment team to overlook your application if you do everything right.  

6. Do I Need a Resume to Teach English Online?

Even though some sites only need you to be a native English speaker, having taken certain courses or having specific certifications, it is still important to have a well-written resume to succeed in getting a job. You can tailor your resume further by adding several things, such as a clean headshot. Ensure that you look well polished and trim in your online profile since first impressions also matter in online jobs.

7. Must I Be a Native English Speaker to Teach English?

Inasmuch as some countries only permit native English speakers, it is possible to be an English teacher without being a native speaker. Even though most opportunities for non-natives are found online, some schools also hire non-native speakers, provided they are fluent and have a TEFL certification for teaching English as a foreign language. Do not, therefore, feel limited, just go for it!

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