Top 25 F2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

The interview that takes place at the embassy in the United States is, in our view, the step of the procedure that is the most important. During the interview, the consular officer will ask your foreign spouse in-depth questions to ascertain whether or not your marriage is legally valid. Suppose the consular officer determines that you and your foreign spouse have a real marriage. In that case, the immigrant visa application will be successful, and you will be granted entry into the country. The conclusion made by the consular officer will likely be heavily influenced by the responses given by your foreign spouse to the questions that are asked. Note that the sample questions that follow are meant to serve as an essential reference and result from years of experience that our team has had working with similar cases. Depending on the situation’s specifics, each consular official will pose a unique set of questions. Let’s start with the common questions and answers for the F2 Visa Interview.

1. What Is Your Name, And What Visa Are You Applying For?

My name is Molly Ng, and I am applying for an F2 Visa.

2. Please Tell Me Your Spouse’s Full Legal Name, Birthdate, And Country Of Origin.

My husband’s name is Justin Edward Smith. His birthdate is 5th October 1985, and he was born in Melbourne, Australia.

3. Can You Tell Me In Detail On How You Meet Your Spouse?

I met my spouse at a party. It was a Valentine’s Day celebration for singles, and I was invited to attend. I had a superficial familiarity with the hostess, but I was unfamiliar with the other attendees. I arrived at the party a little late, and the hostess yelled at me almost as soon as I walked through the door to tell me that they had just finished going through four ice-breaker questions, and she hurriedly recounted them before telling me to answer them. A gorgeous woman seated next to the hostess voiced her opinion, saying, “Let him grab a drink first.” I said, “No, I’m alright,” and then repeated each question before providing my responses. The discussion shifted to more general topics, and as it did, I became aware that the attractive woman who had been the previous speaker had a very, very subtle and wry sense of humor. She made a few comments here and there that deflated the pretentiousness of some of the people chatting; these comments were so subtle that the recipient didn’t understand what was happening. I completely understood what was going on, and the emotion on my face conveyed my gratitude for it. After that, I began to direct the conversation and set her up so she could deliver her lines. She understood it quite fast and commented on it. Everyone else was perplexed about what was going on since we played verbal footsie. We hadn’t even been formally introduced to one another, let alone spoken directly at this point. After some time had passed, supper was brought to us, and as we ate, we ended up chatting with one another. I was a single father to a child who was two years old, and she was a single mother to a child who was five years old. After that, naturally, we moved on to discussing our respective children. Because it was a party in Berkeley, I felt confident that I would be able to gain her phone number there. I waited for the inevitable political petition to be sent and signed after her, making a mental note of her signatory number. After we had left the party, she remarked to me that she hadn’t been dancing in years and was beginning to wonder whether or not she was finally ready to start dancing again. We began dating as soon as we met, and I was utterly smitten with him from the beginning. I don’t want to imagine everything turning out perfectly and happily ever after. It was a blessing that she was patient, kind, a wonderful mother, and an outstanding teacher. I needed to improve my communication style and other aspects of my life, and it was a blessing that she was an exceptional instructor. Valentine’s Day in question will be marking its 8th anniversary the year after next.

4. When And Where Did You Finally Tie The Knot?

We tied the knot on 5th May 2015, and our intimate and close ceremony was held in the Tuscan countryside of Italy. Tuscany is known for its innate romanticism because of its picturesque houses perched above hilltops, winding roads lined with cypress trees, and fields of sunflowers.

5. Do You Have A Marriage Album? Can I Have A Look?

Yes, I have a marriage album, and here it is.

6. Where Did You Travel On Your Honeymoon?

We had a wonderful time sailing across the Caribbean Sea on a cruise ship on our honeymoon! We tried to pick an island in the Caribbean to spend a couple of weeks on, but each has a different personality! It turned out that our choice to travel to multiple islands in a single trip was the best we could have made. Exciting new ports in various nations, mouthwatering cuisine, lively entertainment, and a plethora of onboard activities and attractions. We enjoyed each other while swimming, sunning, dining, dancing, traveling to new places, and exploring new places.

7. What Sorts Of Things Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Spare Time? What About Your Partner, Though?

We have similar things we like to do in our spare time. Both of us love cooking. While preparing the sauces, he chops the vegetables, and later, when the lasagna is baked, we examine the cheese as it melts on top of the dish. When I season the sauce, he rolls the chapatis into beautiful rounds. Not only that, but we also participate in the preparations that come before cooking together. He peels garlic; I cut vegetables. And when we have chicken or mutton, he will clean it while I prepare it. Even though he can do the cooking by himself, it takes him significantly longer because he must spend most of his time looking for the various seasonings and ingredients. Cooking, baking, and even grilling are all on the menu here. When done in tandem, it becomes less of a chore and more of a romantic experience.

8. How Do You Typically Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries Like Your Birthdays?

I had been trying to raise money for a charitable organization for the past three weeks, and my goal was to reach at least one hundred euros in donations before my birthday. Thankfully, my family, friends, and neighbors all pitched in to help me with the project I was working on for my birthday. I was able to raise a total of 110 euros, all of which were donated to the World Children’s Fund. The birthday project is something I’ve been a part of for the past three years. Instead of getting birthday presents, I’ve decided to raise money for charitable organizations. It’s a little thing you can do to show you care and to assist other people. I know that no contribution is insignificant and that even the smallest amount contributes to a significant amount of good.

9. When Does Your Partner Anticipate That He Will Complete His Education? Where Does He Stand In This Process Now?

He is in the second semester of his Master’s in engineering. It will take him another two years to complete his study.

10. What Methods Do You Use To Keep In Touch With Your Partner At The Moment?

Daily we video call each other after he finishes his classes. We also use media socials to share our daily lives and activities. If we have arranged a time to talk, give that call the same level of importance that I give to other commitments, such as work meetings or doctor’s appointments. If I know that your partner will be busy on a particular day, I will make sure to call or text him in advance to see how his day went. I want to show my significant other that I am there for him no matter how far apart we are by incorporating his requirements into my day-to-day activities.

11. What Is The Educational Background Of Your Partner?

His undergraduate degree was in legal studies, and he took several classes that helped him prepare for work as a paralegal. Every single course he took for his degree required him to do a lot of reading and writing about the law. His final course was a capstone project in which he was tasked with preparing a criminal defense, complete with paperwork like evidence lists, requests for discovery, subpoenas, and questions for depositions. Thanks to his training in this course, he now has the practical expertise to draught legal documents and conduct the necessary legal research for each case he handles.

12. When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Spouse?

The last time I saw my spouse was during his semester break; he flew home to the rest of the family and me. That was on 7th April.

13. Do You Have Any Family Members Living In The United States?

I don’t have any family or relatives in the United States; therefore, no one I knew lived there. So at this point, the only person I knew in the United States was my spouse.

14. Where In The United States Do You Plan To Call Home?

I plan to live in Alabama, where my husband’s university is. It will be easier for him to commute from home to his campus.

15. Describe A Typical Day Spent With Your Significant Other.

We do everything together in the morning: get up, get ready, and get the kids ready. Then, after I get home from work, we spend the afternoons and evenings together as a family, which often involves our friends. I go to work during the day, and he works from home in the afternoons and evenings, so he takes the kids to school. My husband is an excellent cook, so he is the one who prepares supper for our family. After dinner, we watch a movie with the children before it is time for them to go to bed, and then my husband and I cuddle up to watch a movie or host game nights with our friends. That would be the perfect day to spend with him, and I’m delighted to report that I have days like that every day.

16. What Is Your Occupation?

I’m a copywriter, and the majority of the content I produce goes to two different clients in particular. I absolutely adore that my day-to-day work is constantly evolving, resulting in exposure to new fields of study daily. I am pretty proud of my ability to fulfill deadlines, adjust to the individual requirements of each project, and do so while keeping a writing style that is both original and smart.

17. What Is Your Spouse’s Occupation?

He is a software developer specializing in making smartphone apps, and he loves collaborating with people from all backgrounds to produce innovative products that meet the needs of the whole community. In his company, he collaborates extensively with the marketing and sales teams.

18. Have You Ever Been To The United States Of America Before?

Yes, I have been fortunate enough to visit the cities of New York, Washington, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Several decades ago, this was incorporated into two separate journeys. Americans do things that are just a tad less conservative than the British, who may be a little too restrained at times. However, I genuinely admire Americans and their approach to life. The sights I beheld were nothing short of incredible. Every second of my time there was beautiful. My only regret is that, due to obligations with my family in other countries, I could not travel more extensively throughout the United States.

19. Have You Ever Overstayed Your Visa While In The United States?

No, I have never overstayed my visa while in the United States. However, I understand that the repercussions of doing so can be rather severe, including the possibility of being deported and prohibited from entering the United States again.

20. Have You Ever Applied For A Visa And Been Denied?

No, I have never been refused a visa before.

21. Do You Or Your Spouse Have Any Prior Convictions For A Criminal Offense?

Both of us do not have any prior convictions for criminal offenses.

22. How Do You Plan To Support Yourself While In The United States?

We have enough savings to support both of us until my spouse completes her study. In addition, she also got a scholarship from our government to pursue her study. Therefore, these two sources of money will be used to support us in the next three years.

23. After Finishing His Studies, What Does Your Partner Have Planned For The Future?

We planned to come back home as his scholarship was from an organization back home. He will start working with the organization.

24. Where Did You Attend School And What Did You Study?

I received my bachelor’s degree in English from XYZ University about three months ago with a grade point average of 3.9. My background in English has equipped me with excellent communication and writing skills, both of which are indispensable in the event planning industry. On the other hand, I participated in several extracurricular activities at school, which provided me with a wealth of practical experience in event planning. For example, I was a member of an improv group and managed all of the group’s social media accounts. Because of my efforts, we saw a 15% increase in attendance at our shows. In addition, I was the recruitment chair for my fraternity, where I was responsible for planning and carrying out our yearly fundraising and recruitment activities. When I started in this role, we received 72 applications; the following year, we received 90 applications. Previously, we received approximately 50 applications each year.

25. What Are Your Backup Plans If Your Visa Application Is Denied?

Firstly I need to understand why my visa was denied the first time. Lack of proper documentation (such as insufficient evidence of sufficient financial support), suspected excludability (such as a criminal activity), or, most commonly, the inability to convince the consular officer that I will return to my home country after the authorized stay is all valid reasons for the denial of a visa. Once I know the problem, I will reply to my visa and correct the first mistake I made with my first visa application.


At the National Visa Center, you will need to present a valid passport and other pertinent documentation that has not previously been provided. Spend some time putting together a thorough file that you can bring with you that contains supporting materials to back up your responses and help prove that your marriage is real. Some examples of these materials include photographs, airline tickets from travels with your spouse, and originals of the documents you submitted with your application (marriage certificate, joint property ownership documents, etc.). Again, taking the time to do this will help prove that your marriage is real. You will typically be informed during the interview stage of the process if the adjudicator is satisfied that you satisfy the requirements for a spouse visa. Your passport, which has now been stamped, will be sent back to the address you supplied online before the interview for deliver your passports.

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