Top 25 Freelance Jobs For Students Without Experience in 2024

A freelancing job is self-employment and not committed to an agency as a full-time worker, and one can work independently for several companies with little or no experience or use websites to get work. Freelancers do multiple tasks or projects with different clients at a time. Some freelance job ideas are considered here for students’ convenience.

1. A Proofreader Or Copy Editor

Proofreaders or copy editors do the same tasks with little change to ensure that the written document is error-free. A copy editor can make changes to a written paragraph or a text to check punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors to ensure accuracy. A proofreader corrects the text before printing, publishing, or posting online and checks documents for grammatical or spelling errors. The companies produce large numbers of written documents and provide opportunities for students to do this work part-time as a freelancer on a per-project base. Students should be detail-oriented, have a strong English vocabulary, and hold on to English spellings to get a job as a proofreader or copy editor.


According to a report in September 2022, the average salary of a proofreader is $55,410 in the United States, and the estimated salary of a copy editor is $55,893 yearly.

2. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is a procedure for entering and updating company data into some database device. The data entry clerk has the skills to transfer data from paper format into database systems. The data entry clerks should have a fast typing speed and be responsible for keeping the company data up-to-date and error-free. They should have the ability to research and verify the information. Companies hire employees as data entry clerks, and no work experience requires for this job. Students can work from home and need excellent English grammar skills to show expertise in this job.


The average estimated salary of a data clerk is $35,844 a year.

3. Writer

A freelance writer on a broad scale writes text for many publications such as press releases, grant writing, internal corporate communications, or proposals. A writer must have uniqueness and creativity in his work. They must have proofreading, grammar, and research skills to make sure the text is errorless. They also work with other freelance writers, photographers, and editors and share their skills. Students can do an online part-time or freelance job and need strong writing skills for this job.


A freelance writer can make an average of $42,000 per year.

4. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives help customers by providing information about products and trying to solve their issues related to the company’s products. A customer service representative also sells the products, process them, and delivers orders. They should have good communication skills to interact with customers, listen to their complaints, and ensure their satisfaction. This job is a great opportunity with no experience for those students who love to talk and communicate with people.


A customer service representative can earn an average of $24,120 to $57,830 a year depending upon job knowledge.

5. Community Manager

The community manager represents the face of the company, maintains the brand community, and keeps the audience organized on both sides online and offline. Community managers do many tasks such as arranging events, monitoring social media campaigns, and creating original content for a blog or Facebook page. They have the authority to add and remove people from the community group and provide feedback to the management. This freelance job has a flexible schedule and good option for a part-time job.


The estimated salary of a community manager is $66,786 a year.

6. Online Tutor

Online tutoring as a part-time job is a good option for students. It is a convenient and beneficial job with many advantages. Students should choose a teaching subject, conduct lessons through the internet, work with single or multiple students and help them with a specific subject. Online tutors can work from home, it offers the chance to polish their skills and a good-paying job.


According to a report, the average freelance online tutor’s annual salary as of October 2022 is $55,634.

7. Graphic Designer

Many companies hire graphic designers for visual communication to target their clients and for brand publicity. Graphic designers should have marketable and communication skills to solve problems. Graphic designers make visual concepts by computer and help others by creating a world of colors, symbols, and images around them. A student who wants to become a graphic designer must have artistic abilities and creativity in his work.


The average annual graphic designer salary is $48,033 year in 2022.

8. Video Editor

A freelance video editor manages materials such as graphics, camera footage, and sound quality and edits video for clients. A video editor knows different social media platforms and computer operating systems. The video editor takes a raw video and removes the content from it that is not important to the story. A video editor should pay attention to details and have language and writing skills. It is a creative field and does not need too much experience.


Video editors can earn an average pay range of $34,870 and $152,720 a year. 

9. Transcriptionist

A freelance transcriptionist changes the audible recording into written material. Large industries such as media and healthcare centers hire a transcriptionist to transcribe accurate data and indexes of each recording. Strong listening and data typing skills are needed for this job. A student who wants to work as a transcriptionist should have good language, proofreading, and software operating skills and start work without experience.


As of Oct 2022, the average annual pay for a Freelance transcriptionist in the United States is $43,408 a year.

10. Essay Writer

As a student, an essay writer is a good freelance job with no experience. Many platforms provide opportunities for students to write essays on a topic for other people and earn money from home. Essay writers must have sufficient knowledge of different subjects and can write a paper on the given topic.


The annual calculated pay that students can make from essay writing is $66,034 as of October 2022.

11.  Web Designer

Web design encircles many skills in the production of a website including graphic design and search engine optimization. Web designers work with others to plan and create web pages, and internet sites and combine text with sounds, graphics, and video clips. They ensure the website functions and work with the team to provide external customer services. To become a web designer without experience students should work on their projects and learn web designer tools.


A web designer’s annual average salary in the US falls between $50,000 and $55,000.

12.  Software Engineer

Software engineering is a branch of computer science, and software engineers create, develop, test, and evaluate a computer software program. They use different coding languages to make the website and ensure the website’s security. They have the skills to solve the problem and spend time knowing why a network does not work as expected. Students who want to become software engineers without a degree or experience but they should know about software engineering. They must have collaboration skills when working as a team, and this work can be done online.


The average total pay for a freelance software developer is $89,322 a year.

13. Virtual Assistant

It is also a type of self-employment, and virtual assistant works on a freelance basis and offers administrative services to clients from home or the office. They are responsible to manage a contact list, responding to phone calls, conducting market research, creating presentations, and scheduling meetings. They should have good communication, typing, and self-motivation skills. One can make money as a freelance virtual assistant without experience, but he must determine the work he likes and create an online presence.


A freelance virtual assistant average salary as of October 2022 ranges between $31,000 and $57,000 a year and depends upon experience or skills.

14. Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers are responsible for creating and representing a positive attitude of the public on social media and online. The basic skills requirements for a public relations manager are media relations to draft the creation of media releases on social media, communication or marketing skills, and remaining up-to-date with current affairs and events in the industry. They are responsible for keeping the public aware of agency activities and helping the company with brand promotion.


Students can earn an average is $39, 500 to $70,500 a year from this freelance job without experience.

15. Course Creator

Course creation is a freelancing job and developing course material for students. For a course creator, one should know his creative skills and start his own business by creating a website and starts teaching courses. They are responsible for designing detailed course materials and providing notes and presentations. In addition, if a student is interested in making jewelry since high school can teach others how to make a jewelry piece. This job is based on passion and creativity and can start without experience.


The estimated online course creator salary is $58,323 a year as of October 2022.

16. Take Online Survey

As online survey takers, students must survey more than one place from a home computer or mobile phone. The online survey takers conduct research on various topics, ask ten to a hundred questions to the audience, and also help the company in the interview process. They provide data and location to a company for the project. Students can earn money from home with a mobile phone or an internet connection by taking online surveys.


The per-hour salary for an online survey taker is approximately $15.00 and $31,260 a year in 2022.

17. Bug Fixing

Bug fixes remove the error from software and solve the client problems related to software applications. Bug fixes mean a temporary bypass or patch to correct the defects. They can diagnose the type of bug because no two bugs cause the same defects. They help people to diagnose the type of error in their websites and provide removal solutions. Students can do this job by standardizing the process, moving fast and breaking things, and making strategies to fix the problem.


The lowest average salary for a bug fixer in the United States is $58,637 per year.

18. Online Influencer

It is a type of freelancing job and students become online influencers by selecting a niche, creating vlogs, communicating with other influencers, building a community, developing content, and understanding the between social networks. All influencers must know which media platform is best to attract the audience and remain up to date with the latest trends in their fields. Influencers do not need experience, but they should have excellent editing, oral, and writing skills.


An online influencer with 50,000 followers can earn $ 56,776 per year, on the other hand, an influencer with millions of followers can make $101,000.

19. Start A Youtube Channel

Students can start YouTube channels according to their interests, such as making educational, gaming, fitness, comedy, and entertainment channel. YouTube has now become the second biggest search engine after google. They should verify the account, create an audience, create a banner, and must know the channel’s purpose. It is an easy process to create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos related to content.  


YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers can make an average of $4,000 per month.

20. Type Captions For Videos

This is one of the best freelance part-time jobs for students and needs no experience. Students can make money by typing captions on their favorite movies and other topics. It is most demanding and profitable job than others. They write the caption for pre-recorded videos and produce sound effects to help people to understand the video story. They should have enough typing skills and know how to use editing software to ensure the caption is written on the correct video.


An average salary of a caption writer is $84,808 a year.

21. Tourist Guide

A freelancer tourist guides and leads others on a trip to a specific area. They lead the groups through the museum and historical sites and give information about the culture and history of the sites. A tourist guide should have excellent exploring, collaborating, and learning skills. There are many types of tourist guides such as historical, adventurous, hiking, and climbing guides. So the student specifies the niche in the local area, starts to guide the guest about the selected place, and encourages others to visit the site and make a purchase from this area. They represent the culture and traditions of their city or country.


A tourist guide earns $50 to $150 per day, and experienced guides earn between $30,000 and $60,000 yearly.

22. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines like google need user feedback to improve their functions and serve the people effectively. They rate the search results to ensure that they are relevant and give feedback to check the accuracy of a web search engine. For becoming a search engine evaluator, students do not need any qualifications or experience. They must have the ability to check the data, measure the accuracy, work independently or with a team when needed and measure the quality of a web page.


The average annual salary of a search engine evaluator in October 2022 is $55,183.

23. Resume Writer

Resume writers are responsible for writing resumes that define the skills and qualifications of their clients. For this job, students must have a strong understanding and writing skills. They should listen to the career plans of their clients and professional experiences for write, providing advice, and trying to solve problems related to career goals.  


The annual estimated salary of a resume writer is $53,576 per year.

24.  Online Computer Gaming Tester

The online computer gaming tester is responsible for detecting errors in video games and solving the issues. This is a good job for those students who take interest in playing video games and get a chance to work with a video game company.  They should have the technical knowledge and give feedback to the company for improving game quality.


In the United States, an online computer gaming tester can make $52,878 a year.

25.  Media Buyer

Media buying mentions the acquisition of advertising on media such as radio, newspapers, magazines, mobile apps, and television. It also includes the correct placement of ads to reach the audience for selling the products. A media buyer is responsible for negotiating the product price, making budgets, scheduling meetings, and ensuring the creation of ads. In this way, media buyers do multiple tasks. Students should have the confidence and organizational abilities to work as media buyers.


The average total salary for a media buyer at freelance is $104,778 per year.


All freelance job options are mentioned here for students without experience, you can choose one of them according to your skills and qualifications and enjoy it. These jobs give financial support to students to continue their education. I wish you good luck with earning money as a student.

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