20 Full-Time Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour in 2024

Do you know that you can land jobs paying $40 an hour or more if you have the necessary skills? Yes, y can earn the sum through lucrative jobs. Not all of them necessitate formal education.

Jobs paying $40 an hour without a degree typically require training, expertise, and experience in your field. As long as you invest and save, the salary is manageable and can cover your bills or even be used to purchase a car.

However, being paid on an hourly basis can make budgeting nearly impossible. However, you can easily budget your Income by analyzing the hourly amount every month or yearly.

Aside from looking at career paths that can lead to $40 an hour, this content will discuss converting the rate into daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly payments to assist you.

Note: Jobs paying $40 an hour or more are likely to require formal education, especially if you are considering healthcare, IT, or other fields. However, many jobs only require a basic level of training. Even if you don’t have a degree, you can still make it big if you know your trade well. As you gain experience and evidence of your high-level performance, you will be able to earn more and more. Here is a list of high-paying opportunities you can consider as full-time.

1. Interpreter

Average Income:  $20 – $50 per hour

Several excellent options are available today if you know two or more languages. Among these options, becoming an interpreter or translator can be very profitable. For this role, you must be good and fluent in at least two languages and have a flair for writing.

There are now numerous websites that hire freelance interpreters. Aside from knowing the languages, you must also be proficient in grammar and syntax. And if you are exceptionally gifted, you can easily earn around $50 per hour simply by translating or interpreting.

2. Marketing Manager

Average Income: $68.03 per hour

Marketing managers are primarily responsible for a company’s sales and promotional strategies. They also develop plans to retain the company’s existing customers while seeking new ones. Aside from planning, they are also in charge of budgeting.

To be a marketing manager, you must be good at working with others. Furthermore, you must have a degree in marketing or a related field. To earn more than $50 per hour, you should also have at least seven years of industry experience.

3. Sales Manager

Average Income: $63.60 per hour

Do you know the difference between marketing and sales? Let us explain a bit more.

On the other hand, the sales manager is solely responsible for sales and not customer retention. They primarily generate sales leads for a company and are thus the primary source of revenue for any business.

Although this job can become extremely stressful due to undefined work hours and sales targets, earning up to $70 per hour is not difficult.

To excel in this field, you must have a college degree in a sales-related field. Furthermore, at least five years of industry experience is preferred.

4. Pr Manager

Average Income: $56.94 per hour

Public relations managers are responsible for a company’s brand presence and public image.

They are in charge of advertising campaigns, press releases, and other public relations activities. They are also the ones who keep a company’s goodwill in the consumer market. And, as a public relations professional, you must be familiar with the industry’s who’s who.

Sometimes,  this job can be extremely exhausting. It is not difficult to earn as much as $55 per hour as a public relations manager. Furthermore, their day-to-day activities must be error-free to maintain the brand’s image. You must have a bachelor’s degree in public relations or management for the said position.

5. Dentist

Average Income: $78.85 per hour

We all visit dentists not only when there is a problem with our teeth or gums but also for our overall oral hygiene. Dentists perform minor surgeries in addition to treating tooth and gum diseases. Furthermore, they frequently perform maxillofacial surgeries to reconstruct the entire jaw segment.

You must have 4-5 years of medical schooling from dental colleges. Furthermore, you must have the appropriate practitioner’s license. If you want to increase your hourly wage, pursuing a master’s degree is also advisable. However, a graduate degree can earn around $75-$78 per hour.

6. Nurse Practitioner

Average Income: $55.05 per hour

When it comes to the medical industry, nurses are second in command only to doctors. They take special care of patients and provide advanced nursing services.

Although you may be required to work long hours in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices as a nurse, the hourly wage is quite attractive.

Aside from being a technically difficult job, the nursing profession can be extremely exhausting and mentally demanding because you must remain strong while providing comfort to those suffering.

However, saving someone’s life can be extremely rewarding. To begin working in this industry, you must have a nursing diploma or degree.

7. Pharmacist

Average Income: $61.88 per hour

Pharmacists primarily keep patients safe by prescribing and administering appropriate medication. While a good prescription can quickly cure a disease, a bad one can quickly deteriorate anyone’s overall health. As a result, the proper type and quantity of medications are required for any recovery.

To work in this industry, you must have an undergraduate diploma or a three-year degree in pharmacy. However, most of the highest-paying companies only accept applicants with at least three years of experience. Having the right skills and experience, you can earn up to $60 per hour.

8. Health Services Managers

Average Income: $50.13 per hour

Health service managers or supervisors oversee all hospital, clinic, or medical facility aspects.

To prosper in this area, you must have strong communication skills as well as good management skills. Furthermore, you must be able to collaborate with others.

Because you will frequently work with a group of doctors and nurses in this role, it will be easier for you if you have a medical background.

However, a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is required for this position. If you have at least four to five years of industry experience, you can earn nearly $50 per hour.

9. Fitness Instructor

Average Income: $25 – $45 per hour

To maintain a healthy lifestyle in the twenty-first century, we have all become fitness addicts. And as a result, the demand for a good fitness instructor is increasing daily.

From yoga to Zumba, you must understand any fitness discipline before working as an instructor.

You don’t need formal education for this role, though certification in any fitness discipline can help you expand your student base. It is not difficult to start at $20 per hour and work your way up to $40 per hour with good skills and experience.

10. Makeup Artist

Average Income: $48.07 per hour

Becoming a freelance makeup artist could be a good fit if you enjoy makeup and know how to make anyone look beautiful.

If you are skillful at it and have professional makeup kits, you can earn around $40 per hour. Several artists charge as much as $200 per hour and are in high demand!

Makeup artists are among the highest-paid cosmetology workers in the United States. There is no educational qualification required to begin this career, but you will need a license that the state requires. There are several cosmetology schools where you can earn a makeup degree.

11. Tutor

Average Income: $40 per hour

What jobs easily pay $40 per hour? Since the turn of the century, school education has become much more difficult, and university entrance exams have become far more competitive. And almost everyone requires the assistance of a private tutor to assist them with their studies or exam preparation. So, if you are talented in any subject, you can become a private tutor and earn a lot of money.

A bachelor’s degree in your preferred subject is required, but a master’s degree in your discipline is preferred. Aside from physical schools, you can begin teaching through several online tutoring platforms. You can choose your own or the student’s home to teach them.

With a strong academic background, earning around $50 per hour is not difficult. If you have no previous experience, you are at the right place because this is where you can start as an English tutor.

12. Freelance Writer

Expected Income: $30 – $76 per hour

We are now in the age of blogs and websites. And every blog, website, or online media platform requires skilled and enthusiastic writers.

If you are fluent in English and enjoy writing, becoming a freelance writer may be your best option. However, your grammatical and syntactical language skills have to be exceptional.

You can choose any industry, niche, or subject that interests you, from marketing manuals to personal blogs. It will be advantageous if you have a bachelor’s degree in language or language-related subjects. Working as a freelance writer can easily earn you around $40 per hour.

13. Transcriptionist

Average Income: $40 per hour

A transcriber’s job is to convert an audio file into a document file. They listen to the audio file and type what they hear into a text document.

Many businesses now require transcribers from the legal industry to the print media. Furthermore, numerous websites offer freelance opportunities.

To do this job, you must have excellent ear-hand coordination. Furthermore, a fast typing speed is required for this position. Furthermore, some excellent tools and software can aid in the job.

Although this job role does not require any educational qualifications, it is preferable if you have at least a high school diploma. You will, however, require some training in this area. You can easily make $40 per hour.

14. Web Designer

Expected Income: $40 – $70 per hour

Every company on this blue planet, from consumer brands to technical startups, now requires its personalized website to establish its identity on the online market. And as a result, the demand for web designers is constantly rising. However, you ought to be computer savvy to be interested in this job.

To work in this industry, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer-related subjects. Furthermore, good coding skills are required for this position.

If you are extremely talented and have extensive experience in the web design industry, you can easily earn up to $75 per hour.

15. App Developer

Average Income: $43 per hour

Since smartphones began to dominate the market, apps have become the newest trend. All of our activities are primarily carried out via apps.

All businesses and e-commerce sites have dedicated apps that have made our lives easier. As an app developer, you can earn huge money.

To work in this industry, you must have a bachelor’s degree in software development or computer science. Furthermore, you must have strong coding skills to make a name for yourself. App developers in UI design or AI can earn up to $100 per hour.

16. Software Developer

Average Income: $52.95 per hour

Our computers’ main engine is software. There is also a billion-dollar industry based solely on software development. So, you can easily earn $50-70 per hour developing new software if you have exceptional coding skills.

However, you must have a bachelor’s degree in software development or programming.

It will be a great idea to have skills in problem-solving. Furthermore, because developers mostly work in groups, you should be able to manage a group of people.

Aside from the software industry’s behemoths, there are several online platforms where you can find freelance work.

17. Massage Therapist

Average Income: $40 per hour

Massages and chiropractic therapies are now frequently included in our wellness plans. And a good therapist is always in demand for this.

Massages and chiropractic therapies are now frequently included in our wellness plans. And a good therapist is always in demand for this.

It is an appointment-based job that requires you to devote your time based on your client’s preferences. They do, however, take care of you – through monetary compensation!

A single session with a good massage therapist costs around $100 per hour. You can settle for $40 per hour if you are a newbie.

There are no qualification requirements to enter this job field, but you must have a certification from an accredited organization.

18. Business Analyst

Average Income:  $42.14 per hour

A business analyst‘s primary job is to assess an organization’s overall performance and growth. They also frequently take charge of any specific department of a larger company. Their primary responsibility also includes maintaining the streamlined execution of jobs to increase a company’s profitability.

To work in this industry, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business or another commerce-related subject.

You should also pursue specialized training and post-graduate diplomas to earn more money. A good business analyst can make up to $50 per hour.

19. Financial Manager

Average Income: $64.51 per hour

We all have encountered situations where it has been extremely difficult to make the right financial decision. And it is here that a financial manager works his magic, guiding people down the path to financial success. They primarily develop long-term strategies and advise their clients on the best type of investment.

To work as a financial manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in economics or finance. Furthermore, you must have excellent communication skills because you will be dealing with many clients with little to no knowledge of finance. Working as a financial manager allows you to earn up to $60 per hour.

20. Lawyer

Average Income: $61.03 per hour

Any job in the legal field can be extremely lucrative. However, success in this industry necessitates dedication and devotion.

Being a lawyer may be the best option for you out of all the law-related jobs available. To obtain your degree, you must attend law school. It will help if you clear the entrance of your state bar council.

As a lawyer, you can work in one of two ways. You can either work as an independent practicing lawyer or as a legal advisor for a company.

A good lawyer can earn between $300 and $500 per hour in the United States. If you are new to this field, you can earn between $50 and $60 per hour.


As you can see, $40 per hour equals $78,000 per year. It is not a bad living wage. If you are looking for jobs paying you more than $40 per hour, gaining expertise in a specific field is a good idea rather than relying on luck and hoping for the best.

Invest some time in preparation in the field that interests you, and the path will become easier for you. You can also learn new skills and technologies in your niche for better outcomes. Last but not the least, you can use any freelancing platform to apply these skills, as most of them are remote jobs that can be done full-time without having any physical presence.