Top 25 Hertz Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

How are you supposed to know what kind of questions you’ll be asked in an interview? It can be hard to prepare when the hiring manager hasn’t specified what sort of information they would like to know about you. Still, you can narrow down the possibilities if you know what common interview questions are out there and which ones tend to pop up frequently during job interviews at Hertz. By keeping these ten interview questions in mind, you’ll be able to prepare yourself better mentally and physically when it comes time to sit down with your potential new boss and answer some tough questions!

1. What Do You Know About Hertz?

Founded in 1918 by Walter L. Jacobs, the company was originally named Thrifty Rent-a-Car. Today, it is the largest car rental company in North America, with over 10,000 locations worldwide. Hertz operates out of its headquarters in Park Ridge, New Jersey and has a fleet of over 300,000 vehicles at its disposal. Hertz focuses on providing quality customer service to each customer that walks through their doors.

2. Why Do You Want To Work At Hertz?

I have a passion for customer service. I like the idea of working for a company focused on customer service in its internal operations and how it conducts business. My own experience has taught me how challenging it may be to make ends meet when you’re not receiving the assistance you require from your employer. I want to work at Hertz because they seem committed to providing an environment where employees are happy and can do their best work.

Hertz is a global company with a significant market share. They’ve established themselves as the leader in their industry, so I’d love the opportunity to come in and help them continue their success. And since they have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, it’s clear that they’re doing something right!

3. Why Did You Apply Here?

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of customer service, so I knew Hertz would be an industry where I could focus on that. As a graduate student, finding a company that valued hard work and dedication was also important. The Hertz interview process has helped reassure me that this is the right place for me.

4. What Are Your Strengths?

I work well independently as well as part of a team. I am a quick learner with excellent attention to detail. I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with deadlines, challenges, and high-pressure situations. I’m highly organized, which helps me prioritize tasks quickly. My organizational skills also help me set realistic goals that are reachable but still challenging enough to keep me interested in my work.

5. What Is Your Most Significant Weakness?

My biggest weakness is that I have a hard time being patient with people who aren’t being direct. For example, in a meeting, if someone starts talking in circles without saying what they’re trying to get across, it can be really frustrating. It’s taken me a lot of practice to get better at understanding when people are just wasting time and when they actually need more input or something from me.

6. What Have You Discovered From Your Past Positions?

  • I have learned the importance of being able to take constructive criticism.
  • I have learned that it is important not to give up when dealing with a demanding customer.
  • I have learned how challenging it can be when customers make unreasonable demands.
  • I have also learned what it’s like to deal with high-stress situations in which decisions need to    
  •   be made quickly.
  • Finally, I’ve learned how much work goes into helping customers find the right rental car for
  •    their needs.
  • All these experiences were optimistic because they helped me develop my skills and ability

   to think on my feet and come up with creative solutions in difficult situations.

7. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

I quit my previous job because I was offered a better opportunity with Hertz. I love Hertz because they provide opportunities for growth and learning in an environment where creativity is encouraged. They constantly watch out for the interests of their employees, which is rare these days. The more you put into this company, the more you get out of it!

8. What Was Your Least Favorite Task At Past Jobs, And Why?

I don’t have a specific least favorite task, but I can say that I sometimes found myself doing tasks I wasn’t interested in. It’s not about the task itself but rather the fact that it is not what you want to work on. You may find yourself in a position where you’re trying to juggle multiple responsibilities because of a lack of staff. This is an excellent time to remind yourself what you like doing or your skills.

9. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

In five years, I see myself in a position where I am leading the marketing team at Hertz. I’ll drive the company’s overall brand image, develop relationships with key stakeholders, manage campaigns, and oversee social media efforts. Also, I’m looking forward to using my creativity, passion for problem-solving, and experience building strong relationships with clients to help Hertz reach its goals.

10. What Makes You The Best Candidate?

I am a reliable, dedicated worker with a tremendous work ethic. I’ve always been able to perform well in a fast-paced environment. My accuracy is without compare, and I take pride in my attention to detail. My team-player mindset has helped me earn the trust of my co-workers, who depend on me for their success. Hard work and obstacles are not a threat to me so long as I’m given the resources I need for success.

11. How Can You Contribute To The Team’s Success?

I am a skilled communicator, self-starter, and quick learner. My record shows that I consistently meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and manage to multitask. In my previous role as Customer Service Supervisor, I’ve had the opportunity to lead teams through significant changes in workflow that have helped improve customer satisfaction by 70%. For example, we reduced our average wait time for a call from 15 minutes down to 6 minutes. When I need direction, I ask questions and offer suggestions so everyone can be on the same page moving forward.

12. How Would You Respond If You Disagreed With a Colleague?

A lot of the time, people have differing opinions on things. If I disagree with a colleague, it’s important to understand their reasoning for that opinion. It might be as simple as misunderstanding the facts or as complicated as different outlooks on the same data. I’ll try my best to understand for a while their point of view before proceeding. However, I may need to seek other channels if they are uncooperative.

13. What Are Your Thoughts On Conflicts At Work?

I believe conflicts at work can be healthy, but only if they are resolved quickly. Conflicts at work should not be allowed to linger or fester before they are addressed. Conflicts that go unresolved for too long can create a hostile environment, which is unsuitable for employees’ morale or any business. There is no correct answer regarding conflicts at work, but there are ways of handling them appropriately, so the conflict does not get out of hand. Communicating openly with coworkers and supervisors is important to resolve problems as quickly as possible. When we do this, we maintain open lines of communication that will ultimately make our workplace more productive and efficient.

14. How Do You Prioritize Your Tasks At Work?

My work tasks are prioritized by urgency. If something needs to be done right now, it will be given the top priority. If a task is not urgent but needs to be done, it will be given the next highest priority. Tasks with the lowest priority are things that can wait a little while or are no longer needed after they have been completed for some other reason.

15. How Do You Work Under Pressure?

I’m someone who thrives on pressure. I love being in a crunch-time situation where I know we will get it done if I work hard enough. I find it very rewarding to be able to come through for people when they need me most. My natural ability to make quick decisions under pressure has served me well over the years, whether in my personal life or professionally.

16. What Motivates You To Attend Work Each Day?

I enjoy the challenging work environment. I feel like every day is a new opportunity to show what I can do and how much more I can grow. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to create something new with people who are as passionate about their work as I am.

17. What Makes You Superior To The Other Candidates?

I’m a hard-working, passionate person who gets the job done. I’m quick on my feet, efficient in my work, and able to work with little supervision. My solid interpersonal abilities enable me to communicate confidently with people of any age or background. In addition, I have excellent attention to detail, which is important for an organization like Hertz because they provide quality customer service in many different aspects of their business.

18. Mention A Few Of The Abilities Required When Working With Clients.

The ability to communicate effectively with clients is a critical skill for employees. Communication skills are important because they allow employees to provide customer information, answer questions, solve problems, and keep the customer satisfied. In addition to communication skills, employees must work well in a team-based environment where they must cooperate with other employees. Teamwork skills are necessary because it is often difficult for one person alone to meet the needs of all customers efficiently.

19. Have You Ever Encountered A Challenging Client While Working In Your Profession?

Yes, I have encountered challenging clients while working in my profession. This is not uncommon, as the customer is always right. It’s just a matter of finding the best way to help them achieve their goals. One example that comes to mind was with one of our customers who wanted to rent a truck for three days. We helped him find an option that would be more cost-effective for him and his needs, and he was delighted with the result!

20. How Would You Respond To Clients Wanting To Rent A Vehicle Above Their Budget?

  • I will approach them in a calm manner. I will not raise my voice or get defensive –  even if I feel like doing so.
  • Let them know that even though they may qualify for an upgrade, there will still be an additional charge.
  • Explain why they insist on renting a vehicle that costs more than their original budget allows.
  • I will not argue if they stick with their original choice. Instead, go back over options and see if there’s another way to accommodate them without charging too much extra money.
  • Ask if there’s anything else I can do for them today; maybe offer free mileage or other perks.

21. How Do You Ensure Any Vehicle To Be Rented Is Safe And Adequately Checked?

To ensure that all vehicles are in good working order, I will rely on qualified technicians who perform thorough inspections on each vehicle. They make sure to check every tire for tread depth, listen for excessive rattling or knocking sounds that could signal fluid leaks, and inspect for visible signs of body damage. Also, carry comprehensive insurance to cover against loss or damage to any rented vehicle and liability insurance that covers bodily injury, personal injuries, and property damage.

22. How Will You Handle A Situation Where The Client Did Not Return The Vehicle And Went Missing?

In a situation where I am unable to contact a client when they fail to return their car, I will follow all processes as outlined in company policy. As long as it is within 24 hours of their scheduled return time, we may immediately begin following up with any contacts that were listed during our initial communication with them. If it has been longer than 24 hours or there are no contacts available, we should file a report with local authorities, who will then take over from here. This ensures that our client is contacted and their vehicle is tracked down as quickly as possible to prevent additional fees and damage from occurring.

23. What Are Your Suggestions To Improve And Promote The Car Rental Industry?

Many services have been implemented over time to promote car rental services. For example, the names of car rental companies should be well advertised on television, and there should be radio ads as well; we should do lots of Internet advertisements online; free phone numbers for travellers, yellow pages listings; taking help from travel agencies for booking reservations; last minute discounts for bookings; heavy promotions with credit card companies. The best way to improve car rental services is to implement proper business strategies to generate more customers by taking proper actions.

Secondly, customers are very important to any car rental service. Customer service should be the number one priority for them. To improve, we should take a customer survey every quarter, which can help to analyze what customers say about their rental experience with Hertz. We should use these results to develop new ways of improving our customer’s experience from beginning to end and working on making sure all employees know how important customer service is.

24. Describe The Procedure You Use To Check A Vehicle Before A Customer Picks It Up.

Inspecting a car before giving it to a customer is something that I take very seriously. I check all aspects of a vehicle, making sure there are no scratches, dents or other damage. Each car is also checked for cleanliness and odors. Finally, I ensure that all systems in a vehicle are working properly. Every car rental company has its own unique inspection process, but they’re all conducted in an effort to give customers clean vehicles that perform well!

25. What Makes You A Good Fit For This Car Rental Company?

Let me introduce myself; I’m (insert your name here), and I’m applying for a position at your car rental company. I’m a seasoned professional with (insert number of years in industry here), so you can be sure that my skills will bring a lot to your business! And because of my experience, I know exactly what makes customers stay loyal to your rental service. For example, I know that every good rental agency needs to provide its customers with reliable vehicles – ones that start on demand and have plenty of storage space inside! After all, it wouldn’t do much good to book a car if you can’t take anything along for the ride! Also, being on time is another important factor.


You might feel a bit overwhelmed if you’re interviewing for a Hertz job. The company’s interview process is rigorous, but it’s also important that you do your research ahead of time. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding if you are more prepared to get hired. Use this list as a starting point, and keep practicing so that you’ll feel confident in what you know when the day comes!

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