Top 25 H&M Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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H&M is a global clothing-retail company that was founded in 1947. It has been a part of the Swedish Stock Exchange since 1995 and is currently the second-largest global clothing-retail company, with over 2,400 stores in 55 markets worldwide. Its headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. The business model offers fashion and quality at the lowest possible price.

When applying to work with a company with very specific hiring criteria, the first impression is the one that matters.

A great way to prepare for these interviews is by researching common interview questions and coming up with potential answers that align with your goals, interests, experience, and skillset. In this article, we are preparing a list of potential questions and answers when participating in an H&M interview:

1. What Do You Know About H&M?

Founded in 1947, H&M is a global fashion retailer that offers clothing, footwear, and accessories and operates more than 2,400 stores in 55 markets. The company’s size is comparable to that of other multinational retailers like Gap, Zara, and H&M.

H&M has been operating in the United States since 2012. It has over 200 stores in California, Florida, and Texas.

2. What Makes You Suited For This Job?

H&M is the obvious choice for job-seekers seeking a rewarding career. The company values employees and offers training programs to help employees grow professionally.

H&M’s culture of employee respect and appreciation creates a positive workplace environment. Glassdoor named H&M the number 1 retail company to work for in the United States. The company provides ongoing training programs to help employees improve their skills and advance in their careers.

3. How Would You Describe Yourself?

I am an outgoing person who loves to help others in need, and I would like to use my skill set to help others improve their professional careers. I am also a hard worker who knows how to work independently or as part of a team.

I am open-minded and like meeting new people and experiencing new things. I don’t mind working extra hours if it is necessary, but at the same time, I like relaxing when there is free time on my hands. I’m very passionate about this industry and everything it entails. I like being around people driven by perfectionism, innovation, success, and hard work.

4. How Do You Know That This Job Is The One For You?

Honestly, this is a job because it is my calling. I am passionate about fashion and the industry. Also, I love working with people driven by perfectionism, innovation, success, and hard work.

My skill set and experience make me a perfect fit for this position. As you can see from my resume, I have a lot of experience in the fashion industry because I worked in a clothing store for many years. I am organized and detail-oriented, and I have excellent communication skills.

5. What Are Some Of Your Career Aspirations?

I want to work for a high-end brand in the fashion industry. I have always wanted to work for a company with a distinctive name and logo. I also want to continue working in the fashion industry because it is my passion.

I have always been interested in fashion and have built a solid reputation in the industry as a fashion consultant. I have worked with several clients to help them find the right look for their body type. I have also written fashion tips and advice on a blog that is read by thousands of people every month. With these accomplishments, I am confident I can work my way up to a high-end brand in the industry.

6. How Do You Handle Pressure In The Workplace?

I try to stay calm and not lose my cool. I have been in situations where my boss has pressured me, which has always worked out in the end. If a situation is unbearable, I would rather leave than lose my focus and put myself in a bad position.

I have also worked on letting things go and not letting the little things bother me. It can be hard to let go of something that may be bothering you, but it is better than letting it consume you and negatively affect your work.

7. Tell Me About A Time When You Had To Overcome A Difficult Challenge Or Situation At Work

My first job when I was in college was a challenging one. I had to learn how to make over $35,000 in a year which was quite a lot of money back then. It was hard because I had never worked with clients before and had no experience in the fashion industry. The people who were my mentors then were helpful, but it took me some time to work up the courage to ask them for help.

8. What Is The Most Important Thing To You In Your Workplace?

I need to be able to grow and develop with the company. I am being challenged in a way that is good for my growth.

It’s important to me to work on meaningful and relevant tasks to the company’s mission. It’s also important for me to be growing in my role and to have the opportunity to take on new challenges. I want to make a meaningful contribution to my company’s success.

For me to stay engaged and happy in my work, I need to be able to work with people whom I respect and who respect me. I need to work with supportive and helpful people who are invested in my success just as much as they are invested in their success.

9. What Do You Think Your Contribution Would Be To The Company?

I plan to use my creativity, ideas, and problem-solving skills to help the company grow in a positive direction. I want to work with my team leaders to develop solutions to help H&M’s bottom-line growth and improve our customer experience. I would also like to learn from my co-workers and share new ideas.

10. What Are Some Of Your Career Aspirations?

I would love to work for a company that is progressive and growing. I want to make a positive impact on the company and our customers.

I want to be challenged, but I also want to feel appreciated and acknowledged for my work. I want to feel like my voice matters and that my ideas are valued, even if my supervisor might not agree with them. I want to feel like I am part of a team, not just a cog in the machine.

Working from home sounds nice, but I also want to go into the office. I want to be around people and build professional and personal relationships. I want to go to work every day, but I don’t want it to be a chore. I want to work in an environment where I feel safe, supported, and validated. I want to work with people who appreciate me, value me, see my worth, and want to see me succeed.

11. How Do You Define Success?

The most important thing to me is to be able to impact those around me. I want to build a team of like-minded people who care about the same things and can work together toward a common goal. I want my work to be noticed and appreciated by others so that I can feel good about what I do.

12. Describe The Most Creative Project You Have Ever Worked On, And How Your Peers And Managers received it.

I worked with my team leader to create a campaign for our department. The campaign was to promote the new collection that H&M had released and show off the different designs of the clothing. Our campaign was creative; we used different photo editing software to add shadows and even a textured-looking frame around the clothes. Created a unique and fun effect that caught people’s attention.

13. What Do You Know About Our Brands?

H&M has a variety of brands with which they collaborate, including Noisy May, Stradivarius, Cheap Monday Sportswear, and Cheap Monday Kids.

Most of these brands are geared towards a younger demographic, with some offerings best suited to those in their 20s or early 30s. Additionally, most of their brands are offered exclusively online. However, Cheap Monday and Noisy May are offered in select brick-and-mortar stores.

14. What Do You Know About Our Products/ Services?

I know that H&M is one of the largest clothing retailers in Europe and is always looking for ways to improve its business by innovating its designs or finding new ways of communicating with its customers.

I know H&M is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the world. They have a wide variety of products, and I am very interested in clothes and fashion.

15. What Qualities Do You Think Are Important For The Job You Applied For?

The most important quality for this job is being able to work in a team because teamwork is what brings out the best results. I also look forward to working with people driven by innovation and success.

When you are part of a team, you must be willing to collaborate and help each other out. There are no selfish shortcuts in a team environment. It would be best if you were open to feedback and willing to learn from your mistakes. Be a team player, have integrity, and work towards the common goal.

16. What Means For The Term “Customer Satisfaction” mean?

Customer satisfaction means customers are happy with the service they receive and will continue to purchase from you.

The best way to increase customer satisfaction is by asking for feedback and conducting surveys. You can also monitor comments on social media to see what customers say about your products or services. When you have a system in place for collecting feedback, you’ll be able to identify any problems customers are experiencing and make changes to improve their experience. You can also improve customer satisfaction by offering incentives.

17. How Do You Define Leadership Style? How Does Your Style Differ From Others?

The most important style of leadership is the ability to lead in a way that inspires and motivates others. I also look forward to working with people driven by innovation and success.

There are many ways to be innovative and successful, and my philosophy is to always look for ways to improve and be better every day. The most important thing is to be a positive example, inspire others with your work ethic and attitude, and be a driving force to make things happen.

18. What Challenges Do You Think H&M Will Face Over The Next Five Years?

The biggest challenge for H & M is to be able to adapt to the changes in the market. I also look forward to working with people driven by innovation and success.

The fashion industry is very dynamic and fast-paced, requiring people to be on their toes and adjust to the changes quickly. H & M has a very good team of people who are dedicated to the brand. H & M will succeed in the coming years with the right team.

19. What Do You Think Will Be The Biggest Challenges Of Your Job?

The challenges of my job will be dealing with stressful situations and working as part of a team.

The most rewarding part of the job is helping people in need and making a difference in their lives. You would be working with a team of volunteers passionate about helping others. The work can be physically challenging, so you need to have the energy to go all day and the desire to lift heavy objects, climb ladders, and bend/stretch to fit into small spaces. You may need to drive to different locations to deliver supplies or help with deliveries. You will be required to have a valid driver’s license. Depending on the availability of your schedule, you will work either a regular 8-hour shift or a split shift (4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon).

20. Tell Me About Your Best Professional Accomplishment Or Contribution.

My best contribution was when I was working at the Nordstrom store in Northridge Mall. It was my first job, and I was 18 years old. We were trying to make the store more attractive for the customers, so we rearranged the displays and added new ones for them to buy from. One day, we were asked to add two new displays with very high-end brands on them; one of them was by Louis Vuitton, and another was by Diane Von Furstenberg. The second display cost more than $20000, and it took us 3 hours to set up all of it because we had never done anything like this before. However, we did it very professionally, and it looked amazing! Then I realized that fashion is a business that requires hard work and innovation to succeed in it.

21. What Do You Know About Our Online Services?

I know the online shop has a wide variety of products, including clothes, accessories, toys, and more. The prices are much lower than in stores, which makes it easier for people to buy things they need or want. I also know that the products can be returned free of charge if you are not satisfied with them in some way or if they don’t fit properly.

22. What Can You Say About Our Customers?

I love them! They are the ones who will make your company survive, so it’s very important to make sure that they are satisfied with what they buy from you; otherwise, they will not come back and recommend your online shop to their friends or family members. That is the reason why I love working with them because every single one of them has different expectations from me as well as different needs, which makes my job even more interesting and challenging!

23. What Would Be Your First Idea If We Asked You, “What Should We Improve?”?

There isn’t anything majorly wrong with your company’s policies or the way things work around here. Still, if something needed improvement, it could be communication between all employees.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager or have no direct reports. You should be involved in the company’s communication channels; information will be relevant to you. It’s about keeping you up to date with what’s happening but also about letting you know if there are any issues you can help with.

24. What Is Your Knowledge In This Industry?

I am knowledgeable in the fashion industry because I have been studying it for the past 2 years in my school. I have learned a lot about it, such as how clothing is made, how businesses operate, and the different types of businesses in fashion. I also know how to sew and knit, skills that can be useful in the fashion industry.

25. How Did You Hear About Us?

I heard about H&M from my dad, a big fan of the brand. He told me that H&M is a great company and that I should try applying to work there or at least for an internship. He told me that the company is very successful and has a good reputation, so I decided to apply.


Some of these questions may appear straightforward, but the interviewer attempts to determine your suitability for the position and company. They want to ensure they hire the best candidate for the job.

Keep your answers short, precise, and, most importantly, honest. If you are asked to give a scenario, please do your research beforehand. It will help you become a more effective interviewer and help you answer the interview questions easily.