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How to become a singer: The 8 step method to kickstarting your singing career and getting paid to sing.

You dream of being in front of an audience. At the point when you hit the ideal high note, the massive group roars in appreciation.

This is your stage, and you want to be on it now. Be that as it may, it seems so far away. Sitting at your PC, or on the bus looking at your smartphone.

How are you ever going to make this dream a reality? How to become a singer and make real cash so you don’t have to do the crappy day work anymore?

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You fear individuals not thinking you are sufficiently good. Being booed off the stage. What if you enter a competition however freeze up during your big song? Going home humiliated. You see it on TV all the time.

Well, in all actuality, each singer you admire started somewhere. They weren’t always great, certainly not as good as they became.

Sometimes, it’s the toughest experiences that teach us the most…

Why I Can Help You Become a Singer

how to become a singer

Learn what this article on how to become a singer is about by quickly watching the 1-minute video, then continue reading.

One of my first gigs at any point was at my high school prom. I decided to sing all original songs, no covers. A bad choice for a room of teenagers who just wanted to dance to songs from the charts.

I didn’t make it to the furthest limit of the show before being booed off the stage. That’s a tough experience for a 16 year old, new to performing. Humiliated before the 200 individuals I’d spent the last 5 years at school with.

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In any case, here I am currently and I’m almost certain I’m the main person from my school year who became a professional singer.

I’ve made a full time living from singing since 2006. I’ve been paid to sing all over the world from Alaska to Dubai. From France to Cambodia. From the UK to Australia.

It wasn’t easy. In any case, I’ve learned a lot throughout the years, including how to read a room and sing the right songs to make them happy. I learned that the hard way didn’t I.

I made this career for myself. Along the way, I’ve helped lots of other singers and musicians get their start too. Presently I can help you too. Can anyone learn to sing? Yes, almost anyone can.

Is This Article For You?

who sings this is how we do it

Perhaps you just want to improve your singing voice so you can sing in the shower…

Be that as it may, I’m willing to bet 95% of you reading this would prefer to be in front of an audience showing off your singing. And, if you had the choice of singing for nothing, or getting paid to sing, most of you will be happy to take the cash.

This article is for anyone getting started singing professionally.

If you have earned less than $500 from singing in the last 6 months. Continue Reading.

If you have earned more than that, you perform live for cash each month however want to know how to transform that casual income into a full time work you have to move to the advanced class and read “How to Become A Singer: Turn Full Time Professional” where I’ll assist you with figuring out how to transform your passion into a paycheck.

Get Your Start As a Singer

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If you are sticking with me for the 101 class, before the finish of this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to become a singer and get paid to sing. You’ll be able to form an action plan for your following stages to getting ahead as a singer and earning cash.

What you won’t be getting is the formula for fame… why not? Anyone giving that away for nothing on the internet doesn’t know the real formula. Seriously, a formula for fame? That’s worth millions of dollars. It’s not going to be available free.

So, this is not a get rich and famous quick pile of BS. This is a proven method that worked for me and many others and will assist you with getting moving. Ways to build your confidence, talents, and start to find recognition for your singing.

Remember, you don’t have to be famous to earn a living from singing. I’m most certainly not. Yet additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams of fame to make a living from singing. You can work at both simultaneously.

There are so many career options that pay. I’ve done a full list: How to become a singer: The Ultimate guide to Singing Careers and Jobs.

So, why not earn cash singing, quit your day occupation and focus on your passion – one day it may be something beyond the activity you love, it may be what takes you into a world of fame and fortune. Yet, right now, you have to start somewhere.

You need a plan. I’m going to assist you with figuring one out.

8 Steps to becoming a singer

how to get started as a singer

Firstly, you are already a singer. Just 1% of the population is genuinely tone deaf, the other 99% can learn to sing. Some individuals have progressively natural talent yet almost everyone can succeed at singing if they want to enough.

This brings me to the most important 1st step…

1. Believe in yourself and your dream

how to become a singer at age 10

You must focus on this from the get go. There will be individuals who support you, there will be individuals who question your choices. These choices are yours to make, think about ways to respond to individuals who question your decisions.

Probably the proudest moment of my life was being able to quit my desk work and never return. Focus on that future success story, the thing you want more than anything else. Imagine yourself having it, and how it will feel.

At whatever point you have doubts, remember that feeling.

2. Improve your singing

how to be a singer at age 13

You don’t have to be the best singer in the world to get paid or get famous… yet it helps!

Actually, for some singers, it could be the make or break. Why take the chance when there is an advantage these days that didn’t exist 10 years ago…

  • Get high-quality singing lessons online.

They are much cheaper than getting a personal singing teacher. There are some great ones on the market.

When you’ve learned proper technique and know you commit to becoming a singer, you can progress to get private lessons or an online personal tutor through Skype.

  • Getting lessons is by a wide margin the most important thing I could do for my singing.

This is the reason, after years of singing pro, I still went ahead and joined one more singing course in 2012. Apart from learning new techniques, there are loads of advanced classes out there, as well as those for beginners.

Sign up to my email list and I’ll send you a whole pack of recommendations as well as advice to start improving your vocal range today and how to get paid to sing.

3. Sing as much as possible

how to become a musician singer

Don’t wait until you have had a lot of lessons to get singing! Sing anywhere you can. In the shower. At karaoke. Go to jam nights. Sing along to backing tracks at home. Learn guitar and sing along with that.

Indeed, even experienced singers regularly misunderstand how the voice works. Warm ups are essential. Be that as it may, simply doing a warm-up before singing for 2 hours, is generally insufficient.

  • Singing regularly exercises your voice

If you sing each day, you keep your voice “in shape” just like you would for other muscles in your body. The more you work it, the stronger it’ll be and the more it will last when you power it out in front of an audience or the studio.

Warm ups, regular use, and good technique are the three most important factors for healthy singing. There are loads of lesser factors like staying hydrated, I spread most of them in my free email series and free digital book.

Note: If you sing a lot and your voice seems exhausted or strained – stop! Rest your voice. Although you should sing every day, don’t injure your voice by singing.

  • Jump in front of an audience and sing as much as possible

It’s not just about vocal training. You should also be getting in front of an audience and singing as much as possible too. At first, you may not be sure how to do this. Certainly not how to get paid for it. So, Karaoke is a starting point many go to.

  • Sing outside of your comfort zone

Continue doing it. In any case, be aware, that you have to get into other performance situations. One without the words on a screen. Perhaps with a live band or in an unfamiliar scene. These early experiences will shape how adaptable you are later on. Sometimes you’ll have to perform and won’t be able to hear your voice. Sometimes, you’ll have loads of space, others you will be crammed toward the edge of a room.

The greater amount of these experiences you have, the better you’ll be at performing under tension and handling anything the world can toss at you.

This will build your confidence and stage presence! You’ll also be getting exposure, building your resume, and improving as a singer.

4. Have a “go to” song.

how to make singer

Have a song, that you will nail without fail, as your “go to” song. Regardless of how you feel at that moment, when the spotlight shines on you, you will get that one great.

  • Choose the ideal song for you

It needs to be something that everybody in the audience knows and likes, so they will be with you from the first line.

It needs to be something that fits impeccably in your vocal range so you never have to strain for any notes, regardless of whether you forgot to warm up. You have to know that you will not struggle with any part of the song. That you know the words impeccably.

If you just get the opportunity to sing one song for a showcase, it’s this one. If you are halfway through a set and something knocks your confidence, sing this song close to refocus. If you are nervous about opening a show, open with this one.

As time goes on, you’ll figure out a list of “Super” songs so you have bounty to fall back on.

Be that as it may, please don’t choose Mustang Sally, it been done to death!

5. Learn To Embrace Rejection and Criticism.

how to become a successful singer

Before you step in front of an audience, be ready for some individuals not to like your singing.

I’ve had individuals shout insults at the stage, even as of late, and I do this for a vocation! Justin Bieber is hated by millions, yet has a lot of fans too.

As with most things in life, it’s entirely hard to please everybody. Half the time when you get put-downs, it’s because the person is jealous or insecure. Do what you do. Continue Improving and ignore rudeness.

  • Learn which criticisms to ignore and which to accept.

Because honest and constructive criticism is an essential tool to enable you to improve. Don’t get this advice from random audience members. Get it from other singers and individuals who have a piece of information. Yet, make sure you ask them to be brutal.

Friends and family are always supportive. Sometimes, being too supportive is not useful. The best advice comes from experienced individuals who have no reason to sugar coat their suggestions.

  • With regards to rejection, you have to grow a thick skin.

Singing is a competitive industry. Rejection is a learning experience. If someone turns you down, you shouldn’t take it personally.

It’s easy to think “It must be because I suck”. Be that as it may, most the time it could be “We required someone blonde for this job” or, “the other applicant has worked for us before”.

  • Ask why you didn’t find a new line of work or audition

There are regularly some really simple reasons you don’t pass auditions or get work. It’s frequently good to ask why. If it is something you were unable to have done anything about, you’ll feel a whole lot better. If it’s something you were doing incorrectly, you’ll have the opportunity to fix it for next time.

  • Rejection and criticism are essential learning experiences

It may be hard to be told you are singing off-key or that your tone is bad – however, these are things you can fix: Vocal training will fix both – you can learn impeccable pitch!

I can promise you a certain something. If you don’t take on criticisms and work on them, you will NEVER be successful. Just individuals who attempt to improve, wind up succeeding. You are going to make mistakes. Everybody does. You will learn from them. If you cover your head and avoid learning from them, you will not improve and will never reach your full potential.

Regardless of what criticism comes your way, the worst thing you can do is let it get you down.

6. A system with individuals that are doing better than you

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Beautiful African woman singing with the microphone

If you want to know how to become a singer, you need assistance from others who are progressively experienced.

It’s too easy to become the karaoke king at your local bar and start believing that you are going to be “enormous” at some point. Maybe it could happen… It’s bound to happen if you broaden your horizons.

  • Go beyond your present system to find other contacts

The bigger your system, the more chance you have. The more successful the individuals in your system, the better access you have to opportunities. Good opportunities.

It’s who you know, not what you know. This familiar axiom is considerably progressively relevant in singing. You could be the best singer in the world at the same time, barring a couple of youtube sensations, you have to make contacts to excel.

The scariest part of this as a novice is approaching experienced individuals and expecting them to support you. If you are just starting, you may also have no idea how to start making contacts.

  • Get individuals who don’t know you to want to support you

The best way to get accepted is to forget your self-image and flatter the person you are wanting to learn from. Say, “You are such a great singer and you are doing well, what’s your secret?”

As long as you are sincere in your comment, the most singer won’t be too suspicious of your flattery and will gladly talk to you about their career. When you form a bond and prove you are a good singer, you’ll find other singers will support you.

7. Set achievable Goals

steps to becoming a music artist

This is the most important thing you can do. They should be small, specific goals, however:

  • Good Example: “I want to sing to an audience of more than 100 individuals within 3 months”, then make a special effort to figure out a way to do it and apply yourself to making it a reality.
  • Bad Example: “I want to be a famous singer” This can be your dream or ultimate objective, however, it is not a useful step on the road to success.

Set lots of small goals. Take it to step by step. If your initial goal is too big, it’s overwhelming and it’s hard to know what to do to arrive. Build on each small goal towards your big goal. Its the prize at the end, not the stepping stone in transit.

8. Get your first paid work

how to get a music career started

Whether this is getting paid to sing live, to host karaoke, or from selling your music online, it’ll give you confidence. Getting paid will validate that you have the potential to do this.

As your career progresses you’ll find it easier to get work. When you figure out exactly how to become a professional singer, you’ll have the right state of mind and business savvy to get paid to sing all the time.

Be that as it may, if you are just starting, you might need to take whatever work you can, just to get hired and get experience.

  • Begin finding paid work by singing for nothing

A good place to start is offering to sing for nothing with local bands or local theater. The live experience looks great on your CV, helps you develop your confidence and you’ll likely make connections with other individuals who may be able to help you later on.

Doing the first gig for nothing for any client where repeat work is possible, is alright. Make it clear that any follow ups should be paid gigs. If they like you, they pay.

  • Know the value of your voice

When you prove yourself and are singing at a level where individuals have fun, you should be getting paid. That payment may be through selling copies of your album, or the scene paying you the door takings or a flat expense.

If you continue to play for nothing once you are a skilled performer and singer, you are doing a disservice to other pro singers and yourself. If venues think they should get high-quality entertainment for nothing, they stop paying anyone. That’s bad for all singers.

One important step to get paid singing work is to record a demo – although this may be a harsh video recording of a live performance on your telephone… You should also consider recording your voice with a higher quality sound. Look at my list of affordable home studio microphones. All you have to record at home, at the most simple level, is a PC, a backing track to sing to, and a good microphone.

What’s Next? Take Action

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When you start singing for cash, you have become a singer. It’s not, at this point a side interest or a dream. Your subsequent stage will be to increase your singing income, get paid regularly, and shoot for the stars! There are so many ways to do this. And the internet makes it easier than ever to make cash from singing.

Set a goal right at this point. Everybody wanting to become a singer is at a different stage. So whether your goal is to:

  • Sing in front of an audience for the first time
  • Get a paying gig
  • Enter a singing competition
  • Record yourself singing and put it on youtube

Set a date to reach your goal. Choose something to achieve within one month and something to achieve within 6 months. Put a note in your calendar and actively make sure you act on it.

Becoming a singer takes commitment however it’s a rewarding career

It’s easier to arrive if you know what you are doing if you have a mentor. I might want to assist you in improving your singing and learn how to earn more cash as a singer.

I reserve my best substance for email subscribers. So join the FREE list and get exclusive advice that will show you how to become a singer.