Is Technology A Good Career Path? [Complete Guide]

It’s critical to determine whether technology is a viable career path for now and future before enrolling in a degree program with a technology focus. Fortunately, the field has a bright future and is the most in-demand career specialty today.

Building A Career In Technology

You must start with a strong foundation if you’re determined to pursue a career in technology. Your desire, drive, and objective are the three pillars of this foundation. Establish your goals first. What do you hope to accomplish, and what standards will you use to determine your success? Next, choose what drives you to be dedicated to your work or to achieve your goals. Finally, focus on your objective. Your understanding of why you are acting a certain way and the best course of action will improve once you have decided on your goal. So, beginning a technological profession involves reflection and forward planning. Decide your path, the reasoning behind it, and the steps you will take to follow it.

Technological Job Market

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that from 2020 to 2030, IT jobs and the number of computers will increase by 13%, outpacing the average for all occupations. During that time, it is predicted that the U.S. would gain 667,600 new information technological and computer-related jobs. According to the bureau, increased interest in cloud computing, information security, and data collection and storage are driving up demand. According to CompTIA, a trade association for the information technology sector, employment in the tech sector increased by 106,700 positions in the United States during the first quarter of 2022. According to the organization, there were 623,627 tech job advertisements in the United States in May 2022. Nearly a third of the information technology job openings that month were for software engineers and developers. Some firms may be desperately trying to fill those positions. 72% of tech professionals polled by Workable and TalentLMS in the fall of 2021 stated they were considering leaving their jobs or looking into other career opportunities. A job in the technology sector might be extremely straightforward for someone interested in it, especially if they have knowledge and experience in the field. It is because of constant need and likely departure of some employees. Although you may have read news about job layoffs in the tech sector, technology remains a strong career path. The tech industry is incredibly diverse, and each company has different hiring needs. There will always be a demand for new talent in domains like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Job Growth In Information Technological Sector

Information technology is the study of how to use new technologies to address problems in business and find new opportunities. It is understandable why information technology is one of the most popular study subjects for undergraduate students given that it is also one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand professions today. No matter the IT career path you choose, having technical expertise and in-depth computer science knowledge is a prerequisite for all information technology professions. The number of employment opportunities for prospective IT specialists will increase as companies seek to expand their digital network capabilities.

Diversity And The Advancement Of It Careers

It is easy for prospective professionals to find a career path in information technology that fits their background, professional aspirations, and personal and recreational interests because it is such a diverse sector. Every industry is dependent on technology, so there are a lot of work prospects now and in the future for experts who know the most recent developments and have specialized knowledge in the target area. As a result, the field of information technology offers a wide range of specializations, including software development, AI, robotics, cybersecurity, and data science. If you want to work in technology but are unsure of your particular career path, gaining a degree in the IT sector is a fantastic opportunity to fulfill your educational requirements, hone your skills, and receive exposure to these various subfields before beginning your career. The possibility of professional growth into senior and executive management positions is another advantage of working in information technology. Companies want subject matter experts that are not only technically proficient but also possess the leadership qualities required to lead IT teams, explain the value of IT prospects, and propel businesses forward via innovation. A master’s in information technology degree can help you become eligible for C-suite and management positions.

Is An Information Technology Degree Worthwhile?

For those who possess the necessary technical acumen, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of current information technology best practices, the field of information technology offers a rewarding career path with several options. An authorized information technology degree program is one of the best ways to acquire the in-demand IT skills of today and be prepared for long-term career success. A bachelor’s degree in a technological study is needed for entry into the industry for IT workers; however, a master’s degree is needed for several information technology career paths and senior-level roles. Through coursework that includes real-world applications, Champlain College Online (CCOin )’s master’s information technology program (MS IT) equips students for the rapidly evolving information technology industry. Students can choose from one of four majors for their MS IT degree with CCO’s program: data science, business management, digital forensics and incident response, or healthcare IS management. Concentrating on your studies in one of these four areas will help you gain more knowledge and increase your employment options. You’ll have greater marketability if you have advanced expertise in a specific field. A master’s degree is a crucial tool for career progress and certification that lasts a lifetime.

Careers In Technology

Technology job roles may seem identical to individuals who are not familiar. But these occupations differ from one another in several important ways. The decision you will make on your job path can be influenced by your understanding of the differences. According to your interests and preferences, you can pursue any of the technology-related careers listed here.

1. Information Technology

Technology professions are the most well-known profession. Nearly all areas of technology are covered in the training of IT workers. They manage information networks, serve as computer system administrators, and help people with technical issues. IT professionals design, develop, and maintain software and data systems. They also understand how to handle broken hardware.


One of the key benefits of choosing a profession in IT has been the competitive pay. A professional in this sector in the United States earns about $ 95,100 yearly. The lowest earning is $49,300, whereas the highest earners can make up to $155,000 annually.

Academic Requirement

It is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree. However, a lot of people already possess one. Employers these days favor hiring candidates with a master’s degree in a related discipline.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists are experts who can gather, analyze, and interpret enormous volumes of data by using their programming, mathematical, and analytical skills. They can then use the findings of their investigation to develop solutions to challenging business issues.


Data scientists receive good pay. A data scientist makes an average of $100,560 a year. In addition, it is anticipated that their salaries will stay high or even increase as high-profile organizations in particular continue to need their abilities.

Academic Requirement

A bachelor’s degree in data science is a prerequisite for pursuing a career as a data scientist. You might also be qualified to pursue a job as a data scientist if you completed a four-year degree program in a relevant subject area, such as one involving computers.

3. Information Security

Professionals in information security are taught to create and implement solutions related to computer security that will protect the company’s network from online attacks. Additionally, they are entrusted with developing solid information technology security plans for their company. Additionally, they are essential in monitoring enterprise networks to check for security protocol violations. As a cybersecurity specialist, you will implement security policies and maintain a log of any cybersecurity events you encounter.


Analysts in the field of information security make a good living, with annual salaries in the US averaging $99,944. Salary ranges for entry-level personnel start at $45,500 and more seasoned workers are about $150,000. Most experts in this field make $75,500 to $120,000 annually. Similar to other occupations, your salary increases as you advance.

Academic Requirement

While some businesses might need you to have a four-year degree to hire you, not all do. Computer science, information systems analysis, and information technology degrees are among those that offer the necessary training for this rewarding profession. Four years are needed to complete the degree program.

4. Ml Engineer

An ML engineer develops machine learning (ML) algorithms for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This information is then utilized to design and develop algorithms that can independently learn and anticipate outcomes. As a result, each time the program completes a task, it gains new knowledge that it uses to execute the following tasks more precisely.


In the United States, pay for this occupation category is on the higher end. They receive a salary of approximately $164,769 per year on average.

Academic Requirement

Numerous hours of study are needed in this profession. A master’s degree or even a doctorate in CS or a related discipline is frequently required by employers. For this career to be successful, you also need to be very proficient in mathematics and the analysis of data.

5. Software Developer

A software developer makes software programs that power desktop computers, mobile devices, and automobiles. In addition to studying consumer desires, they create innovations to enhance a market based on input and user response.


Software developers make a variety of wages according to recent research. The average yearly salary for a software engineer in the USA, according to the most recent reports, is $100,000. In other words, they get paid at least $51.28 each hour.

Academic Requirement

A bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or a related discipline is required before you can work as a software developer. You major in computer science since it must give you the grounding in software design that you need.

6. Database Administrator

Database management and monitoring are the responsibilities of database administrators. They guarantee full adherence to the business’s data management policy. To prevent memory loss from affecting business operations, their role includes maintaining the functionality of the firm databases and backing them up.


The work of database administrators is extremely important in a company. Because of their skills, they also receive a respectable wage. Their median annual pay in the US is $131,056. They also receive an additional cash payment of about $11,639 on top of that. Their average annual salary is $142,695.

Academic Requirement

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in information or computer science should be your first step if you are thinking about a career as a database administrator. It is the bare minimum necessary to be hired for an entry-level position.

7. Computer Research Science

This career is best for you if you enjoy working with computers and finding solutions to problems. In computer science, new applications for established solutions are developed together with cutting-edge technology. Network architects are experts in this domain who take on and study challenging issues so they can be used in business, healthcare, science, and other sectors.


Experts in computer research are paid well to apply their knowledge and solve problems. Depending on one’s level of industry expertise, one’s pay in this field can range from $72,210 to $194,430. Computer research scientists make an average of $130,890 per year.

Academic requirement

Compared to most jobs, this one is more involved and necessitates substantial education. You must hold a bachelor’s degree in a subject related to computer studies, such as computer or information systems.

The Career Path For Medical Technology

Aspiring medical technology experts require strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. These specialists need to be meticulous and capable of handling pressure. These experts also need to be detail-oriented and capable of handling pressure. An expert should begin as a technician in medical technology and advance to a developer role.

Examining Career Paths For Women In Technology

There is no denying that women are underrepresented in the tech industry. Despite making up almost half workforce in the US, women only make up around 25% of jobs that include math and technology. The gender pay gap, employment discrimination, and the lower number of women seeking STEM degrees all contribute to this inequality.

Pros And Cons Of The It Sector


  • Compared To Occupations In Other Sectors, Yours Will Pay Well. As The Evaluations Up to the Top Have Shown, Even Entry-Level Positions In This Sector Pay Well.
  • You Can Work In The Profession That Best Fits Your Abilities And Preferences Because There Is a Lot Of Job Flexibility.
  • If You Prefer Working Remotely, This Field Is Ideal For You. It Is Particularly Appreciated In Light Of The Covid Pandemic.
  •  There Is a Great Opportunity For Career Advancement And Growth, And As You Learn More, You Will Develop More.


  • You’ll Frequently Have To Put In Long Shifts And Long Hours.
  •  Constant Pressure Because Deadlines Drive The Majority Of The Job.
  • Due To The Daily Changes In The Sector, You Must Always Be Studying.
  • A Reduction In Personal And Recreational Time Because Of The Workload.

Why Is a Career In Technology Good?

Technology now plays a significant role in our lives. It seems like new inventions are introduced every day. The labor economy is evolving quickly. The number of new employment produced has surged by 30% just in the last ten years. It is anticipated that this tendency will persist in the foreseeable future. The demand for trained people will only rise as technology develops.

1. In-demand Jobs

An IT specialist is required in practically every area of the economy. As a result, there are many work options, including those for full-time employment and internships. Although it might seem difficult at first, pursuing a career in technology will prove to be a sensible decision in the long run.

2. Employment

You’ll soon realize that, in contrast to several other professions, finding employment in the information technology sector is not hard. Businesses are constantly looking for recent graduates to fill openings in their information technology-related businesses.

3. High-Paying Jobs

The fact that technology occupations pay well is their best feature. Given the high salaries earned by professionals in this field, it is not surprising that it is a desirable career path. The information technology sector requires a lot of skill acquisition. However, once you possess these abilities, any company will find your knowledge to be incredibly valuable.

4. Numerous Career Possibilities

The wide range of job options in this field is a fantastic feature. The technological sector is not isolated. Its intersections with various industries give those working in this field a variety of employment opportunities. Every industry needs IT, specialists, as more businesses adopt the digital era.

5. Easy Career Development

The field of technology is constantly changing. Consider how different today’s gadgets are from those utilized ten years ago. But professionals also change along with the market.


You now understand why millions of people worldwide consider IT careers to be highly desired jobs. Consider entering the technology sector to get benefit from its tremendous growth. The tech sector offers a wide range of opportunities for applicants, including well-known companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter as well as brand-new startups. It would not only enable you to pursue your passions but also open up lucrative job opportunities for you.

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