IT Manager Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

IT is a lucrative field, especially with the increased adoption of technology in offices and corporations. One of the most lucrative IT-related jobs is the IT manager. This professional is mandated with ensuring that all the technology needs of the company are met, which includes ensuring that all employees and remote workers have the required technology for their jobs. Most IT managers also head the IT department. This is the right article for you if you want to move from a specialist to a manager.

We will examine what an IT manager does and the requirements for this role. Remember, moving from a specialist to a manager is a bold step that will come with its requirements. We will also give you two examples of IT manager resumes to help you prepare the best one. Let’s get started

Job Description

An IT manager plans, coordinates, and leads all computer-related activities in the organization, making them important members of the IT department. These professionals also determine the IT needs of the company and ensure that all information system requirements are met. However, note that the scope of their roles and responsibilities differ from workplace to workplace. Let’s now look at those roles and responsibilities to help you understand what your employer expects from you.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Managing information technology and computer systems for organization’s
  • Managing and supervising IT staff
  • Managing and evaluating the organization’s IT systems and electronic data operations
  • Handling the IT department’s annual budget and ensuring cost-effective purchases and procedures
  • Auditing systems and investigating their results/outcomes
  • Ensuring that the backup system, network access, and data are secure
  • Recruiting, training, and coaching employees to ensure that the company has consistent and available skilled labor
  • Communicating job expectations and performing employee performance appraisals
  • Identifying IT-related issues in the organization and coming up with timely strategic solutions
  • Collaborating with the organization’s IT team to preserve control structure, information security, and assets
  • Contributing to organization policy by respecting system functionality and system alignment in the course of their work
  • Performing all activities concerning procedures, systems, and policies such as design, development, implementation, and coordination
  • Regularly checking the network and data security statuses in the organization
  • Improving and updating software and systems whenever an opportunity arises
  • Preparing staff training programs and workshop
  • Drafting and sharing operation system reports with the management
  • Identifying the right opportunities for skills advancement and training for the IT staff
  • Performing regular system audits to ensure that everything is functional
  • Determining time-frames for different projects, including system migrations, upgrades, outages, and updates
  • Managing the IT budget and presenting regular related reports

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Outstanding working knowledge of computer systems and databases
  • Firm understanding of IT operations, best practices, and infrastructure
  • Extensive knowledge of data governance
  • Expertise in data center management
  • Excellent working knowledge of network and system administration
  • Good understanding of data storage and phone systems
  • Excellent decision-making skills
  • Ability to think critically
  • Ability to work well and thrive in team settings
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to prioritize well
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding organization skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Outstanding presentation skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to manage conflicts
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Ability to manage staff

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science or any related fields
  • Proven experience working in IT operations
  • Experience managing huge Information Technology related projects
  • Experience with IT infrastructure across several technologies
  • Experience working in team settings
  • Experience with network installation


IT managers are among the best-paid employees in the workplace. These professionals make an average of $120,000 or thereabout, which is impressive. Senior IT managers roughly make $141,000, which is in the same league as lead information technology managers. It’s indeed a lucrative job.

IT Manager CV Example 1

Barry Senior

Physical address: 750 Plymouth Road, Antioch, CA 87985

Email address:

Phone number: (897) 457-897

Personal Profile

Certified and highly qualified IT specialist with 9+ years of experience in information technology and systems administration. A go-getter and avid team member ready to better the IT department of the engaging organization. A hard worker with an in-depth understanding of IT operations and best practices as well as 3 years of experience in management

Work Experience

05/2019- 08/2022, Senior IT Manager, Robin Products, San Diego, CA

  • Built new features and applications for the company in liaison with the senior management boosting the annual company revenue by 30%
  • Worked closely with 15 team leaders, ensuring the effective delivery of projects and meeting of goals
  • Led the budgeting process for 25+ IT-related projects and ensured that the projects stayed on budget
  • Participated in the hiring process of 20+ IT specialists, ensuring that the company only settled for the best the market had to offer
  • Saw the company grow from $7 million to $35 million in annual revenue while managing all the hardware, computer systems, infrastructure services and network security
  • Ensured that the company lost 0 production data by setting up and maintaining WMS Planner
  • Awarded the employee of the year in 2020 for leading 5 of the most successful projects in the entire organization
  • Trained 50+ new hires, bringing them up to speed with the company’s processes and helping them transition easily into the company
  • Regularly maintained and improved 10 network servers for the company, leading to an 80% improvement in application speed

02/2016- 05/2019, IT Services Manager, Roy Holding Companies Ltd, Oakland, California

  • Performed intensive data collection and analysis in collaboration with 5 IT specialists to support programs intended to improve business applications and technology processes, leading to a 10% overall improvement in organizational efficiency
  • Successfully led 20+ technical projects, helping the company achieve 90% of its IT goals
  • Supervised 7 IT analysts, ensuring that they were constantly motivated and helping them achieve their production and performance goals
  • Successfully created and managed excellent relationships with 4 external vendors, ensuring timely delivery of IT-related goods and services
  • Managed to deliver all IT projects on budget and on time through proper budget forecasting and evaluation of ROIs, earning me the best employee of the year twice
  • Reduced tool onboarding time by 40% through proper documentation of APIs and business applications

02/2013- 01/2016, Information Technology Specialist, Rapsody Digital Solutions, Fresno, CA

  • Regularly monitored systems to ensure that they were 100% efficient
  • Offered IT support to 100+ staff members across 5 departments, sharpening my team working and IT skills as a result
  • Eliminated ten potential breaches that risked exposing the personal details of 200+ staff members
  • Ensured that all the company’s systems were updated, increasing operations speed by 40% in the first year
  • Attended 10+ IT conferences and symposiums that led to a significant improvement in my software knowledge, benefitting the company
  • Prepared weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on systems’ efficiency and administration, which I presented to the top-level executives
  • Mentored 5+ junior IT staff, improving their productivity by an average of 20% in the first three months.


  • 02/2016- 04/2018, Master’s in Business Analytics, Hult International Business School, Boston, USA
  • 01/2008- 12/2012, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 01/2005- 11/2007, High School Diploma, Gems Cambridge International School, US


  • Languages
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

Technical Skills

  • Database design
  • Computer literacy
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Project Management
  • Data mining
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Administration
  • In-depth understanding of computer operating systems
  • Technical writing
  • Computer programming

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Presentation
  • Ability to work in team settings
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Collaboration
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal


02/2019, Certified Information Technology Manager Certification

IT Manager CV Example 2

Aisha Mohammed

Physical address: 890 Plymouth Rd Antioch, CA 98756

Email address:

Phone number: (780) 467- 8679

Personal Profile

A professional IT technician with 9+ years of experience in information technology and database administration. A certified specialist with excellent team working and outstanding computer programming skills, ready to deliver. A manager with 3+ years of experience managing staff and heading IT teams in various organizations.

Work Experience

06/2019- 07/2022, IT Manager, Cellar Group of Companies, California

  • Performed thorough data mining and analysis together with the company’s IT specialists that helped improve 25 business applications and technology processes
  • Managed and supervised a team of 5 IT specialists, helping them achieve their productivity goals
  • Observed organizational goals and policies in directing technical projects that brought in $5+ million in revenue
  • Maintained excellent relationships with six external vendors and five advisers for the efficient operation of the business
  • Mentored 3 IT specialists, teaching them about IT procedures and best practices and at the same time ensuring that the business had an able team of workers
  • Ensured that all technical projects were delivered in time and on budget through thorough analysis and forecasting of financial budgets
  • Helped the company achieve 30% revenue growth by developing customer engagement solutions

04/2016- 06/2019, IT Business Analyst, Shelby Inc, California

  • Performed in-depth analysis and documentation of 50+ business processes, identifying areas that needed improvement
  • Worked closely with the marketing department to introduce five major products that boosted the company’s annual revenue by $4 Million
  • Worked closely with five business executives to identify problems and solve them by implementing solutions
  • Drafted monthly and quarterly statistical reports to help top-level executives in making the right product choices
  • Worked with 5+ developers to manage technical difficulties that arose in the course of work
  • Collaborated with 10+ team members to identify and understand both the operational and organizational challenges of the company
  • Implemented 10+ IT operations in the company, boosting production by 30%
  • Successfully mentored five junior IT members, helping them improve their performance and achieve their productivity goals
  • Accurately predicted 15+ changes in the infrastructure necessary for the business growth, helping the entity stay ahead of its competitors
  • Successfully acted as a source of information and communication bridge between 7 business branches
  • Produced monthly and quarterly reports on application development and implementation and presented them to the top-level executives
  • Sourced and implemented 10+ new business technologies that reduced physical labor by 10%

01/2013- 03/2016, Junior Business Analyst, Shelby Inc, California

  • Worked closely with and offered assistance to the senior IT Business Analyst and five subject matter professionals in system information gathering, validation, and documentation
  • Created and designed 5+ specifications weekly upon the request of the sales and accounting departments’ management
  • Ensured 100% effectiveness and accuracy in business processes documentation by liaising with managers and consultants
  • Ensured the regular update and availability of 5+ infrastructure elements such as policy documents, manuals, and periodicals
  • Offered assistance in the successful development of 100+ test plans and test scripts and sharpened my testing skills in the process
  • Awarded the best employee of the month twice for exceptional work and readiness to help


  • 03/2017- 04/2019, Masters of Science in Cyber Security Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • 05/2008- 12/2012, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT), Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • 02/2005- 04/2007, High School Diploma, Rising College Prep Schools, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Swahili

Technical Skills

  • Computer programming
  • Data mining
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Administration
  • Technical writing
  • Database design
  • Data mining

Soft Skills

  • Organizational
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Ability to work well in team settings
  • Time Management
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to work well under pressure


02/ 2018, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

IT Manager Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Keywords Should I Include In My Resume?

Your resume ought to be keyword-rich if you intend to capture the hiring manager’s attention. However, note that every profession has its recommended resume keywords. For this position, make sure that you include words such as change management, innovation, communication skills, collaboration, computer science, information technology, vendor management, mentoring, database, project management, customer service, analysis, hardware, deployment, documentation, troubleshooting, visualization, and MS Office among many others.

However, do not overuse these keywords in your resume, or you risk congesting it. Evenly space them out in the different sections if possible.

2. How Can I Become An IT Manager?

The demand for IT managers has been increasing over time, owing to the increased adoption of technology in production, manufacturing, and normal business operations. Therefore, this might be the right time to be an IT manager. So, how do you do it? Well, you first have to get a degree in an IT-related field such as IT and Computer Science before gaining extensive experience in networking and hardware services as well as business systems (you will need 5+ years of experience). You should also ensure that you possess the right technical background and sharpen your business acumen, interpersonal skills, ability to manage staff, and communication skills.

Like any other management position, this will take time; therefore, do not be in a rush. The good news is that crossing over from an IT specialist to a manager shouldn’t be hard, especially if you have led several IT-related projects.

3. Which It Management Certifications Should I Get?

There are more than ten IT Management Certifications that you can pursue for a successful career. Such certifications will help you acquire practical and important skills, stay up to date with new and existing technologies, make more from your career and build professional credibility. Therefore, if you would like to add value to your resume, we urge you to pursue the following certifications: Certificate Associate in Project Management(CAPM), Project Management Professional, popularly known as PMP, Certified Scrum Master, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI-ACP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library, TOGAT 9, Six Sigma, Certified Information Technology Manager, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Information Technology Management and Leadership Professional(ITMLP). All these certifications will come in handy in your career.

4. Which Technical Skills Should I Include In My Resume?

It’s self-explanatory that such a job requires lots of technical skills. As an IT manager, you should possess all the requisite IT specialists’ skills and top them up with strategic management skills. If you are wondering, all these are role-specific and required to get things done. Some of the key technical skills for these professionals include project management skills, data analysis, computer programming, technical writing skills, excellent analytical skills, high degrees/levels of computer literacy, data mining skills, database design skills, financial management skills, database administration skills and an in-depth understanding of common operating systems among many others. Note that you will need these skills from the word go.

5. Who Should I Expect To Work With As An IT Manager?

IT managers work with various people in their places of work which explains why they need outstanding collaboration and teamworking skills. Since you are expected to maintain the organization’s systems, whether remotely or on-site, expect to work with different engineers, systems and database administrators, security specialists, operators, product managers, and top-level executives. You will also be part of diverse teams; therefore, working with people outside your department shouldn’t be a shock.

6. What Do I Need To Thrive As An IT Manager?

We are about to share a secret that will help you thrive in your job as an IT manager. Remember, this role can be very demanding, depending on your place of work, hence calling for preparation. To increase your levels and chances of success, you should be prepared to work with different people on-site and remotely, manage timelines, exercise excellent project management skills, and possess outstanding technical and interpersonal skills.

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