15 Legit Product Tester Jobs: Get Paid To Test Product From Home

Back in the day, there used to be an easy way to make extra cash from home – get paid to become a product tester! Many companies would pay you to test out their products and give feedback based on your experience using them. Nowadays, getting paid to test products from home isn’t as easy as it used to be, but if you know where to look, it’s still possible to get paid to test products from home. There are plenty of legitimate websites where you can get paid to review products and share your experiences with others!

Product testers are the backbone of big companies like Amazon and Target. These people get paid to try out different products at home and let the company know what they think of them! But you don’t need to be hired by these huge companies to test products from home – tons of sites can connect you with companies that need your services as a product tester. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Bzzagent

With BzzAgent, you receive free products in exchange for product testing and posting your thoughts on them on social media. So, apply to be a BzzAgent and try products for free. You’ll get samples of new products in your mailbox for free, and then you can go online to rate them and tell other people how great they are. Plus, you earn credits that eventually let you try even more stuff!

Though they don’t provide any financial reward for product testing, you can keep the product BzzAgent send you. But what makes it one of my favorite legit product testing sites is that many companies are looking for people with experience, like moms, retirees and even college students – so if you can meet their needs (which aren’t overly demanding), then there are rewards available.

The downside: You might not like everything you test, but it was free! (And if you don’t like something, don’t feel obligated to say so.) There’s an application process to join; check out their website for details.

2. Influenster

This platform is a great way to try out new products. They often have sponsored campaigns (try asking for one) where you can test products that match your niche and preferences. You’ll receive exclusive perks from top brands in exchange for honest feedback. Earn points for reviewing products and completing special offers, which you can redeem for full-size versions of your favorite products.

This free app is available on iOS and Android devices; however, if you don’t use a mobile device but are interested in joining Influenster, you can complete reviews via their web platform – just be sure to participate as a Super Reviewer. In addition to getting paid to test products, Super Reviewers are given extra opportunities from brands, including cash sweepstakes entries and invites to exclusive events.

This is a great way to test a product before recommending it on social media channels. This is entirely worth signing up for if you have a lot of people looking at what kind of items you review or talk about.

3. Vocal Point

If you don’t have any experience as a product tester, you might want to consider joining Vocalpoint. As an affiliate member of their community, you can earn points by testing new products and services from major brands like L’Oreal beauty and skin products. Once you rack up enough points, they’ll send some free stuff your way! It’s a super easy way to access free products while earning extra cash in your spare time. Plus, there are many other ways to make money with Vocalpoint if you’re interested. For example, you could become a social media manager or write reviews for their website. This is one of my favorite side hustles because it’s so flexible, and I love getting free stuff in the mail!

4. Pinchme

Getting samples of new products has never been easier with PINCHme. This service allows you to sign up for free and receive full-size samples in exchange for providing feedback on your experience. If you are already a member of another website that tests products, like Qzzr, PinchMe could be a great way to earn some extra cash and try more than just one product at once!

PINCHme will send out 2-3 new samples per week, and if you’re chosen to test them, you all have to do is review them. If a company releases multiple reviews per month that all give positive feedback, they might choose you as their #1 tester, which means even more free stuff is coming your way!

The best part about PinchMe? It doesn’t cost anything to join, and there’s no catch. Just sign up, get free samples from brands you love, and provide honest feedback so companies can improve their products!

5. Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors

Johnson & Johnson is a trusted consumer product company, so much so that its products are sold in just about every type of store. If you’ve used a Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) product, they want to hear from you! Its consumer perception program, JJ Friends and Neighbors, is looking for the enthusiastic consumer to review different Johnson & Johnson products. Participants get free products and may earn cash by sharing their honest thoughts on social media with others. Consumer perception programs can be fun to test new products at home while being compensated for your input.

Some even allow you to become an affiliate by paying a small commission on sales generated through your online promotion efforts. As you’ll see, several options exist for participating in consumer perception programs. So, if you’ve chosen to be a tester, then you’ll receive free product coupons in exchange for trying out new products at home and providing your honest feedback and reviews of each product.

6. Social Nature

Do you enjoy sharing your experiences with natural products with other people? Social Nature will let you review emerging natural brands. And in return, you’ll get paid for doing so! Whether it’s a review of an indie body lotion or a hair product created by a new startup, you can share your opinions about natural brands and products. As long as you have access to Google (to find out what to say), there’s no limit to how many natural products you can earn from Social Nature.

7. Mccormick & Company, Inc.

At McCormick & Company, Inc., you’ll get to test recipes and help develop new products. You’ll also receive samples of their existing products (including spices, oils, and seasonings). The firm also works with various other product testers, so if you don’t find the right fit in the beginning, try a different site. At McCormick & Company, Inc., tests require at least 24 hours of work over two weeks, usually 15 minutes each day. Tests can run between four weeks and six months. The average compensation is $45 per session. You must be 18 or older to participate in McCormick & Company’s program.

To apply, fill out an application online. The company will review your application and notify you via email if it wants to move forward with testing. Once selected, there are three parts: background check, drug screening, physical examination (the results of which are sent directly to McCormick), plus medical clearance. If everything checks out, they will send a notice to attend an orientation session where you’ll learn about the job and have time to ask questions before officially signing on as a tester. To maintain employment status as a tester, McCormick requires annual training updates.

8. Usertesting

One of the easiest ways to make money as a product tester is by signing up with UserTesting. This user feedback platform sends you products to test out (or websites or apps) and records your screen and voice as you complete your tasks. Each test takes 15-20 minutes and can pay anywhere from $10-$100, depending on how much information you share in your review. With UserTesting, you can make money product testing new websites, mobile apps and much more! It’s fast, easy, and, best of all – it pays!

The best part about UserTesting? They don’t limit where you live, which means more cash for everyone! Yay! Plus, they will send you a text when new tests are available – and let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting paid by text?

9. Shespeaks

This popular program has made headlines as a way of getting paid to test products. The site asks members, called SheSpeakers, to host surveys and product tests. To encourage members to participate in these surveys, SheSpeaks rewards them with points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes (from free trial offers and discounted products). You won’t get rich quick doing product testing, but if you are willing to give your opinion on certain products, it could be an easy way to earn some extra cash.

10. Homescan(Nielsen)

The best and most popular way to make money with product testing is by being part of a network of testers. This is called working at home. You can be part of different networks and earn commissions. One of these networks that I recommend is called Homescan. This service allows you to test products, earn rewards and get discounts on various products, plus they also pay you to refer others.

Suppose you join Nielsen’s flagship panel, Nielsen Consumer Panel. In that case, you can choose between three programs: Online (which allows you to complete online surveys), Mobile (for online focus groups) and In-Home (in which they send products directly to your door). Depending on your preferences, you earn rewards ranging from sweepstakes entries to coupons.

Being a member is easy; it will only take a couple of minutes to complete the registration form. If you’re interested in earning extra income through product testing, then Homescan could be an excellent option! Make sure to check it out today!

11. Toluna

One of the most popular consumer research networks on the web, Toluna offers users the chance to test quality product samples from companies like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Philips, Garnier and more. Testers are paid $3 to $50 per product, depending on the length of each survey and its complexity. You’ll also receive a bonus every time you fill out your profile and get a free entry to Toluna’s Sweepstakes! For example, if you earn $10 in rewards in one week, you will automatically be entered into their sweepstakes that week with a chance to win 1 Million frequent flyer miles from American Airlines. Another great perk: Testers can access exclusive deals from various brands through its private deals forum.

The catch is that users must provide detailed, quality feedback to the product’s developers. For example, the company might ask you how well you like the taste of a new soda and how much you’d be willing to pay for it. If your opinions help influence the product designers, Toluna will compensate you accordingly by providing full or partial payment in cash or gift cards.

12. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of our favorite legit ways to get paid for product testing. Each market research firm has different rules and requirements, but one thing consistent across them is that you’ll have to be invited to participate. If you want a chance at being invited, sign up for email updates on their website; you’ll need a valid email address and an active social media profile.

How it works: Pinecone Research is a market research company that provides surveys for business teams who develop products. You’ll be able to review, test and provide your opinion on many types of products before they go public. For example, you may be asked to review pre-production items such as clothing, food and even electronics before they hit stores or warehouses. The pay is more than just cash: You can win great prizes like Apple iPads and other various gadgets. Other perks include free shipping, gift cards and coupons. Some jobs also come with free samples of products so that you can test them out for yourself! Visit PineconeResearch’s site for more details about how you can get started.

13. i-Say

French-owned research company Ipsos owns i-Say, a product survey site that lets users get paid for product testing. Ipsos helps several Fortune 500 companies conduct research and marketing surveys. Though i-Say isn’t a primary revenue source, Ipsos allows you to keep 100% of your earnings. The site is also reliable since a well-established brand owns it. Its participant pool is around 10 million and can be expected to grow as consumers become more reliant on technology in their daily lives.

Companies frequently use products such as websites, apps, or wearable tech and want users of these products before launching a final version. With a wide array of topics, rewards ranging from $2-20 and an average time commitment of 15 minutes per survey, i-Say is a reliable product testing site for beginners.

14. Vindale Research

A Vindale product testing survey panel offers many types of paid surveys. Join Vindale Research to start making money by taking surveys and testing products. The products include electronics, home decor and many other general product categories. You’ll receive cash in exchange for your opinions on these products and others.

There are several ways to take part in product testing with Vindale: online surveys, mystery shopping assignments and product tests at home. Your payment will vary depending on which type of product test you complete. When you join Vindale, you’ll need to complete a questionnaire about yourself and what products interest you most. This helps them find relevant product testing opportunities that fit your lifestyle needs. Once approved, you can start earning right away! All product tests come with a free trial of up to three days.

15. Smiley 360

Another product review site similar to BzzAgent and Influenster is Smiley 360. With these programs, you’re getting a product sent to your house and then going online to review it.  With Smiley360, you go online, fill out a survey and give feedback on new product launches and advertising campaigns. You can earn points by reviewing product features and consumer benefits, writing product reviews, commenting on product discussion boards, or answering poll questions. Points can be exchanged for merchandise such as clothing and housewares. If you enjoy answering surveys, it’s easy money!  The program is open to residents of the US only.


These legit online product tester sites will make your day if you like trying new products and getting a thrill out of product testing at home. If you’re an avid online shopper looking forward to trying out new products, sign up with one of these sites and get paid for your opinion about a particular brand or product! You can also test products in stores, but it is more convenient to do so online and earn some money. So if you are looking for ways to make money at home, signing up with one of these product tester sites is definitely worth your time!

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