Top 25 Okta Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Okta is a publicly listed software corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. Okta offers the Okta Identity Cloud, a standard-setting system that connects and secures employees at many of the world’s largest firms, including 20th Century Fox, Adobe, LinkedIn, Experian, Dish Networks, and News Corp name a few. As an employer, Okta seeks applicants that desire to work with an industry-leading team to solve complex problems that will transform the future of technology. This article will examine the top Okta interview questions and provide sample responses to help you prepare.

1. How Would You Describe Yourself?

I view myself as a determined and ambitious individual. I perform most effectively in an environment that is goal-oriented and gives me opportunities to push my professional and personal boundaries further. I am constantly seeking new ways to enhance my performance and expand my horizons. These characteristics have contributed to my success in the working sphere. In my last career, I received three promotions over approximately one and a half years.

2. What Attracts You To This Position?

Even though I enjoyed my time there very much, there are no longer any chances for advancement that align with the things I want to do in my professional life. My experience and goals for my professional development are an excellent match for the requirements of this role. Because helping underprivileged communities is one of my passions, I’m also seeking a job at a company like yours that assists these neighborhoods.

3. Why Do You Plan To Quit Your Current Position?

Volunteer opportunities and side projects with other teams have allowed me to hone my project management skills, and I obtained my PMP certification last quarter. I’m seeking a position where I can put my skills to use for a cause I care deeply about. I was also excited to read in the job description that this position will need regular presentations to important stakeholders; one of my primary motivators is the chance to connect with coworkers and explain my team’s work, so this aspect of the opportunity is very intriguing. Ultimately, I’ve learned a lot in my present position, but I’m seeking the next step where I can continue to develop and contribute to a company I adore, and this job looks ideal.

4. What Is Okta’s Mission Statement?

The mission of Okta is to improve the connections between people and tools to make businesses more secure and productive. Okta’s brand comprises all the daily experiences and interactions that customers, partners, and the general public have with the company. It is how a consumer feels after speaking with a customer success manager or what a potential partner recalls about the team following a meeting. Since the company’s inception, its staff has significantly emphasized customer success and innovation. Okta is devoted to ensuring that its story and product line stay clear, memorable, and essential to those who see and hear it daily.

5. What Are Your Most Vital Qualities?

I’ve always been a leader by nature. I’ve been promoted twice in the past four years for exceeding quarterly KPIs. When I reflect on these accomplishments, I realize that I would not have attained them if I hadn’t assembled and led teams comprised of highly skilled and varied individuals. I am proud of my ability to bring cross-functional teams together. I’ve also routinely honed my management skills through 360-degree reviews and candid sessions with my team, and I want to continue developing my leadership skills in my future position.

6. What Are Your Significant Shortcomings?

 I am naturally timid. From high school to my early professional relationships, I was occasionally inhibited from communicating. After failing to accomplish our strategic objectives, I felt I owed it to my team and myself to share my opinions about the matter. I enrolled in an improv acting course. It is entertaining and has assisted me in overcoming my anxiety. I have experience in conducting discussions and exchanging diverse viewpoints. Now, I am frequently initiating talks with more reticent group members. I comprehend how they feel, and people can be extraordinary once they open their mouths.

7.  When You Look 10 Years From Now, Where Do You Picture Yourself?

 One of my objectives for the next few years is to take over the formal leadership of a design team at some point in my career. As a project management expert, I’m also interested in the prospect of collaborating with product and event teams to build more streamlined procedures. Working in this field is a natural fit with my previous experience. I’d also like to enhance my talents in user experience further so that I can contribute to the creation of designs that are more user-focused in general.

8. Please Explain Why You Are The Most Qualified Individual To Fill This Role In Our Organization.

My bachelor’s degree is in computer science, and I focused on information security during my studies. In addition, I have worked here at my current organization for the past six years as an IT specialist. My experience in this capacity has allowed me to manage projects and work closely with other IT experts, which has contributed to developing my excellent technical skills. Because of my ability to communicate effectively and work well with others, I am a good candidate for this position.

9. What Was It About The Previous Job That You Disliked The Most?

Although I appreciated my time spent learning and developing in my previous position, there was a lack of potential for me to advance in my profession in the way I wanted to. I take great satisfaction in being pushed to my limits and advancing my skills, both of which, as I understand it, are among the highest priorities for managers at your company. To continue having conversations about this chance is something I’m looking forward to, which is why I’m excited.

10. How Do You Feel About Collaborating With Others?

 I prefer working in groups, and I find that I am more successful at work when I have a team supporting me. However, I also enjoy incorporating some alone time into my workday. In my last job, I organized group events. We met as a group in the morning but always took a short break around 1 p.m. to refocus. The schedule was effective, and we achieved our group and individual objectives.

11. What Would You Do If You Were Confronted With A Circumstance In Which You Did Not Know The Answer To Questions Asked By A Customer Or Team Member?

In instances where this has occurred in my current work, I have stated to the customer that a complex situation like theirs requires the attention of one of our subject matter experts to receive the best possible service. I explained that I would put their call on hold while I contacted the necessary department. If possible, I promptly connect them. If this is impossible, I lead the consumer through our routine of submitting a help desk ticket to the appropriate group and explain that a 24-hour turnaround is expected. I am grateful for these guidelines because they provide easy-to-follow standards for our consumers and aid in preventing unwanted follow-up conversations.

12. How Do You Make Sure That You Are Always Up To Date On The Most Recent Developments In The Technological World?

To keep my knowledge current, I use a variety of resources, such as LinkedIn Learning, and other websites specific to my profession, such as TechCrunch. In addition, you may find me contributing to several Github projects where I can expand my skills. Quora is a platform that allows me to share my expertise with others while simultaneously providing me with the opportunity to read up on subjects in which I am not entirely knowledgeable or about which I want to acquire additional information. My education in technology has been greatly aided by technology. As a result, I am very enthusiastic about my continued education and professional growth possibilities.

13. What Exactly Is Okta?

OKTA, a software business, provides access management. It is a cloud identification platform that securely connects users to the cloud and SaaS applications and provisions and connects them. OKTA can also be defined in basic terms as a process used to summarize weather reports, namely the cloud condition in any given area. OKTA is available on our PCs, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, allowing us to access our apps anytime and anywhere.

14. What Are The Advantages Of Utilizing Okta?

The following is a list of the benefits of utilizing OKTA:

  • Indistinguishable, in addition to a combined knowledge of the customer
  • Eliminates codes originating from previously known login information
  • Access to the possession, regardless of the device it came from, is kept safe.
  • It results in a lower total ownership cost while increasing practical productivity.
  • A method that leads to innovation more quickly
  • Dealing safely with both the client and the device’s lifespan is essential.

15. What Are The Various Okta Products?

  • Lifecycle Management: Manage provisioning like a pro with straightforward automation implementation
  • Extend contemporary identity to on-premises applications and safeguard your hybrid cloud with Access Gateway.
  • Workflows: No code automation and orchestration of identity
  • Fastpass: Allow passwordless access to everything
  • Single Sign-On: Single sign-on to the cloud that IT, security, and end users adore.
  • Universal Listing: One centralized directory for all users, groups, and devices
  • Advanced Server Access Access controls for servers that are as dynamic as a multi-cloud infrastructure
  • API Access Administration
  • Multi-factor Secure, intelligent access to satisfy a team and its customers
  • Authentication: Create safe, smooth consumer experiences with robust user authentication.
  • Collect, store, and manage user profile information at scale
  • Remove friction from your customer, partner, and vendor connections with B2B Integration.

16. How Does Okta Integration Work?

Single Sign-On is used by the Okta app integrations in our organization so that we can provide our end users with a seamless authentication experience. After all end users have successfully logged in to Okta, they can access any of the external applications and services by launching any of the app integrations to which they have been assigned without having to re-enter their credentials.

17. Define Single Sign-On. Why Is It Necessary In Okta?

Consumers can only access all of their functions using singular sign-on (SSO), which currently exists when authorized. In addition to single sign-on (SSO), customers must commit every security password to memory. Advantages of SSO Membership:

  • Enhances usability, accessibility, as well as operational effectiveness
  • Reduces the risk of using insufficiently secure password practices
  • Spending money on a help desk is no longer necessary.
  • It eliminates the requirement for using a variety of passwords.

18. Does Okta Have Any Integration With Google Workspace?

Okta’s ability to integrate Google Workspace as a source or through LDAP instances or Active Directory enables Okta to provide our entire organization with a safe and speedy Single Sign-On experience and user provisioning capabilities. There will no longer be any issues with resetting passwords, synchronizing user profiles, or accounts that have been abandoned.

19. How Do SAML Works?

SAML creates a safe and secure environment for communication between various businesses. Both the identity provider and the service provider need to adopt SAML for there to be smooth communication. When a user wants to access SP after SAML has been configured, the Identity Provider (IDP) will authenticate the user. SP will verify and ensure the message was sent from the authorized IDP. Additionally, SP will register a session with the app on behalf of the user.

20. What Is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication is an electronic method for authenticating website or application access that protects the user from attempts to access their account and use their sensitive information. It can be detrimental to identity theft and the unauthorized use of financial assets. Examples include fingerprint scanners and passwords, which are employed for security purposes. Fingerprint scanning is a second method for ensuring that the person connecting to their account is the actual user.

21. What Is SAML, And Why Is It Utilized?

SAML is the acronym for Security Assertion Markup Language. It is an open standard that enables identity providers to provide credentials for authentication to service providers. It means that we can use a single certificate to access many websites. The identity provider and the service provider must adopt SAML for smooth communication. Once SAML has been configured, IDP will authenticate the user upon SP access. SAML’s advantages include:

  • It saves time from time-demanding chores like password resets.
  • It enhances the process’s security.
  • It reduces entrance obstacles.

22. How Can Okta Assist With Authentication And Verification?

In addition to username and password, Okta can also provide the following methods for user verification:

  • Okta Verifies – Okta verifies the Okta home app, which can identify users. Okta may deliver push notifications, and the Okta verify app assists with user approval. Okta Verify provides a six-digit number that the user can enter on Okta’s login screen to access the necessary application.
  • SMS Authentication — SMS authentication will provide a one-time login code to a mobile device via text message.
  • U2F Security Key – select users may want to employ a physical security key. Some companies produce hardware keys that can authenticate you via the USB connection on your computer.

23. What Is The Meaning Of The Okta Universal Directory?

Okta’s Universal Directory enables us to store an unlimited number of users and attributes from sources and applications such as AD and HR systems. Supported attribute types include sensitive details, pre-defined lists, and linked objects. From several sources, Okta Universal Directory enables businesses to manage data by allowing vetted and published access to individuals with the appropriate security permissions. As organizations grow, they add more and more users to the system; consequently, policies become more crucial over time.

24. In What Ways Is The Okta Universal Directory Superior To Other Online Directories?

The Universal Directory is a centralized directory that allows for managing all users, groups, and devices originating from any source. It has a few benefits, the most important of which is that it is the safest option.

  • To begin, it provides password policies that are organized according to groups.
  • Second, it saves all users and their passwords in a safe place.
  • Next, it also provides an option for the complexity of the password policy.
  • In addition, it allows complex SAML and authorization situations based on various attributes.

25. What Makes Okta So Popular?

Among the reasons for Okta’s popularity are:

  •  Complete identifying management solution: Integrations with over 5000 cloud apps, cloud, on-premises, and mobile compatibility. Compliance and security enhancements
  •  Global customers: Customers include Century Fox, Adobe, Experian, and NASDAQ, which represent over 185 countries and 3100 clients across a variety of industries.
  • Industry recognition: Recognition by one of the industry’s top leaders, according to Gartner, and gives future visionaries in industry management. In 1993, OKTA was named the most innovative product of the year.


The Okta interview questions listed above can assist you in landing the job you desire with this technology firm. Therefore, go through the questions and utilize the sample answers to help you formulate your responses. As with any other interview, ensure you are appropriately dressed and arrive on time. We wish you the best of luck in your career and hope that you will be able to acquire the position you desire at Okta.

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