Operations Manager Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you aspiring to get into operations management or looking for a different job? Well, you have to ensure that your resume is in check. A well-written and updated resume will inform the hiring manager of your work experience, education, and skills. Since we are interested in helping you pass the application stage, this article will familiarize you with the roles and responsibilities of an operations manager and guide you in preparing your resume through two carefully written examples.

It would help if you were as cautious as possible when writing a resume. An excellent one will ensure that you are shortlisted for an interview, while a bad one, regardless of your experience and skills, may thwart your dreams of working for a particular organization. Let’s find out more about this role.

Position Description

As the name implies, an operations manager oversees all operational activities at different levels in an organization. You will be required to implement quality and effective processes and practices in an organization that can ensure operational efficiency. This position involves strategy formulation, performance improvement, procurement, and security compliance. You will learn more about what is expected of you in the next sub-topic, which covers roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Carefully developing, implementing, and reviewing operational policies and procedures
  • Formulating strategies, policies, and plans to ensure operational efficiency in organizations.
  • Offering inspired leadership and staff management within the organization
  • Ensuring that all the regulatory and legal documents are filed within the organization
  • Monitoring compliance with internal, industry, and domestic laws and regulations.
  • Assisting the human resource department with recruitments where necessary
  • Overseeing different business aspects such as budgeting, auditing, planning, and reporting to ensure that the business is operating well.
  • Identifying and addressing different operational problems after careful analysis to ensure peak performance
  • Liaising with the board of directors to determine workplace values and missions, as well as drafting and working towards short and long-term goals
  • Maintaining good relationships with other organizations that may lead to partnerships or alliances
  • Ensuring that employees can easily communicate with the management for free sharing of ideas and reporting of issues
  • Liaising with senior stakeholders for the efficient running of the business
  • Ensuring that the company is performing at its peak and all the employees are motivated by promoting the right company culture.
  • Reviewing and improving operational management systems and processes
  • Ensuring that all operations meet the set budget without compromising the quality of the output
  • Overseeing workplace efficiency and planning inventory where necessary
  • Recruiting, training, and supervising staff
  • Monitoring different production key performance indicators and conducting quality controls
  • Coming up with ways of increasing quality customer service for increased business profitability.

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong leadership and supervision skills
  • Extensive organizational and planning skills
  • In-depth knowledge of operations management and organization effectiveness
  • Proper understanding of all the business operations and processes
  • Familiarity with different financial and business principles
  • Ability to create and maintain relationships
  • In-depth understanding of customer satisfaction
  • Critical and creative thinking ability.
  • General understanding of finance and budgeting
  • Proper understanding of financial management

Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor Degree in Business, Operations Management, or any related field
  • Proven work experience as an operations manager or a similar role
  • Outstanding experience in forecasting and budgeting
  • Experience managing staff and working in team settings


Operations management is lucrative, going by the salaries recorded by different reputable sources. Senior operations managers make close to $90,000 a year, while mid-level operation managers earn close to $75,000. Junior operations managers make close to $65,000, which is still pretty good.

Operations Manager CV Example 1

George Rusell

Address: 1600E 77TH LOS ANGELES CA 90002- 1215 USA

Email address: rusellgeorget@gmail.com

Phone Number: 767-345-1034

Personal Profile:

Professional operations manager with 10+ years of experience capable of working well under pressure. An objective leader able to manage large teams and a huge number of employees, owing to excellent management and leadership skills. A team worker with an in-depth understanding of business processes and operations and extensive organization and leadership skills. Possess familiarity with various business and financial disciplines and the fundamentals of customer satisfaction. A hardworking, reliable, and highly adaptable worker with excellent communication skills for improved customer and employee interaction.

Work Experience

04/ 2019- 05/2022, Operations Manager, Rael Manufacturing Group of Companies, Miami, Florida

  • Ensured that 100% of the organization’s legal and regulatory documents were filed for easier retrieval and confirmation
  • Oversaw 200+ employees, ensuring that they adhered to all the work policies and remained focused on the business objectives
  • Improved employee morale and motivation by 30% through the employment of  different intrinsic and extrinsic motivation mechanisms
  • Actively led and participated in a team of 10 operations analysts
  • Increased employee performance by 20% by doing away with the existing employee onboarding system and implementing a new one
  • Implemented new systems and tools reducing manual work by 70 hours a month and, in return, saving the company $100,000 in labor charges
  • Came up with and implemented a new coaching strategy for different business representatives that saw the company exceed its $5,000,000 sales target in 2020
  • Improved operations efficiency by 10% through enhanced collaboration among different departments
  • Looked up different market trends and discovered five new and lucrative market opportunities boosting the company’s market base by 10%
  • Recommended training for new hires and liaised with the human resource department to oversee its implementation, a move that reduced miscommunication by 25%

01/2016- 02/ 2019, Marketing Operations Manager, Vatican Manufacturers,  Tampa, Florida, US

  • Managed and closely supervised 32 staff members, ensuring that the company achieved more than 10% above the set ROIs
  • Ensured that all employees under me met 100% of all the set standards and targets through a series of meetings and performance evaluations
  • Exceeded set sales targets for the year 2017 by 35%
  • Charged with launching a campaign for a new product in 2018 that gathered revenues amounting to $3,500,000, $1.5 million above the target sales
  • Implemented new tools and processes, reducing staff size by 3%
  • Addressed protocol inefficiencies through the implementation of different systems and programs and constant monitoring,  increasing company revenue by 10%
  • Actively listened to customer complaints and ensured that they were acted upon, bringing down negative site reviews by 80%
  • Held three weekly meetings to establish quotas and targets, evaluate performance and discuss critical information regarding ongoing projects
  • Modified the existing onboarding processes for new employees, improving their performance by 45% in their first two quarters
  • Increased training time for marketing specialists by 20%, leading to achievements of 95% of set targets
  • Implemented a system where employees could freely communicate with top management, increasing employee morale and motivation by 30%

05/ 2012- 11/ 2015, Project Manager, Blem Group of Companies, Orlando, Florida

  • Managed six scrum masters and offered several process improvement ideas, thorough continuous feedback, and offered coaching services for project delivery
  • Managed programs and projects across five departments in collaboration with departmental heads
  • Ensured that the agile teams completed 100% of the projects in a timely fashion without exceeding the set budget or experiencing scope creep
  • Implemented a new documentation and filing system that ensured 99.5% accuracy in project documentation
  • Increased positive client feedback and satisfaction by 20% through 40 well-planned and executed customer-inclined projects
  • Created and maintained an effective master schedule through different scheduling software and agile methodologies
  • Increased workplace efficiency by 15 % through the regular development, update, and compliance monitoring of 100% of technical documents
  • Offered support for executive management functions and deliverables for 40 projects
  • Ensured consistent and improved communication between different project stakeholders, bringing down complaints by 35%


  • 03/ 2017- 05/ 2019- Masters in Business Administration, Harvard School of Business
  • 01/2008- 03/ 2012, Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Canadian University, Dubai
  • 03/2003- 10/ 2017, High School Diploma, Gramps Senior High School


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Arabic

Technical Skills

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Odoo, Smartsheet
  • Bitrix 24, Netsuite

Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Fast and accurate decision-making skills
  • Customer relationship management skills


Critical thinking and analysis skills

Operations Manager CV Example 2

Risper Jonathan

Address: 1600 E 72ND LOS ANGELES CA 900001-1213

Email address: jonathanrisper5@gmail.com

Phone number: 424-766-2018

Personal profile:

A professional and certified operations manager with nine years of experience. I can work well under pressure and adapt to different workplace challenges. I am experienced in managing several people and meeting workplace targets. I can think critically and creatively when responding to different challenges and thrive in team settings. An excellent communicator who can easily receive and out across information for proper work coordination. I am familiar with different business and financial principles and knowledgeable about operations management and organizational effectiveness.

Work Experience

06/2019- 07/2022, Operations Manager, Barbell Group of Companies, UK

  • Implemented different manufacturing processes that led to an 18% increase in product quality and a satisfied customer base
  • Established operations management goals boosting productivity by 16%
  • Managed a big team of 40 operations management associates
  • Regularly evaluated employee performance and implemented performance improvement systems that led to a 10% boost in overall employee productivity
  • Collaborated with three other operations managers for proper reassigning of employees, averagely boosting departmental performance by 7%
  • Developed and implemented coaching programs for new hires, reducing miscommunications by 25% and boosting their performance by 17% in the first quarter
  • Organized monthly meetings with other departmental heads to ensure 100% staff utilization
  • Identified and implemented a lean training program that improved the company’s revenues by $1,000,000 in only one year
  • Reduced lead times by 50% by implementing a well-defined set-up reduction plan
  • Trained 70 employees on lean principles
  • Reduced inventory costs by 60% in only one year by installing pull systems
  • Grew the company’s revenue by 25% through collaboration with marketing teams
  • Implemented lean programs that saved the company 15% of its annual expenses while upholding the same quality of products
  • Implemented a direct customer complaint reporting system and acted on the submitted complaints in liaison with other departmental heads, increasing customer satisfaction by 30%

05/ 2016- 04/ 2022, Production Operations Manager, Kramer Processing Ltd, Florida

  • Increased the company’s profitability by 10% by developing and implementing processes for long-term business success.
  • Directly managed and supervised 70 employees, ensuring that they were productive and motivated, thus meeting 98% of set targets
  • Trained and managed ten supervisors
  • Reviewed existing production systems and implemented five new ones reducing production time by 12%
  • Established and monitored the compliance of safe practices guidelines improving work safety by 20% and saving the company $100,000 in annual liability payments.
  • Ensured that customers service inquiries were addressed  accurately and swiftly, leading to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Participated in the disposal of 7 company’s property, raising $3,000,000 for working capital
  • Helped the company obtain $5,000,000 million in funding by creating  P& L reports and a due diligence package
  • Implemented my ISO 9001 and software processes knowledge, improving business and operations efficiency by 25%
  • Established and led a highly skilled team of 12 professionals in implementing different production operations.

04/ 2013- 02/2016, Assistant Operations Manager, Botanical Industries, Beverly Hills, US

  • Trained 40 employees in my three years stay to meet the set sales targets, thus increasing the company’s profitability levels
  • Developed and implemented a new employee safety initiative for the organization, resulting in zero injuries and saving the company $300,000 it could have spent on employer liability payments
  • Worked closely with the sales manager and department, boosting the company’s sales by 30% in the first year of engagement
  • Implemented a uniform project approach that led to a 25% reduction in order processing time.
  • Offered backup support to managers and other employees, increasing the overall efficiency of the company by 10% through chargeback reduction
  •  Mentored seven operations employees, increasing their productivity by 30% in the first three months of mentorship.
  • Increased employee motivation by 20% by creating a free and fun working environment in liaison with the operations manager


  • 04/2014- 06/2016, Masters in Business Administration, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 05/2008- 01/2012, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Cumbria, UK
  • First Class Honors
  • 01/2004- 01/2008, High School Diploma, General Griffins Senior High School, Florida


  • Languages
  • English
  • Hispanic
  • French

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency
  • Minitab, Trello
  • Zoho, Netsuite
  • Bitrix24

Soft Skills

  • Conflict management skills
  • Excellent planning skills
  • Flexibility
  • Empathy
  • Active listening skills
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Delegation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills


10/17, Young Business Administrators Mentorship Programs, Florida


10/ 14, Certified Public Accountant ( CPA)

Operations Manager Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are There Specific Skills That Apply to This Role?

Yes. There are several must-have skills if you intend to thrive in this field. These must also be included and properly highlighted in your resume. They include excellent communication skills, technical skills and proficiency in operations management software and tools, excellent leadership and supervision skills, proper organization and planning skills, and the ability to forecast. You may have difficulty succeeding in your operations management role minus these skills.

2. How Long Should My Resume Be?

Even though we advise readers to have detailed resumes, too much information and wordiness may work against you. You should find a way of keeping your resume concise, i.e., relatively short but detailed. To successfully do that, we advise you to only include what is necessary and address the job description while observing the right spacing, which should not be too big or too small. A good resume should be 1-2 pages long. Anything longer than that is too wordy and may come with repercussions.

3. How Should I Edit My Resume?

Resume editing is necessary as it determines whether it will be readable or not. You should take it seriously and prove to the interviewer that you can organize your work well. When editing your operations management resume, ensure that you observe the right spacing and indentation. Also, use a clear and professional font like Times New Roman. Do not forget to break down your resume into clear sections and review it again after editing. The final straw is to correct any errors, which shouldn’t be hectic.

4. What Happens When There is a Gap in My Resume?

The gap in your resume will only be an issue during the interview stage, which happens once you have been shortlisted. Do not lie or cook updates to cover the gap in your resume. When the hiring manager or the human resource team asks about it, tell the truth. You can say that you took time away from your career to focus on personal projects or return to school. Whichever the case, ensure that it is a convincing reason and not a flat-out lie that will work against you.

5. How Should I Write the Experience Section of My Resume?

One of the most effective ways of capturing your experience is writing them in the form of achievements like we have done in this article. Instead of just mentioning roles, be more specific and list some of the things you achieved while working in a given workplace. It gives you a chance to sell yourself.

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