Top 25 Palantir Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

The company Palantir Technologies Inc. creates software that enables businesses to scale up the integration of their decisions, data, and processes. Palantir builds tools for the analysis of actual data by humans. Organizations from all across the world utilize Palantir to help them do their most important jobs. Palantir is helping detectives identify exploited children, dismantle complicated financial crimes, and find human trafficking networks. In terms of interviews, Palantir is seeking people with a love for data and technology as well as the ability to transform machine data into insightful information. We should anticipate being questioned about your technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and data-working experience if you’re applying for a position with Palantir. We’ve collected a list of sample Palantir interview questions and responses to aid your preparation.

1. What Do You Know About Palantir?

The publicly traded American software business with an emphasis on big data analytics is Palantir Technologies. Palantir is committed to developing the highest data-working user experience in the world, enabling users to receive complicated queries without needing to be command-line or statistical modeling experts. To do this, they provide data management, integration, and security platforms, on top of which they overlay software for human-driven, interactive, and machine-assisted analysis. They have put together a team with actual knowledge in user experience design, data processing, distributed systems architecture, and data science at their locations throughout the globe. Regardless of their position, every Palantirian combines an unrelenting engineering mentality with an unyielding commitment to carrying out the objective.

2. How Would You Cope With Working In A Highly Stress Environment?

In my previous position for a large company, it was my duty to make sure that all of our clients’ technological requirements were addressed promptly. One day, one of our biggest clients called me to complain that their computer equipment delivery had not arrived. I started phoning my other clients to check if they had got their delivery. There was a severe problem with the shipping, as I learned after communicating with some customers. By the end of the week, all of our clients had received their shipments thanks to my team’s efforts to find the missing equipment. I’ve worked for some organizations with demanding deadlines and large sales targets. With the high speed of the job, I feel really at ease. I like it since it allows me time to do my work and gain new skills.

3. You Wish To Work With Palantir; Why?

I familiarized myself with Palantir’s dedication to diversity and inclusion by reading the handbook before my former job’s first day of orientation. I am aware that the business promotes its staff members for professional growth. I’m interested in technology and innovation, which is why I want to work with Palantir. I can tell that you promote innovation and teamwork because Palantir has been recognized as one of the best locations for millennial employees to work. My software engineer experience seems like a good fit for this position.

4. Have You Worked With Programming Languages Like Cobol, C++, Or Java?

I’ve worked with COBOL, C++, and Java. When I was pursuing my computer science bachelor’s degree, I learned Java. Because I can write code in it more rapidly than in other languages, it has been useful in my past positions. While earning my degree, I also learned C++, although I haven’t had any use for it since. I still understand its grammar, though, and if given the chance, I could resume where I left off. At my previous employment, where we utilized COBOL to make reports, I finally acquired this knowledge. I had no trouble learning it and using it in my work.

5. Tell Us About Your Experience Creating Software For Clients.

I worked on a variety of projects related to software development for diverse clients in my previous position. One customer wanted to make their website more user-friendly and mobile-friendly by updating it. Another customer wanted to develop a brand-new app that enables customers to place online food orders from their restaurant. I applied my technological expertise in both situations to assist in creating solutions that suited the requirements of each client.

6. Why Do You Think Of Yourself As A Best Fit For This Role?

I am a good fit for this position because of my extensive IT operations management expertise. I also have a lot of experience with Palantir software because I utilized it while I worked in the past. In addition, I have strong attention to detail and organizational skills, so I could start this task right now. I think I’m very well-organized. I am accustomed to juggling several projects at once, therefore I believe I would excel in this position. To keep track of my everyday tasks, I utilize a variety of organizing tools including calendars and project management software. This keeps me on task and makes sure I don’t overlook any crucial due dates. I’ve had a lot of non-traditional life experiences, and Palantir is also unconventional in many respects, and we are expected to forge our paths. I’ve grown to embrace and enjoy having the ability to deal with uncertainty, take calculated chances, and come up with original solutions to problems. I always want to improve and learn new things, but I can do it if I can be myself every day. I am lucky to work with motivated individuals who are open to providing and receiving the feedback required for improvement.

7. Would You Have Any Knowledge Of Creating Mobile Or Web Applications?

In my former position as an IT consultant, I contributed to several web development projects. Working with clients to develop new websites or rebuild current ones is fun for me. I am also proficient in several coding languages, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

8. How Well-Versed Are You In Relational Databases Including Oracle And DB2 And SQL?

Databases can be created, read, updated, and deleted using the programming language SQL. Although I have experience with Oracle and DB2, SQL is my area of expertise. In my previous position, I was in charge of building new tables and expanding those that already existed. Additionally, I had to utilize SQL to update the database and query data from various tables.

9. Describe Your Capacity For Multitasking And For Setting Priorities.

I’ve had experience handling multiple projects at once while working with a lot of data and information. To remain on top of everything, I use my organizational abilities to keep an eye on all of my responsibilities and appointments. Even if I’m not familiar with the technology, I can ask the right questions to learn enough to start coming up with solutions. I continue to learn new words or terms every day. I rely on other people’s knowledge to come up with a solution with me.

10. Briefly Explain The Project You Worked On That Was The Most Complicated.

My company’s need to develop an internet platform for one of the customers who sell their items abroad was the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on. We had to create a website that could scale as the company expanded, support several languages, and incorporate payment processing systems. Although it took us a while to finish the project, we were able to publish the website and aid our client’s expansion into new areas.

11. Do You Have Any Experience With Unix And Windows Operating Systems?

Two of the most popular business platforms are UNIX and Windows operating systems. Throughout my career, I have done a lot of work with both UNIX and Windows operating systems. I was in charge of maintaining ABC Company’s network infrastructure in my previous position as an IT specialist there. It involved updating the software on computers and servers, setting up routers, and controlling user access. I also had to tackle network and performance problems.

12. Do You Consider Yourself To Be More Of A Creative Person Or Analytical?

Though I lean more toward analysis, I also have original thoughts that can contribute to problem-solving. For instance, while working on my most recent assignment, I discovered that our customer was having problems hiring people who were qualified. I proposed that we develop a training program where we could instruct individuals in the fundamentals of computer programming so they could register for positions in the business. My boss adopted the idea right away since she thought it was great.

13. Tell Us About An Instance When You Enhanced The Initially Proposed Design.

My customer needed a website that would enable them to sell their items online while I worked for a small business as a web designer. We determined, however, after considering their budget, that the client could afford a static website only without e-commerce features. I advised them to start selling their goods on websites like Facebook and Instagram rather than telling them they couldn’t have both. They were still able to earn sales and save money for further initiatives as a result.

14. What Strategy Would You Employ If You Were Paid To Resolve Complex Issues While There Is No Obvious Solution?

I used to be a software engineer, and one of my projects involved developing a new application to assist the business to expedite its customer support procedure. Before our customer presentation, we had three weeks to finish the application. Initially, we believed we could do the job in a week, but after doing further study, we discovered there was no simple way to accomplish what we wanted. We decided to form teams, with each team concentrating on a particular component of the project. Three groups contributed to the development of the app: the front end, the back end, and the user interface. We can reach our deadline and please our customers by breaking up the job.

15. What Would You Say About Your Ability To Communicate?

One of my biggest assets, in my opinion, is my ability to communicate. Both people technical and non-technical can understand difficult ideas and concepts that I can articulate well. This ability has allowed me to collaborate with clients and coworkers more effectively. I’ve been informed that because I’m always prepared to help anyone in need, I make a great mentor for new workers.

16. Describe A Time When You Dealt With A Challenging Client.

A customer previously complained to me about not getting their order on time. I gave time to them as they expressed their worries before apologizing for any hardship we may have caused. I then looked into the order’s shipment history to see why it hadn’t arrived when it should have. It found out that a system flaw caused the cargo to be delayed by one day. I gave the client an explanation of the situation and made a discount proposal in exchange.

17. How Do You Stay Current On Technological Trends?

I read tech blogs frequently and sign up for emails from organizations like Google because I have a passion for technology. To learn more about cutting-edge technology, I also take part in webinars and online classes. For instance, I just enrolled in a machine learning online course to broaden my understanding of data analytics.

18. What Best Describes Your Style Of Leadership?

I consider myself to be a collaborative leader. I enjoy brainstorming with my teammates to find answers to the issues or difficulties we have. Additionally, I believe it’s critical to offer criticism so that others can do well. In my previous work, I was in charge of overseeing a small group who were tasked with keeping an eye on the traffic to our website. To keep track of the visitors to our website and find opportunities to boost conversion rates, we employed the Palantir software.

19. What Abilities Would You Provide To The Business If Hired?

I would contribute my capacity for working both alone and collaboratively. I am very organized and meticulous, which helps me maintain concentration when working on assignments. Additionally, I am skilled in using programs like Palantir, so I may contribute to the overall success of the company.

20. Have You Ever Worked With Big Data?

I’ve worked with it previously, but I don’t have a lot of expertise with Palantir, a software business that has expertise in big data. I do, however, have experience with Hadoop, one of the most well-liked open-source frameworks for handling big data. I’ve worked with NoSQL databases including MongoDB little bit as well.

21. Describe VaR To Us.

VaR is a statistical indicator of the likelihood that the investment will be a financial loss. Value at Risk, often known as VaR, is a statistical indicator of the potential financial loss on investments over a specific time frame. For instance, if I bought $100 in a company, my VaR would be 5%, indicating that there would be only a 5% likelihood that I shall lose it all. It helps me analyze investing data since it shows me the amount of money I might potentially lose.

22. An Example Of A Time You Went Above And Beyond For A Customer

In my previous position as an IT professional, I worked with a customer who wanted assistance with network security. While it was one of my responsibilities to keep an eye on and manage the company’s servers, I discovered that a client’s network wasn’t operating correctly. I knew after looking into it that our clients were all impacted by any virus on the server. I put forth extra effort to get rid of the virus and fix the network back to how it was.

23. What Motivates You?

I am motivated by those who are committed to improving the world. I’ve always wanted to work for an organization dedicated to doing well. The aim of Palantir, in my opinion, is to make technology available to all people therefore I applied for this job.

24.  What Project Types Are You Interested In?

Working with customers who are searching for solutions for digital transformation excites me greatly. Technology, in my opinion, offers the high potential to expand and enhance enterprises. In my previous position, I collaborated with several clients who were eager to improve their business operations through technology. I wanted to know if obtaining my greatest results would be difficult or impossible. Both my understanding of the industry I would soon be entering and my perspective coworkers’ understanding of the amount of candor I would bring to the organization was crucial.

25. In Our Corporate Culture, We Take Great Pride. What Do You Find Most Appealing About The Palantir Technologies Culture?

Palantir Technologies, Inc. demonstrates its regard for the world outside the company’s four walls by allowing workers to take time from workdays to work for the community. Too often, businesses think about their bottom line. It’s encouraging to check that Palantir Inc. encourages its staff to volunteer for deserving organizations. It contributes to workers’ good opinions of their work and company.


We’ve covered a few inquiries you could encounter in your future interview. We strongly advise you to do all in your power to prepare the best possible responses in advance. Please consider Palantir’s culture and design your responses to support it.

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