Top 25 Petco Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Petco, fully known as Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc., is an American company that sells pet products, food, and services. You can also get some small live animals. The company was founded in 1956 as mail order, having its site in San Diego County, California, before opening its first retail store 20 years later in La Mesa, California, U.S.

If you are an animal lover and have the qualifications, you think the company will need. Then, you can give applying to Petco a try. The next step is the interview if you have already submitted your application. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 common questions to prepare you for the interview, regardless of the job role. 

1. What Can You Say About Petco? 

Before applying, I conducted my research on Petco, and I was able to find enough information about the company. For starters, it is a pet store that sells some types of animals, including fish, birds, reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice. There are also sales of pet foods, products, and services. Walter Evans founded the company in 1965 as a mail order in San Diego County, California, the U.S. Finally, the corporation has up to 1500 Petco stores across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, with 105 featuring in-store veterinary clinics.

2. What Are Your Reasons For Applying Here?

 My varied skills would be an asset to a company that moves positively, and I believe this company could give me that chance. In addition, I am an animal lover who takes a keen interest in them, and I think I can provide more value and acquire more knowledge about them.

3. What Makes You Qualified To Work Here?

I firmly believe that customer satisfaction should be my utmost priority, and I consistently strive to achieve it by offering prompt and courteous services to the customers. In addition, I have strong communication skills. I am also a good team player, which is essential for a good working relationship with my colleagues in a reputable company like this.

4. Do You Have Any Experience With Animals?

When I was younger, my family owned a dog, and as I was growing up, I was in charge of providing for all of his needs. Before enrolling in college, I worked as a pet sitter after graduating high school. In addition, I spent some of my free time volunteering at the animal shelter in my hometown during my undergraduate years. But this is my first application to a pet company for the very because I had decided to obtain all of the information and skills required to work in one.

5. What Motivates You To Show Up Every Day?

My love for animals is my number one. But, because I am so interested in learning more about these animals, including their lifestyles, health, and various adaptations, it keeps me showing up every day. If whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, then I believe that following my passion should be something I do every day to the best of my ability.

6. Your Previous Boss If Asked, What Will She Say About You?

I am convinced my previous boss will comment on my hard effort and desire to perform assignments regardless of what they are given me because of the job experience I had with her. In addition to this, she will emphasize my natural connection with both the customers and their pets.

7. Are You Confident In Your Ability To Work With A Wide Variety Of Animals?

When it comes to working with animals of any kind, I am entirely at ease. I am originally from an island home to a wide variety of animals, including dogs, pigs, elephants, cows, peacocks, sheep, and goats, among other species. In addition, while I was in college, I worked at an animal shelter in my hometown, where I had the opportunity to care for several avian and reptilian species. As a result, I understood that each animal has its personality and demands a specific kind of care.

8. Do You Have Any Certifications Or Special Training In The Pet Industry?

Before I applied for this position, I attended the grooming school that Petco offers and passed all of the necessary exams to become a licensed pet groomer. In addition, I attended specific training programs that taught me how to care for a female dog in heat and how to care for a cat with diabetes.

9. What Are The Essential Skills That Are A Must Have When Dealing With Customers?

Dealing with customers may be challenging, but the experience will become more straightforward and more satisfying if you have the appropriate abilities. First and foremost, every worker needs to have strong communication skills, as they will facilitate positive interactions with clients and coworkers. When working with a client, one must possess excellent listening skills to determine the issues and provide solutions. Patience is another essential quality required for exceptional customer service; it enables one to understand customers’ needs better and provide viable solutions. Respect, social skills, and empathy are also necessary.

10. What Is Excellent Customer Service To You?

Providing excellent customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a successful company like Petco. To provide excellent customer service, I must ensure that the happiness of my customers is a top priority and that this priority is always satisfied. The satisfied expression on my customer’s face will let me know I provided excellent service.

11. Do You OWN A Pet?

Yes, I do. I have a Jack Russell Terrier that is a loving companion and an active dog. Because he is my family and is always there to greet me when I get home, I consider him my home. I’ve been thinking about adding a new member to the family by getting a cat through adoption.

12. Would You Throw A Customer Out?

Upon entering a store, customers should be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Although I understand that the customer is always right, I do not feel this should come at the expense of other customers or my team. If a customer is being unpleasant to a junior staff member, I will quickly step in and take care of the issue. However, if a customer becomes abusive, I will promptly remove them from the store by calling security. I must follow this rule because I am responsible for the safety of other customers, employees, and the store itself.

13. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job

My previous employment was good, with good and understanding coworkers. Nevertheless, it did not challenge me adequately; I had become accustomed to and comfortable with my position. Because this is not what I want for myself and my professional life, I have decided to look for a job that would provide me the opportunity to progress. I am confident that I am prepared to advance to the next phase of my career, and I look forward to the challenges that Petco will present me with.

14. What Will Your References Say About You?

I am confident that my references will characterize me as dependable, hard-working, self-assured, honest, and dedicated to the task at hand. They will also tell you that I am exceptionally patient and adept at dealing with customers. I assure you that these qualities will be evident when I start working at Petco.

15. Who Is A Good Pet Parent To You?

A good pet owner, in my opinion, treats their pets as if they were their children. A responsible pet owner ensures that their pet receives proper nourishment, exercise, veterinary care, grooming, and training. A competent pet owner should study their pet’s behavior to recognize when it is happy, unhappy, frightened, terrified, or anxious to realize something is amiss. Additionally, they ensure that their pet is secure and well-behaved, particularly in public.

16. What Do You Know About Cats?

 Cats are feline creatures from a domesticated species in the family Felidae. The young kittens are born blind and deaf, which makes it easy for them to adapt to their environment. Although we see cats pictured with milk, they are lactose-intolerant and need meat to survive because of their canine nature. Therefore, only kittens drink their mothers’ milk till they get weaned.

Cats are known to live up to 20 years if properly taken care of. Another essential fact about felines is that chocolates are poisonous, which can be lethal.

17. Are You Capable Of Cleaning A Pet’s Cage?

 One of the many jobs of a pet store assistant that I will gladly perform is cage cleaning. I have my pets and clean their cages, so I can guarantee I can handle this task.

18. What Pushes You To Do Better At Your Job?

I love a good challenge and always want to complete a challenge. When I am done, I don’t stop and take a new one. It makes me always curious and eager to learn new things, skills, and trends that will benefit my work. I can do whatever I put my mind to and when I put my mind to it becomes easy and a part of me. 

19. Have You Ever Dealt With A Difficult Customer?

 Because this is my first time applying for a job in retail, I do not have any previous experience interacting with customers. On the other hand, I am well aware that it will not always be simple, and there will be times when I will find myself in a difficult circumstance with a customer. If I ever find myself in a scenario like this, it would be best not to stop the customer from venting and instead pay close attention to what the customer has to say about their issue. After the customer is done, I will quickly propose a solution to the problem and apologize on behalf of the store for the inconvenience caused by the situation. I will do this calmly and kindly to show my concern for the customer because I know that the consumer is not angry with me but somewhat unsatisfied with the product or service received.

20. Do You Know Anyone Working At Petco?

I do not know anyone who works for your company. However, I am linked with a few of your employees on business platforms. I must inform you that they have nothing but positive things to say about Petco, praising the company’s excellent working atmosphere and teamwork. It was one of the many reasons that motivated me to apply here.

21. Which Pet Do You Enjoy Caring For The Most?

 I’ve worked with cats, dogs, and birds and thoroughly enjoyed caring for them. I’m also interested in rabbits and would love to gain more experience working with them

22. Did You Research Petco Before This Interview?

Before completing my application for work, I engaged in a substantial amount of research. I investigated the organization’s history, customer and employee survey responses, and the company’s objectives and goals. In addition, I discovered that Petco was listed as one of the most successful and profitable privately held businesses in the United States in 2020. It encouraged

 me to work on improving my skills so that I might get a job at Petco and make better use of my qualifications.

23. What’s Your Take On Workplace Conflicts?

I know that humans have different ideas, attitudes, and personalities. Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable, regardless of how hard we try to prevent them. When there is a quarrel between two junior colleagues in the workplace, I never take sides or prefer one over the other. I will call the two of them and remind them why we are all here: to work and nothing else. I will request that they promptly resolve their conflict and start cooperating.

24. What Is Your Take On Team Work?

I am an excellent team player. I have strong communication and interpersonal skills, which makes it easy for me to lead or participate in a team. In addition, I am always willing to consider the opinions of others. I also feel that the best ideas are generated when multiple people brainstorm on the same project.

25. What Are The Roles Of A Pet Shop Assistant?

As a pet shop assistant, I am required to feed and exercise the animals as needed. I will clean their cages and tanks. I will ensure that the store is clean and everything is placed correctly. As a pet shop assistant, I am also responsible for serving customers by taking their orders and providing them with helpful information about other products.


These are some of the most typical questions you will probably be asked at the forthcoming interview scheduled. Therefore, if you want to enhance your chances of succeeding in the interview, you should consider coming up with answers to all the examples we have given you. Good luck!!!

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