Top 25 Progressive Insurance Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Have you considered a career with Progressive Insurance but are unclear on how to get started? Then, you can depend on us to always have your back. Everyone knows that going in for a job interview may be highly nerve-wracking and that the level of competition is exceptionally high. But, on the other hand, if you put in a little extra effort, you should have no problem completing the interview with Progressive. Here are 25 sample interview questions and the answers that Progressive Insurance might ask you.

1. What Kind Of A Person Would You Say You Are?

 I am a very hard worker who prioritizes meeting my customers’ requirements in anything I undertake. Because I am also very good at paying attention to details and staying organized, I can complete all the chores delegated to me without falling behind. In addition, I have a knack for interacting with a variety of people and pointing them in the right direction when it comes to finding answers to the problems they are experiencing. The part of this job that I enjoy the most is being able to assist people in regaining their footing after suffering a setback.

2. What Do You Consider To Be An Essential Strength That You Possess?

 It is undoubtedly one of my best talents that I can get along well with other people. I am always looking into ways to work with the other people on my team to come up with answers to the challenges we are facing. My previous position allowed me to put my communication skills to work, and as a direct result, I handled client concerns promptly and effectively. Consequently, I established profound connections with clients, resulting in several favorable evaluations overall.

3. Could You Kindly Elaborate On The Reasons That Led You To Believe That You Would Be Successful In This Role?

 Because I have previous experience working in customer service, so I believe I would be an asset to the company if given this opportunity. Throughout my professional life, I have worked in various fields, including retail and customer service, which have required me to maintain constant contact with members of the general public. This experience has taught me valuable lessons about what constitutes a satisfying interaction with a company’s customers as well as how I can put those lessons to use to assist Progressive Insurance in improving the quality of its customer service. I also have a better idea of using what I’ve learned to help Progressive Insurance enhance its customer service.

4. How Would You Evaluate Your Ability To Provide Excellent Service To The People That Hire You, Such As Clients Or Customers?

 I believe every engagement I have with a client ought to be an excellent experience for both of us. When I worked at my prior employment, I had a client who called me on many occasions to express dissatisfaction with the services my team and I had rendered. I made it a point to give each call the attention it deserved, and after that, I questioned the person on the other end to find out precisely what they needed from me. Ultimately, we succeeded in coming up with a solution that could meet our requirements.

5. In The Past, Have You Ever Participated In Any Other Kinds Of Claims?

 In my previous role, I was accountable for addressing issues relating to my personal life and professional career. As an underwriter, it was my duty to investigate every claim presented, and it was up to me to decide whether or not to fulfill the claims. In that event, to assist in the claim settlement, I shall coordinate my efforts with the other members of our adjusting team. In addition, I had experience with vehicle claims, which assisted me in gaining knowledge about how to manage various kinds of claims.

6. When Was The Last Time You Participated In A Collaborative Effort On A Project With Several Other Individuals?

My most recent participation in a group project took place in my last place of employment when I helped develop an internet marketing campaign for one of our clients. It was my most recent involvement in a group activity. I was in charge of the website’s design, and it was my job to ensure that it adhered to all of the specifications laid forth by the customer who commissioned the work. We spent a considerable amount of time working on the construction of the website, but in the end, we were able to meet all of our deadlines and go above and beyond what was expected by our customers.

7. Describe A Circumstance In Which You Provided Exceptional Service To A Client Or Customer.

 I had a client seeking a new insurance carrier in the past since they were dissatisfied with the one they were currently working with. I called them and went over all of our policies with them, in addition to letting them know what we were able to do for them. I also informed them of what we were able to do for them. As a result, they concluded that continuing their partnership with Progressive Insurance was the best option. They were overjoyed to hear from us again a few days later, and they shared their joy with us during that conversation.

8. Have You Worked In The Financial Sector Before, Specifically In The Insurance Sector?

 Five years ago, I began working as an underwriter for the company where I am currently employed. I analyze risk and determine coverage levels based on client information in this profession. Because of my background and experience, I am qualified to work as an underwriting analyst for Progressive Insurance.

9. How Long Have You Been Working In The Field Of Providing Service To Customers?

 I have worked as a receptionist for the past five years, and in my spare time, I volunteer at an animal shelter in my city. Daily, I interact with different people who work in both fields of endeavor. I am used to taking messages, directing customers to information, and solving problems for them over the phone. I am confident these skills will contribute to my accomplishments in this role.

10.  Have You Ever Dealt With A Client Or Customer Who Was Extremely Angry? How Did You Handle The Situation That You Were In?

 One of my customers was frustrated because they could not determine why their claim wasn’t being paid out as quickly as they had anticipated, and they had come to me for help. So I went over our policy for paying out claims and included a timetable for when we expect to receive payment from our customers. Following this discussion, the customer expressed their understanding and gratitude for my patience and understanding.

11. What Are Your Aspirations When You Get The Job?

 I am very excited to become a member of the Progressive Insurance team because I have only heard positive things about the environment at the organization. During my inquiry into the company, I concluded that the employees have a positive attitude about their place of employment and believe that management provides them with assistance. Also, the numerous opportunities for promotion within the organization have piqued my interest.

12. What Do You Know About Progressive Insurance Company?

 1937 when Joseph Lewis and Jack Green founded Progressive Insurance Company. In the state of Ohio, Mayfield Village is home to the headquarters. Many different types of insurance and protection are available, including company insurance, personal insurance and services (such as health, life, and travel), and property insurance and protection (home financing, home refinancing, personal loans, etc.). From what I understand, they first got their start as a provider of insurance for motor vehicles, but soon expanded into other markets, including life insurance and homeowner’s insurance. That’s great, in my opinion, because it shows how much they care about the people they serve.

13. What Is A Weakness That You Have?

 Although I am highly organized, the specifics of my line of work can often be too much for me to handle. Due to this, in the past, I have been late for a few of my deadlines, which has served as a valuable lesson for me. At this point, I have begun to organize my responsibilities and set reasonable goals for myself.

14. Give An Example Of A Time When You Were Able To Achieve More Than What Was Expected Of You.

 My previous job required that I achieve a 20% increase in sales. However, after analyzing our current marketing strategies, I concluded that updating our advertising campaign may result in a 25% increase in sales. In addition, we could boost sales by five percent by putting up new billboards, participating in radio promotions, and airing new advertisements on television.

15. Do You Have Experience Working With Computers?

 I have a good deal of experience with computers and various software products. Because I’ve spent most of my professional life working in an office, I’m used to performing my responsibilities using a computer. I favor using this method of overwriting things down by hand. I also take pleasure in acquiring new knowledge regarding technological advancements. As a result, I will gladly engage in any training Progressive Insurance offers.

16. Tell Me About A Recent Claim You Worked On And How You Handled It.

 I was contacted not too long ago by a client regarding the auto insurance coverage that they have. The customer was confused since they thought they had paid for the complete range, but the company had only provided liability insurance for them to purchase. I noted that this is a common practice for most companies because many customers are unsure of what each type of insurance covers. I was able to help the client choose a plan that fits their budget and covered everything they needed.

17. Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Make A Difficult Decision.

 When I was a manager at my previous company, we had several employees who were chronically tardy for work. Unfortunately, I was one of those managers. Because of this, our production levels dropped, resulting in a decrease in our income. After having conversations with several of these folks, I determined that most of them faced difficulties commuting to their jobs due to a lack of available transit options. So, I hired a bus driver to transport our employees to and from work daily.

18. J.D. Power Has Recognized Progressive Insurance As A Company That Excels In Providing Superior Service To Its Clients. What Makes You Think We Did So Well On The Test That It Earned Such High Marks?

 In my opinion, one of the primary reasons why Progressive has achieved such a high level of success is because the company has built a stellar reputation for putting the needs of its customers first. Because I’ve worked at a few different companies where providing excellent service to consumers was not a top priority, I’ve understood how important it is to do so now. During my former position, I was responsible for training new employees to engage effectively with customers and solve the issues they bring up.

19. What Method Would You Use If You Were Employed To Handle Auto Insurance Claims?

 Before submitting any claims, I would first conduct in-depth research on the subject. It involves looking over all of the customer’s evidence and ensuring no inconsistencies or omissions in the data provided. If there are any issues with the claim, I will contact the customer as soon as possible to explain what has taken place and give a choice. For example, if they thought they would get a rental car, but we didn’t have enough money to provide them with one, I would look for another way to help them.

20. How Well Are You Able To Function While You Are Under Pressure?

 When I worked as a claims adjuster, one of my responsibilities was to manage multiple cases at once. It compelled me to multitask and organize my work according to the priority of the various projects. When working under pressure, I need to keep my composure and focus. Keeping my cool has helped me make better decisions and do my job better in the past.

21. Describe A Time When You Had To Learn Or Do Something New At Work

The IT division introduced a new content management system in my prior position. Although some of the writers were worried about the change, I was eager to learn a new system, especially if it would make our workflow more efficient. Therefore, I requested a training session from the IT department since I knew that the sooner I mastered this system, the sooner I could start working. They all concurred, and some of the writers expressed appreciation for the idea. Furthermore, I could grasp the system’s basics in one workday by paying attention to the session and looking through additional information.

22. Have You Ever Received Criticism From Your Supervisor? How Did You React? 

 My supervisor asked me to provide several presentations for an upcoming occasion. After he went through my presentation, he said my work needed more slides. He had a lot of experience presenting data, so I paid attention to and followed his advice because I didn’t. He came up with many designs, all of which looked very professional. I’ve used the same ideas in other presentations since then.

23.  Are You Able To Adapt Quickly?

 I consider myself someone adaptable to a variety of work environments. For example, my previous employment required me to travel to numerous hospital facilities. As a result, I have experience working in various places, such as hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and urgent care facilities. I learned that I could adapt to each new scenario more quickly by trying to connect with the staff at each place. Knowing the customs and culture of each workplace was also an essential part of adjusting.

24. Have You Ever Made A Split-In-Second Decision? How Did It Turn Out?

 A quick choice allowed me to complete a significant transaction recently. I was set to finalize a six-figure deal with a substantial client. I had scheduled an end-of-project gathering for everyone involved. I understood that the presentation needed flawless to win everyone’s support. I told my supervisor that I wanted to go to the clients’ location since I believed that having a face-to-face interaction would be the deciding factor. I delivered the final presentation in person after my boss gave his approval. The contract got signed, and I believe that my efforts significantly affected the client.

25. Describe A Time When You Succeeded In Persuading People To Agree With You.

 During my most recent internship, I needed information from a different department to complete a specific aspect of my research. I went to ask the director, but he turned down my request for access to the data because I was an intern. When I asked my employer for assistance, she told me I should view it as a learning opportunity. I thus asked for a face-to-face discussion with the department manager. I had to give him the full details of the project, explain how I would use the data, and assure him it won’t be compromised. Later that day, he permitted me to access it.


These are some common questions you will probably be asked at the interview. The best advice is to practice these questions till you are prepared enough. Then, it would be best if you considered coming up with answers to all the examples we have given you. Good luck!!!

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