Top 25 RabbitMQ Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) was first implemented by RabbitMQ. It is an open-source message-broker program which is also known as message-oriented middleware. Since then, RabbitMQ has been expanded with a plug-in architecture to support the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP), and other protocols. The Open Telecom Platform framework for grouping and failover serves as the foundation for the RabbitMQ server, written in Erlang. For all popular programming languages, client libraries are there to interact with the broker. 

Are you seeking to work in the information technology industry? Learn what qualities and skills recruiters look for in candidates, as well as what questions to expect and how to react appropriately to them.

1. What Makes You Desire To Work For RabbitMQ?

I’m a beginner and am qualified for this position based on my education, experience, and skills. My educational background is appropriate for your company’s hiring needs. To launch my career, I require a platform and your hiring practices have a solid reputation. Here I may develop my abilities, and knowledge and learn new things while using what I already know to my advantage in the future.

2. What Is RabbitMQ?

I researched enough about RabbitMQ when I came to know about the vacancy.

RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker software implemented by the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol(AMQP). The Open Telecom Platform framework for clustering and failover serves as the foundation for the RabbitMQ server, which is in the Erlang computer language. The RabbitMQ server is based on the clustering and failover framework of the Open Telecom Platform written in Erlang. All major programming languages have client libraries that can interface with the broker. Under the Mozilla Public License, the source code is made available.

3. What Makes You The Ideal Candidate for This Job?

I always maintain a healthy balance between self-confidence and practicality to become a great software developer. Engineers frequently strive for perfection in their code at the expense of the project’s larger objectives. A brilliant programmer also learns to maintain a healthy caution toward their code until it has been through extensive testing to ensure that it is the best option for the job. I do think I possess the attributes of a brilliant programmer however, I still struggle with letting go of my need for perfection.

4. What Is The Mission Of RabbitMQ?

The mission of RabbiMQ is to offer reliable cross-communication concepts that are comfortable, secure, and performant. Due to this strategy, RabbitMQ became one of the most effective Message broker routes for interlanguage communication. It offers the added benefit of temporarily queuing communications due to its message queuing option. RabbitMQ makes it possible to send and receive messages utilizing message-based software applications. The first-of-its-kind application, RabbitMQ, enables asynchronous communication between two systems with various throughputs. It has been difficult for systems to communicate with one another and different protocols specify how communication is transported. I would be happy to be part of this organization.

5. When Should We Use RabbitMQ And Why?

In my previous job, I used a similar kind of open source message broker. An open source message broker is utilized when you want to exchange a message for consumption or to balance the workload of workers with various recipients. While the producer is waiting in line, the user can take the message from the queue and begin processing. The consumer may be on the same server as the publisher or a separate server, the message broker does not care about the language of the consumer or recipient applications; it only sends messages between them. The requested application may be in one language and the consumer application in another. It also lessens the coupling or dependence between the applications.

6. Which Team Members Do You Find Most Unpleasant To Work With?

When my teammates are on time, it makes me happy. It might be difficult to deal with coworkers who arrive late for crucial meetings or shifts. I feel comfortable addressing team members in person when they are frequently late and choose to have a private conversation with this person and solve their tardiness issue. We must come up with a plan of action together so that we can work on changing the behavior.

7. Describe Your Preferred Method For Training New Hires.

I train new hires using a range of techniques. To begin with, I prefer to recruit and train teams of two or more. In this way, workers can bond and rely on one another while they explore unfamiliar waters. I routinely solicit their opinions, queries, and input. New hires who have an initial sense of participation and involvement are eager to stick around in the long run. My senior and knowledgeable staff serves as coaches and mentors as well. I pair them up with a new hire who I think will profit from their mentoring style. With this approach, the new employee can experience the spirit of a team right away. In addition, I offer attainable objectives before their full ramp-up.

8. The Workplace At RabbitMQ Is Dynamic And Demanding. When You Have Several Tasks Due At Once, How Do You Set Priorities?

First and foremost, I will prioritize tasks that are primarily linked to the organization’s strategic objectives and are most likely to have a positive financial impact. I frequently decide which tasks need my attention based on how many hours we are delayed and then the scope of the job. When necessary, I have no problem giving work to others, but I am also conscious that doing so will mean putting in more time. Never once have I missed a deadline. I always conduct a client analysis to ascertain the importance of enhanced sales, morale, productivity and cost savings as well as the total impact. I then decide where to direct my attention in the first place.

9. At RabbitMQ, You Will Have A Heavy Workload. How Will You Juggle Work And Life?

I realize that finding a good work-life balance is rather easy with the correct organization. I don’t feel like I have to do anything because I enjoy it. When I’m at home, I always make sure to give my family my whole attention. I make sure to rejuvenate before the start of the work week by taking care of myself on the weekends. I realize that not every day will be balanced. When I take some time for myself, I find that most days I can strike a terrific work/life balance. I am eager to join RabbitMQ and contribute to the organization with my skills and expertise.

10. How Come We Should Hire You?

I am unique compared to everyone else you’ve interviewed, thus you should hire me. I began working for my present employer as their youngest-ever software engineer. That didn’t stop me from rising to the position of senior software engineer in the organization in just six months. I am committed to my work and actively involved in this field to the extent that I promise to attend at least one training on company growth or leadership every business quarter. I thrive on competition. If I get hired, I promise not to disappoint you.

11. What Did You Do As A Young Software Engineer?

As a junior developer or entry-level software engineer, I worked with experienced software engineers to create software when I started my career. I received a good quantity of training. Debugging of simpler software projects was given to me. Under the direction of my seniors, I helped the team with fundamental duties of understanding base code, writing simple code, and troubleshooting existing applications.

12. Tell Me About A Difficulty You Faced In Your Prior Position.

During my first job, I was promoted as a team leader and one of my software engineering interns found it difficult to complete all of his jobs on time. My manager advised me that I needed to assist my intern in organizing his workload better. I gave my intern a performance evaluation and helped him identify his strengths and weaknesses. We both developed a performance plan and set specific goals for him. After two weeks, his performance was satisfactory.

13. Can You Provide Me With Some Examples Of Message Brokers Used In The Real World? 

Yes, I have worked with message brokers before. Message brokers are frequently utilized when it’s important to convey messages between several applications or systems. For instance, communications from a banking system to a customer relationship management (CRM) system could be sent via a message broker. This would enable information sharing and communication between the two platforms. Using a message broker to exchange messages between a web application and a mobile app is another illustration. This would enable data sharing and information synchronization between the two applications.

14. Do You Feel At Ease Conversing With Strangers?

I have always felt at ease interacting with strangers. I was in charge of planning our company’s yearly networking event at my previous job. This required me to contact a wide range of organizations and people to extend invitations to the event. Since I was confident that they would gain something from attending the event, I was delighted in reaching out to them. I’m sure I could accomplish the same goal in this organization.

15. What Motivates Your Desire To Become A Software Developer?

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to work as a software engineer. My parents both had jobs that involved technology when I was growing up. My mother was an information technology analyst, while my father was a software engineer. They constantly pushed me to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and I am very glad they did. I did well in physics and calculus in high school, which gave me confidence that being a software engineer was the appropriate path for me.

16. Describe Your Post Secondary Education And How It Helped You Become Ready For A  Job At RabbitMQ.

I’ll use every skill I learned while earning my bachelor’s in Business Administration in my work with RabbitMQ. My time at university was productive. I was able to put out my best effort and graduate at the top of my class. Along with the knowledge I acquired, I also improved my organizational abilities and multitasking skills, which are additional abilities I look forward to contributing to RabbitMQ.

17. How Do You Control The Project Life Cycle To Meet Deadlines And Deliveries On Time?

I divide each new project into its Initiate, Plan, Execute, and Close phases. These four periods split into groups, each with an accompanying timeframe. My “go-to” tools to ensure the entire team is aware of their work and deadlines are Asana and Slack.  My complete perspective on the project ensures that there are few surprises and everyone is on the same page. I prefer regular meetings and updates at the end of the day with our clients. This approach results in high levels of team buy-in and accountability.

18. What Strategies Do You Apply To Get the Results?

The definition of an application’s requirements is the first step in the software development lifecycle process. I enquire about the likelihood of the program’s operation increasing or developing the requirement for the program to scale at this phase. I would start working on creating an application with scalable features after confirming this necessity. Using microservices rather than a monolithic design, allocating the proper caching, queues, and databases, as well as choosing the right programming language and deployment platform, are some of the strategies I employ to achieve this.

19. How Do You React When A Situation Calls For A Speedy Fix?

I always attempt to reply in a composed and reassuring manner whenever an urgent issue arises at work. My team always turns to me for guidance since I am a natural leader. My quick thinking was demonstrated only last week when we had an administrative worker cancel on a crucial day. When I called a temp agency, they filled the post within an hour.

20. What Do You Believe The Biggest Difficulties In This Position Might Be? How Are You Going To Clear These Challenges?

The biggest problem I’ll encounter in this position is becoming knowledgeable about the business so that when I pitch to new clients, they should regard me as an authority. I have already started subscribing to and reading the top business publications so that I can dive into the specifics of how it all works. I want to make sure to immerse myself in the industry jargon and attend as many seminars and conferences as possible. Of course, I’ll look for mentorship, where I can pick the ideas of those with more experience in the field. I notice that they enjoy imparting their information.

21. What Led You To Decide To Quit Your Current Position, And Why?

My present employer has tasked me with several duties and multiple significant projects. I have collaborated with some of the best engineers, technicians, and software developers. My manager is kind and encouraging, but I feel like I can now take on more assignments and develop my skill sets. I have administrative and technical responsibilities in this organization, but I also wish to deal with estimates and computations. If I stay with your company, I might be able to accomplish this professional objective.

22. What Innovations From The Previous Year Helped Your Present Or Past Employer?

I am a creative person who always comes up with fresh ideas to advance the business and streamline procedures. Recently, I identified a training gap for new team members and developed a  procedure to provide them with the knowledge they require to succeed in their new roles. With training materials and the addition of elite talent as mentors, we continue to strengthen it. I will use my capabilities in this organization if given an opportunity.

23. How Do You Assess Each Team Member’s Performance?

In my former position, I picked up a thorough and useful system for gauging the effectiveness of team members. Twice a week, I check in with every member of my team. We convene every Monday to set our objectives. Then, on Fridays, we’ll discuss any difficulties and achievements. We then create a success plan for the upcoming week and I ask them to assess themselves. I evaluate their achievement based on their tenacity and desire to put in a lot of effort to accomplish their goals.

I concur that the success of our department depends on our capacity to work together on projects, groom one another for succession planning, and enjoy ourselves along the way.

24. Did You Research About Competitors Of RabbitMQ?

Yes, I have researched this organization and am aware that Rabbitmq is open-source message broker software (Sometimes called message-oriented middleware) that implements the advanced message queuing protocol (Amqp). RabbitMQ always provides the best solution for everyone. It also has alternatives and competitors. A Few of them is MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Amazon MQ, and Apache ActiveMQ.

25. How Would You Like To Be Recognized For Your Accolades?

In my opinion, accomplishments should always be praised. 

I am more motivated by success than by money. Compliments, in my opinion, are crucial because they let you know that the good work you are doing is being taken notice of. The highest form of appreciation for achievements is promotion.


We hope this article helps you find suitable questions and answers to crack the job interview at RabbitMQ. Wish you all the Best.