Top 25 rue21 Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

We will present the top interview questions and their answers in this content, which will surely make your hiring at rue21 easy. They might not all be asked but are the general ones, i.e., general for the entire rue21 covering all departments. Let us go through them individually.

1. Why Do You Want To Work For rue21?

For teens looking for a place to fit in, rue21 is a good starting point. It’s a very diverse workplace! This is surely an awesome opportunity to learn and make lasting friendships! Fashion can also be learned here, along with numerous other opportunities.

2. What Makes You Think That You Are The Best Candidate For This Role?

 I have ample experience in the same area and can perform well. Moreover, I have the skills you need and can perform better. You can also confirm the same from my previous employers, and I assure you will never be disappointed. My best skills, which make me compatible for the same role include:

  • Teamwork
  • Better Management
  • Customer Service
  • Honesty
  • Hard work

3. What Do You Know About rue21?

Rue 21 sells clothing aimed at young women and teenagers. Malls across the country often have these stores. In the United States, Rue 21 has more than 1,100 locations. Though if you give a first glance, the company’s name plays to the retailer’s chic trendiness: rue is French for street, while 21, according to the company’s website, “represents the age that everyone wants to be

4. Provide The Mission Statement Of rue21.

Its mission is to perfectly provide users with the latest trends at an affordable price. The company is different. They work fast so we can bring you the newest styles, which are the latest ones which don’t exist anywhere else. They believe that fashion must be fun and accessible to all.

5. How Do You Practice Teamwork, And Why Does It Matter?

When we work together, we help each other accomplish our goals. Helping your coworkers and picking up slack when needed is what it means. Working with others also means supporting and encouraging them.

When people work together, they use their skills and provide constructive feedback, regardless of their differences.

  • Why Does It Matter?

The importance of teamwork at work cannot be overstated. All environments thrive on teamwork, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid environments that mix both. To achieve a team’s shared objectives, collaboration is essential.

There is always room for improvement in a great team.

Like a well-oiled machine, a good team can do the same thing repeatedly. Taking on all the new, interesting challenges by leadership prevents a great team from becoming efficient. A great team needs to learn and evolve its practices constantly. 

Imagine a disorganized team, unaware of their responsibilities and unwilling to work together. It would be impossible to reach goals. 

In addition to productivity, teamwork is also important. An effective team makes you feel valued for your contributions and improves your employee experience. Working on meaningful projects has an impact on your life. Your commitment and well-being are also boosted by work that has meaning.

6. How Important Is Customer Service To You? How Would You Handle Long Lines In-Store?

The most important aspect of these jobs is customer service. Making a sale may depend on good customer service. In addition, it can make the difference between getting a return customer or not. Providing excellent customer service makes your store memorable, so it is extremely important.

  • How Would I  Handle Long Lines?

The best way to deal with long lines is to deal with them as they arrive. While it is important not to rush people along, it is equally important to ensure they get the service they deserve. The best way to assist customers is to do so quickly and in a friendly manner.

7. What Would Be The Best Way To Handle An Upset Customer?

An upset customer should be handled by trying to figure out what their problem is. Being patient and listening are the keys to doing that. Make sure you understand what they need from you after they have vented. I will ask a manager for assistance if I cannot do that. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Practice Reflective Listening – When You Are Upset, And Someone Says, “I Understand,” Make You Feel Better? No. It Doesn’t. These Kinds Of Broad Statements Will Not Calm The Customer Down. Take The Following Scenario In The Next Bullet.
  • Consider Their Affect Heuristic – This Condition (Affect Heuristic) Is a Mental Shortcut, Which Helps You Make Rapid And Efficient Decisions Based On How You Feel Towards a Place, Person, Or Situation. Also, The Same Explains That We All Make Decisions And Judgments Based On Our Worldviews And Experiences.
  • Tap Into The Beginner’s Mind – The Beginner’s Mind Is Also Known As The Zen Mind. It Is The Strategy Of Approaching Every Situation As If You Were a Beginner. When You Adopt This Way Of Thinking, You Enter Every Conversation With The “Don’t Know” Mind, Which Keeps You From Prejudging a Customer Or Their Situation.

8. How Would You Manage Stressful Days At Work?

I can manage my temper easily because I have a very even temper. By channeling my stress into productivity, I can accomplish more. It is the only reason why I prefer to work in hectic environments. Moreover, I never mix stress with my work life because this makes things more confusing.

9. How Can You Work To Build A Team With Your Coworkers?

The more friends I make, the more people care about what happens to me. You also want them to perform their best when you care about them. Everyone will be on the same page about one another this way. I always make happy relations with all of them.

10. How Would You Juggle Having Many Tasks To Complete During A Shift?

As a multi-tasker, I don’t have a problem with this. The most important tasks are prioritized, and I focus on them first. Throughout that process, I also work on other projects. It’s very common in this area, and I am already used to doing multi-taking at various stages, having no issues.

11. What Does Customer Service Mean To You?

It is necessary to treat your customers with courtesy and respect. Your goal should be to ensure they are satisfied with their shopping experience. I always believe if the customer is happy, I will be satisfied too, which is very important in any department.

12. What Do You Think Could Be The Best Way To Motivate A Team To Increase Sales?

Motivating a team to increase sales requires incentivizing them; if they feel rewarded, they will work harder. Whenever they do well, I like to praise them; employees who feel appreciated will often go the extra mile.

13. What Do You Like About Being A Manager?

Helping people succeed is something I enjoy. The fact that I can help people achieve their goals fills me with a sense of accomplishment. Management is no doubt a tough position, but one thing I love about the position is that there has to be great cooperation and honesty with subordinates to complete tasks effectively.

14. How Do You Give Negative Feedback To Subordinates?

I will offer constructive criticism as part of my feedback. When I say something negative, I also try to be kind. I never go straight and try not to hate anyone, but if the situation gets worse, first, II warn them, and if they don’t listen or repeat, I complain to management for further review.

15. What Major Advice Would You Give To A Job Seeker To Gain Employment?

Those interested in working at rue21 should be enthused about the opportunity. If you go into this job with confidence and just a smile on your face, and they see that you’re enthusiastic about it – because working in a mall can be fun, but it can sometimes be stressful – and they see that you’re positive, then they’re more likely to hire you. During that interview, I wore a shirt from rue21 since they liked it when you wore their clothes.

I think they should prepare to work hard for the company and prove loyal to it. It doesn’t need a lot of work, just dedication at all times. Communication with the customer should be pleasant, and you should have a friendly personality. Upon applying, I followed up with a call to ensure that my application was reviewed. I believe that was another aspect that contributed to the hiring process. The advice for someone would be to show dedication to the job, things like that.

16. What Was The Work Environment Like In The Previous Role?

It was a very friendly environment. There were a lot of outgoing people in the group. There was a sense of excitement about working there among everyone. The people I worked with really resonated with that. There was great happiness among them all. An environment of positivity prevailed.

17. Tell Us About Your Typical Day At Work. How Does It Start? What Do You Do?

To ensure the work site is hazard-free, I inspect it every morning. When the work site has been secured, I verify that all tools and equipment are in adequate supply. I provide workers with security guidelines and conduct drills as soon as work orders are delivered. I am responsible for monitoring workers during the day to ensure that they work according to safety protocols and that any problems or accidents are dealt with quickly.

18. How Would You Handle Confidentiality In Your Work?

  • Cut The Negative Self-Talk. The Only Way To Improve Is Not To Beat Yourself Up.
    Boost Your Knowledge.
  • Rinse And Repeat.
  • Build On Your Strengths.
  • Pick Up New Skills.
  • Ask Questions.
  • Eliminate Negative Language.
  • Focus On Your Successes.

19. Why Do You Think You Will Excel In This Job?

During my college years, I studied behavior management and communication.

I can determine a client’s requirements solely by looking at the family’s needs. Lastly, I can schedule appointments and showings confidently and arrive on time with my organizational skills.

20. If You Check The Clock And The Time Is 3:15, What’s The Angle Between The Hour And The Minute Hands?

If an answer to a brainteaser seems too simple, it probably isn’t right. In this case, zero degrees is not the answer. Remember that the clock’s hour hand moves as well. Additionally, there is a minute hand. Therefore, the hour and minute hands aren’t in the same position at 3:15. Between 3 and 4, the hour hand has moved a quarter of the way. It has moved a quarter degree (30 divided by 12). In other words, the answer is seven and a half degrees (30 divided by four).

21. Consider a Situation In Which There Are Three Light Switches Outside a Room. One Of The Three Switches Controls a Single Light Bulb Inside. The Switch That Operates The Bulb Must Be Determined. You Can Turn On And Off The Switches As Often As You Like (They Are All Off By Default), But You May Only Enter The Room Once. You Cannot Get Help From Anyone There. No Windows Allow You To See Inside, And The Door To The Room Is Closed. What Is The Best Way To Find Out Which Switch Operates The Bulb?

Do the following steps:

  • First, You Should Turn On Two Switches And Leave One Off.
  • Wait a Few Minutes.
  • Then, Turn One Of The Switches To Off (From On). Now You Have Two Switches Off And One On.
  • You Should Now Enter The Room. If You Find The Room’s Light On, You Will Notice That It Will Be Controlled By The Switch You Turned On. If You Find The Room’s Light Off, You Can Touch And Feel It. If You Find It a Bit Warm, You Will Notice That The Same Is Controlled/Managed By The One You Previously Turned On And Off. If The Same Is Cold, It Is Controlled By The Switch You Never Turned On.

22. How Much Is Square Feet Pizza Eaten In The USA Each Month?

I need to think aloud to answer this classic guesstimate question. Therefore, I would round up the U.S. population to 300 million. By doing so, I can estimate the number of people who eat pizza. An educated guess would be two out of three people, or 200 million. Imagine the average pizza-eater eats two slices at a time, twice a month. In a month, that’s four slices. An average pizza slice is six inches at the base and 10 inches long, so the slice covers 30 square inches. It would be 120 square inches for four pizza slices (30 x 4).

In the case of pizza, one square foot equals 144 square inches (12 times 12). The U.S. consumes 200 million square feet of pizza every month due to the 200 million pizza eaters. There are 300 million Americans in the country, 200 million of whom eat pizza. The average slice of pizza is six inches at the base and 10 inches long, or 30 square inches, and the average American eats four slices every month. One square foot is 144 square inches, so let’s assume one square foot per person, so 200 million square feet of pizza per month is one square foot times 200 million people.

23. Explain To Us About Your Experience Working In This Field At Rue21 And How Will You Rate Your Communication And Interpersonal Skills For Rue21?

Working with a dedicated, hardworking, and great team player like me is a pleasure. It is easy for me to adapt to fast-paced and dynamic environments because I am a fast learner. My organizational skills, detail-oriented nature, and punctuality make me a good worker.

Finally, I gained a better understanding of how upper management deals with customers- the business acumen component.

After implementing some projects, I developed my strategizing, planning, and executing skills, working with people and bringing out their best. During this process, I also improved on important competencies for long-term success.

  • My Communication And Interposal Skills

Support workers need these skills. They differ, however, from the communication skills of a CEO or a desktop support technician. Clients’ communication needs to be tailored to their specific ways and needs. Clients must not only be understood and helped by workers but also be shown empathy and treated with warmth and humanity.

24. How Would Your Friends Describe You?

My friends would likely describe me as extremely persistent – I have never been afraid to return until I get what I want. Recruiting qualified keynote speakers for a major tech conference was just the nature of my job as a program developer. Still, I couldn’t let no stand in my way of getting the big players. Whenever a new company came on board, or a new value proposition presented itself, I kept returning to them. The program turned out to be so good that we doubled the number of attendees from the previous year. Many people would have given up after the first rejection, but that’s just not me. I must keep trying until I achieve what I know is possible.

25. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

I want to ask a few if you don’t mind.

  • What Are Future Job Prospects At Rue21?
  • Who Will I Report To If Hired?
  • What Is The Company Working Hours?


We have presented the 25 best interview questions and answers, which will help you. These are the most common ones, and if you prepare at least these, you surely will succeed. You can appear under any department of rue21 if you go through all of these questions, as they are all general. Amazingly, some are brain teasers, too; this is how rue21 hires its employees.

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